RWSB Chapter 73

I’m not dead i just went outside! But I went outside for too long I apologize. Although my mom is dragging me off for work tomorrow, I will resume my daily updates promptly.


“Of course I like you,” Shu Ning spoke sincerely, there was no ripple in his words at all.

“Really?”Shu Heng was very excited.

“Mm, I like you the most, I only like my big brother,”Shu Ning felt that in this world, if there was someone he could say he trusted, and if Shu Heng was not a choice, who else could he choose if he didn’t like him?

Dad Shu Cheng loved Qin Yu Zhuo, otherwise what could that woman use as a capital?

Shu Gao was doting on Shu Yao, kissing his little grandson, the one to be raised by his side was the most favoured one.

After the natural deaths of these tall mountains, what else did Shu Yao still have? Qin Yu Zhuo? She can’t hold on for too long either. Shu Ning was still unlikely to make things hard for the baby, the future will just have to come on its own. As for Shu Heng, he was great, really the best, Shu Ning was willing to share weal and woe with him for the rest of his life.

Shu Heng had mixed emotions, his little brother’s like, was not exactly the like he wished for……

The horse track was not far away, it was a big place, and very professional, there were already people riding horses over there. Shu Ning looked over, almost all of them were people he was familiar with, he just hadn’t met them in this lifetime. Although the horse track did not display a clear price, the high costs of the place still discouraged normal people from visiting, some people had even specially raised their own purebred horses here that were tall, strong, and beautiful, showing off their distinguished status.

Shu Heng did not have any hobbies of playing around with horses, he had only come today for his little brother to have a good time. They chose two of the most eye-catching ones, the staff at the farm were also riding horses as they accompanied them while holding onto the ropes. Shu Ning actually already knew how to ride a horse, he had a better than usual mood today so he was sitting quietly, enjoying the time he could spend with his big brother.

When they arrived at the side of the mountain, Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk, he actually saw He Yu and He Ran!

He Ran had been hanging about the field of snow for so long, so other than the occasional cold, he rarely had any other illnesses, whereas Shu Zi Hui had a fever and wasn’t even able to get out of bed. Shu Gao was a great god, he just had to pull a little trick to stop He Ran from daring to hop about, Shu Zi Hui had also understood where she stood, the old head of the He family wanted to build up hype with Shu Zi Hui, but they had no chance. After Gu Ya found out, she understood even more what she had to do in the future, she should be educating her daughter properly, and keep her greed on check in case she got trampled to death by these elephants, then there’ll be something to cry about.

He Ran’s eyes brightened up, but he held himself back, Shu Heng was the top dog amongst the youngsters of C City so he wouldn’t give him any face, so he simply decided to wait outside the changing room, he’ll definitely bump into Shu Ning there.

He Yu had also noticed Shu Ning, the little one was riding a white horse in a full suit of white, making him look even more delicate and pretty. Although his features were not alluring, and not very pretty, he had an unparallelled temperament that nobody could match. Both of the two brothers were calculating, with a gleam in their eyes, but they did not go forth. Shu Heng had a high reputation with his edge was all on display, he wasn’t an easy guy to get along with.

After riding for a while, the little one still seemed down in spirits. Shu Heng simply decided to turn over and sat behind Shu Ning, he sent off the staff and giddied up the horse.

The wind whistled past their ears, and the feeling rose up.

Shu Ning who knew how to ride a horse naturally wouldn’t be content with the speed of a slow trot, running wildly like this is where it’s at!

Winter days were very cold, but he had his big brother’s warmth on his back, and his sturdy chest, it made him feel very comfortable. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, he hoped that time could stop, and he hoped that he would not leave too fast years later.

Shu Heng had good riding skills, bringing Shu Ning, he brought the horse to a halt under a big tree and hooked the little one’s chin over with a finger, a leisurely look was present in his eyes:”You’ve got quite the guts.”

“Cause you’re here.”

“That little mouth of yours sure is sweet, makes me want to give it a try.”

Brother ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Is this how you’re supposed to joke with your little brother?

Shu Heng endured it, there were surveillance cameras all around the horse track, they couldn’t be sure that the trees could block them even if there were trees everywhere. Shu Heng brought Shu Ning back, they’ve started to sweat so he was worried that his little brother would catch a cold, they should be changing their clothes now. The Shu family had their own exclusive room, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning in, this made He Ran who was watching outside stop in his tracks, he simply decided to run out.

“Ha ha ha, Shu Ning, long time no see~”Uh, that’s now what I wanted to say, blame it on Shu Heng for having such high pressure, this was what He Ran was thinking to himself.

“He Ran?”Shu Ning pretended to be ignorant.

“I came with my brother to ride horses but he’s off to the washroom, oh that’s right, are you here to ride horses as well? How about we take a trip here together next time?

Shu Ning was just about to speak but Shu Heng had already started to speak:”Anything you need?”

Oh shit, the corners of He Ran’s mouth twitched and he stayed silent, he had only shook his head.

Shu Heng raised his head to hold Shu Ning’s shoulder, and walked in the room with him, several of their bodyguards were stationed by the door so even if He Ran could turn into a fly, he wouldn’t be able to get in.

At the entrance to the washroom, He Yu who had heard everything touched his chin, it seems quite difficult to get close to this little beauty, but this is interesting, as his prey, he would taste the most delicious if he took things slowly, He Yu had patience.

Shu Ning took off his clothes and immediately got in the shower. His big brother was right next door with a board between them. Shu Heng asked Shu Ning what he wanted to eat, and Shu Ning replied that he wanted to eat hot pot, a super spicy mala hot pot! Since it’s a New Year’s wish, Shu Heng might not refuse wouldn’t he? o(n_n)o

After the two came out from their shower, He Ran had already disappeared, He Yu also did not show himself, could they have run off? Shu Ning rolled his eyes, since they’re afraid of Shu Heng and didn’t dare to come out, how about I give them a chance? And so Shu Ning found a random reason to send off Shu Heng, so how about…… He Ran?

If he was going to leave, it was natural for him to tell his friend about it, right?

He Ran was mysteriously shot while lying down, and even the look in Shu Heng’s eyes had gone dark.

Shu Ning found He Ran in one of the other lounges. He Ran was even quite surprised, and it showed on his face:”Oh damn, and here I thought I wouldn’t get to play with you.”

“I came to ask about yesterday.”

He Ran raised an eyebrow and patted the seat beside him. Shu Ning leaned on the wall and did not go over, there was a rather sharp look in his gaze.

He Ran pouted, he was slightly dissatisfied:”What’s up with you? Didn’t I just get interested in…… Besides I dont like Shu Zi Hui anymore, I’ll give that to you straight.”

“That girl’s only fourteen.”

“Isn’t Shu Zi Hui fourteen as well? I can do with that just the same,”He Ran did not see anything wrong.

What? Shu Ning’s eyes were widened into circles:”You and her……”

He Ran nodded and shrugged, he spread a hand out:”Sorry but, it was her own will, don’t make it sound like I’m bullying a little flower girl, but that little lady with the pink skirt last night is quite a spicy one, she dared to offend even me, actually……I quite like that.”

“He Ran,”Shu Ning called him by his full name, and a dangerous look rose up in his gaze:”Shu Zi Hui stuck over by herself, and the second house was willing, she’s different from Shu Yin. In the past, although my brother didn’t care for anyone’s face, but it was you two who was wrong first, I admit that in order to force you into submission, the second houses did use some underhanded methods, One lady of the Shu family had already been spoiled and us of the main family won’t blame it on you, but if you provoke a second one, don’t blame me for not reminding you, be careful.”

He Ran was no fool, his brows were knitted into a deep frown:”I’m already sick of hearing things like this.”

“Whatever you do, you’re on your own.”

“Hey hey hey, you’re leaving just like that?”He Ran rushed to catch up to him, and held up Shu Ning from the front:”Alright alright, I get it, okay?”

“My brother is waiting for me, see you next time!”

He Ran:”……”Seeing that Shu Ning left, he felt that he definitely had a place in his heart, if not why would he specially come over to give me a warning? He Ran suddenly thought things through and stopped pondering, but where has his second brother gone? How strange.

Shu Heng followed Shu Ning up to the car, Shu Heng did not make a single sound, Shu Ning was thinking: Was his big brother angry? He wouldn’t go that far, and so he stayed silent as well, pondering over some matters.

The Food City of the Xu Jin family was huge, both the first and second floors were seafood restaurants while the third floor were homely dishes, on the fourth were the hot pot restaurants and the fifth were cafes and the like, the tenth floor was a western restaurant that was very famous. Shu Heng had the bodyguards book a room under their name, he reckoned that it wouldn’t be more than an hour before Xu Jin would arrive. Naturally, the service staff recognized the young master Shu Heng, so they would definitely inform Xu Jin.

No matter how much of a pair of bros they are, there would still be times where they wouldn’t want to see each other, their tacit understanding lied within their names.

The room wasn’t too big, there was a window and the layout was very quiet, feels pretty good. Shu Ning had come here before, so naturally he sat down familiarly and flipped through the menu. Shu Heng was already used to it and had already started to order, one of each, if that wasn’t enough they could order more later. Shu Ning ordered some alcohol, Shu Heng raised a brow but did not stop him, there was no problem with him having a glass of fruit wine with only seven percent of alcohol.

Shu Ning’s heart was drumming in his chest, how come big brother had no reaction? Didn’t he say that I’m not allowed to drink before I’m a legal adult?

The yin yang hot pot had already heated up, and stacks of food were placed on the table, as well as a bottle of wine. Shu Heng uncorked the wine and poured a glass for Shu Ning, and one for himself. Shu Ning was quite surprised, he even thanked him.

While they were eating the hot pot, Shu Ning was finally satisfied, this was the super spicy one, wa wa wa wa~ So exciting~ Give a like to my big brother.

Shu Ning’s body was very good right now, he had no illnesses or any disasters, he had already caught up to the normal standards of a fifteen year old boy, naturally his resistance and whatnot had also raised considerably so Shu Heng stepped back a bit, he could let Shu Ning have some fun during the New Year’s. But speaking back to it, this really was quite spicy, Shu Heng endured it but little drops of sweat started to form on his forehead, he was still sitting calmly, at the very least the little cutie peeking over wouldn’t find out.

After that, Shu Heng would occasionally eat some spicy ones, but most of the time he would opt for the non spicy version, while Shu Ning was constantly eating the super spicy one, he drank water, and drank wine, the only thing lacking was a wagging tail.

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and personally peeled a prawn, and passed it over to Shu Ning. After Shu Ning opened his mouth and ate it, he suddenly reacted, uh, what’s big brother doing? He hasn’t forgotten?

“I’ll only eat what big brother feeds me in the future.”

“Good boy.”

Oh no, he really remembered, Shu Ning rolled his eyes in his heart, and only forgot about it after rolling his eyes countless times and continued to eat, doing this just meant that big brother cared for me o(n_n)o Shu Ning was pleased, he passed him a fishball, this yummy little thing has already been bubbling about in the pepper pile for a long time, its appearance had almost turned red.

With a calm exterior, Shu Heng opened his mouth and ate it, then slowly chewed, and swallowed.

So you’re really not afraid? Shu Ning believed him, Shu Heng’s palm had actually started to sweat as he ate a few mouthfuls of vegetables indifferently, before Shu Heng picked up his glass of water……

It must be said that he was very calm, Shu Heng was the best at keeping a poker face, Shu Ning was not as great, the disappointed little expression was in clear view. Shu Heng had a leisurely look:”Don’t eat too much, it’s too spicy.”

“Big brother thinks it’s spicy?”( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Didn’t seem like it~

“Mm, this is the first time I’ve had such spicy food, you shouldn’t eat so much either, you’ll get a stomach ache at night.”

“I know my limits, don’t worry big brother,”Shu Ning’s heart was fulfilled, and the smile on his face was even deeper, he was back to his lively self and naturally he knew when to stop, he had also peeled a big prawn for his big brother and brought it to his mouth.

Shu Heng deliberately knocked his fingers into Shu Ning’s, and Shu Ning pulled his hand back abruptly, feeling slightly embarrassed, but thankfully his big brother didn’t mind. he peeled another and fed it to Shu Ning. It felt weird, Shu Ning took a deep breath, but he did not put it to heart. After that, Shu Heng poured another half glass of wine for Shu Ning:”This is all you can have this year, you’re not allowed to drink anywhere I can’t see you doing it, understand?”


After some wine, this little brother of his was kicking and making a mess, he was completely a little devil, Shu Heng enjoyed this very much so naturally he wasn’t willing to let anyone else see this side of Shu Ning. Especially that fascinating and charming side of him, it made Shu Heng unable to stop himself, he was caught by it time and time again, his pole had already risen up to the skies, the days of only being able to use his hand is too difficult.

Shu Ning had a small appetite, he was already full. Big brother was still eating, so he went to the washroom, but he didn’t expect that he would bump into He Ran’s brother here, He Yu.

They had just met at the race track earlier but that was by accident, but to call this another accident didn’t seem right, he actually followed me over to Food City, oh heavens, how daring!

“We meet again.”

The evil aura surrounding this person was great, he flashed him a smile and his eyes were filled with aggression, and a strong one at that?

Shu Ning pretended to not notice and he kept a calm look in his eyes:”Mm, long time no see, the odour here is very strong so I’ll take my leave first.”

The floor in the washroom was almost so clean you could use it as a mirror, and the smell of roses were floating about, how could there be any odours? This little thing doesn’t like me, He Yu laughed:”Hold on, I have something I wish to speak with you about, alone, I’ve booked a private room so why don’t you come have a seat? He Ran is also there, he was making noise about wanting to see you earlier.”

That’s a lie, Shu Ning had already specially went over to speak with He Ran before he left, he wanted to give He Yu a chance to get caught by Shu Heng, and have him open the door to the “other world” for him.

But in the end, this bastard was too good, he didn’t dare to show himself at all, but if he hung around too long within the washroom, his big brother would come over, wouldn’t he? Shu Ning made some plans, he had to pull his chess pieces back and put on a good show, he wrinkled his brows:”Let’s just talk here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning nodded, his face was very red and pretty since he’s had some wine to drink, his gaze was hazy and slightly misty, it made him look very innocent, his lips were also bright red from the spicy food he had earlier, very delicate and filled with temptation.

A maintenance sign was set up outside. In this little space with only the two of them, He Yu narrowed his eyes and step by step, he got closer. Shu Ning was forced to step back, up till his back reached the wall. When Shu Ning turned his head back to look, his hand stretched behind him very naturally and he long pressed the buttons on his phone, while He Yu took another step forward, leaning very close to him.

Oh shit! He’s the active type.

Could it be…… he likes to use force? And here I thought he was a noble prince, naturally Shu Ning wanted to evade him, but with a stretch of the man’s hand, he blocked his side, the handsome face had already lowered down:”What are you running for? Are you fifteen this year?”


“Have you started to try meat?”


“He Ran grew up alongside you but he’s already had a taste, but you’re still a vegetarian it seems~”

So he’s laying it bare, Shu Ning’s attitude turned cold:”What are you trying to achieve with these words?”Shu Ning had already thought of the countermeasures when he saw He Yu, the call on the phone in his pocket had already connected, all the numbers were set to that person, it was easy to see how much Shu Ning thought about him, it was quite clear who the call was to. At such a crucial moment, it all depends on what He Yu was going to say, but don’t you let my plans down.

Shu Ning may have on a look of indifference, seemingly quite angry, but he was actually quite anticipant.

He Yu really was amazing, he curled up his lips and his smile had turned even more evil:”Take a guess~”

“I don’t know, go away, I want to go back.”

He Yu’s idle hand pushed to the front, and caught him in his arms while shocking Shu Ning at the same time, his wicked aura was overbearing and his gaze was vicious:”Hey little one, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit, Shu Heng ain’t anything much, I, He Yu, had never had him in my eyes, come on~ I’ll receive your first kiss!”

When He Yu said have you started to try meat, he says “have you ended your vegetarian diet” and I’m pretty sure y’all know what he means yall nasty bastards

refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit : if you refuse a toast and you get a forfeit so you still have to drink\

first kiss my ass shu ning lost his kissginity ages ago nice try he yu

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  1. Bitch, he lost his first kiss to his good ‘ol brother Heng, yo!

    I knew He Yu was planning something when he said ” it seems quite difficult to get close to this little beauty, but this is interesting, as his prey, he would taste the most delicious if he took things slowly”.

    He Yu’s dead, I was like going to be so angry and I realize Shu Heng already got SN’s first kiss. Thank god to the perverted big brother! If he tries to do anything more than kissing big bro Heng’s going to gank his ass, better say goodbyes to your beloved, He Yu because you’re going to hell!

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