RWSB Chapter 74

As He Yu’s words fell, Shu Ning widened his eyes at the moment when he pressed over abruptly, and panicked inwardly. A loud bang sounded, someone has kicked in the door, All Shu Ning could see was the constantly magnifying image of He Yu’s face so he wasn’t sure if Shu Heng was the one breaking in, what kind of face did he have, and what will he do after this?

Of course Shu Heng’s fury was indispensable.

Who could’ve ever imagined that He Yu would  be so bold? Shu Ning was the proper second young master of the Shu clan after all, he’s simply looking too highly of himself, doing whatever he wants like that.

Someone barged in, so naturally He Yu stopped what he was doing. He immediately turned around vigilantly, and he hadn’t even seen clearly which gutsy bastard interrupted his business when he felt a pain on his cheek, he had been knocked down to the ground by a punch and the corners of his mouth was cut on the spot, his front teeth broke off and blood was pouring out. But this wasn’t the end of it, Shu Heng stepped his foot down as well.

There was suddenly the noise of a ghostly wailing coming from the washroom, many of the passing guests were curious and wanted to look, but the bodyguards had already closed up the door and kept watch outside.

Shu Ning didn’t catch anything, He Yu who had been sticking himself over in front of him had suddenly disappeared, then his big brother’s big hand covered his eyes, then the sounds of He Yu’s screams came one after the other, then…… Then…… Then…… The hand moved down, the worried face of his brother appeared before him, looking incomparably livid.

Shu Ning had never seen Shu Heng this way before, truly, he had never seen it even after living over thirty years in his past life, he had always had a prideful look, he was aloof and arrogant, as if he would never keep anything in his sight, he was reserved and serious, nobody dared to be impudent in front of him, they may not even have the guts to raise their voice.

Shu Ning quietly gulped down his saliva, his big brother was furious this time, it was more serious than he had anticipated.

But whose fault was that?

He Yu, oh He Yu, if you like me you can pursue me, and it’s alright if you just want to go on a date, but who allowed you to go straight for it? Bastard, you’re doing something stupid and dragging me down as well, but speaking of which, where’s He Yu? He had already been dragged out like a corpse, and the blood on the ground was wiped off by the bodyguards who poured in! Shu Heng was very thorough with matters, he had never personally done anything for many years, but now he knocked him out cold, he didn’t spare him even a little.

There were only two people within the washroom, the look on Shu Heng’s face right now was extremely dangerous.

Shu Ning was really frightened this time, his eyes were red and puffy, glazed with a soft layer of mist, just looking at him stoked Shu Heng’s flames.

“He kissed you?”

“……”Shu Ning was startled.

“Where did he kiss?”

This voice of his was filled with anger, as if the air that came from his mouth was laced with poison. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva, he was frightened:”He didn’t.”

“Where did he kiss?”Shu Heng got even closer, that handsome face of his was practically plastered to Shu Ning. Regardless of whether it was his tone or attitude, even the look in his eyes were full of murderous intent:”Where?”

“He didn’t, he really didn’t.”

“Let me see.”

Shu Heng took Shu Ning as his own, doing whatever he pleased with him. First he gave him a sniff, the tip of his nose touched those soft lips, this is my little pudding, nobody else can touch it. Shu Ning leaned on the wall like a fool motionlessly, his eyes were wide and his mouth was gaping from confusion, and his heart was convulsing in shock, did big brother kiss me?

It was different than usual, he was very careful this time, very gentle, licking attentively, pressing down, he had even taken him in his mouth, he did not let any part go at all. Big brother seems to have brought an intention to “taste”, could he be trying to catch He Yu’s taste? This idea seems too much like a joke, but everyone had their own unique taste, and He Yu was a smoker, oh, that should be it.

But……Shu Ning had still trembled, trails of electricity flowed through his entire body, it felt very comfortable, very strange, as if he was being deeply cherished, and it seemed like he was kissing intimately with his big brother, a real kiss. The smell of alcohol was very dense on his brother’s body, has he gotten drunk? Is that why he’s so strange today? Shu Ning was still very afraid, he was afraid that Shu Heng would lose control.

Only a minute had passed at most, but it felt like a century had gone by.

Shu Heng still has not had enough, and Shu Ning was the same. It was a shame that brothers would always be brothers, there was no way for them to cross that wedge, Shu Heng was a straight man, he was straight through and through, Shu Ning knew that he would definitely get married in the future and have children, so it was even harder for him to have any guts to expect anything out of this, he would try to find a reason to put out even the smallest kindle of fire in case the fire grew more intense, then there would be no way for him to drag himself out in the future, ruining their brotherly relationship, ruining everything, including himself.

Shu Heng’s gaze was dazzling like a thousand sun rays, it was even more stunning than the night sky, this was the first time Shu Ning had seen this unique and charming big brother of his, he was being sucked in deeply, and he found it hard to avert his gaze. It was such a rare occurence to be able to see his big brother’s expressions, so naturally Shu Ning wasn’t willing to let this chance pass.

Big brother seems to have calmed down?

Shu Ning started to speak hesitantly:”Brother……I didn’t get kissed by him, you checked it yourself, so you should believe me now, right?”

“That’s not enough, clearly I saw him……”

“He didn’t kiss me, really, if you don’t believe……you can take another whiff!”As Shu Ning spoke, his tears had rolled down his cheeks, he wasn’t sure whether it was out of dread or maybe he was crying at himself.

Shu Heng immediately held onto Shu Ning’s waist with one hand, securing him tightly, as if he wanted to absorb him into his own body. With his other hand, he clutched onto the back of his head, not allowing Shu Ning to move, and he really kissed him.

This time, they both closed their eyes, they were incomparably serious, even Shu Ning had tried to return the kiss. This was the first time he had done so, the first time they had been so close, the first time he allowed himself to indulge……

Big brother was drunk, he had drunk way too much, he was pressing down on my body because he couldn’t even stand properly anymore.

We’ll just try this once, there will be no more misunderstandings in the future, I want to properly find a boyfriend and stop longing for Shu Heng’s gentleness, he will only be my brother, that will be so now, and it will be so in the future. Shu Ning’s tears fell, he bravened himself and opened up his little mouth, hoping that Shu Heng could enter, it was fine even if this was a mistake.

A shock ran through Shu Heng’s body, he opened his eyes abruptly, this was too surprising! What is little brother trying to do? Opening up his lips like a fool with a flushed face, could he really be trying to prove his innocence?

In his heart, he felt slightly sour, but whatever, it was good that they could have this one chance, now he could ease up the lovesickness that had plagued him all this while, thank heavens he drank a bottle of wine deliberately, thank heavens!

WIth something so delicious put in front of them, one wanted to indulge this, but the other wanted to possess him madly. At this moment, they had forgotten the time, forgotten the place, and forgotten everything, they only had each other in their minds. Enter, exchange, entangle, and not let go of each other, I am in you, and you are in me. Several moans leaked from Shu Ning’s mouth, he was extremely forgetful of himself, the sexiness exerted by him every so often made it hard for Shu Heng to stop himself.

I really like you, I love you, my Ning Ning, grow up fast, bloom into a beautiful flower for me, I will clear up the secrets of my birth at the right time, then maybe my little brother will understand that my protection of him is not because of our relationship as family. If I told him now, maybe there’s no way Shu Ning would believe it, or maybe he’ll depend on me completely? There’s no big brother in this world that was just like Shu Heng, forcefully trying to control his younger brother’s life.

Following the passing of time, the feeling became even more wonderful and Shu Ning’s body had softer and softer, Shu Heng had become even more greedy, trying to siege him completely, he wouldn’t even let off the deeper part of him. Neither of them wanted to stop, Shu Ning’s hands were constantly curled around his brother’s waist, he didn’t let go even when he had run out of oxygen. The vision before him turned black, Shu Ning didn’t know how to breathe with his nose in the middle of a kiss, so just like a fool he fainted in the intoxicating depths of this sea of happiness.

The little hand drooped down.

Only then did Shu Heng stop, his eyes were filled with love and pity, filling up with affection. He carried up the little guy gently, this little brother of his was too pure, too wonderful, what am I going to do with you if you’re such a good boy?

For the sake of Shu Ning’s reputation, the hall from the washroom to the stairs had already been cleared out, the bodyguards were on standby on each of the private rooms to prevent any accidents, even the surveillance cameras were taken down, they were extremely strict. Shu Heng strode out in big steps, he was very worried about the condition of the little one. His jacket was wrapped around Shu Ning’s body, in case he catches a cold.

The manager of the Food City had already found out, the whole process had been settled without any slack, news were blocked from being spread, they had even deleted all the recordings since Shu Heng and Shu Ning entered, they did not leave even a single trace. When Xu Jin rushed over, Shu Heng had already left, his gaze was extremely gloomy, his good friend had come into trouble in his territory, now where are the perpetrators?

He Yu? The guy filled with injuries had been thrown to the backstreets, just like a dead dog, he had no reactions at all, he had already been sent by his bodyguards to the hospital.

When the He clan was in the spotlight, they had stepped down on many people, and swallowed up a lot of industries, they were ruthless in their actions and without limits. But right now the He clan had fallen into misfortune, naturally everybody would want to chuck stones at them.

He Yu’s “beauty shots” had already been taken by numerous people with relish. They didn’t dare to publicize it, but it was still okay to share it amongst their friends to admire.

Shu Ning fainted due to lack of oxygen, it was extremely shameful, he glanced around after he had woken up in his brother’s arms, was it tomorrow already?

Oh no, the kiss had already gone past their lips, how am I going to go outside after this? No matter, big brother was drunk so he might’ve forgotten _(:зゝ∠)_

This was the ostrich style! He had to make considerations based on the worst possible scenarios.

Shu Heng was such an amazing guy with such superb memory, Shu Ning was even wondering whether or not he would never forget it? He had been naive for a moment, maybe it’s better to think about what to do next? Playing the fool was the best option, but fifteen was already considerably old, do you think you’re still thirteen? This uncle in his thirties was down to the pits as if a cloud of gloom was floating over his head.


Shock! Can I say I’m not awake? Shu Ning who had just wanted to escape didn’t dare to move, he stared at Shu Heng and widened his dazed eyes. Did big brother just sober up from being drunk? Shu Ning’s heartrate increased, should he test it out? That sounds even dumber, but if he doesn’t do that, he would continue to be anxious, as if there’s a knife floating above his head. He had indulged himself yesterday, he had his fun, but now the pain has come /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“Brother!”Pretend to be wronged.


Oh my god, big brother tightened his arms. In a moment, Shu Ning’s entire body had stuck over, and there almost seemed to not even be a crack between their bodies, and something hard had even appeared between his legs, it would even twitch every so often. Shu Ning was completely petrified, it was as if he had been struck by lightning, he couldn’t get back to his senses for a long time, his whole body was frozen stiff.

Shu Heng’s lower body did not move, he closed his eyes and nestled his nose against Shu Ning’s neck, smelling his fragrance, Shu Ning did not have any sort of natural fragrance but Shu Heng liked it, it felt clean, like there was no corruption within it. Subconsciously, he gave his neck a kiss, the person in his arms shuddered, did he feel it? Did he not like it?

Shu Heng did not move, and Shu Ning did not either.

It’s time to try to push it, Shu Heng stuck out his tongue and teased the little bob on Shu Ning’s throat that wasn’t very visible, he would nibble on it every so often, and right at that time, Shu Ning resisted aggressively, he wasn’t willing anymore? Shu Heng could only let him go, hearing the sounds, Shu Ning had run into the bathroom. Shu Heng didn’t move, he pretended to sleep, his eyes were still closed even when Shu Ning returned.

Shu Ning’s heart was beating like mad, is big brother asleep or not? He had to go calm himself down in the bathroom, an uncomfortable feeling had overtaken his whole body, he wanted it badly, but……his partner definitely could not be his brother!

He extended a hand tentatively and touched Shu Heng’s hair, then his arm, Shu Heng frowned, seemingly in discomfort.

“Brother?”A hangover? Damn it, what was I thinking about earlier? Shu Ning hurriedly rang the landline over to the kitchen to get them to send some hangover soup over, then he put on some proper clothes and covered Shu Heng up with the blanket, just in case their naked bodies were seen.

Shu Ning’s possessiveness in his subconscious was exceptionally strong, even he himself did not realize it.

The door sounded, Shu Ning went over and brought the hangover soup to the table, then gently pushed Shu Heng:”Brother~ You should drink something, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if your headache gets unbearable.”

Shu Heng pretended to squint as if he had just woken up, and sat himself up while using Shu Ning’s hand as a support, and on his back was an upright pillow. His little brother was so considerate, and such a good child, he was simply too satisfied with him.

Shu Ning hugged his brother with one arm and held onto a spoonful of soup with the other and gave it a blow. He tried a sip, it wasn’t too hot, the kitchen has probably prepared it early on, how proper of them.

Shu Heng drank the hangover soup fed to him personally by Shu Ning, and felt an incomparable warmth in his heart. After finishing the soup, he arched his head to the side and leaned down to bunk on the little one’s shoulder. It’s a bit small, but I don’t mind.

Thankfully Shu Ning doesn’t know, if he knew he would definitely get angry.

“Brother~ Do you feel better now?”


How could that be? He had just finished drinking it, big brother is coaxing me! Shu Ning sighed and rubbed Shu Heng’s temples.

Neither of them spoke, Shu Heng was uncomfortable and it bothered Shu Ning very much, it should be my turn to take care of him now. Both Shu Cheng and Shu Gao did not come over, Shu Ning did not even think of that to be a problem at all, only after Shu Heng returned to normal at noon did Shu Ning remember that yesterday, He Yu seemed to be……very badly injured, was he alright? Shu Heng had been so heavy-handed at that time, but he had drank too much then, would there be any troubles?

At such a crucial moment, Shu Ning should be covering for him, this had only happened because of him. Grandpa had a heart disease so it would be best to keep it from him. He should look for his dad instead, Shu Cheng was more reliable now than in his previous life, he also cared much for Shu Ning, he would definitely be furious if he found out that He Yu did that to his son.

But……it’s best to take a good look at the situation first, the best case scenario was that He Yu would stay quiet.

Shu Ning secretly called the restaurant when he went to the bathroom to ask about the situation, and checked the bill.

Shu Heng really did drink a bottle of alcohol with high alcohol content after Shu Ning left, he probably did that because he didn’t want Shu Ning to drink, he has worked hard. When the manager said that the surveillance cameras had been broken and they never took the time to repair it, Shu Ning couldn’t help but raise up the corners of his mouth, things are going so smoothly even though he planned for so much! Give a like, and while we’re at it let me light a candle for He Yu.

Shu Heng was drinking coffee in a refreshed manner, he picked up his phone and opened up his texts. As expected, the He family was furious, they were already on the way to the Shu clan’s ancestral home.

The little one’s matters definitely must not come to light, if there’s anyone to expose, it would have to be He Yu himself.

If he’s crippled then so be it, nobody asked him to take interest in somebody he shouldn’t, it’s not easy to step over the Shu family either. It was just that the little guy was too innocent, he would definitely be uneasy if he were to know. Shu Heng put down his coffee and picked up his clothes, then knocked on the door of the bathroom. Did he think he wouldn’t leave a trace if he just hid in there? This little guy really is getting cuter and cuter.

Shu Ning came out:”Brother? Why don’t you lie down for a little while longer?”

“It’s fine, I’m going out for a ride.”

“Okay, I’ll come with you.”

The corners of Shu Heng’s lips curled up, he raised his hand up to give his brother’s hair a rub, it was so soft, smooth and silky, it felt very ticklish when it brushed between his fingers.

The two went out like that, the drivers started the car with the bodyguards in tow, and off goes three cars driving in line. And what were they out for? To visit the uncle, only Shu Ning didn’t know, Shu Heng understood how good their relationship is and he also wanted to give Shu Ning a surprise. Shu Ning hadn’t asked about what happened yesterday, and Shu Heng knew that paper couldn’t hold back a fire, so he found a way to disperse the flames.

The He family’s troop of cars hadn’t even arrived when Shu Heng had already brought Shu Ning “off into the skies”.

Shu Gao had also been drawn away by Shu Cheng, Sun Lin took his suitcase and left before Shu Heng started to move.

Shu Cheng sat calmly atop the sofa, watching the He family come in in a bustle. His lips were hooked into a smile, they’ve come at a good time, it’s about time to settle some things.

He let the He family speak first, he couldn’t stop them from talking now could he? We have to follow proper etiquette.

After that, Shu Cheng took out a lot of interesting evidences, for example, He Yu was a homosexual man and he had been following Shu Ning around at the horse track, and even trailed him over to the Food City, then made a move in the washroom. In the end, he had been defeated by the drunken Shu Heng and thrown to the backstreets, just a meter away was a pile of trash, filling the place with a foul odour.

Was it disgusting?

Was it embarrassing?

And you still have the face to come to my house to talk about this?

He Yu didn’t take any alcohol so he lost, he could only blame himself for having mediocre skills compared to the other. He wanted to have his way with Shu Ning, that made him even more guilty, that is the genuine young master of the Shu family right there, Shu Cheng’s biological son! Not only that, there were even traces left behind in the capital that He Yu had been stalking Shu Ning. These things had been arranged to be gathered and sent to Shu Cheng by Shu Gao, everything had been turned upside down in just one night.

He Yu who was just fine had been crippled, the He clan wouldn’t let things go just like this, it was too much of a face slapping.

But the He clan had been too unlucky these days, those at the capital had also been crumbling down recently, they’ll definitely be implicated if they don’t find a good way to settle this.

Since it was impossible to drag the Shu clan down into the water, then even more so they shouldn’t be offending them, otherwise the situation would become even more worrying.

The He family immediately played out a good show, showing their great distaste for their homosexual grandson, saying that they wanted to cut off their ties with He Yu, and apologized on the spot, Then, they left with heavy hearts, but they were actually very upset and angry in their hearts, just you wait, Shu clan! They would never take such a big humiliation sitting down.

They were just compromising with them for the time being, everyone knew that this had been no big deal for Shu Cheng at all.

He Yu had just woken up and he found that he couldn’t move any part of his body, both his arms and legs were encased with plasters, and his whole head was wrapped up like a dumpling, making him look as if he was some sort of mummy.

“Wu wu wu wu……”He wasn’t able to speak properly anymore? He Yu was very shocked and very afraid, his anxiety made his brother and mother by his side break into tears.

“My son, my son……Shu Heng has gone way too overboard!”Han Yu was too heart broken, choking through her tears, she could barely speak.

He Jiong also doted on He Yu very much, he cared very much for his brother so he had been taking note for a long time, and has already noticed that something wasn’t right with He Yu since a long time ago, he had also spoken to him in private. On the surface, He Yu would promise him, but then he would never change, and right now the He family was caught up in so many issues, there were so many people eyeing on this nice slab of meat, so he had to speak with him as his big brother, but He Yu really was too badly injured, he won’t be able to live his life properly in the future.

Shu Heng, other people can’t understand why you could be so cruel, after all the two families would occasionally cooperate, how could you hurt someone so badly after all these years of harmony?

But He Jiong could understand, if He Yu had been raped at a place that he could not see, He Jiong may have gone mad, and he may even have killed someone.

“Big brother, why don’t you say something, your younger brother is so miserable now, you definitely can’t let Shu Heng go! And that Shu Ning, he can’t be let off either.”

Shu Ning was innocent, after all he had not even matured yet.

He Jiong narrowed his eyes and watched with much pain in his heart how his brother could only cry and not speak, his voice was exceptionally hoarse and ugly:”If you don’t want to change, then don’t, that child will be yours if you want him, as for Shu Heng, big brother will find a way to deal with him, you should just recover your body properly, and your face……We can just settle that with plastic surgery.”

Plastic surgery wasn’t big in China yet, all the celebrities were all natural! The fresh ones hadn’t gotten popular either, if they wanted to get plastic sugery, they had to go overseas. On one hand it was to get away from the limelight, and the other, you could say they were just trying to forget their worries. It was better than just staying here and not daring to go outside, and what’s more, rumours were springing up outside and they were all talking about how He Yu had been beat up and sent to the hospital after making some drunken trouble, all the paparazzi were on their feet trying to take first edition shots of him.

This is what happens when your backing falls through, they were also being pushed around at the capital, and each day was getting worse than the previous.

He Jiong gave Han Yu a comforting pat on the shoulder:”Mom, just take good care of grandpa at home, I’m around for all the other matters.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“Aren’t I not married yet? Depending on the He family at the capital is no different from changing the main house, and the Wen family at the capital has a daughter, she’s not bad.”

After a slight startle, Han Yu was agitated and stood up abruptly to clutch at her son’s collar:”Have you gone mad?”

As a mother, she was roaring in the face of her son’s future, not caring about her image as a wealthy mistress at all:”That girl is slow in the head! Everybody knows this.”

“Mom, the times are changing, the Shu family is getting in front and all the other families are falling behind, if it could be He Yu today, then it might be He Ran tomorrow,”He Jiong gave his mother a hug, and wiped away the tears from her cheek with his thumb, the tears that she shed for him:”Mom, I’m already old now, don’t worry over me too much, alright?”

“Jiong Jiong~”

“There’s still He Ran in the He family! The bloodline won’t end here,”He Jiong saw his mother shake her head slightly, he knew how much she hurts, and so he told her of his future plans:”I will find someone to surrogate a child, we can put him under He Ran’s name then adopt him as my own later, it’s the same.”

Han Yu’s eyes brightened up, she was relieved, He Yu on the bed also breathed a sigh of relief. Just you wait, Shu Heng, and Shu Ning as well, it’ll be your turn to cry soon!

Those in the ward had been too happy too early, they thought they had checked it over, did they think that their conversation wouldn’t be exposed if they just had people keeping watch outside?

On the highway, Shu Heng was holding the little one who was having his nap in the car, an earphone was worn in his ear, he had heard everything, the secret agent did well, ten points to him.

High risk comes with high returns, Shu Heng would naturally reward those who put their lives under the line to obtain information for him, he would never be stingy with this.

After several hours, they’ve reached the place, now how should he wake the little one up?

Shu Heng thought of the kiss from yesterday and felt himself heat up a little, and so with one hand, he held the little one’s ear, and lowered his head…….


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