RWSB Chapter 76

I was gonna link a song that had a nicer feeling but the lyrics of this was more… in a way… fitting lol, it’s about a guy who can’t fall in love with a girl because she’s already taken and not into him


Qin Yu Fu nodded his head in understanding:”No no, it’s only proper, how could he just stay outside by himself? You should put on a coat, come on.”

The foreman was understanding as well:”Remember to give your uncle a call when you reach the hotel.”

Shu Ning gave Qin Yu Fu a hug, then took Shu Heng’s hand, and he was even considerate to the end, he gave the collar of the jacket his big brother just put on a tug:”If the wind gets in, you’ll catch a cold.”

“……”Shu Heng, little brother is angry~ Why?

The bodyguard moved aside and the two young masters walked out hand in hand, one in front and the other in the back. He was just about to close the door when Qin Yu Fu hurriedly spoke with a jacket on:”No no, it’s alright, I’ll send them off~”

The foreman’s brows were knitted into a deep frown, and he yelled out:”You better pull up your zipper, you’ll catch a cold if the wind gets in, even the kids know.”

Qin Yu Fu had already ran out and the bodyguard followed them the whole way through, it really was very cold outside. It was snowing and the snowflakes that came gliding down created a very wonderful scenery, with a sky filled with crystals, and everything was covered in a layer of white, making the passersby entranced by this beautiful scene, almost forgetting to go home, they even took out their phones to take pictures. Shu Ning was not the same, his mood was extremely bad, it was down in the negatives, if not because he didn’t want his uncle to see and possibly misunderstand, he would definitely give Shu Heng a sour face.

When they got to the car, he didn’t try to cover it up anymore and shook off Shu Heng’s hand. Shu Ning sat down on the other side of the car in a huff without making a sound as he looked outside, his face livid.

Even a fool could tell he was upset, if he really didn’t care about Shu Heng, he would’ve never gotten angry.

Shu Heng sat over with a profound look in his eyes, and didn’t go close, and didn’t extend his hand either, he just quietly sat with him.

Shu Ning supported his head with one hand and closed his eyes. Big brother is very good, he’s great in every possible way, and I understand that he didn’t want uncle and Uncle Pang to feel uncomfortable, but did he ask me how I felt? He always did whatever he thought was right, the decision always ends with him, does he think that just because he cares about me he can ignore my feelings?

The car drove all the way to the hotel. A room had already been reserved for them, the bodyguards got off the car and left the space for the two young masters.

As before, Shu Heng was still silent, and Shu Ning was still furious, but in truth, Shu Ning didn’t know how he should show his temper to Shu Heng either, what was he gonna do? Blame him for being considerate?

He simply got off the car and walked into the hotel with Shu Heng following behind, what attitude is that? Throwing a tantrum without a single sound? I’m clearly the one angry here, alright?

The bodyguard hurried to the front to lead the way, the best room was at the topmost floor, there were no five star hotels in F City.

After entering the room, Shu Ning sat atop the sofa with his arms crossed around his chest, and he looked towards Shu Heng with a fierce gaze. Shu Heng sat opposite of him calmly, and even crossed his legs……

Unhappy, Shu Ning frowned deeply and got up in a huff of anger:”Do you even know what I’m angry about?”

“I just know that you’re very daring.”


“What’s wrong?”

Shu Ning forgot, the one in front of him was Shu Heng, whoever he doted on, whoever would be blessed. Shu Ning sighed and turned to leave, he was very angry, so I’m daring now am I? I’ve already given you face and you still won’t accept it huh? Ah, you really look too highly of yourself, and now you’ve hurt yourself instead, Shu Ning figure remained straight, but his eyes had started to redden.

Because the floor was covered with a carpet, the sound of footsteps couldn’t be heard, his body was caught abruptly from behind and pulled over and it felt like the sky had turned over, scaring Shu Ning so much that he yelped and started to panic.

He threw the little one to the bed, it was very soft so he wouldn’t get hurt. Shu Heng pulled off his tie and pressed down his whole body on top of him in a straddle, he was angry in his heart but his face showed no expressions:”What on earth are you angry about?”

Shu Ning pursed his lips, he didn’t want to say anything at all.

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes, Shu Ning’s eyes were teary? So heart breaking! No……What did I do to him? Shu Heng didn’t understand, and looking to Shu Ning, he seemed intent on keeping his mouth shut, what to do? What am I going to do with him:”Let’s talk, you can tell me any thoughts you have, I’m not God so it’s not possible for me to guess everything.”


“Is it because I wanted to leave?”


“I’ve already greeted your uncle, and even called him uncle, I’ve already tried very hard to reduce my presence.”


“Is it because I didn’t let you eat too much? I was just worried about you.”


“The digestive tablets? Well sorry but the liquid ones were out, and the pharmacy had already closed at nine, the bodyguard had to run over several stores before they could buy some.”


“I brought you to see your uncle without telling you anything because I wanted to give you a surprise, and it was also because of the matters with the He family, but that’s settled now.”

Shu Heng blabbed on and on~ Because he didn’t know where he had erred, so he just brought out everything that could be taken as a suspect, and maybe one of them would be correct.

But in truth, he had really landed a hit right on the mark, Shu Ning started to cry with his lips pressed together, and abruptly hugged Shu Heng’s waist, he did not say anything either, he just buried his little face in his big brother’s embrace, and cried silently.

Shu Heng felt his chest burn up, and hurriedly held the little one tight, comforting him, patting his back, he had already done all that he could:”Tell me, what’s wrong? Don’t let your big brother worry, alright?”

But how could Shu Ning tell him? I might have……fallen in love with big brother……that’s why I got so agitated. He was already over thirty and it took this much to realize, he felt as if his IQ really was too low, Shu Ning cried because he was a fool, but what now? He had fallen in love with the one person he shouldn’t, isn’t he just damning himself? This was even worse than his previous life.

For Shu Heng, this night truly was one of the most difficult nights, because Shu Ning wasn’t willing to say anything, and if he asked too many times he would start to cry.

And so Shu Heng did not leave the hotel even when the second day came, he wouldn’t leave before settling the little one, if he had things to do, he would do it over the phone, and the more difficult work could be solved with a computer. In short, he definitely wouldn’t leave Shu Ning alone without caring.

Shu Ning saw the scene and his eyes started to redden again, what should I do? What can I do? The sparks had to be pressed down, they had to be thoroughly distinguished.

On that night, Shu Ning’s mood had finally recovered, he would talk with him and even laugh, he was able to cover it up pretty well. Shu Heng saw this and frowned deeply, he was clearly unhappy but still forced himself to smile.

The next morning, the two returned to the ancestral home. Shu Heng who was supposed to have left stayed behind, sticking with Shu Ning as if they were conjoined twins, even Shu Cheng and Shu Gao had noticed that something was wrong, something had happened between the two of them. And so they wanted to rout the enemy forces one by one, privately, the older one wasn’t saying much, but even if he was cold, the other was even colder than he was, the pressure was even heavier, and they all played the fool.

When they asked the little one, Shu Ning lowered his head, and had gotten more quiet than before.

What’s this? Is it because of Shu Yao? Or what Sun Lin said before? After all Shu Ning did not grow up by their side, it was very normal for him to be sensitive, Shu Gao was quite worried about this, every so often he would come downstairs to play chess with Shu Ning. Knowing that he had said something wrong, Sun Lin would take the initiative to make little pastries and biscuits, he was in full child coaxing mode.

Shu Cheng was too busy so he could only buy him gifts, he didn’t even spend this much effort while trying to coax Qin Yu Zhuo.

His family was so great that Shu Ning felt even more embarrassed about himself, he put on a bitter smile and pressed down the thoughts in his mind, only then could he put the rest of them at ease.

On that evening, Shu Ning took the initiative to put on the sexy little clothes, Shu Heng seems to like aprons, the ones he gave to Shu Ning to wear were mostly just a piece of cloth, they were small, thin, and very transparent, the underwear was the same as well. But now, Shu Ning took a leopard print thong from the cupboard, might as well have fun, it’s the last time so better to just have a wild time, till you spit blood!

Shu Heng had just come back from the study and didn’t expect that the little one was already done washing up. Shu Ning waved with a smile:”Go wash up quickly, I want to see you wear this!”

Shu Ning was spinning a thong around his finger, it was slightly maddening, seems……a bit too fierce, Shu Heng liked Shu Ning from the start so seeing him in such exposed clothing, with a large part of his skin bare, he immediately turned his eyes away and went into the bathroom to take a cold shower. After he came out, he walked step by step towards the bed with a towel around his waist.

Shu Ning sucked in a breath, not even a model on a runway could cool as good as Shu Heng, he had the swagger, especially the focused look in his eyes, too handsome!

“So you want to see?”

“Mm,”It’ll definitely be alluring.

“Help me put it on.”

Normally Shu Ning would make a fuss, but it was different today, Shu Ning had only hesitated for a while before he got down the bed immediately. The transparent little undies couldn’t have covered anything up at all, so the two mountain peaks were clear on display, Shu Heng immediately raised his head up to look at the ceiling. His endurance had been getting lower and lower these days, he blinked and felt his little brother take off his towel, then……with a slap, his butt had been hit.

How bold! Shu Heng looked towards Shu Ning with an incomparably sharp gaze, but Shu Ning was laughing and signalling him to sit on the bed, how else was he going to put it on him?

Shu Heng would remember this, it was rare that Shu Ning was happy, so he sat down, lifted his legs, and cooperated with him. When Shu Ning was pulling up the thong, blood was nearly gushing out of his nose. This is a male god! The most perfect male god, but he can’t be my man, how ironic.

He had fallen for the golden thighs he wanted to hug. If that big gap had not appeared that day between his uncle and Shu Heng, there was no need to choose at all, and Shu Ning wouldn’t have pondered over it as well.

Shu Heng’s legs were very high quality, they were long and straight, with well-proportioned muscles, there were no flaws or marks at all, completely perfect, naturally the texture was excellent as well. Shu Ning’s naughty fingers ran upwards slowly, and with his fingers inside, he was able to touch everything, but was he satisfied? Not at all, he wanted to eat him up, but why couldn’t he do that _(:зゝ∠)_

Shu Heng was just like a delicious slice of strawberry cake!

“Brother, strike a pose?”

The play was slightly different tonight, Shu Heng liked it, he laid down on the bed with one hand supporting his head, and arched his leg……

Shu Ning could feel his nose heating up from bashfulness, and his face was flushed red, he didn’t even realize how charming he was as he crawled slowly over, and sat obediently before Shu Heng’s body:”Brother, you should go back to M Country tomorrow, no need to worry about me anymore, it makes me more upset to see you like this.”

“Sure, tell me the reason why you were upset.”

“……”Shu Ning poked his big brother’s abs, and his fingers slipped around without any rules, making Shu Heng feel all itchy and unbearable, he hurriedly caught the little paws and put them to his lips for a kiss. Shu Ning’s whole body froze up, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, Shu Heng was always so outstanding like this, that’s what makes me~ makes me~ feel deprived:”That’s because big brother’s going to abandon me and go away.”

It was as he expected, but Shu Ning’s reaction had been a bit over the top, there was definitely another reason other than this, but knowing the source itself was enough. Shu Heng had the patience to track the vines to reach the melon, and so he pulled the little one to his arms and kissed the crown of his head:”I won’t abandon you in the future, and you’re not allowed to be so gloomy in the future again, dad will get worried, even grandpa’s favourite plant was clipped almost till it was bald.”

With a ‘pfft’, Shu Ning really was laughing this time, Shu Gao was so worried over Shu Ning that he took up his scissors and chopped up the leaves of his bonsai so much he had nearly chopped the whole thing off, it was simply hard to believe o(╯□╰)o

Actually, during that time, Shu Gao’s heart was thinking this: I am a general without an army, and I can’t even deal with a little child……why……while the tree is left with only three leaves. Sun Ling was just drinking tea at the side with his eyes narrowed, and calm as usual. Ah, that tree, it’s better if it gets clipped, a good clipping will improve its health.

He pulled the blanket over his little brother in case he caught a cold, Shu Heng was very gentle, and very careful, caring for Shu Ning just like a gem.

The atmosphere was very good, and very warm, it was a good atmosphere that made it hard for people to move away from. Shu Ning took up the courage and hugged his brother around his neck, and with a leisurely gaze he curled up the corners of his lips:”I switched to a strawberry flavoured toothpaste, does big brother want to smell it?”


顺藤摸瓜(Shun Teng Mo Gua) quite literally following vine to touch melons, tracking the vines to find a melon just means following hints to find something.

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