RWSB Chapter 82

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The night market in the capital was packed full of people, looking over all one could see was a black sea of heads shuffling about with all kinds of stalls lining both sides, there were all sorts of snacks on sale and the choices were endless, the multitude of stuff available could make one dizzy just looking at them, this was simply a food paradise!

Shu Heng preferred quiet areas so he didn’t like to go to noisy places, but……The warmth flowing through his hand made him feel very happy, so what if it was crowded and noisy here? They could hold hands openly, and he could watch over him, Shu Heng was very satisfied at this. There was actually such a place, how could he not have thought of this in the past? Looking at the little one, he seemed to be very curious.

This was Shu Ning’s first time coming here, he had only seen this place from afar in the past, the night markets in C City weren’t as big as the capital but the amount of activity was still the same. A big man appeared right at their faces, seeming as if he had an urgent matter to attend, he squeezed and pushed head on. Shu Heng’s eyes darkened and pulled Shu Ning into his arms to avoid the knocking into him. Shu Ning turned back to smile at him and taking his brother’s hand, he brought him through the cracks in the crowd.

The two did not buy anything, instead they had some lamb kebab, grilled squid, grilled fish, grilled vegetables, and the like to have right then, they gave a try to at least one of each. Shu Ning wanted to let Shu Heng challenge the stinky tofu, but Shu Heng had actually started to shake his head slowly. Shu Ning felt that this type of big brother really was very, very cute, he couldn’t want more than to give his head a rub, but he was way too tall.

Hm, he must have grown up on steroids, it must be so ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about whether you would let me eat a scoop of ice cream!””Shu Ning cocked his head to the side with a bright look in his eyes, right at their opposite was a cold drinks stall.

Shu Heng shook his head slowly again.

Shu Ning’s heart has already gone numb, he reveled at the sight with his eyes narrowed into crescent curves, ah……big brother is too adorable, he had only ever known that he was aloof, but had never seen this part of him, he really wanted to take a picture!

And so Shu Heng misunderstood, he thought that his little brother didn’t understand:”You’ve already eaten some cold soba earlier, if you eat ice cream now you’re going to get a stomach ache.

Shu Ning hadn’t come back to his senses yet. Shu Heng raised an eyebrow, maybe nobody could hear him? He bent over, leaning in close slowly, and right at his little brother’s ears, he raised his voice slightly:”You’ve already eaten cold soba earlier, you’re not allowed to eat anything cold.”

Shu Ning blinked his eyes, even his ears had gone red, feeling slightly embarrassed. And besides, this place was brightly lit anyway, the light illuminating his face was gleaming, so it was hard to see even if he were blushing from embarrassment. Shu Ning felt an itch in his heart that was hard to bear, and he simply curled his arms around his big brother’s neck and didn’t allow him to get up, then learning from him, he leaned close to his ears as well:”I got it~”

At this moment, Shu Heng felt a tremble in his heart, but his little brother had drooped down his little head, he seems to have gotten unhappy.

Shu Heng took his small little hand and curling his fingers, he smoothed the finger over his hand and gave it a rub, he was using such silent methods to coax him. Shu Ning became even more embarrassed, he swayed his arms back and forth, seeming as if he were acting spoilt with him. Shu Heng was enjoying this very much, he knew that Shu Ning liked to play games so he walked back with his hands around his shoulders, they had walked past several booths earlier offering balloon shooting games, they seemed quite interesting.

Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, this……Alright then, I’ll play it.

Five yuan for ten darts, if you manage to hit a lot, you’ll receive a doll, it was a very simple setting. Shu Ning took the darts thoughtfully in his hands and aiming right at the target he threw……sideways.

Ah, this is the result of having limited vision.

And so he put more focus into it, aim, and throw! I’ll throw it again, I’ll throw I’ll throw I’ll throw, pa~ The little balloon burst open ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“I did it~”Shu Ning raised his eyebrows, he had thrown five but managed to hit one, even the kids beside Shu Ning were better at it than him, this was his first time playing so he didn’t have a feel for it! After that, things were going more and more smoothly for Shu Ning, alright then, twenty darts shot and three balloons hit, there wasn’t anyone as clumsy as this, continue to play, no matter what he must get five out of ten hits.

This is my only request, nothing too hard, right?

While Shu Ning was throwing a dart, he suddenly remembered his big brother who was right beside him! He may not have played this before either, right? Playing darts takes a special set of skills, such as strength, wrist motion, aim, and so on, and they were all indispensable, these were the thoughts sorted out by Shu Ning. He licked his lips, if I’m going to make a fool out of myself, ain’t it better to do it together? We’re brothers, right? If I’m going through difficult times we should go through it together, right?

And so, Shu Ning coughed twice and asked the boss again for ten darts, then, reverently, he brought them to Shu Heng’s face:”Brother, how about you give it a go as well? It’s quite fun!”

The boss had been watching and a smile sprang up on his face:”That’s right, young man, come and have a go, the more you hit the more you’ll receive, even if you don’t manage to get a lot of them, you’ll still get a souvenir, you won’t be playing for nothing!”

Shu Heng’s gaze landed on the little one, he understood that Shu Ning was only doing so because he was feeling embarrassed.

He took the darts from the little one’s hand, aim, and throw~ Aim~ Throw……He only managed to hit one.

Shu Ning held himself back from laughing, this was too funny, as expected, he was just like himself, Shu Heng wasn’t omnipotent, he finally found his weakness. When he tries to show off in the future, I’ll use what happened today against him! Just thinking about it made him feel very good. Ha ha ha ha ha, this is too good, this was even dumber than me, this was enough.

Shu Ning who was satisfied felt that getting one in five shots was quite good, so he played a few more games! But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to win anything even remotely resembling a doll. He swept his gaze over to the fluffy, snowy-white bear, it wasn’t as if he wanted it, but it was just quite a pity, because when he spread his palm open, they were all small little souvenirs~ Unhappy  ̄へ ̄

Shu Heng requested for another ten darts from the boss, and then wooosh……Pa pa pa pa pa pa……

This time, Shu Ning missed his heroic performance, his head was lowered, looking gloomily at the little souvenirs, up until a doll half his size was put into his arms, this was the top prize! Shu Ning cocked his to the side and looked over suspiciously, Shu Heng had a gentle gaze in his eyes as he raised his big hand, and gave Shu Ning’s head a rub. This moment was really exceptionally wonderful, it felt as if the world around them had just faded away, even the noise was gone.

You’re watching me, and I’m watching you, and they both had only each other in their eyes~

Up until the boss spoke up:”Your brother treats you very well, he got every shot right on target, truly a modest man, if more guests like you visit my stall, I’ll be run out of business~”He cracked up a joke and everyone around them had started to laugh as well.

Shu Ning felt bashful all of a sudden! His whole face had turned beet red. He held onto the doll with one hand, his brother’s hand with the other, and ran off immediately.

Oh my god! Why was big brother teasing me? Shu Ning finally shook off Shu Heng’s claws when they reached the car:”Brother! I’m already fifteen, I’m not a kid anymore.”

“You’ll be an adult when you’re eighteen.”


If not for the fact that you’re a teen right now, I would’ve made a move a long time ago, I’m only bearing with you out of love, okay? Shu Heng looked at him with a leisurely gaze as he touched little brother’s cheeks that had puffed up out of anger unconsciously. Shu Heng was, after all, a straight man, bit by bit he had fallen for Shu Ning, he was the only one he had feelings for, he didn’t know that these cute little actions belonged to those of the “natural uke” group.

Shu Ning didn’t slap his claws away, he had only given him a satisfactory huff, he had been tricked out of kindness but the feeling was very nice, Shu Ning felt that he was hopeless, he was infected with a popular virus called Shu Heng, and there was no cure for this virus →_→ When they reached home, Shu Heng suddenly came in close, and carried him with his two legs up, just like when he was still thirteen, holding him in his arms.

Shu Ning yelped in surprise and quickly wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) What’s going on?

The bath in their room had already been prepared, Shu Heng carried him over in a big stride while several of the servants bowed, and left.

It was packed full of people earlier, and now there were only the two of them! Shu Heng did not say a single word, he just moved his hands over to help Shu Ning strip. Shu Ning’s heart rate started to increase, and subconsciously he retreated backwards. On this rare occasion, Shu Heng stopped to take a look at him. Um, Shu Ning felt a little wronged, it’s not like I’m yours, why are you touching me however you please, and stripping me however you please, the only thing he hadn’t done was that……

That, for Shu Ning, that was just a fantasy, a dream, his big brother would never do it to him, and Shu Ning would never break their blood bound curse, we’ll just continue this intimate exchange of brotherly love _(:зゝ∠)_

“What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?”He was fine just a minute ago, but Shu Heng finally realized. He went out for a trip, and brought over the large, snowy-white doll:”Take a look!”

Look my ass, but this doll really was quite nice to look at, it was just a pity that Shu Ning wasn’t into this:”Thank you.”

“You’re so big now but you still like dolls, when I’m not around, you can look at it more,”Shu Heng suddenly thought, no matter how good a teddy bear was, it would never be as good as him, he should make a realistic substitute that can grow with him by his side, so that his little brother can hold it, and even more so at night during his sleep. Shu Heng felt quite shy all of a sudden, he pursed his lips and his throat felt a bit parched. Following the slow progression of the clothes being taken off, his little brother was just like boiled egg with its shell peeled off, his skin was pale, glowy, and very elastic.

He really was reaching adulthood soon, Shu Heng did not continue looking at the skin that was being exposed more and more.

Remembering that his big brother was about to leave in two days, an unsatisfied feeling welled up within his heart. After some hesitation, he went up to hep his big brother take his clothes off.

The feeling of helping him put on the thong last time was very nice, very enticing, he wondered how his brother felt when he put clothes on him, he never complained about having to do such things, and he gave him a lot of thoughtful care. Thinking about these things, Shu Ning’s finger accidentally touched something he shouldn’t have touched.

The little beans on his big brother’s chest were very round, and very small, the colour was relatively dark, a dark red. Shu Ning’s mouth twitched and his eyes kept peering up and going back down, he shot his brother a pleasant smile:”Brother~”

“What’s wrong?”

He doesn’t mind? Shu Ning felt as if a feather had just brushed past his heart, it was strangely itchy and hard to bear, he wanted to try touching it, and wanted to take advantage of him, and so while swallowing his saliva, he stretched his hand out in front of his brother~ And pressed~ And pressed on those little beans. Rolling his fingers were bad enough, but naughtily, he even gave them a squeeze. Mm, he didn’t endure it, he went straight over the line. Shu Ning had actually only wanted to touch them for a little bit then tell him oh I’m sorry, I accidentally touched it!

“Brother~ You’re so small here,”During this emergency, Shu Ning appeared very innocent with his eyes pure, his face was also the same.

But what kind of person was Shu Heng? He was such a wise man that he followed up the pole he set, he raised his hand to squeeze Shu Ning’s little dots and a little press, then he even rubbed all around the surrounding area altogether:”Yours is even smaller, light and tender, they’re pink.”

“……”A little bottom that accidentally wrapped himself in his own cocoon Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Not only that, Shu Heng went even more overboard. His fingers teased and played with them, abusing the little meat around the surrounding area as well:”Look, if I touch it more, it gets hard.”

“……”Shu Ning has already fallen in battle, the numb feeling travelled through his entire body, and his waist had even gone soft. Damn it, how could anyone take it when a straight man plays his tricks? And besides Shu Ning liked his big brother so much, if he were treated like this, it was simply as if he were being blessed by the heavens, it was hard to imagine. And so he did not refuse or resist him, he didn’t want his big brother to notice anything wrong, Shu Ning lowered his head and seemed to be very curious.

It was normal to be curious during puberty, and also normal to be quite ignorant to such things, Shu Heng had also gone through this stage, it’s just that he had self-discipline so he didn’t group up into a pile like those other students in private to discuss about girls, and watch indecent films together. Right now his little brother was about to reach sixteen soon, so naturally he also yearned for it very much, didn’t he? Shu Heng’s eyes darkened, if Shu Ning were to start a relationship with a girl, loving her, and wanting to date her, wanting to be with her and even further their relationship, have desires for her……He would probably go mad wouldn’t he?

Just thinking about it was unbearable, a an incomparably cold red light glazed Shu Heng’s vision, and the pressure in the room skyrocketed. He suddenly held Shu Ning very tightly, and this caused Shu Ning to be dumbfounded, he had even forgotten to breathe!


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    I wonder how long will I have to wait for the idea to arrive, or flat out the wolf jump on it and eat it
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