RWSB Chapter 83


Sorry this took so long! Nothing good happened during those few days so I’m gonna spare you all the drama, I just hope nothing bad pops up again.


What happened?

What got big brother so worked up?

This is simply too hard to believe, could he have noticed anything?

Shu Ning went stiff at once and his heart was beating like drums, it’s over now I’m dead, but……That’s not it, right? A straight man won’t understand, no, last time at the He clan’s hotel, Shu Heng saw He Yu, and at that time, a white fluid was flowing out from his behind, it was hard to not understand even if you wanted to, a man and a man could XXOO, no matter how clean of desires Shu Heng was, he would definitely understand in his heart.

Oh mother, what on earth happened to big brother, if you’re going to kill me could you make it quick one?

Shu Ning couldn’t understand, even if he wanted to say something, he could feel his breathing get stiff, Shu Ning who didn’t understand the reason didn’t dare to make any moves, so he decided to just wait earnestly. Shu Heng rarely loses his composure so Shu Ning was surprised, he rested his little head on his big brother’s shoulder. Shu Heng’s whole body froze, and he slowly readjusted himself.

Although it was only a few minutes, it was as if there was tacit understanding between the both of them, and neither of them asked or mentioned about it.

After taking all his little brother’s clothes off, Shu Heng stood up, and Shu Ning blinked his eyes, and sensibly he stood up to help his big brother with taking off his pants.

Putting something on and taking something off were two different feelings, big brother’s body was exceptionally perfect. While holding himself back from drooling, Shu Ning lowered his gaze so he didn’t look straight at it. His naughty little hands and legs were taking advantage of him, as long as he curls his fingertips over the edge of his pants, he could satisfy his little desires. Damn it, if this goes on I’m going to get a nosebleed, when Shu Heng was by his side, his endurance had gotten lower and lower. Shu Ning took a deep breath secretly, I have to calm down, I have to calm down, if I get hard then how am I going to face my conscience!

Right at this moment, the last piece of straw that crushed the camel to death came, Shu Heng’s big palm was set lightly against the top of Shu Ning’s head……_(:зゝ∠)_

Big brother is bullying me (/▽╲)

He didn’t dare to play any tricks anymore, death was breathing straight down his neck. Shu Ning had good experience of it, if he continues rubbing against his bottom line, he’ll be done in by his big brother sooner or later.

They were all done stripping, and Shu Ning could feel himself getting exhausted, he was covered in sweat as he coughed a few times in guilt:”It’s pretty hot in here.”

There was warm water beside them, could it be anything but hot? And the door was even closed with just the two of them.

“It’ll feel better after washing up.”

“Mm, brother, I’ll wash your back.”

“Okay, what a good boy~”

Big brother was dragging his words again, it was deep and sexy, even more praiseworthy than a professional seiyuu, hearing it could definitely make a person pregnant couldn’t it?

Shu Heng took the shower gel bottle and squeezed a lot of it out then began to rub his two hands together, then skillfully he began to wash this “fifteen year old” person. Who was the one being all upset in the car? And now he’s got on a face of ‘I am enjoying this very much’, what is he playing at?

While Shu Ning was also cooperating with him very skillfully, he raised his arms when he needed to, and his legs when he needed to as well, when it came time to wash the important bits, they separated with no hesitation at all, then Shu Heng’s eye darkened, and his big hand touched over……

Shu Ning wasn’t afraid even if his face was flushed red, while taking his bath, Shu Ning’s whole body would turn pink. The bubbles had turned Shu Ning’s focus away, up until he was carried by Shu Heng and set upon his legs and his fingers had swooped over. Every time this moment came, Shu Ning would turn slightly stiff, and he would shiver slightly when he was touched, and very so often he would even endure it with his eyebrows knitted into a deep frown.

The little chrysanthemum was very pitiful, it had only been bullied a little by the big thumb. Shu Heng had his limits, but it was time to add some more fun into it, then in the future his little brother wouldn’t resist it too hard when he ate him up, and so the finger came and went over the area a few times, and when it was about enough, he would give it a little wash again. Shu Ning started to find it slightly hard to sit still, he wiggled his body and his breath started to speed up slightly.

“Brother……”Damn it, I actually made a sound like a cat, Shu Ning was startled and slightly regretful, would’ve been better to just endure it /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ Shu Ning liked to be clean so he would never suspect that that area wasn’t clean, could it be that his brother was thinking about something now so he was slightly out of it? Probably, the number of times he washes other places aren’t less, so what am I getting all mad for?

Shu Heng was also startled, he raised up the corner of his lips slightly and he was so handsome that Shu Ning opened his mouth slightly, he had gone silly again.

Slowly, gradually, Shu Heng lowered his head and leaned close, then landed a kiss on Shu Ning’s exceptionally pink lips. Although it was just a little tap like a dragonfly landing on water, it was still enough for Shu Ning to be intoxicated like drinking an entire jar of wine:”Brother, you’re bullying me again!”

“You don’t want to?”


“I’ll allow you to bully me in return.”

Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, this right here is the typical straight man, unconsciously tempting people from time to time but they were still irresistible. He wouldn’t think that I really don’t dare to kiss him did he? He’s really looking down on him, Shu Ning after all was also a man, and no matter how much of a bottom a person can be, and no matter how much they liked being pushed down, and was born unable to top, he was still a man with passion okay?

This time, Shu Ning did not stay silent any longer. He grabbed Shu Heng’s arms with both hands then moved himself over abruptly to give him kiss after kiss! He didn’t know how many times he had kissed him, he just did it until he felt it was just about time before he closed up shop, and put on a proud face as he looked towards Shu Heng. Taking advantage of him was actually very easy, he just had to follow what his brother does then there won’t be any risks.

But……Shu Heng loved Shu Ning!

And so after that, it was as if thunder had struck the flames of passion! Shu Heng’s gaze turned sharp instantly, exuding a cool air of arrogance that made it hard for anyone to come near. He held Shu Ning’s head with both hands, and then……

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, turning into a cute little fool instantly, that soft thing entered, fuck me.

This this this is a real kiss! This isn’t a joke anymore big brother! You’re my biological brother Σ( ° △°|||)︴ Shu Ning waved his hand about in the water, he didn’t know whether he had done it intentionally or subconsciously but he stopped immediately anymore, he didn’t fight against him anymore and closed his eyes to enjoy it, it was very comfortable, intense, and the feeling was lingering~

This was a clean and pure kiss, not like that drunken kiss they had last time.

Shu Ning couldn’t think about anything anymore and he didn’t know how long his big brother kissed him for either, a sound would leak out from him every so often, he was running out of air soon.

A burst of dizziness welled up in his eyes, he didn’t know how to breathe with his nose. Seeing Shu Ning’s body sliding down into the water, Shu Heng hurriedly carried him into his arms, with nary a space between the two of them. He held him tight with one hand and lifted up the little one’s chin with his other, he wanted to continue the kiss but Shu Ning had closed his mouth, he didn’t let him anymore. Shu Heng was anxious for more, and closed in to lick his lips. The light shining off his glazed lips was very beautiful, helplessly he could only stop here, what he wanted to do was to guide him, not to seize him forcefully because the time wasn’t right yet.

“Do you still dare to do it next time?”The force in Shu Heng’s eyes was exceptional and his voice was hoarse.

Shu Ning was confused, his IQ had already gone down to the bottom. He hurriedly opened his mouth, wanting to respond to him that he didn’t dare to anymore~ Don’t kiss me anymore~ I’m going to die~ Please let me off~

The opportunity only showed itself for an instant when Shu Heng came in for a kiss again, and entering his mouth. Shu Ning couldn’t endure the “mm” in his throat and it excited Shu Heng, his two hands moved all around him and he used even more force, it could even be said to be a little rough. If not for the fact that he still had several points of intelligence left in his brain that he couldn’t hurt his little brother and make him hate him, Shu Heng really couldn’t endure it anymore.

Shu Ning’s final end was slightly tragic because he had fainted, and wallowed in the sea of his big brother’s gentle caress, he was very happy.

Just like that he slept until the sun came up, Shu Ning didn’t move after he woke up, he was recalling what happened the night before, this was very important.

Did big brother go crazy from getting mad at me? Didn’t seem like it, would he really have……No, that’s not possible, maybe he was experimenting? Maybe he fell for some girl so he’s using me as a free kiss to try? Ah, oh god, if that’s the case won’t I die of sadness? No, that won’t do, I have to find a way to ask him.

That’s not right, Shu Ning who was treating like this and that should be angry instead, then he has to fight a cold war with him, and ignore him. When he’s off for M Country, he won’t answer his calls or send him any texts, he’ll only be able to figure this out after he reaches the peak of coldness! Shu Ning told himself incessantly that his reasoning was right, but his feelings could not be allowed.

I stretched his little hand forward and rustled about, big brother’s not here?

For a moment, all his messy thoughts had flown away, could he have gone off already? No, he didn’t even tell me anything, I don’t consent to this.

Shu Ning turned around and got off the bed and didn’t even pu t on his slippers, pitter-patter he plunged forth. Shu Heng had only went out to answer a call, he didn’t want to wake the little one from his sleep so he went out to receive it. While drinking coffee at the living room he was dealing with some business. After settling everything, Shu Heng wanted to return to the little one’s side to lay down with him but instead he was greeted with a scene that unsettled him very much.

Shu Ning was running down the stairs, it was too dangerous, stairs aren’t made of marshmallows!

Shu Heng hurriedly ran forth, and seeing that only four steps were left, Shu Ning simply decided he could just hop down in one go. Watching him made Shu Heng’s heart jump in fright and the complexion of his face was terrible.

Shu Ning spread his arms open and pounced into his big brother’s arms. Shu Heng quickly held him tight, and the warmth in his embrace made him feel at ease, but……He still couldn’t forgive him. Shu Heng immediately brought him back to the room in a quick stride and threw him to the bed. Shu Ning was stunned as he flopped down onto the bed, he didn’t understand what was going on but Shu Heng was even angrier than he:”You’re going down dressed like this? And you also dare to run down the stairs? Are you trying to fly?”

What happened? Shu Ning lowered his head and took a look, it was quite inexplicable.

Currently, on his upper body was his big brother’s white shirt, and his lower body……A pair of undies with a tail →_→

Haven’t I always been dressing like this? YOu practically never see the servants during the day, they were all busy out in the yard or they’ve went out to buy groceries, and the bodyguards had places where the bodyguards could hang out at, they would never disturb their employers. When Shu Heng and Shu Ning are at home, it was almost as if only the two of them were there and it was very quiet. Shu Heng’s two hands were by Shu Ning’s sides and his eyes were narrowed dangerously.

Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and a wronged look was in his gaze, because of his posture, the white shirt flipped up to reveal his tender belly. THe thong he wore was very small, so small that almost nothing was covered up, at a glance, his pale, well-proportioned, and slender legs showed their unique beauty, with a pair of feet that were similarly slender, he wasn’t even conscious himself of how tempting they were, they were so pure that no matter how you looked at it, they looked like they belonged to those of a little angel descending down onto Earth.

Shu Ning was at his mercy and for that, he was slightly unhappy about it. When he wanted to sit up, his brother’s big hand pressed down onto the soft flesh of his belly, and for Shu Ning it felt like he was a rat caught in a trap and he had lost all his strength in an instant, and gone soft on top of him.

The atmosphere was very warm.

Shu Heng moved his big hand around just like how he would when Shu Ning had eaten too much, but Shu Ning’s throat felt parched, it gave him an illusion as if he was being caressed by him.

“Brother, it’s ticklish~”

As Shu Ning ran out of tricks, this was the only thing he could do. Shu Heng was still touching him so Shu Ning could only move his hand over to push him away, but his hands were caught by Shu Heng instead and pinned to the top of his head.

What’s happening here? ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shu Ning held his breath, it feels like~ There’s a very strong kind of feeling, as if he were going to have that done to him by his big brother, his heart was beating so fast that it had gone out of control.

Shu Heng’s whole body was pressed on top of his and his idle hand gave Shu Ning’s little face an unscrupulous squeeze:”You still remember what happened yesterday, don’t you?”

It was still fine when he didn’t mention it, but as soon as he did, Shu Ning started to struggle, big brother is too much of a bully.

But Shu Heng was too powerful, he didn’t even have to use much strength and Shu Ning could hardly protect his principles at all, so he just decided to stop all his unnecessary actions, and shot him an extremely fierce gaze:”Brother! You were clearly in the wrong, so why does it seem like I did something wrong instead?”

Oh my! He’s grown up and knows how to glare at people now, it was so adorable. Shu Heng’s anger went down slightly:”Who was the one who lit the fuse?”

“It was you.”

“It was you.”

“It was you!”Shu Ning’s embarrassment had turned into fury as he glared at him with his big, beautiful eyes in a huff.

“It really was you.”

“Me?”How could that be?

“It was you.”

“……”Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, and he quickly retorted:”You’re the one who started it first, I didn’t remember it incorrectly.”

“You’re the one who provoked it first.”

Right, no matter how you say it it’s going to be my fault, Shu Ning was dejected, he was upset now, even his face had gone sour.

“You don’t even know how to kiss properly, but brother will teach you, try to breathe using your nose.”


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    1. I think he has to deny it or face the “reality” that he and his bro can’t be in a relationship even if they love each other. He doesn’t know his bro isn’t actually related to him in any way. It could be a self-defense mechanism. That kind of hope only raises you up to drop you harder.

      … luckily SN will only be dropped on a light fluffy cloud or SH’s dick bc of the setting.

      What I want to know is how they managed to hide their physiological response. And at least SH realized it wasn’t just a normal brotherly thing by this point.

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