RWSB Chapter 81

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For the sake of your sanities, here is a belated warning, this chapter contains depiction of rape and other illegal crimes, please don’t try them at home, this was just a He Yu face slapping bonanza so if you don’t like those themes, you’re not missing much👌👍


What’s going on?

Why were there so many accidents today?

Could it be the He clan was just putting up a solid front?

Hearing the voice it seems to be a boy? His call sounded so miserable, just listening to it made people’s heart wrench, it was rather unsettling. The gentlemen all remained calm, they were all people who were used to the big scene, and what’s more they had come just to watch the excitement. Whether it was the He clan or the Shu clan, they were all the top dogs so it’ll be good for some incidents to happen, how else would everyone else survive in this world?

The ladies were all beautiful and elegant, with curvaceous figures, dressed in pearls and diamonds, matched with their outfits they looked exceptionally dazzling.

In such a harmonious and picturesque scene, a naked boy suddenly appeared, there was even blood flowing down from below, this scene was quite……

Although He Yu already had a cosmetic procedure done, his appearance was still quite similar to his previous one, they were all people who hung around the bottomless depths, how could they not recognize him? Didn’t he go overseas? When did he return?

He looked better than he used to, he had more of an effeminate look now, but that wasn’t the point.

What’s this?

He Yu who had run down the stairs was flustered and confused, his face was pale as a sheet and there was a computer mouse between his grip. He was shivering but in truth he really couldn’t stand straight, it was already fortunate for him that he was able to escape. Suddenly, a woman yelled out in surprise, and everyone moved their gaze towards where she was looking at, there was a white fluid coming out from behind He Yu!

All the adult knew what it was, and the minors understood as well, Shu Heng covered Shu Ning’s eyes, he wasn’t allowed to look.

Shu Ning actually felt exceptionally gloomy, I’m already thirty, I really want to see! That’s He Yu for god’s sake, who else could be happier about his misfortune? Naturally it was me…..Huh? Big brother wanted to come no matter what, and even brought me over, there were no ifs or buts or whether I could choose to not go instead, could it be……Shu Ning suddenly felt a great wish to raise his head and look at Shu Heng’s expression, but there were people everywhere, if it really was so, Shu Heng would definitely be suspected.

Shu Ning’s heart shook incessantly, he felt extremely touched. He simply decided to turn around to hug Shu Heng around his waist and bury his head deeply into his chest.

Did little brother figure it out?

I got revenge for you, are you happy?

Shu Heng did not even look at that shameful sight of a person, destroying a person’s life was simply child’s play, he took Shu Ning into his arms and brought him out, it was too late now, it should be time for his little brother to sleep.

Wen Shi just so happened to stand before him with his hands at his back, with a gentle and elegant smile on his face, his eldest son Wen Bai had also given Shu Heng a polite nod.

Shu Heng was wise, he knew that they had come deliberately to block their path:”If you have any business let’s talk next time, my brother is tired.”

If it was any normal person, they probably wouldn’t understand, they may think that Shu Heng was being too aloof and unaccommodating, for the head of a big family to be so condescending, wouldn’t this be a joyful thing? He was simply embarrassing himself. But the Wen family understood best what it was like to take care of someone, they felt empathize with him, the little one was hiding in his big brother’s arms, the disgusting scenes he had seen today must have scared him, didn’t they? Wen Shi’s gaze was filled with loving pity, and immediately made way for him, there was not even a single hint of anger on his expression. Wen Bai had been taking care of his little sister since he was young, so he knew even more how he felt in his heart, and so he turned to stand by the side.

The ones who had seen this scene today had an idea of what had gone on, this Shu Heng really was no simple man, could there be an even bigger backer behind the Shu clan?

In the Lincoln, Shu Ning brightened up after there were no outsiders around anymore:”Brother~ What actually happened? How did you do it? That was amazing.”

“You’re not afraid?”

“Why would I be?”

Shu Heng’s gaze deepened, he caught Shu Ning and held him tightly in his embrace, then lifted his chin up with a finger:”No matter what happens in the future, you’re not allowed to be afraid of me!”

“……”Shu Ning had a start, the serious face of Shu Heng was reflected in his big eyes, he was slightly depressed:”Why would I be afraid of big brother? Is big brother going to eat me up in the future?”


Shu Ning giggled, and naughtily he responded:”I’ll be waiting,”Then he rolled his eyes after he finished speaking, clearly he did not seem to believe him.

Shu Heng sighed a breath of relief and held him in his embrace, no other word came from his lips. What had transpired today couldn’t be considered anything much if at all, he was just giving them a taste of their own medicine, it was nothing clever. It may also be a way for the He family to know that, did you think you could turn against us whenever you wanted? We’ll show you how it’s really done, at whose hand the deer would fall, we shall wait and see, just a bluff was not enough.

There was actually a reason why he had done this, it was so that he could ease Shu Ning into what was to come in the future. First off, it was that two men could do it, and secondly, if he had found out about anything in the future, that his big brother wasn’t as nice as he thought him to be, he wouldn’t be as afraid either.

The Shu Heng style of doing things was, as soon as he sees you as an enemy, he would never go easy on you. the He clan had to be dealt with no matter what, the power of his adoptive father was limited, and since those from the capital were hustling and bustling about eager for him to go home, then he could use the He family to show his sincerity. Shu Heng had already cut off contact with them for so many years, the patience of those in the capital had also reached their limits, it would be bad if they harmed the Shu family out of their desperation, they were just giving each other a little space for a while.

Shu Heng caressed his hand through Shu Ning’s hair, the feeling was very comfortable. Shu Ning had also narrowed his eyes as he watched the colour of the night sky, but in truth he was thinking about his big brother, having him around was one of the best things in his life, there was nothing he needed to worry about.

And what about the He clan’s hotel? All the guests had left, and the big venue was now quiet.

And what on earth happened to He Yu?

It was a long story.

He had always kept a grudge against Shu Ning, he was to return after he had recuperated from his injuries and finished with his cosmetic procedures. All his seniors had persuaded him to stop as he had just returned after several long months overseas. He Jiong was holding a grand wedding so naturally he needed to participate, so came his chance, He Ran had some friendly relations with Shu Ning so he had him lure him to the room, then several big guys would go up at once, then he would release the XXOO clip to the public! Didn’t Shu Heng care so much for his little brother? Hasn’t he always kept his calm? Then now I would like to see what you look like with a different expression.

If you dare to take my manhood away from me, then I will force you off the highest cliff! He Yu was a wicked and sinister person, and He Ran seeing his big brother’s originally clear-cut look had now turned into such a sissy one, he felt very bad, and hated Shu Heng even more. And so the two got together and formulated a plan, however, the accident had happened just like that, He Yu was waiting for the good show to happen in the room when suddenly, he saw someone approaching from the mirror! In an instant, his hair was standing on end and he was so horrified that his heart had nearly stopped.

“You~ How did you come in? Who are you?”

He Yu was clever, he was trying to talk to try and keep the “killer” at bay, He Yu had been shoved in the face of danger in the past so he had some experience, on the other hand he had just grabbed the gun when the other party threw something and instantly his wrist was hit, it had knocked the opportunity out of He Yu’s hands and a pile of powder was scattered over, He Yu had gone down right as he held his nose! And then he woke up in pain, finding that his entire body was nude, he had been done by that person and the perpetrator was right beside him, pulling at his legs, he wanted to have another go. He Yu struggled but he didn’t have the strength for it, the large object suddenly came in with nary any preparation, his backside was in so much pain that he had nearly lost consciousness, it was so shameful and embarrassing, bearing it all, swaying back and forth, he was done in again.

The process was extremely humiliating, he had also been ridiculed in several different positions. The scoundrel gave him a hefty slap, he was having quite a lot of fun with him.

When that comes out, a man would generally be out of it for a moment, or feel rather lazy, it differs from person to person, He Yu had been bearing it with his teeth clenched the whole time, and the moment he was waiting for had finally come. He pushed the scoundrel away fiercely and ran out in a fluster, there were bodyguards outside! As long as he ran out, he would be saved, but where was everybody?

He Yu was in a panicked state and the scoundrel was chasing him, there was nowhere he could go so he could only go down.

He Yu was staying at the topmost floor before this, and subconsciously he thought he was still at the topmost floor, if he were to take the elevator, whether it was currently at his floor or not would’ve been a gamble, so naturally he ran down through the stairs, but he ran out of the door after staggering downstairs, it was brightly lit downstairs and a group of people were staring at him in surprise.

In that moment, He Yu knew that he was done for, he had been on the second floor earlier. His vision went dark and what happened next, he didn’t know.

He Jiong’s big day ended just like that, it had turned into the laughing stock of the whole city. Overnight, Wen Shi had brought his son, daughter, as well as his son-in-law away, none of them stayed in the He household.

He Sheng Lin’s illness sprang up again, it was caused purely out of anger, but he struggled on to endure it and didn’t go to the hospital, he was afraid it would be shameful.

As for He Yu? A little blood had come out from behind, he’ll be fine after a few days of rest. The ruffian had been very gentle with him, as a top, naturally He Yu was very clear, and so it was even more humiliating for him. He wasn’t willing to go abroad, but his whole family had unanimously decided for him, so he had no way around it either, he could only plead to He Ran secretly. He Ran felt his heart ache for his second brother, and he who feared nothing actually did it!

For a time, the He family was in a mess, but thankfully He Jiong and the Wen family had left, if not they would’ve been implicated as well.

He Chang was really pissed off this time, it was no use no matter how his wife tried to persuade him, you could’ve messed with anyone but why did it have to be Shu Ning? You could’ve had your revenge anytime but why did it have to be on your brother’s banquet? You’ve caused such a big mess and you actually ran just like that? No sense of responsibility at all, and so He Chang froze all of He Yu’s cards and send out a large number of people to search for him, he’ll be sure to get this useless child back!

He Yu was in a difficult position, he had managed to avoid several bouts of his family’s men through experience but in the end he was still caught. It was useless to struggle from the very start, those who use money to settle business were the most wicked people on earth, He Yu got on the car and started to sway left and right, it had been very tiring for him, he had to dodge and hide all these days, he was in constant fear of what was going to happen to him tomorrow. Just thinking that he still had to receive a scolding when he returned home, he hurriedly got some sleep to nurse his strength. When he woke up, he noticed that it was already dark out. Borrowing the light of the moon, he could see clearly the scene around him, the have actually gone out of the city! A rush of cold sweat fell from his body, he still dared to snap back at them with a few words before this but now both his arms and legs were shaking.

“Hey uh……I need to use the toilet,”His dad must’ve employed some men from the underworld to help look for him, but these people……definitely weren’t here under because of his dad, he had to run! If he doesn’t run now, he’ll be done for.

“Hold it in.”

He Yu immediately pretended to be angry:”Watch your tone, stop the car quickly, if anything happens to the young master you’ll have what for.”

The car really stopped, He Yu felt lucky inwardly, these people didn’t know that he had already seen through them, it was simply too fortunate.

This urinating plan seems to be going smoothly, He Yu had also seen the light of dawn, but after running and running, he found himself at a dead end! Several men dressed in black surrounded him with sticks in hand:”Why did you stop running? Go on, run!”

“Hey now, if you’re here for the money then it would do you no good to harm me, I’ll just go with you.”

With a laugh, the one in lead licked his lips:”Young master He, why did you still have to lie to yourself if you’ve already seen through us?”

“You……Who sent you?”

“Dumbass, you’re actually asking? Don’t you know who you offended?”Another tall man mocked him with sarcasm.

“Bai family? Did the Bai family hire you?”He Yu knew that it was the Shu family, but he deliberately said this so that he could maybe have a chance to live:”You better think things through, if the world catches wind of this, your lives are all done for, the Bai family will definitely be destroyed, ha ha ha, I’ll have you know I’m the He family’s second young master, they’ve got money but I’ve got even more of it, who doesn’t know that the richest clan in C City is the He clan?”

The man in the lead gave him an eery smile with his pearly whites on view:”No need for any tricks, we~ Aren’t here for the money, I’ll have you know that we~ Are young master Heng’s men!”

He Yu’s expression had a drastic change, it was still fine when he didn’t say it, but once it’s out he’ll never be allowed to live!

And just like that He Yu disappeared, just as if he had evaporated into thin air. Shu Heng and Shu Ning both got on a plane and returned to the capital, Shu Ning knew that as soon as his uncle came, his big brother would leave, so he cherished very much the days where he could still stick to him. His eye brightened:”Brother, let’s go to the night market!”


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    1. -_- there was no friendship to begin with. He Ran was never a good person. Not in the past nor in current life. He had shown it time after time again. While Shu Ning only befriended him for his own safety at school and revenge.

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    1. I’m not coming for you, I’m a rape victim by a family member and I know the damage it causes. I live it every day, especially in a 3rd world country, where no one hardly cares. But him and He Ran was planning on doing the same thing to NN, what about all his other victims that never came forward because of his family background. Yes I’m bitter, because I believe a rapist should feel what a rape victim when through (the novel also tag rape).

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        But still what He Ran did and what him and He Yu was planning to do is still not justified. Rape is still rape. And Shu Ning has an excuse for that, he has Shu Heng in this lifetime. He KNOWS (or even has some idea) that his brother and his family will protect him at all costs. Especially the ML.

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      2. Agree. Its a pity though that the first person that victim will hate is his or herself. Frightened.. ashamed… blaming oneself.. wondering why it happen.. why god hate them and not save them. No idea who to go to. Only through a long time that its not their fault that the pain eased.

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        As a quick summary he yu got rans help to run away from home, got kidnapped and “evaporated into thin air”

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      4. Ah, I try to put it through the lens of “it’s only fiction”, as I’ve definitely read way worse in horror novels. Not to say that behavior is justified in real life, of course — but there’s a strong line between fantasy and reality — for me at least. 😅 But I’ll admit I do really like this novel that you’ve translated, because of your good translations…

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      5. Fiction has to be separate from reality and honestly if anyone disagrees i will have to persuade them to stop reading fiction in general. That is my stance on it, but there is still a big line between right and wrong even SH knows he’s done wrong.
        Honestly the reason i dont like this novel because i like darker themes hehe, i like violent scenes 😊

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      The thing is hun… He Yu only had one guy raping him. But he was planning to let a bunch of guys do it to SH while filming it. So he deserved what coming to him.

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      Concerning He Yu…well, from the description that was given earlier of him preying on children, that means that he has actually had sex with/raped children, and we all know how much mental and emotional damage that young molestation victims suffer with during and afterwards. To boot, He Yu is rich and powerful, so there’s no telling what he’s gotten away with in the past concerning some of those kids. His older brother even knew about his perverse activities. All joking aside, He Yu is an actual, 100% child rapist. True, he only plotted to have Shu Ning gang raped, but putting it into perspective, he literally wanted to have a 15-year-old child gang raped and then he was going to spread the video for kicks–adding insult to literal injury. So not only was Shu Ning going to be physically and mentally destroyed, but any chance of even daring to raise his eyes in public again would have been totally annihilated. Anyone who can even attempt to demean and destroy a child like that is pretty evil and, quite frankly, beyond help.

      I don’t want to come off as self-righteous or confrontational, because that is definitely not my intent. If it does comes off that way, then I honestly apologize. I just can’t find it in me to toss a child rapist into the same category as rape victims. Tbh, I’m not the type to wish anything bad on anyone in real life, but I’m also not the type to give sympathy to serial child predators when they meet with something unfortunate. They’re pretty much getting a dose of what their victims felt, and He Yu is no different. He got back what he put out.

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      1. Heck..thats not being self righteous or confrontation at all. Any parents that love their children or people that has loves one they want protect would applaud by what you just said. Reality sux as a lot of horrible killers and rapists in real life have escaped punishments. At least in fictions…. justice are served.

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    1. Not really. Its actually a rather cliche scene. Heck he got off easy. There has more ways to make him rather die to live.

      Heck i prefer more suffering for a rapist. Shu Ning wasn’t his only prey.

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    Completely Useless! That thirt- i mean fifteen year old already knows all this…

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      The He family only would know if Shu Heng’s men tell them. The question is… is there even a brave soul to go against their master shu heng.

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    1. “His definition of gentle really makes one wonder how he normally behaved as a top. 🤔”
      Correct. Pfft one can only wonder. This can only show that he has done more to his victims.

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    2. HAHAH; uhm, yeah, this is his first time, right? so there’ll be blood, but guess he didn’t drill it in him or plow in and out his ass
      gentleness in between He Yu to his victims and Shu Heng to Shu Ning

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    If it had been some standard, run-of-the-mill villain, then I’d be very disappointed in and disgusted with Shu Heng right not. But in He Yu’s case: “You get what you pay for.” He liked preying on kids, sexually, and he tried destroy Shu Ning in the worst way, so I’m not feeling too bad for him. I’d never wish anything bad on anyone, but I don’t sympathize for the downfall of people who get of on preying on children.

    Also, I remember a few chapters back when Shu Ning asked Shu Heng what he would do if someone tried to hurt him(Shu Ning). Shu Heng told Shu Ning he would get rid of that person, and it kind of freaked Shu Ning out. Welp, guess Shu Heng really is a man of his word…

    @helliotn: I didn’t know you weren’t a fan of this novel. Is it bad that I find that kind of amusing ^__^’

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      1. You may not be able to tell, but fluff is a rarity for me, also. Generally, I prefer mystery and suspense, brainteasers, and well-written horror; the more realistic, the better! But since I work in the medical field and see pretty hardcore things on a regular basis 😣, I sometimes use fluff as a bit of an escape from all the trauma that I have to deal with fairly often. This story is a great escape for me. But you know what though? I’ll turn right around and read something like Stephen King’s “The Outsider” and get right back in my feelings. Something’s definitely wrong with me. 😂

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  13. Mistakes:
    the little one was hiding in his little brother’s arms,
    little brother -> big brother
    he caught Shu Ning and held hi tightly in his embrace
    hi -> him
    If you dare to my manhood away from me
    dare to my -> dare to take(?) my
    Bai family? did the Bai family hire you?
    did -> Did

    Like others have commented, I’m a bit surprised to hear that the translator does not enjoy the project, but I admire that you decided to finish it and not drop it! Sometimes I lurk on the spoiler thread on NU and I know there are some people who are looking forward to the rest of the novel, so it’ll be good for them.

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    1. Fixed, thank you! The only reason I’m continuing is because people are waiting haha, this novel receives more than four times the views compared to my other projects. At least people are enjoying it😂


      1. If you can correct the first chapter… 😜 coz i had to tell people that i recommend the novel.. to bear with first few chapters. As they don’t make much sense and making readers cringe.

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      2. If I don’t read it it’s because it’s not my thing personally, but I hope I can fall in love with your TL projects ♡~(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ )
        (sometimes I read tragedy, but it needs to be HE somewhat; BE makes me really sad ….. and tragedy means BE most of the time so you can say… I avoid it in NU)

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  14. Thanks for the chapter!
    Regarding this chapter, I usually hate it in bl where someone (usually uke) is forced and then it’s justified because it’s “love”. I think in this case, SH and even the writer don’t try to justify rape. SN was happy cuz it’s revenge and protection for the future (also, he’s pretty simple-minded comparatively speaking). But it’s not swept under the rug as if it was a normal thing. They are acknowledging that it was a villain-type move but as SH says about himself, they are pretty much villains. But in this case, I couldn’t care about the “victim” because to me, Hammurabi Law applies as long as they aren’t feeling the slighted bit guilty/regret for past actions. The fact that HY was in the middle of plotting the same but even worst to a kid (I know he’s not 12 like the way his family treats him… but he’s kinda a big baby), this feels more like a counter-attack than an attack.

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  15. Oops I rambled/ranted – tl:dr yay hellion yay author. Fits storyline and shu heng sucks at introducing anal.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! You put a warning at the top and when someone mentioned blanking but wanting to know what happened you summarised. Other option for ‘too nasty couldn’t read’ is to post under warning in background color the short summary – however with you not liking the novel… (waaah I’m sorry you don’t enjoy it but thank you for taking one for the team) preferring more serious and less fluff, people will go into that with different expectations/levels of tolerance. Personally my level varies to what I am reading and this started to niggle until it clarified at the end with little blood.

    I am glad how author did (or your interpretation of how the author did) the scenes. It conveyed the horror and disgust of the scene without being gratuitous which some do despite not fitting the …feel? Of the novel. Also with the death at the end – sing glorious choir alleluia! Too many stop after revenge to let them suffer but in many cases it just warps their brain to more brutality. Especially in this case where he has horrific history, is totally unrepentant, is in a position of power and would quite possibly never have this aspect properly curtailed.

    I am tossing between ‘hah he got the slightest understanding what his victims, past and planned, went through’ and he could have been killed then left somewhere with something shoved up there. Would hurt and stop him plus chastising family despite ability to cover up other families would still know as well. Lesser impact and harder to do but nicer. This way would also show clear underground links but yes more special forces rather than dirty underbelly mob forces, to Shu Heng.

    Also Shu Heng you idiot!! You show m/m possibilities with porn or bodyguard relationships (bodyguards break 4th wall and *whimpers* don’t give him plans – we protect not act). Rape is not a way to show it! Also without any knowledge would Ning make the leap from naked bloody butt to dudes can fuck?!! Hello dysentery, hello hemorrhoids! You even covered his eyes quickly and brought him away. Then do you want him to ask others and get ‘oh yes, he was raped by a man and so he and his family shamed’ NOT GOOD LESSON!!!! maaaaybe he was planning to explain himself in the car but still 😡😡😡😡😡

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  16. Thanks for fast update Jiejie, i hope your always healthy and capable to TL this novel until the end.
    Btw, I love the way SH take a revenge. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Cheers up Jie >…<

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  17. Eh? He Yu lost his rod? EH?! He Yu died!!? .. that was fast.
    _” that his big brother wasn’t as nice as he thought him to be”, he only needs to be nice to SN! HeNG! let uncle Ning see! you always censor these things, he can’t see his enemies losing face! like the eldest miss, Ning’s the baby of the family haha
    this bugs me? “Then he rolled his after”

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    1. It’s horrible, horrible thing, but I have less sympathy for rap*sts being ra**d. If you’re ok with doing it to someone else, then you have to accept if it was done to you, else, why would you do it to others?
      He Yu’s done this before, he’ll do it again, he has no limits and he won’t stop trying to get his ‘revenge’ or hurting people for his amusement. Shu Heng is not God, he can’t keep observing nutcases like him in case he will come around later to stab Shu Ning, so killing him was sound choice. I’d like to emphasise He Yu is not just a victim, he was a big offender before. It’s more cautionary tale for ra**sts out there.. and I’m glad for once ra**sts are getting retribution.. I’ve read scheming female characters end up getting r**d, being told they shouldn’t have wanted something out of their league, blah blah, and the offenders are never hold accountable.. In that case, NO.
      Chinese novels have this fascination with ra** (and trucks) as endings, it almost feels unbearable for me, but I definitely feel He Yu had it coming, as I said above. Scheming for money should be met with same kind of loss, pushing someone to cripple them should be met with same consequences; it’ll definitely feel deserved if he got done by karma, this time neither karma nor law will get to him before he’ll hurt Shu Ning, I’m glad Heng made his move now.
      That said, I can’t tell people what to feel comfortable with, just know that unless you plotted for a kid to get gangra**d OR had ra**d numerous minors, I have utmost sympathy and burning rage for you, don’t feel like you have to be okay with anything


  18. I’d think that introduction would give a real 15 year old trauma Heng….

    Is no one else wondering where Shu Heng found some gentle rapist willing to defile the villain? Or did he bribe the villain’s own men? If He Yu hadn’t made plans against Shu Ning *again*, his end might have been a little different.

    I do have to say that one of the things I liked about this novel was that Shu Ning was already gay and Shu Heng was essentially courting him gently. It leaves a little bit of a bad taste to see Shu Heng trying to purposefully groom this little brother of his. At least, he didn’t try stuff like this in his last life. He has enough reason to believe the feelings might be mutual. Grooming is still … bad to me. Ning would still be developing and impressionable if he was really 15!!! Maybe this whole thing was supposed to be more of a warning to Ning. Heng isn’t just dangerous to others, but to Ning (at least dangerous to his chasity) too!

    Thank you for translating despite not being super into the novel. I like tragedy as much as I like fluff ❤
    GE are good too.


    1. I’m trying to remember whether SH tried to shape SN before.. he misunderstands his interests but I don’t think he ever told SN to be like this/that / force Ning; that’s grooming for me
      other stuff reads like BL ML sticking to his shou to build affection (reminds me of advance bravely)

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      1. Grooming is… subtle. Things like giving gifts and making small touches to get a child acclimated. “Raising” the child and their trust until the move is made and things cross the line. Really sinister stuff. Slowly increasing the actions subtly so they don’t realize anything is wrong until it’s too late.

        Always be wary of outsiders who are *too* nice to your children or children near you. Tbh, it’s usually family friends or family that commit this kind of thing though, but outsiders are just as suspect.

        I’m not saying that’s what SH has been doing to this point, just that this particular chapter and the comment about introducing him to the idea that men can have sex made me think of grooming.

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  19. My long comment disappeared when I logged in to post QwQ

    “Duplicate comment detected.


    I like tragedy as much as I like fluff. Thanks for the chapter !!


  20. whew im reading on my phone and the comment column is way too further below bcs so many ppl commented alrdy huu it’s just a suggestion, if possible, why dont you place the comment column before people’s comments? it’s just a seggestion btw, dont think too much of it. thanks for your hard works!!!


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