RWSB Chapter 75

My releases with another novel kinda got mixed up so I tried to rush that a bit to kind of smooth things out, so sorry this took awhile!


Shu Heng leaned his head down slowly, approaching slowly, coming closer and closer. After two years of looking after him with care, his features had become even more fine and delicate, his skin still looked white and pure, the dense and curled lashes trembled faintly, he had clearly woken up, was he trying to test me?

Shu Heng was too wise, perhaps because of his cleverness, the relationship of the two were able to deepen without any cracks. He printed a light kiss on his lips, he did not deepen the kiss, nor did he push down, just a gentle touch, wonderful like a little dragonfly landing on a pond. Shu Heng did not expose Shu Ning’s ploy of pretending to sleep, and he released the hand that was squeezing the little nose.

Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, he hesitated in the past and didn’t dare to ask but not was a good chance. If he big brother……sticks his tongue in, that means something was wrong, if not, then it just meant that he did have a bit too much to drink. After all, although his brother usually likes to step out of line, he wouldn’t go over the limit.


He misunderstood.

Why didn’t he feel at ease at all? Instead his heart felt heavy, Shu Heng was too outstanding, he truly was, unknowingly, he had been pulled by the nose, attracted to him, and yet he didn’t know.

Shu Ning frowned and opened his eyes, looking at the perfect and flawless Shu Heng only a few inches away from him. Before he started to speak, Shu Heng actually started to smile first.

It was light, fleeting, as if he had seen wrong, that surprise in that quick moment did exist.

Shu Ning was slightly stunned, then he had also curled up the corners of his mouth:”Brother, what did you do just now?”

“Just waking you up.”

“Oh~”Shu Ning dragged his voice, and his little hand crawled up slightly, following Shu Heng’s abs up to his chest, then his neck, the tip of his fingers drifted past his chin, and landed a little tap on his lower lip, then naughtily, he squeezed his nose. His straight nose is quite nice to pinch, how interesting! Shu Ning put on a haughty look, and naughtily he asked:”Payback! Big brother won’t be angry, right?”

“If I got angry, what are you going to do about it?”


“Be good, are you thirsty?”

“……”Changing the topic just like that? ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Only after having some warm water did Shu Ning leave Shu Heng’s warm embrace, huh? Wasn’t this downstairs of the foreman’s house? Uncle Pang was hanging around at home with his uncle during the New Year’s and they wouldn’t be going out, this……Shu Ning looked towards Shu Hen gin surprise and Shu Heng tapped on his own lips. Shu Ning who’s had the knot in his heart dissolved did not hesitate to give him a smooch.

“Oh no,”Shu Ning had gotten anxious, and started to turn in circles o(╯□╰)o

“The gift is in the trunk, as well as our rations.”

Rations? Big brother is top notch at making jokes, he’s really too considerate, Shu Ning nearly burst out in laughter:”Thank you brother, let’s get off the car, I wonder if uncle will be surprised to see me.”

“He definitely will, I bet he missed you.”

“Mm, I think so too,”Shu Ning followed Shu Heng down the car, and very naturally, the little hand reached for the big palm and gave it a squeeze while he was at it, he had already gotten used to it.

The bodyguard took out the gift as well as the food from the trunk of the car, and Shu Heng received it with one hand before bringing Shu Ning upstairs. Shu Ning wanted to help him carry them but Shu Heng wouldn’t let him, the bag of food was too heavy, and while the gifts looked to be plenty, the weight was not very heavy. Shu Ning was adamant, but it was easy for an accident to happen if the two were to bicker about in the corridor, so Shu Heng……landed a smooch onto Shu Ning’s lips.

The little one had gone quiet, and he lowered his reddened face, seeming to have gotten embarrassed.

Shu Heng brought up so many stuff with one hand up to the fourth floor. The doorbell was broken so Shu Ning knocked on the door instead. Uncle Pang opened the door with a cigarette hanging from his mouth, and muttered under his breath ‘who the hell’, coming over without an invite. Seeing that it was Shu Ning, he immediately took down the cigarette and ecstatically he said:”Come come come, come in quickly, it’s quite cold outside, oh and who’s this?”

“My brother, biological brother!”

Shu Ning hurriedly pulled Shu Heng in, worrying that the bags would be too heavy, it must be hard on big brother’s arm! Shu Heng had a poker face but he was actually quite depressed, his heart felt very stuffy, just ‘my brother’ was enough, why did you have to add ‘biological brother’? Isn’t this a strike to my heart? But Shu Heng still endured it gladly, and immediately let it go.

The sky had gone dim very quickly, Qin Yu Fu came out from the room and exclaimed in amazement, he immediately came to Shu Ning with a face full of smiles and patted Shu Ning’s shoulder, looking left and right happily. Shu Heng had seen the scene, the so called having your real feelings revealed was probably something like this. Shu Heng had never once seen such an emotion from Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes, and he knew at a glance how close they were.

If you had the sincere care of those that were close to you, what would it matter to live through some bitter days?

Qin Yu Fu heard what the foreman had asked earlier, He held Shu Ning’s shoulder with one hand and turned back to look towards the tall figure by the door:”Good to meet you……sir!”

Sir? Ah my little uncle~ Did Shu Heng scare him with his aloofness?

Compared to Shu Cheng, the pressure exerted by Shu Heng was more full, powerful, and more deterring, with his black eyes as deep as an abyss, with one look at whoever~ they would all tremble in fear, he was high up above the rest just like an emperor, peering down on everything. Shu Ning hurriedly smoothed things over, Shu Heng was also willing to nod his head and give a bow. His thin lips parted, and earnestly he greeted ‘uncle’.

But Qin Yu Fu was too surprised by this, he still wasn’t able to relax and he was slightly stiff. Shu Ning was helpless, so he said he was hungry. As if he had been saved, Qin Yu Fu rushed over to the kitchen.

The foreman Uncle Pang:”……”

Shu Heng had already sat down and Shu Ning poured him a glass of water, he was only concerned about whether he himself was thirsty in the car, then went on to ponder about other things, he didn’t even think about whether his brother was thirsty or not, sometimes Shu Ning felt that he himself was too much, so heartless that he didn’t even care about “young” Shu Heng. Ah, I really can’t match with him, no matter whether it’s being a person or in other areas.

The foreman could also be considered to be well-informed, but facing Shu Heng who was like a mountain, he had also come short, feeling uneasy be it sitting or standing, as if his hands and feet felt uncomfortable no matter how he rested them. He kept moving about and his butt couldn’t stick to one place, he had originally wanted to fake a cough to disperse the awkward atmosphere, but unfortunately his throat slipped up several times, and even more so he didn’t dare to interrupt the conversation between the pair of brothers.

And so he went to busy himself with his own issues instead, the foreman took over the stuff brought by Shu Heng and walked into the kitchen.

Qin Yu Fu asked quietly:”Why have you come over?”

“That guy’s like some big official,”The foreman shrugged and put the stuff down, then opened it up to take a look:”Xiao Fu, some of the gifts are yours, and there’s some for me too. I’ll put the food in the fridge first, there’s Shu Ning’s milk in here as well so don’t misplace it.”

Uh, Qin Yu Fu gave the foreman’s head a knock:”I’ll be better off dead if I get it wrong.”

“No no no, don’t leave me alone and uncared for~”

“Alright, go wash the vegetables, we’ll make Xiao Ning’s favourites today and I’ll cook fish for you tomorrow.”

“Alright, aren’t you gonna ask what his brother likes as well?”The foreman frowned.

Qin Yu Fu made a move:”If you want to ask, then you do it, I can’t seem to get my words out looking at him.”

“That……Won’t it be hard for you to swallow your food when you’re facing him at the dinner table later?”

“Are you washing the vegetables or not?”The veins on Qin Yu Fu’s forehead was popping in anger, that is Ning Ning’s brother, how could you tease him?  ̄へ ̄

“Alright, I got it, I’ll wash it now okay?”

The two bickered in a quiet voice and their heads were leaning very close together, every so often you’ll give me a push, and I’ll give you a push, they were very open with each other. Shu Ning was able to see it from the reflective glass, he felt that it was pretty good this way for his uncle too. On the other hand, he himself was just so-so, he was influenced by his past life so he didn’t have much interest in making friends this lifetime around.

Shu Heng hugged Shu Ning around his waist and the handsome face stared at him, slightly worried:”What’s wrong?”Suddenly feeling lonely? Does he want to stick around with his uncle?

“It’s nothing, my uncle’s a bit stiff so I’m just very happy that he can have a sincere friend that treats him like this. Brother, what about your friends? Are you like that as well?”

“Xu Jin’s still alright.”

“Just right?”

“Sincere ones? Five.”

Shu Ning could kind of guess who they were, and there would be more int he future as well, these few were treated earnestly by Shu Heng, his charisma truly was too amazing, many people were eager to talk to him but it was too difficult, after all, in their eyes he is an existence that was similar to that of a hair from a phoenix or a unicorn horn, and each of them were similar characters like Shu Heng, big, strong, and dangerous.

“What about you?”

The question was returned to him, Shu Ning shrugged:”A lot, but I don’t know if they’re sincere to me or not.”

“No matter, I’ll keep an eye on them,”Shu Heng wasn’t joking, he tightened his arms and rubbed his little brother’s hair with his other hand.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, having his fur stroked and whatnot made him feel very good.

When dinner came, the table was filled with delicious dishes, they were all Shu Ning’s favourite when he was young. With his sleeves rolled up, the uncle put down the last bowl of soup on the table:”We can start digging in now.”

The foreman washed his hands and came out with some chopsticks, his face filled with smiles:”Come, come, we’ve got a table full of joy and prosperity, let’s have a good year and make a fortune, may all our dreams come through, hah.”

Ah, he had forgotten all about New Year’s celebrations. Shu Ning pulled Shu Heng over to celebrate with them, and Qin Yu Fu took out red envelopes from his pocket, the foreman had also taken out two of them. Qin Yu Fu had asked about how old Shu Ning’s brother was before this, seems to be about five years apart, he couldn’t remember clearly anymore. Speaking of which, why is this guy so tall? What does he eat? Qin Yu Fu felt a mess in his heart, if Shu Ning eats daily like him as well would he also grow so tall?

Third brother-in-law was born with a handsomeness that wasn’t like the usual, while his eldest son was even more handsome, how come my Shu Ning came to be like a little ball? They don’t look like a family at all. He was just wondering about it in his heart, after all Qin Yu Fu was no fool, as a chairman, how would he allow someone into his house if he weren’t his real son? they must’ve done stuff like paternity tests behind the scenes.

“Uncle, come sit,”When Shu Ning spoke, Qin Yu Fu was so surprised that he nearly threw the bowl to the ground.

Shu Heng ate with them silently, although he hadn’t entered any of the rooms, he could tell from the pattern that four people can’t fit in here. Shu Heng decided that he will leave as soon as they finish dinner since everyone seemed to be uneasy while he was around. There was no need to mention these simple people, even the younger ones from the Shu clan’s elite gathering was the same.

Shu Ning ate a lot, Shu Heng watched him eat and patted his legs with his hand underneath the table, telling him to stop if he was full, otherwise there won’t be a big brother to rub his tummy tonight.

Shu Ning was thinking to himself that his big brother was so bad, it was rare for his uncle to cook so much good food, whatever, open up your appetite and eat ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Naturally, Shu Heng wouldn’t stop him, he took out his phone and sent out a text message.

When Shu Heng wanted to leave after the meal, only then did Shu Ning stand up in surprise, he was caught slightly off guard:”Why? Are you going back to the ancestral home?”It’s the middle of the night, uh, is this some kind of joke? Can’t I just come back to see my uncle anytime? When I come round in the summer I’ll end up staying for half a month, but once big brother leaves he goes for a long, long time, he’s too much.

Shu Ning had gotten unhappy on the spot, and his eyes were filled with blame and sadness.

Somebody knocked on the door, the foreman was close to it so he just opened it without asking who it was, it was a burly man in a suit, handing a bag over:”This is the second young master’s digestive tablets.”

The foreman received them subconsciously:”Thanks!”

“We’re only doing what is proper,”The bodyguard didn’t leave, he looked towards Shu Heng:”Young master, the car is ready.”

“Uncle, I forgot that the house can only fit three people, I’m worried about brother staying in a hotel by himself, so I’ll come back to see you next time,”Shu Ning calmly looked towards Qin Yu Fu and the smile on his face was still present as usual:”I’ll come over again soon.”

Shu Heng was expressionless, but his pupils shrunk, his little brother was angry……

The slot today was supposed to be for a double release of this then another novel as well but I was a bit unwell so it’ll be kicked to tomorrow, Waiting Upon You comes with an audio drama and we’ll be trying to sub that as well, so look forward to it! 😀

if you guys haven’t read it yet it’s a novel with some smut so if you guys are interested in that… hehe

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  1. _”He misunderstood.” this hurts, Bawww!! and everytime SH smile I remember SN saying he’s happy when his brother smile~~~ \(///v/////)/ Shu Heng seems to think if he can’t do deep ones he’ll compensate with small kisses (OMG HE’S SHY NOW THAT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! MELTING!!!!!!!!!)
    _”Isn’t this a strike to my heart? ” this is a slap to wake you up and tell the truth quickly
    pfft they’re visiting the uncle like visiting in-law… unclexforeman CP is living!!!!!!! domestic!! old married couple!!
    hmm…. “this is a special wand, made of Shu Heng and his essence, it is easily excited by its pair and small animals”
    I didn’t know SN has digestion problem, but knowing SH… he probably doesn’t want even Ning’s digestive system to work too hard
    smut is okay, recently I’m grumbling about smut novels tagged in NU that has it over 100 chapters later because I was expecting hot content really early/often
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      1. I didn’t use to, because the whole ‘where’s my auntie?’ dialogue, but it feels like they really built up some chemistry while we looked at other subplots!
        i like the uncle (maternal family only member), but the one i’m invested in caring is grandpa, want to know what he thinks of SH/SN, want to see him get worked up and spank SH hoho

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  2. It’s not that I’m especially interested in the smoke, I’m just going to take a look, I say it’s for complete a task.
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    Thank you! Don’t push yourself too hard!

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  4. No rush. Take your time. Don’t want you to fall sick. Translating sux and hard.. i know since i tried to make sense (OTHER) mtled novel.

    I for one wants to strangle google translator when it translate what should be suppose to be young ladies/maiden but it became prostitutes………. or how come certain names of modern countries is situated inside ancient china. As long i get the gist story, i ignored those weird translation.

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  5. I’m totally shipping smoking uncle foreman (finally named! lol) with uncle Yu Fu. I’m not the only one, right? He treats Yu Fu so well and now they’re living together, I’m totally shipping them. XD Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. hahahahaha, you’re not alone on this ship ^_^ They’re so cute together and I want more domestic scenes with them. Ah, does Ning Ning know about it (for me it doesn’t look like)? Cause as 30 old gay he should have some sense of gayness, hmm? XD

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        but then again I also can never tell who likes who

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      2. Honestly, I don’t know too. I don’t have this glorious thing called social skills and can’t tell whose into who. I assumed that someone older than me also gay could somehow sense it, see clues or something (is gaydar only a legend?). Someone clue me in too ^_^

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  6. I hope you’re well rested. Your health comes first, and we all understand that, so don’t ever worry about not updating when you’re not well. We want you healthy so you can hang out in the comments section with us. Okay? 😘

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    1. Like i told my mom when she vented like you while watching drama. Just pick one that suit you.

      “Yes, i know they should be running instead of confessing or hugging. They have to follow the script of the book/director.”

      “What do you expect? Author of the book/drama script want to built suspense and make you riled up by their stupidity. Pfft and its working perfectly.”

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  7. The all-powerful big bro SH is still ultimately at the mercy of his lil bro. He may seem like he’s in charge, but it only takes one word or expression to move him. So stay strong big bro! Ning Ning is still young!

    Thanks for the chapter and take care Rai!!

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    I hope you feel much better soon. Thank you for the translation.

    For some reason I was struck with the urge to re-read this from the beginning.
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    I kept thinking… Shu Heng will most likely regret that he did not take advantage. And then I realised that Shu Heng is taking advantage anyways. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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  9. Me to Shu Heng: Oh! The words ‘biological brother’ hurt you? Ha! Now you know what I feel whenever you two flirt with each other, but the little think that it is just pirely a brotherly love

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  10. ….I’m soooo rotten, I get BL vibes from uncle and the foreman lol…
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