RWSB Chapter 84

Huh ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) ???

He’s a straight man after all, saying such words that made Shu Ning confused on whether he should laugh or cry, even if that part yesterday was my fault is he going to kiss me now? That’s not right, he’s guiding me, what should I do? Tears fell in Shu Ning’s heart, he wanted to agree and ask for his guidance with an open mind, he really wanted to kiss with his male god. If he were to ask himself, he really, really liked it very much.

But……Everything had its limits, they’ve already gone out of bounds with what happened yesterday, Shu Ning did not wish to watch Shu Heng start and manage family for the rest of his life while he hid in the corners shedding tears of jealousy, he would go mad if that were to happen. He had died very early on in his past life so he didn’t even have the chance to enjoy the taste of being pressed down by someone, it’ll still be better to just love someone else instead, that would probably be easier.

He wasn’t reborn to suffer his past grudges, he has to live a good life.

“Brother, I’m focusing on my studies right now and I don’t really want to start dating yet,”Shu Ning turned the topic deliberately, and it was slightly provocative:”Could big brother have fallen in love with someone and is using me to try things out? You can tell me, I’m your little brother, you can share your troubles with me!”

If it were a fool, they may have said that they had one then kiss his little brother boldly, obtaining the goodies offered right in front of his eyes and solving his pain of lovesickness. But Shu Heng was a very wise man, he would not tolerate any misunderstandings between them at all. WIth a sharp gaze and a cold tone he responded:”You’re right, a student should focus on their studies, brother doesn’t have anyone in mind, but if I had to name one……You would be the only one.”

But when he heard “but if I had to name one”, Shu Ning had misunderstood, he thought that even if his big brother did not fall in love with anyone he still knew in his heart what kind of person he wanted to look for, and there was already a good candidate for it. Wasn’t everyone from a big family like this? They would go wild outside but they would still properly marry a woman at the end who could set his sails straight.

And having a woman like this birth a child for them would be even better, with more resources to raise them with, bringing the fortune of two families together was as simple as just walking up the stairs.

For a moment, Shu Ning pondered over a lot of things and a glaze of mist welled up over his eyes, and his tears were flooding~

But as soon as this dramatic scene appeared, Shu Heng’s words stopped and what he continued with was “you would be the only one” ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Ning was content now, so what if he didn’t love me? He had me in his heart and it was fine even if it was just brotherly love.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng felt an ache in his heart, was his little brother going to cry? He had still frightened him, he couldn’t do that even with a good enough reason.

“It’s nothing, it was just a yawn. Brother, I’m hungry, how about we go down and eat?”

“We can, but……”

Shu Ning blinked his eyes, what else is there to be done? Um, he was suddenly flipped over and he landed on top of Shu Heng’s body. Shu Ning was dumbfounded, he had just wanted to speak when he heard a rip, Shu Heng actually ripped my underwear? Oh my god, Shu Ning shivered subconsciously and glared at him.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to give you a spanking, let’s see if you’ll still dare to run down the stairs after this!”

“What the hell!”

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow:”You dare to swear?”

“This is not ah…… Ah…… Ah……”He’s really hitting me, Shu Ning wiggled and found that something was slowly poking between his legs, it was Shu Heng’s thingy. Oh god, he’s hard? It’s easy to get impulsive in the early mornings, don’t do it big brother, impulses are the temptations of the devil!

Shu Ning didn’t dare to wiggle about anymore, he simply decided to just spread his legs, and let out a sigh of relief after he couldn’t touch it anymore. He just sat there obediently and let his big brother discipline him as he pleased.

This type of disciplinary session was actually pretty sweet, it was only slightly painful but it felt rather good instead. And he was also looking forward to how his big brother would rub him after he was done hitting him, that felt even better. Shu Ning put one hand at Shu Heng’s waist with his head leaning against his chest, listening to his heartbeats, and his other hand was drawing circles helplessly, at the center of it was a little red bean.

Shu Heng gave him ten or so spankings then rubbed him gently, and gave it a pinch:”Do you still dare to do it again next time?”


“Do you know how I felt when I saw you jump down?”

Shu Ning was shocked, he didn’t think about this, he had gone mad with joy when he suddenly saw that his big brother hadn’t left yet, and there were only a few steps yet so he just went for it. Big brother cared about me so much so naturally he couldn’t bear to see me get hurt, even if it were only a little. Shu Ning felt warm, and he was obedient now. He moved his head up and rubbed Shu Heng’s chin.

“Brother~ I won’t do anything dangerous anymore, and I won’t make you worry.”

He was sincere in saying sorry, Shu Heng could tell:”Remember what you said, I’ll be watching.”

“Big brother is the best.”

Just like that the unpleasantness of before had passed, both Shu Ning and Shu Heng had a very good tacit understanding with each other, they both wanted to do this again.

While having breakfast they would both feed each other a bite as they ate, and picked vegetables for each other, they were both eating very cheerfully. After their meal, Shu Ning sat on the sofa and called over to Shu Gao with the landline phone, and with a stretch of Shu Heng’s long legs he sat directly behind him, this made Shu Ning very surprised, then his entire person was caught in his big brother’s embrace.

His conversation with his grandpa was very fun and interesting, Shu Gao liked Shu Ning very much and Shu Ning also loved and respected Shu Gao.

After that he gave Shu Cheng a call as well. While talking to him on the phone, he was coaxing Shu Yao, he had actually turned on his nanny mode~~ (╯﹏╰)b Shu Ning’s mouth was twitching, if he didn’t hear it wrongly, Shu Yao had actually pulled a chunk of his hair out because he was talking on the phone? Um, his combat power was too high, he had already turned into such an envious tyrant at such a young age, what a disaster~ He’s up in the skies already ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hands and spoke by his ear:”Dad, you’re spoiling the baby too much, you should be at the office at this hour!”

Sons were the debts of fathers in their past lives, who would dare to speak this way to Shu Cheng on the outside? The sad truth was told to his ear but Shu Cheng was very pleased with this, he was more willing to be nagged at by Shu Heng instead, he was already used to it:”Alright, what about you? When are you leaving the country?”

“Tomorrow, I’m going to stay with Ning Ning for one more day, he’s too sticky.”

“Alright, you, you’ve taken advantage of him and you’re still acting the good kid, I don’t even have the joy of being tied up by him.”

Shu Ning who was leaning against his big brother’s chest shrugged, so it’s my fault now? IN his past life, Shu Cheng had let him go after calling him to the office to guide him in some things, Shu Ning didn’t want to live his life with this burden on his back either, and his voice started to rise up slightly:”Then dad, why don’t you come? I’ll stick to you everyday as well but don’t complain about the heat, grandpa will be heartbroken if you go home with a heat rash.”

Shu Cheng had three kids whereas Shu Gao only had one, the weight of it could be seen at a glance.

Shu Cheng who didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry spoke with a sprightly voice:”Alright, alright, don’t even mention heat rashes, I’d be fine even if I get measles, just the two of you naughty little ones wait!”

Shu Ning laughed out loud, his dad really was great.

Shu Heng felt a twitch in his eye, is dad……getting younger and younger?

In the past, the interactions between father and son were like a regular sequence, they had a sophisticated way of doing things and the way he communicated with him was simple and clean, there was not even an extra hint of nonsense included.

But nowadays, his dad had started to crack jokes and even called me a naughty little one, even though I was just dragged into it by Shu Ning →_→

The reason why his dad was living in such a carefree and satisfied way and it was all thanks to Shu Ning, as long as he was there, it almost seemed that even his days were passed more tastefully. Shu Heng’s gaze softened and he gave the little one’s ear a little pinch when Shu Ning returned the favour and tried to pull him away, Shu Heng turned around to attack his neck instead. Shu Ning flew into a rage instantly, and he was gesturing around with both his hands and feet.

But it was useless, Shu Heng held him tightly and opened his mouth to bite his neck.

What the heck Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Shu Ning was instantly petrified, and he was shivering slightly, the back of his neck was too sensitive, really, it was very true!

“Brother, how could you bite me?”

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“……”Great god, do you really have the face to confuse me like this?

“What do you want to do today?”Seeing that his little brother had something to say, Shu Heng quickly changed the topic.

Shu Ning’s eyes brightened up instantly, he was very happy:”Brother, I heard He Ran was taken away by the police?”


Shu Ning took out his phone and opened up a text message for Shu Heng to see, who doesn’t have a few friends, right? If a good show starts it’s always great to share with everybody. He Ran was the first to release Shu Zi Hui’s photos, for him to be caught……clearly tells that something happened within the He clan. Shu Heng was the one who initiated it so naturally he was very clear about it, what did his little brother want to know? Those sly eyes of him were exceptionally enticing.

Shu Heng quickly landed a kiss down, but he wasn’t done here.

Shu Ning didn’t get angry at him, he was already used to being kissed on the face and he enjoyed it very much instead:”Brother, you know the inside scoop don’t you? Tell me~”

He’s acting spoiled now, Shu Ning had sent a text message to his friends while Shu Heng had gone to the washroom, a fight nearly broke out. The He clan was so powerful, naturally Shu Ning knew that Shu Cheng did not have the ability, not to mention the He clan was now in alliance with the Wen clan, they were harder to deal with now! In his past life, Shu Heng had gradually began to eradicate the He clan after he had graduated, but now it was dragged earlier into the schedule, was it Shu Heng or did someone else do it?

This wasn’t important but he was still curious, he even had a kind of inexplicable sense of expectations, he felt that it had to be Shu Heng, it must be, and he had done this for me!

Tell me~ Tell me, Shu Ning was restless like a trail of ants on a heated pot, his hands were trembling as he waited for Shu Heng to cut the cake.

“It was me.”

Taking a breath, Shu Ning’s eyes were glazed with wetness:”For……”

“For you.”

He sucked in another breath, Shu Ning was very touched and he turned to curl his arms around Shu Heng’s neck:”Brother~ Brother~ Brother~ You’re the best, I……like you a lot.”

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and tightened his arms, cherishing the person in his arms very much. A sinister darkness rose up in his eyes, filled with cold bloodthirst:”I won’t let go of anybody who dares to lay a hand on you.”

Shu Ning’s heart rate sped up and his whole body was filled with the feeling of being loved, his eyes had gone hazy and he could see hearts on everything and his entire body was encased in a pink bubble. He rubbed himself on Shu Heng’s face subconsciously and he couldn’t pull himself away.

With how things are, could he really love someone else?

Shu Ning was very blissful at this moment, he didn’t continue pondering over the future and didn’t want to care about what would happen in the end either, even if he were to draw fire against himself……This will just be my coffin……

DUring the afternoon, the two of them went to see a movie. They didn’t know whether it was intentionally or not but they felt that a romance movie was a good idea. Hugging a bucket of popcorn and drinking a sip of cola, the feeling was tasteful and not bad, he wanted to watch more in the future but he never thought about whether they would have the time for it or not. Coming out from the cinema, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning to a cold drink shop to eat ice cream~

It was three-coloured, and just one scoop of it. Shu Ning stared with earnest aspiration but he wasn’t willing to think about eating as he pleased once his big brother had gone away.

During dinner, they had siew mai to eat and soup to drink at a normal restaurant. After that, when the car passed the square, Shu Ning patted his tummy and made a little noise on purpose, and Shu Heng stretched his big hand over:”Do you feel uncomfortable?”He didn’t eat too much but maybe he wants to go for a stroll. Shu Heng asked the driver to stop at the side then he took the little one out for a walk.

Shu Ning was definitely predestined to cross paths with the He family, they bumped into each other again. The glaring eyes of that guy were tall and clear, and the girl next to him was pretty and beautiful, but Shu Ning ignored them directly and walked forth with his big brother.

He didn’t care anymore, he felt like he was just a clown, but as soon as his big brother shot a glance over, He Tao pulled the girl and ran!

Shu Ning heard the pretty girl yell my legggg……It takes courage to wear stiletto heels! What she needs is a boyfriend who was willing to take care of her, otherwise if she sprained her ankle there would be nothing she could say.

Right at this time, the lights in the surrounding area had all gone out……

His big brother left tomorrow, Shu Ning felt very reluctant to part with him and he hugged his big brother’s waist with both hands, then stood on the tip of his toes……


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