RWSB Chapter 80

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The hand on Shu Heng’s palm was pale and delicate, slender and well-defined.

Which young lady was this?

This doesn’t seem right……The sleeves are wrong! ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) A guy? It’s actually a guy? Do guys need a helping hand?

After all the reporters were stunned for a moment, the continued to take pictures, while the owner of the snowy pale hand that looked as if it was carved out of jade had revealed his face.

It was Shu Ning!

Although Shu Ning had never shown up around formal occasions, but what were reporters here for? As long as there was a breeze blowing through the field, that would be their meal of the day, it’s always better to pay more attention just in case drama pops up in any of the wealthy households, it was unlikely that they couldn’t even smell the wind coming. The reporters perked their minds and squeezed forth to take a shot of this historical scene.

Shu Ning was actually quite gloomy about this, what is brother doing?

His hand had already extended towards him, if he ignored it, how would the outside world take it? Brothers not getting along with each other, which hand will the family property fall to? Born of different mothers, so they keep up a false front, hiding daggers at their backs. Shu Ning couldn’t not give his big brother face, and he couldn’t attract the conjecture of others, so he simply had to hold it in and act generous, come out, wave your hand, and show everyone a nice smile!

Shu Heng was his aloof self, dressed in a black suit that brought a hint of mystery, he kept an expressionless face with an exceptionally sharp gaze, there wasn’t a single person who dared to ask him anything, and he didn’t even care about the media at all, whereas Shu Ning had a small little face that looked very handsome, dressed in a bright white suit that made him look even more dazzling, and the fit was very handsome.

“Second young master, second young master, look here!”

“Over here, over here, second young master!”


There were many people calling out to Shu Ning, they were all there to take photos to preserve the memory, and maybe they can put it as a headline, after all the one next to him was Shu Heng! Shu Heng has never been on any news outlets, they had to delete the footage even if any were shot of him, he was a very powerful man. All the reporters knew the rules, even if they felt the itch in their hearts, they wouldn’t dare act out of place.

Shu Ning had a lot of exposure in his previous lifetime as Qin Yu Zhuo was very adept at causing hype, so right now Shu Ning didn’t seem affected at all under all the bright flashes, and walked proudly with his two hands swinging by his side, Shu Heng had on a straight face as they walked in hand in hand. The frequency of the bright lights in the dead of night was too high, his little brother’s eyes would hurt. Shu Heng had just arrived and the He family members inside had already received the news.

Because of what happened to He Yu, they’ve already broken off any inkling of a face they used to give him, so not even a single young master went over to greet him, it could be said that the face that they had given him was completely gone.

Everybody knew Shu Heng had come, if there existed people who anticipated his arrival, then there were people waiting for him to fall into misfortune. Shu Cheng didn’t come, so could Shu Heng hold on? He might be able to usually, but right now Shu Zi Hui had already broken off with He Ran and the mess had been so over the top that Shu Zi Hui even had to be forced overseas, the Shu family’s face had already been smeared through the mud, and they actually dared to come over to be an eyesore?

This is how people are, everyone relished when the He family came to misfortune, but after the He family got back on their feet, everyone started to mock the Shu family again.

If you wanted to see a fight against masters, you can, but be careful of being dragged in as bystanders, and having blood splashed all over their faces.

The group of normal people had already come over to strike up a conversation, it was a very calm day. Shu Heng and Shu Ning were wearing suits of the same design, one had an air of oppressiveness like that of an emperor’s and the other was pure like sunshine, attracting the gazes of everyone. Shu Heng brought his brother to the He family, and with a straight face and an aloof manner he said:”Congratulations.”

As soon as he lifted his hand, the special aide behind him brought the gifts over, gave it to them, and after that……Nothing happened after that.

Actually, when Shu Heng said congratulations to them, the He family did not say anything at all, they were just smiling, making him look bad on purpose, but what about Shu Heng? He was the wiser man, he’d given his congratulations, and sent the gifts, he had done all he needed to do, then he brought his little brother elsewhere to rest, and ate some food, this was instead an even bigger embarrassment to the He family instead.

Your juniors had come up to give their congratulations, and you’ve put on a front……

Who exactly was the one who received a face slapping? Whoever feels bad will know.

They could actually leave directly, what need was there to stick around and put on a false front? When Shu Ning saw Shu Heng pick up his plate, he whispered to him:”Brother, I’m not hungry, let’s go?”

“You didn’t eat much at night, the pastries at the He clan’s hotel is one of the best,”Shu Heng was open-minded, if others had merits, he would give his price, he would never be stingy with his praise. The special aide came forward and checked the food on the plate, they were all little pastries, it was well known that the second young master liked cakes and the like, the eldest young master really was a very gentle person.

And this was another face slapping move!

“Hey, do you think that anyone still dares to poison your food in public? Shu Heng, aren’t you being too petty?”This was how He Tao, relative of the He family was like, haughty and bossy, he was a rich playboy that didn’t have many talents, but didn’t get into much trouble, he was best at steering his boat according to the direction of the wind, so he would normally go the other way if he saw someone like Shu Heng. If he get tangled up with him, the main family definitely won’t be happy about that, and if the main family was not happy, the treatment given to the side families would be gone. Which was light and which was heavy, He Tao could differentiate between them:”Hey, little bro, what are you staring at me for? Everybody give your opinions, was I right or wrong?”

Shu Ning knew who he was, he was He Jiong’s pawn and he had a foul mouth!

He Tao curled his fingers, and his expression showed that he couldn’t stand this, he felt very grieved!

Who was Shu Heng? And how could his special aide be any normal member of the elite? Wan Jing was all smiles, and knelt down in front of the plate and replied in a very flattering manner:”Haha, young master He, the rumours have been flowing around non-stop so aren’t I just afraid of someone causing trouble at the banquet? If by some chance a third party has done something, wouldn’t that just sully the He family’s name? That would’ve been awkward~ Would you like a bite?”

What kind of joke was this? The corner of He Tao’s mouth twitched:”Me? Eat?”

“Yeah! You called out and now everyone’s gathered here, so how about we get some proof!”Wan Jing’s expression was very exaggerated and the smile on his face was very big:”Who would dare to poison anyone under the public eye?”

The plate had already served to his face, Wan Jing was displaying full courtesy, all the guests were people with some fame so they were unlikely to come forward and watch, only their eyes had swayed over to them.

Uh, He Tao could be said to have some pretty good vocational skills too, he had been snapped back by Wan Jing, blabbing on and on, and now he was riding atop the tiger and it was hard for him to get off, what should he do? Could there actually be poison? That can’t be! But, He Tao smiled after thinking it over, there were no problems with the cake from the very start, they’ve already been checked before he had come over, and Shu Heng always had the habit of getting his stuff checked, nobody dared to mention it before but it was different now. So you want to make things hard for me with this? Then I’ll make sure you’ll have no place to even stand!

Thinking about the benefits he would get from He Jiong’s promise after everything had been done, He Tao was filled with confidence. His lips were curled into a smile, he picked up the pastry calmly and showed it to the people around him, he was just like the most eye-catching of kings, proud, contented, and looked down on Wan Jing with his chin raised high, but he didn’t dare look at Shu Heng. He opened his mouth and ate it.

“Mm……Delicious, I’ll have you know our He clan’s hotel is famous for thish…..mmmm……”

Why had he who had just been so proud, turned so pale? Even the veins on his forehead had popped out, could he have choked on it? The cake was very small not even the size of a finger, it was exquisite and beautiful, coloured green like that of emeralds, there were even little leaves dotted on the top, just looking at it was appetizing enough.

But in truth, He Tao would’ve never expected that he would be poisoned!

After he had fallen to the ground foaming at the mouth, Wan Jing exclaimed in surprise in a very exaggerated manner. He Tao had only attracted the gazes of the surrounding people before this, but now Wan jing had simply brought everyone over. A poisoning case really appeared in the banquet, and the one who fell to the ground was the food tester of the He family, who else would still dare to eat or drink anything here?

Since that happened, everyone wanted to leave but He Sheng Lin suddenly appeared, the old man was still hospitalized not long ago but now he was looking very good and healthy.

He wore a Tang suit and gave off an extraordinary aura, it was as expected of the He family’s master of house, the look on his face was unfathomable.

He Sheng Lin had come over with a dignified and distinguished middle-aged man, he bore a dignified appearance that was very elegant, he had an exceptional temperament and a mild-mannered gaze with his lips slightly curved into a smile, he had an appearance that looked very amiable! And there were several people behind the two, they were the main characters of today. He Jiong had come over with the Wen clan’s young lady in hand, He Ran was following behind him, there was even an exceptionally handsome young man standing beside him. And so, the identity of the middle-aged man was clear.

He Sheng Lin listened to the congratulations of everyone and raised his hand to suppress them, then he seemed to have said a lot, everyone was laughing.

Then the old man beckoned to Shu Heng, was he trying to get him to settle his debt?

Shu Heng didn’t see it, Shu Ning didn’t look over there either, Wan Jing who had dared to add something to the cake earlier whispered:”It’ll be bad if you don’t go over, they even dare to bask in the glory of a fool, wouldn’t it be quite a shame if you don’t watch that old thief crack a joke? And besides, He Tao has already been towed away so there’s nothing else you can do in the corner!”

Shu Ning laughed, he had always hated Wan Jing’s precautions, but being protected by him now was pretty good, his insults were very good, and so was his sarcasm.

Shu Heng walked over slowly with Shu Ning, the group of people were all waiting with a smile on the face, they weren’t afraid of being put down either.

“Truly a talented man,”said He Sheng Lin, and he called He Ran over:”My precious grandchild is not bad either.”

Everybody gave their compliments again, but Shu Ning shook his head, comparing He Ran to Shu Heng? Do you have any shame? There was probably no one else as blind as he.”

He Sheng Lin had a gentle look in his eyes, but actually he was extremely pissed off, all the top youngsters in C City all bore the surname of Shu, and right now because of Shu Zi Hui’s damaged reputation, Shu Zi Xuan was just under Shu Heng who was at the very top, why can’t they just die? The Shu family’s defense was too strong so there was no way to start attacking them from, He Sheng Lin wanted to humiliate Shu Heng but the ones around him had already took the initiative to do so.

Who didn’t want to kiss up to the leader of the Wen clan?

Everybody saw him extend a friendly hand over to Shu Heng with a face full of smiles, and they were all a bit taken aback, could they have known each other?

If that was the case, there would be no reason for the He family to kiss up to the Wen family, it was like trying to lure a chicken over but failing, and even ending up losing rice that was used to lure the chicken, they even got a fool as the wife of the eldest, it was simply ridiculous.

He Sheng Lin was after all a calculative man, he had still kept his smile. He Jiong’s eyes narrowed, and He Ran was looking at Shu Ning, everybody had clashing opinions, but he didn’t realize at all, he was thinking about how he had to lure him upstairs in a while, Shu Ning had to pay for the humiliation of his second brother, it was a pity, he had still thought he was pretty good before this. When Shu Ning looked over, He Ran immediately smiled, but sho knew that Shu Ning had only swept his gaze across, his gaze did not stick for even a second.

Shu Heng was still poker faced as usual, he didn’t even extend his hand over. Shu Ning knew that Wen Shi was quite a good person so he pushed his brother a little at the back, but unfortunately Shu Heng was still ignoring him as before.

Wen Shi took his hand back but his attitude was still fine as usual:”Young master Heng, we have met in the past, do you still have an impression of it?”


As if he felt relieved, Wen Shi raised his hand and made an inviting gesture:”It is quite tiring to be standing around, how about we sit down and have a chat?”

Shu Ning blinked his eyes, when has Shu Heng become this badass? It was maddening, too amazing, out of this world! ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“I understand what you wish to say, you can go do what you need first, I will bring my little brother over to get something to eat.”

With one sentence, everybody moved their vision to Shu Ning, Shu Ning looked like a very clever and obedient boy, very satisfactory.

Wen Shi smiled kindly at him and took out a red packet from his jacket:”Nice to meet you, here is a little something to show my sincerity!”

Shu Ning took a look at Shu Heng, and Shu Heng nodded. His little brother liked red packets, and if they didn’t take it, it would’ve been a waste of the Wen family’s red packet, the water here was very muddy, it was better if Shu Ning didn’t know.

“Thank you,”He spoke in a tone that was neither haughty nor humble, and he had on a pleasant smile.

The guests were all big figures from all walks of life, and they had a high evaluation of Shu Ning. Right at this moment, screams suddenly rang out one after the other……


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