RWSB Chapter 70

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Dealing with the calm Shu Heng with an aggressive approach is useless, but Shu Ning was different, Shu Heng was willing to cooperate and he also wanted to know what Shu Ning intended to do with that glint that flashed past his eyes earlier.

Definitely something interesting~

Holding Shu Heng’s hand, Shu Ning was just about to walk to the exit when Shu Heng magically took out a scarf and carefully wrapped it around Shu Ning’s neck and also pulled up his collar, it’s very cold outside so it won’t be good if he caught a cold. Shu Ning felt very warm inside as he waited quietly for his brother to settle everything before taking his hand and leaving the building. The bone chilling air of the cold winter was exceptionally warm because he had the affection of his big brother.

The Rolls-Royce is already parked outside, the two of them got on the car and headed to Hot Pot City!

There was still one hot pot per person available at these times, shabu-shabu was currently popular in the capital so it’s probable that in less than a month, they would be available everywhere.

They ordered a bunch of vegetables and all sorts of seafood balls, beef, mutton, meat slices, sausages, and so on, there were about a total of over twenty items. Shu Ning was quite hard-pressed that his big brother ordered so much, it was way too much, this is such a waste! Fortunately they were eating in the room, if not this would be too shameful.

“Eat up!”

His big brother put in some vegetables into the pot. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, hm, is he really not afraid of spiciness?

We ordered the spiciest one so don’t fail me now, let’s see how it goes.

Shu Ning wasn’t afraid of spicy food, he grabbed a bite with his chopsticks and tried it, but it was depressing, this is just slightly spicy okay? He wasn’t allowed to eat ice cream, and when they went to have some earlier he just had one scoop, now even the delicious mala hot pot has shrunk in size, how am I going to live like this? Shu Ning wanted to chuck his chopsticks but fortunately he remembered his big brother was sitting in front of him, so he endured it.

Shu Heng saw his movements, the little one is biting his chopsticks? That’s too cute, he gave the sliced mutton a swirl and put it in his little brother’s bowl, then poured him a cup of water and put it by his side:”Eat up, if it’s too spicy it’s not good for your stomach.”

“Brother, tell me the truth, can you take spice or not?”


“I’m your little brother! It’s okay to tell me,”Come on, tell me, even a great god would have weaknesses right? I won’t laugh at you, but actually I’ve already laughed:”Tell me~ Tell me~”

“You really want to know?”

“……”Uh, is that going to cost me another kiss?

“You have a new pair of pajamas tonight! The tail is designed in an arched shape, when you move on top, the bottom will sway along as well, it’s quite interesting.”

Shu Ning knew he was wrong, he lowered his head and ate, if he chatted with the great god he would get a bunch of his brain cells killed at any moment.

Shu Heng was victorious, but that was no joke, he had already prepared three sets, and each was great in its own way, they were put in the room at the ancestral home, as the little one had been having fun for a whole day and they had to leave by plane at night, he’ll definitely get sleepy quite early at night, then……it’s my charge, Shu Heng had already planned everything:”Try the mushrooms.”

“You should eat too, brother, don’t just busy yourself with me,”Shu Ning also picked from food for his brother to eat.

A bite for you, and a bite for me, neither of them was tired with this, Shu Heng was still eating when Shu Ning was full, he had even eaten for quite a while.

Shu Ning supported his chin with two hands, with a slight smile curling around the corners of his lips, he stared as Shu Heng ate elegantly with bright eyes, it’s enough for a man to be handsome but he was so elegant even when he ate, he wasn’t affected at all by the heat of the hot pot, he was like a clear spring that gave people a refreshing and calm feeling. Shu Ning didn’t ask why Shu Heng was able to stay around for a few days, but he was worried that he’ll leave early while they’re in a good mood.

It was almost three o’clock by the time they finished their hot pot, Shu Ning was stretching when his phone rang, it was He Ran calling.


“Wanna go out and play?”

“No can do, my mom just gave birth,”Shu Ning’s free hand was taken by Shu Heng and they walked together to the car. When they got in, Shu Ning was still speaking on the phone:”Shu Zi Hui? What did she do this time?”

“She’s too sticky, she’ll try and follow me wherever I go.”

“Heheh, you’re like a delicious cake.”

“Huh? Isn’t this the first time you’ve praised me? Music to my ears, when are you coming back? Come over for a visit, I know quite a few people so how about we go out and have some fun together?”

“Sure, let’s wait till I’m free though.”

“You’re trying to leave me dry again, humph!”

So he’s not a fool, Shu Ning sneered:”I think you just like her, if not how could she possibly follow you all the time? Forget it, I’m not gonna quibble about this, I’m hanging up.”

As the call ended, Shu Heng extended an arm out and pulled Shu Ning in:”He Ran’s bothering you?”

“If he is, what are you planning to do?”

Shu Heng had an obscure look, his eyes were so dark that one couldn’t see the depths of it, and his tone had a slight hint of cruelty:”I’ll make him disappear.”


“I’m just throwing him abroad to study, where did you think I was going to bring him?”

“……”I don’t believe it, Shu Ning knew that Shu Heng would make him dead if he made his move, that’s why his enemies don’t dare to be impudent:”Are we going back?”

“We’re going to watch a movie.”

“……”Shu Ning peeked up at the handsome face, why does this feel kind of like a date?

They bought quite some clothes today, they had ice cream, they went shopping, bought shoes, had lunch, watched a movie, could it be they’re going to go for a ride on the Ferris Wheel after this?

Right now the two were wearing coats but they were wearing sweaters beneath with the same design, just like a couple set, even their shoes were the same. If they took off their coats, they’ll most likely turn quite a lot of heads on the road!

In the cinema, they picked out a comedy, laughing happily the whole way through, it’s hard to believe that the aloof Shu Heng still had this side of him. The cinema was packed and it had a good atmosphere, his big brother was holding a bucket of popcorn in his hands and he would also pass over a bottle of water from time to time, Shu Ning had received very good service so he was very happy.

The sun had not yet set when the two came out, Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and they got in the car and rushed to the airport, while they were waiting for their flight, they had some steak.

A few hours later, a Bentley sent over to welcome the two young masters took them back to the ancestral home.

Shu Gao was already quite old so he couldn’t stay up too late at night, and Shu Cheng was at the hospital. It was quite late at night so it wasn’t very convenient to go over directly to see his children. But Shu Ning was very happy, he knew that his big brother must have done this on purpose, with him in the lead it was fine even if he came home late. With a yawn, Shu Ning wanted to continue sleeping, Shu Heng watched the sight of it and lowered his head to give a tender kiss to the little one’s forehead and face, he covered him properly with the blanket and wrapped him up well. The bodyguard opened the door, and Shu Heng walked towards the living room with Shu Ning in his arms, he didn’t let Shu Ning bear any of the cold wind at all.

The bath can be skipped today, the little one is too sleepy for it. He took over a warm wet towel and wiped him down, then covered him up with the big black blanket, only then did Shu Heng take his clothes off and rushed off for a quick shower. WHen he returned to the bed, his phone was lit up, there was a text message. Shu Cheng was asking about them, Shu Heng replied and said that Shu Ning was doing very well, and to not worry. Only then was Shu Cheng able to ease up a little, Shu Yao was just a baby so he didn’t understand much, but Shu Ning was different, was he okay not seeing his mother?

He hoped that Shu Heng could take good care of Shu Ning and not let him be sad. Shu Cheng had to receive a lot of visiting relatives who came to see the baby, the congratulations came in an endless stream, it was quite busy.

Shu Heng took a new pair of pajamas from the bottom drawer of the closet and put it on Shu Ning lightly without waking him up, then hugged him to sleep.

When Shu Ning woke up the next morning, Shu Heng wasn’t around, he had gone out for a jog. He rubbed his eyes and smoothed his hand across the space beside him, it was warm, big brother had just left a short while ago. His heart felt very warm, he decided to turn over since he wasn’t around, and lay on the spot his big brother slept on, ah, as expected it’s different, the warmness is nice.

After daydreaming for ten or so minutes, Shu Ning lazily sat up, uh……Ahhh……

This is too perverse Σ( ° △°|||)︴

How could he have me wear……wear……such sexy lingerie? These can’t be considered children’s clothes any longer, they’re clearly meant for adults!

Shu Ning couldn’t get used to it so he just ripped it apart directly, and threw it to the bed, as soon as he got to the ground he saw the clothes they bought yesterday nearly placed there!

Angry~ Still angry but not as fussy anymore, he put on the undershirt and underpants prepared by his brother, and after the trousers and shirt was on, Shu Ning looked at himself in the mirror, looks quite handsome, Shu Heng has quite a good eye, except for that corpse on the bed! ╭(╯^╰)╮ His team’s designer hadn’t started designing adult products has he? It was quite profitable.

Shu Ning went downstairs but Shu Gao was on the fourth floor, so he could only bring the gift up. Shu Gao was currently watering flowers and the atmosphere within the room was warm like spring.

“What’s this?”Shu Gao loved Shu Ning’s gifts the most, they weren’t expensive things nor antiques, but it still sways your heart, such as something like a letter, or a health log. The contents of the box right now seemed rather light, but Shu Gao knew that it was definitely something substantial, and as expected it was a gym card.

“I’ve already paid for it, so you have to go, I’ll be checking it!”

Well isn’t this fellow pleased? Shu Gao gave his second grandson’s nose a little squeeze, and he was all smiles:”Okay, I’ll go, alright? Let’s go visit the hospital later after we’ve had our meals, Shu Yao is seven point eight pounds, that’s huge, bigger than Shu Heng. When Shu Heng was born he weighed only seven pounds, it would’ve been so great if you were born by my side!”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m fine anyway.”

“That’s right and I am very grateful to those who cared for you.”

“Grandpa,”Shu Ning hugged Shu Gao’s old body, hoping he could live up to his hundreds:”Big brother is here.”

Shu Gao was currently enjoying his time holding his grandson, but hearing this he raised his head and looked over, Shu Heng who was wearing his track suit with a towel hanging over his neck was walking over. This child was ten times more outstanding than Shu Cheng in his youth, that’s very good:”It’s cold in winter, so don’t go out when the weather’s bad, it’s the same if you exercise in the gym room.”

“Yes, grandpa,”Shu Heng’s obscure gaze swept over to Shu Ning for a moment, the little one was angry.

Shu Ning had only narrowed his eyes when he heard his voice, then he stopped paying attention. Shu Heng was sitting by the side, pouring a cup of water for himself. Only when Sun Lin came up to invite the three downstairs to eat did Shu Ning speak, but it wasn’t to Shu Heng, he was greeting Sun Lin.

With a wave of his hand, Shu Gao said:”No, forget it, we’ll eat on the fourth floor!”

And so the servants set up the table on the fourth floor, there weren’t too many dishes and there was a bowl of soup in the center. After the three of them got on their seats, Shu Gao picked some meat and vegetables for Shu Ning, he knew that Shu Heng was a cold guy and didn’t like it when other people pick food for him so he didn’t pick any for him, but rather it was Shu Ning who felt like he was in a tight spot, being angry was one thing but seeing how pitiful his brother was, he picked a piece of fish for him.

Shu Gao and Sun Lin watched them quietly, and looked at each other without saying anything.

Shu Heng did not disapprove of his actions, and naturally that was never going to happen. He opened his mouth and ate it, he was extremely calm as if he were used to it. Shu Gao looked at Sun Lin again, but secretly they were very happy, they smiled so happily that the flowers were blooming.

This is family harmony, other than that bitch Qin Yu Zhuo!

She had been staying in a hospital at C City all this while until she gave birth, the management was private and they watched her very strictly, even more strictly than a mental hospital. She will be going abroad after the baby reached a month old, Shu Cheng had bought a little island before this with very beautiful scenery, there was a villa there with speedboats and gardens, everything was good, the only thing bad about it was that you weren’t able to contact the outside world.

She’ll be sent to the island to reflect on herself, after all Shu Ning was around and Shu Cheng wasn’t willing to divorce her, he still wanted to give her one more chance because of the children. Shu Yao would still look for his mother when he grew up, and nobody wanted to be resented by Shu Ning, she would be there for two years at most before they bring her back, and continue being the rich young mistress. If she tries to lay a hand on Shu Heng again, she will have no more chances left.

Shu Gao looked through the recording sent over by Shu Cheng, the contents of the video was the opening of a suitcase, amongst the bunch of gifts contained within were watches, pens, a new mobile phone, and they had all been modified, they could record Shu Heng’s actions with video and audio recording quite conveniently, Qin Yu Zhuo was trying to use Shu Ning’s ignorance to destroy Shu Heng!

Shu Gao wanted them to get divorced immediately, if they don’t get divorced they weren’t allowed to return, if nothing happens in five years, they can get remarried, the outside world didn’t know about this anyway, if something really happened Qin Yu Zhuo wouldn’t even receive a single penny. Shu Gao was quite embarrassed since the rumours from the outside world were very toxic, but Shu Cheng followed his feelings more, after all he really liked her.

If Shu Ning could see Shu Gao in his youth, he probably wouldn’t dare to be so mischievous.

When they reached the hospital, Shu Cheng came out personally to receive them, he kept feeling as if he owed Shu Ning, he opened his arms and held his two sons in his arms, and even gave them a kiss filled with fatherly love. Shu Ning felt a bit surprised over his actions, he hurriedly opened his arms and hugged his dad’s waist tight. So firm, he’s big and fit, very burly.

“Did you miss your dad?”

“I did!”

“How much?”

“My heart, liver, and lungs, all missed you.”

Shu Cheng laughed and let go, then he gave Shu Heng a pat on the shoulder before speaking with Shu Gao:”What did you all come over so early for? It’s so cold outside, your body is very important, dad, I’ll bring Shu Yao back in a few days.”

“Of course I won’t do this for just one grandson, but now I have three!”Shu Gao took one on each hand and walked in.

Both of Shu Cheng’s hands were empty, he looked at Sun Lin with a slightly helpless look, Sun Lin had a face full of smiles:”You can carry the little young master.”

“That’s the only thing I can choose.”

The Shu family relatives came one after the other, there were the old and the young, Shu Cheng sent people over to take care of the arrangements and he brought his dad and his sons over to the big glass screen, there were rows of babies inside. The nurses bustled about and one of them carried one of the babies and walked over to the glass screen, she faced everyone and announced that this was Shu Yao.

Oh~ So small and soft, he had already forgotten what he looked like from his past life, but now seeing the baby with flushed skin, he did not feel anything.

There were many people around so it was inconvenient to ask, so Shu Ning took out his phone and sent a text message. Shu Heng took out his phone and looked at it, then replied. Shu Ning opened up the text and secretly peeked at it, ‘pft’ he accidentally laughed, Shu Heng actually said that Shu Yao looked like a monkey, ha ha ha ha o(n_n)o My tummy hurts.

Shu Cheng was very worried about Shu Ning:”What’s wrong? Are you that happy?”

“Happy, I’m happy!”Facing Shu Cheng, Shu Ning’s face was stiff, this is a monkey, dad! Then what was I? What was Shu Heng? He turned back his head abruptly, Shu Ning glanced over to Shu Heng with narrowed eyes:”Are you happy?”

“I’m happy.”

 ̄へ ̄ Shu Ning sent over a text message to ask: Really?

He thought Shu Heng would ignore him, but unexpectedly he replied immediately: Not happy, he’s ugly.

Shu Ning: Who looks good
Shu Heng: You look good.

In a moment, Shu Ning’s mood was blooming, the smile on his mouth couldn’t be hidden, even his eyes were bright: Big brother is actually very handsome too, the handsomest.

Shu Heng went with the flow: I’ll allow you to give me more kisses tonight.

Shu Ning put his phone back into his pocket, he didn’t have the heart to delete the message immediately so he’ll leave it for a while……just a while……

Shu Heng knew that Shu Ning had the habit of deleting text messages, but right now the reluctant little look on his face was too cute, he really wanted to pick him up and pet him.

Seeing that Shu Gao stopped looking, many people immediately came over to talk, there was only a little over a month left before the new years, they came over to ask about his future plans and whatnot.

Shu Cheng was also surrounded by a bunch of uncles and aunties, they all had a lot to talk about. Whereas Shu Heng took Shu Ning and left immediately just in case they were also surrounded, although they weren’t as young as the youngsters, the fighting abilities of the aunties were very strong, Shu Heng didn’t want Shu Ning to be gawked at. While Shu Ning was also happy to be free, the air outside was cold with snow covering the ground, they would even see a few snowmen every so often, how pretty.

“If you like it we can make one.”

“Not interested,”Shu Ning was already over thirty years old, his only interests were to earn money.

And so early the next morning, there were a pile of snowmen in the yard, each of them had their own style……what should Shu Ning say about this? His face was filled with black lines but his heart felt very pleased.

Shu Heng opened the curtains and wrapped Shu Ning up with the blanket, then he carried him over to the window to take a look. After about five minutes, he put him back to the bed.

“The snow is too white, even if it’s nice we can’t look at it for too long,”Shu Heng muttered, he wanted to open up the blanket but Shu Ning held on tight and wouldn’t let go.

“Brother~ Aren’t you getting more and more overboard?”Changing my clothes while I’m asleep or what not, that’s enough you.

“It’s not for you, it’s just to try it out.”

Please don’t use lame arguments alright? Shu Ning stared at him openmouthed, he simply did not expect Shu Heng to say that. The clothes were on him right at this moment, and he had even slept in it for a whole night, does this not count as wearing? Then what counts? Do I have to roll a few rounds in them? The corners of Shu Ning’s mouth twitched and his face was filled with gloom, the way a great god’s brain works truly is different from the rest.

“Looks pretty good.”

Which part? The thin shoulder straps were transparent, the hem is cropped short, it’s black, and a big snowy white section was left bare, the back strap was also transparent, it’s like I’m not wearing anything, below that was a little pair of briefs of the same colour, the front looks normal but the back was transparent, thankfully there was a tail, peh, it’s even more alluring without it alright?

“Brother, tell me the truth, are you selling sexy lingerie?”

“Cosplay underwear.”

“……”Fuck~ I’m too tired for this, I want to die.

“If you don’t like it we can change to something else, do you like thongs? They’re popular overseas!”

He actually dared to ask? Does he not feel shame? Shu Ning was furious:”Brother, why don’t you wear them?”Shu Heng actually came to this development, it was simply hard to believe, it was too incredible, too shocking, I should take some medicine, even the hints Shu Ning was putting down was ripped off.

Shu Heng suddenly went close and his breath was on the little one’s face, it brought the slightest hint of peculiarity and hotness, he had even held his breath subconsciously, Shu Ning didn’t dare to blink, his heart was beating like mad.

“Do you want to see me wear it?”

Big brother’s voice was so husky, it had a sexy feeling that made one want to commit a crime. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and pressed down the pressure and his reasoning, he nodded his head.

Shu Heng looked at him from above with a mysterious look, and his eyes were deep and profound, just like that of a beast.

Although he had some regrets, Shu Ning couldn’t say it. Shu Heng turned over and got off the bed, he took off a new pair of underwear from the closet, and put it on after taking off the one he was wearing. He came back to the bedside and his attitude was still as cold and arrogant as before:”How does it look?”

His nose felt hot, it felt like……he was about to have a nosebleed.

Shu Ning glanced up and down, big brother’s physique was too perfect and he only had a thong on him. His shoulders, pectorals, abs, serratus, glutes, as well as his straight and long legs, a handsome guy who stood a meter and ninety centimeters tall, naturally his body was exceptional, he simply could not explain the feeling, it was too strong, it felt even stronger than seeing him naked.


Shu Heng hurriedly jumped onto the bed, he had never been so panicked before, his eyes were filled with worry and concern. Shu Ning laughed heartlessly:”Brother~ What’s wrong!”

Shu Heng had already grabbed some tissue paper:”Don’t speak, your nose is bleeding!”

“……”Oh no o(╯□╰)o

“I shouldn’t have let you eat soft-shelled turtle last night!”

Oh my god, grandpa’s soft-shelled turtle has taken the blame. Shu Ning was delighted, he shouldn’t let his big brother find out the real reason now can he? The lethality of sexy lingerie is truly too strong, no wonder his big brother cared about it so much, he would use my body to do comparisons at any chance he could get, he’ll probably earn a good profit wouldn’t he? Originally for the sake of his image, he didn’t want him to sell it, but what happens now that he’s interested as well? Damn it, having him wear it in exchange for me wearing it, it’s great!

The nosebleed stopped, but Shu Heng still called over a doctor. Shu Ning secretly peeked a glance at Shu Heng, his face looked very dark, so scary.

The doctor rushed over very quickly and did a body check while he was there, his development has finally started to catch up, he has finally caught up with the rest of the healthy thirteen year olds. Shu Heng was actually happier than Shu Ning, it wasn’t clear on his face but Shu Ning could feel it. His big brother’s hand kept squeezing his own as if he was so delighted he could hardly let go.

It was normal for a big brother to care about his little brother. Ah……why do I feel a bit lost →-→

Shu Gao had come over and he hurried over to the bedside and sat down, he raised his hand over and lifted his grandson’s chin, then looked left and right, seeing that he was fine, he could rest assured. Shu Gao had also asked about his condition from the doctor, the doctor quickly explained the situation. Right now Shu Ning was wearing a normal set of pajamas and the blanket had also been changed, if not Shu Gao’s chest would feel uncomfortable if he saw the blood.

Although they it was a bit over the top, being cared about like this still felt very nice.

Not long after, Shu Cheng had also come, and his complexion wasn’t too good. Every time the new years rolled in, all the companies would become super busy, he had to run back and forth between the hospital and the company so he was very tired.

If Qin Yu Zhuo was around, he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Shu Ning was just like a panda, surrounded by a group of the most outstanding men. It felt a bit awkward, but he kept a smile on his face.

The good days always pass so quickly, it was already time for Shu Heng to go abroad on Monday. Shu Ning had also flown back to the capital, he was sitting in class with a cold face, Shi Lang was indignant and kept on wanting to start something, but he would be paralyzed every time Shu Ning looked over to him. While Shi Shuai had come over quite a few times, he wanted to befriend Shu Ning. He Ran had also come jumping over to bother Shu Ning for one simple reason, their exams were coming soon.

In a private room within the tea shop, He Ran was filling up some test papers. With a headache, he raised his head to look at the calm Shu Ning, and immediately dropped his head to solve his questions.

Shu Ning had a good view of the scene, He Ran’s phone was vibrating again. The only one who could harass him like this was definitely Shu Zi Hui.

“Is it fine if I bring her here?”

Shu Ning shook her head:”I’m not too close to her.”

He Ran ruffled his hair in irritation with a bitter look on his face:”I’ve just never seen such an annoying girl before, she kisses up to everyone and they all like her.”

“Are you sure?”

“……”He Ran was stunned, and he knitted his brows tightly together:”Huh?”

“Just deal with it by turning off your phone, and also, I don’t like being bothered, just you is enough.”

“Alright,”He Ran was very happy, I really am special in Shu Ning’s heart after all, he will only tutor me alone, ha ha ha. Uh, why are these questions getting harder and harder, this is too difficult, I want to spit blood. Studying lasted three hours, He Ran was so tired that his hands hurt and was taken away by his family pitifully, and his family was still thankful towards Shu Ning.

There wasn’t anything they could do that their naughty child didn’t like to study.

Shu Ning was supposed to prepare for his exams but He Ran just so happened to come charging over, wouldn’t he be sorry for himself if he didn’t torture him?

After getting off school the next day, He Ran came over again and snatched him away from Shi Shuai who had come a step too late. Shu Zi Hui had secretly followed him from behind and the bodyguard reported this to Shu Ning. Shu Ning immediately blinked towards the bodyguard, the bodyguard understood the hint and secretly warned He Ran, if his “family” does this one more time, he should just stay home next time.

But that won’t do, his brother had already promised to bring He Ran over to M Country for a holiday! He had to pass all his subjects, he has to.

And so He Ran walked over to a normal looking car in a huff and knocked on the window. Shu Zi Hui who was caught was nervous, but she came out in an embarrassed manner:”I couldn’t stop worrying about you~”

“You wanted to know which slut was with me right?”

“No, that’s not it, I trust you!”

“Shoo shoo shoo, I’ll throw you aside and go on a holiday by myself if you don’t pass your exams.”

“What? How could you do that?”Shu Zi Hui wanted to cry, the lethality of a beauty was still quite strong but a certain someone seemed to already be sick of it.

“Big brother has already spoken, what else can I do?”

“Then I’ll study with you.”

“No no no, when boys are hanging out girls aren’t welcome,”He Ran forcefully pushed her back into the car and pulled open the door on the passenger side, then yelled angrily:”Go, quickly!”

“Yes, young master!”

The car left, He Ran came back to Shu Ning’s side with a good chuckle:”That should be fine right? What do you want to eat today?”

Shu Ning ordered a big meal then booked a room in a quiet place to study. He Ran was about to go blind, with the great Shu Ning in charge, he didn’t even dare to raise his hand! He finished paper after paper, and his head was getting dizzy, he really wasn’t cut out for studying. He had even tried to provoke Shu Ning when they first met, but now he instead feared him.

Three hours had passed, and He Ran breathed a sigh of relief. Instead, Shu Ning slammed two test papers down in front of him:”Return these to me tomorrow!”

“Not this……where am I going to find the time to do this at night?”

“Are you a fool? One at night and one in the morning, you fool.”

He Ran:”……”He was stunned.

The person who came to get He Ran today was his brother, the second brother, he was a very handsome man, albeit slightly wicked, he had even given Shu Ning a gift. When they got in the car, Shu Ning curiously opened up the gift and smiled, this second brother of his is quite interesting, he actually sent him a pair of handcuffs →-→ Is he trying to imply something? Maybe I’m over thinking things ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After school the third day, He Ran came early on to take Shu Ning out to play. After having lunch, they went to study. They worked hard for four hours today and He Ran was starting to feel numb.

Shu Ning was ruthless, he gave him an exercise book:”Take this home and do it, don’t look for me anymore, we’ll talk on the phone.”

“Huh? Why?”He Ran had just gotten used to this high pressure way of studying, but thinking about it, studying at home was still better, he could still have a stretch if he got tired:”Alright then, I’ll agree reluctantly.”

Shu Ning actually enjoyed torturing He Ran, he had suffered under his bullying in his past life, but right now his second brother was waiting in front of his car while smoking, they could see him from the window on the third floor. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, and thought to himself that something was wrong, this guy seems quite strange. Maybe there were many within the circle who liked little boys. Little boys hadn’t matured yet so they were tender and pleasant, Shu Ning came from a good family and he had good manners, he was raised well, way better than the ones raised outside.

Shu Ning wanted to test him, he had He Ran go down first telling him not to let his brother wait, he told him he still had two questions to finish up before going.

He Ran didn’t find anything suspicious, he just left happily. Shu Ning sent a text message over to the bodyguard telling him that if anyone were to enter, they should knock on the door after three minutes. And as expected, He Ran’s second brother came up. He was quite a powerful guy, he was called He Yu and he was twenty some years old, it seems that he has been helping out at the company while he was still studying. He knocked twice on the door and came in. He Yu carried a very handsome smile on his lips that had a hint of evil.

“Hey little genius, you should take a rest!”

“Hello Second Brother He.”

“It’s getting late, I’ll send you back and we can get some snacks along the way.”

“No need to trouble yourself, the driver is waiting downstairs,”Shu Ning packed up his stuff and He Yu had already started walking to his side. Right at this time, the sound of the door knocking came from outside, Shu Ning picked up his book calmly:”See you tomorrow.”

He Yu opened the door for him:”Alright, see you tomorrow.”

Shu Ning walked out and the two bodyguards standing outside were big and stall, with a very strong aura. The two of them left with Shu Ning.

As expected of someone from the Shu family, he thought he was a little bunny but expect that it was a kitten with claws, interesting, very interesting. He Yu’s interest had been perked up, however……he never got the chance to see the little guy after the next day, He Ran studied at home all day. Shu Ning gave him an exercise book filled with test questions, was this coincidence or did he plan this?

He Yu sat in front of his computer and stroked his chin, his gaze flickered, he really couldn’t take this sitting down!

Two days before the exams, Shu Cheng came to visit. He stayed with Shu Ning up until Shu Heng rushed back before he left reluctantly.

Shu Ning was very happy, and he cherished the time they had together:”Brother, are you busy during the holidays as well?”

“Not too much, do you want to follow me?”

Of course, I really want to, but Shu Ning didn’t dare, he was afraid that he would be mixed into the corporate dispute just like in his past life so he could only endure it and shake his head.

A glimmer shone past Shu Heng’s eyes, he knew why his little brother decided so:”When you’re done with your exams, I’ll accompany you for three days, okay?”


After his exams, Shu Heng had been staying with him non stop these past few days, he was waiting right outside the school. Shu Ning’s exam results weren’t too bad, he had the confidence to be within the top 100 in the school. But of course, these results are simply not enough for Shu Heng to be satisfied, they were too average. On their holidays on the 21st of January, Shu Ning was hanging about with Shu Heng, and suddenly his phone rang while they were enjoying themselves in a hot spring.

He Ran had succeeded in barely passing again! Everybody was ecstatic and they wanted to invite Shu Ning out to eat, but how could Shu Ning agree? He had casually asked about his holiday plans and He Ran blabbed it all out to him. Shu Zi Hui messed up her exams, she passed her main subjects but fell back on the rest, but what the He family required was a pass in all subjects.

It seemed to be very low standards but they were quite tough!

Shu Zi Hui hated Shu Ning to death, he actually helped He Ran out by tutoring him, what do I do now? He Ran happily started to prepare going abroad to have fun, and out of desperation Shu Zi Hui contacted Shu Ning again and again. Not a single time did the call go through, could he have blocked me? That’s impossible, right? And so Shu Zi Hui tried to use the landline to call, and it was just as she thought.


“Shu Ning? I’m Shu Zi Hui, can you hello hello hello?”

Shu Zi Hui was dumbfounded when she heard the beeping noise……he hung up on me? Why? Isn’t our family allied with his mother? This won’t do, Shu Zi Hui wasn’t an adult yet so she couldn’t act on her own, she could only call Shu Zi Xuan. After hearing his sister’s complaints, Shu Zi Xuan laughed confidently.

“Which country is He Ran going to, what time is the flight, tell me everything, I’ll do all the paperwork for you, this is nothing!”

Shu Zi Hui smiled, a person in desperation will truly try anything. Relying on the in-laws was no use, her brother is still the one she can count on.

Shu Zi Hui hummed a song and didn’t stick to He Ran anymore, she was just thinking that they felt like newlyweds again. And so she went out to shop, she planned to buy several pretty dresses, perfume, hats, shoes, and the like, she’ll dress up all pretty and appear in front of He Ran and shock his shoes off, ha ha ha. Shu Zi Hui went out the door and invited a little beauty out with her, the conditions of her family were quite good but the key point was, she wasn’t as pretty as herself!

The atmosphere in the hot spring villa was quite good, Shu Ning was skinny dipping but he didn’t feel any shame, he was already used to it. Shu Heng took a sip of his drink and stared at him with narrowed eyes, and the colour within his pupils were exceptionally deep, he really wanted to……turn him over and press him down.

The new years will be here soon, and his little brother will be fourteen, when I return after going abroad for two years, he will be sixteen.

Damn it, there were still two years. Shu Heng swirled the alcohol in his glass while Shu Ning swam around, his little body appeared in and out the surface of the water, and his exceptional snowy skin made him look just like a beautiful mermaid.

The sight gave Shu Heng a reaction, and a pillar stood erect towards the sky. He calmly fixed his towel and walked out, and a long while had past before he returned.

It was littered with bodyguards outside so there were no safety issues, but Shu Heng had still forgotten something, alcohol!

Seeing his brother leave, Shu Ning cocked his head to the side but didn’t think too much about it. When he swam to the side of the pool, he just so happened to notice the alcohol left behind by his big brother, a cocktail? Is this alright to drink in a hot spring? Big brother drank half so I will gladly accept the rest of it ~\\(≧▽≦)/~ Shu Ning who hadn’t had a drink for a while enjoyed it pleasantly in slow sips.

When Shu Heng returned, his soul nearly flew away, his little brother was leaning back on the chair with a flushed face:”Brother~ You’re back?”And here I thought you fell into a hole, ha ha, when that time comes I can scoop you up with an ear scoop.

Shu Heng quickly strode over to the chair and took the little one into his arms, he touched his forehead then his face, and leaned over to take a whiff:”You drank alcohol?”

“If you drink it why can’t I? Co……it was just a few small sips!”Oh no, I nearly said cocktail!

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow for a moment and stared steadily at him, Shu Ning quickly pretended to be ignorant and pure, pretend to be innocent!

“It’s time to sleep.”

“I’m not tired~”Shu Ning smiled foolishly.

Shu Heng didn’t care whether Shu Ning was tired or not, this little guy was already drunk, he wasn’t allowed to drink so he’s doing it secretly, he needs a spanking. He wrapped him up with a big towel and bathed him after they returned to the room, he changed him into a new pair of pajamas and when Shu Heng picked up the blanket, Shu Ning turned over and got on the floor:”I’m not sleepy, I don’t want to sleep, you can sleep if you’re sleepy, I’m not sleepy I’m not sleepy, go away I aahhh~”

He picked him up horizontally, and threw him to the bed!

It wasn’t painful or anything, the bed was too soft, Shu Ning was only surprised. Immediately he sobered up a lot, big brother is so overbearing and violent, I like it!

Shu Heng looked down at him, he had really gotten angry!

“Brother~”Shu Ning stretched his hand out grievingly, big brother was so gentle, when did he transform into a big wolf?

“Shu Ning!”

He pouted, he had drank too much and his body was heating up, it felt like he was burning up inside but he felt very light and floaty. The corner of Shu Ning’s eyes were damp, big brother is being so fierce with me!

Shu Heng didn’t do anything more, he lowered his body and held his little brother:”Does it feel uncomfortable?”

“Nope, it feels like fairyland!”

Shu Ning was in a drunken stupor, he was a mischievous little nuisance as he held onto Shu Heng, he would even press him down and give him a kiss from time to time, give him a few pokes, grope around, mumbling, Shu Heng could only hear something along the lines of yours or mine, forever and ever and whatnot, it was incomprehensible. He had done everything he normally didn’t dare to do today, this may be Shu Ning’s way of venting or perhaps it was his indulgence.

When they woke up the next morning, Shu Ning sat up abruptly and thought to himself, am I crazy?

His memories came out like a bomb and he could hear a buzz, and everything came out like it was set to fast forward, shit……head hurts! Damn it.

Shu Heng sat on the bed with his back against the pillow, his hands were held around his chest and an incomprehensible look was present on his face. His gaze sharpened:”You’re awake?”

Uh, his voice came from behind, did big brother not sleep at all? That’s not possible, Shu Ning slowly turned over with a few pauses, and as expected big brother was wearing the bathrobe from yesterday!

“That……I was wrong.”

Shu Heng didn’t speak, his handsome face was frosty as he stared quietly at Shu Ning.

“Brother, I know I did wrong.”

“Come over.”

It’s fine if he was willing to speak, Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief but he paused for a moment, he looked down and he was wearing a set of animal underwear this time, the super wild type. Might as well crawl over to coax his big brother?

although it was embarrassing, Shu Ning still put down his hands and crawled over slowly, and greedily he sat directly on Shu Heng’s legs. His big brother was back to his warm self, it worked! Shu Ning was secretly happy in his heart, he put his hands on the wide shoulders and tried to slide himself forward to hug him around the neck, he tilted his head to the side and layed down on top of his brother!

Shu Heng pulled over the blanket and wrapped it around the little one:”You can drink alcohol when you grow up.”

Uh, he could actually hear the little leaks in my words. Although he wasn’t satisfied, forget it, it’s more important trying to coax his big brother:”I promise.”

“Good boy.”

That’s it? Shu Ning was very satisfied.

Shu Heng’s gaze was obscured and his hands were moving around inside the blanket, he gave the two little mountain peaks a little knead but he made sure not to over do it, and he moved his hands to his waist to hold him, he didn’t continue trying to take advantage of him.

His butt had been squeezed, Shu Ning’s body stiffened up, and while he was enduring from getting angry, his big brother withdrew his hands. Right when he breathed a sigh of relief, he felt something hot on his cheek, big brother’s daily kisses has begun. He could kiss anywhere he wanted, it was still fine, but kissing the lips……it gave him strange thoughts, thinking that his brother liked him.

“Brother, normally people only do one for morning kisses!”

“Are we in a normal relationship?”

“That’s not it, uh, that wasn’t what I meant! Don’t change the subject.”

“Then let’s talk about your drinking.”

“Forget it.”

Shu Heng raised up the little one’s chin with a finger and looked at him carefully, Shu Ning’s eyes had also linked with his brother’s extremely focused eyes, that strange feeling that made his heart rate speed up started again, and in a moment both of their faces had flushed red to their ears.

Huff~ Huff~ Huff~ Huff~

Shu Ning was running desperately forward, there was a big wild boar chasing behind him, so scary! Don’t come here~

There’s nowhere to run in front! Shu Ning picked up a branch and turned over, his soul was scared out of his body immediately. The wild boar jumped up and opened its big mouth to reveal sharp teeth……

Ahhhhh, Shu Ning was woken up by the nightmare, Shu Heng just happened to lean over when Shu Ning unconsciously kicked a leg out, big brother fell to the ground.

Shu Ning ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) He was wide awake now.

Shu Heng turned around to look at him after staggering a bit, and his face was gloomy and horrifying……

Shu Ning looked towards the sky: Author mama, remember to burn joss paper for me on this day next year~

The director crossed his legs and took a drag of his cigarette, with an arrogant attitude he spoke:”Hey hey hey that guy, come over, take this lunchbox and go, don’t let me see you in the future!”

The stupid author cried in a wail, I had only accidentally wrote the main character to his death /(tot)/~~


Cocktail: Ji wei jiu
few small sips: Ji xiao kou

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