RWSB Chapter 71

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Their four eyes were locked onto each other with seeping tenderness.

Shu Heng was thinking, when will you be able to understand my feelings?

Shu Ning was thinking, how great would it be if big brother was my boyfriend? I would have no regrets dying.

Hold on a minute! Brother is leaning over slowly, he wants to kiss my mouth ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shu Ning’s mind was in a mess and his logic was fighting against itself, but……I want it! What do I do? Badump badump badump, oh no, if I mistake my perfect big brother Shu Heng as a lover, I’m not going to be able to marry in the future!

Shu Ning was gloomy, his memory of messing around after boozing last night was still lingering in his mind, so he simply decided to submit to his big brother.

The soft tactile sensation was truly wonderful and romantic, just like a jolt of electricity. Shu Heng knew the limits and the little one was quite energetic and didn’t seem to hate it, so he gave him a few more kisses, gave it a little grind, and separated.

Shu Ning sighed, it was so short.

Shu Heng was thinking the same, he just didn’t show it on his face. Right now Shu Heng was studying his little brother’s expression, might as well learn about psychology. It didn’t feel like his little brother didn’t like it, but rather he seemed to be worrying about something, but what? Sex? Age? Family? Or identity? But regardless of what worries he had, Shu Heng would not allow it to exist!

The overbearing president mode has already been activated, but too bad Shu Ning missed it so he didn’t know. His head was constantly lowered, indulging in the kiss from just now. That was a kiss, and it wasn’t one for a greeting. Shu Heng was only eighteen so he would only do this as a joke or because of familial affection, he knew nothing about what a gay felt at all. Naturally, Shu Ning who was already over thirty could separate one from the other, they were still able to hang out as brothers in the past, but that was because he was always 囧 and embarrassed, so he didn’t feel anything, but what about now?

The feeling was getting more and more intense, Shu Ning pursed his lips, unconsciously he licked his lips……it has big brother’s taste.

For breakfast he had porridge and eggs, they didn’t serve salted vegetables at the hot spring resort so when Shu Ning was still asleep, Shu Heng specially send the driver out to buy some. It was freshly made and very appetizing, Shu Ning drank his bowl of porridge and even chowed down on a chicken wing. Shu Heng loved to eat rice, he had been raised by Shu Gao to have a habit of eating rice since he was young and he didn’t like snacking much either, unlike Shu Ning who doesn’t eat his rice properly and his mouth was always filled with snacks.

If Shu Ning were to know how Shu Heng thought, he would probably cry without tears, when did I eat so many snacks? Which one of your eyes saw it happen →-→ In your dreams~

After that, Shu Heng had to deal with some company work. Several of his assistants were sitting in the living room discussing about something together. Shu Ning layed around the bed in the room. There was a bowl of fruit and a glass of water beside the bed, he ate the fruit as he wrote in his notebook. Actually, he was looking at stocks, they were rising again, but in three or four days they’re going to fall again. Shu Ning’s memory wasn’t omnipotent, so he planned to sell them tomorrow and buy something else.

The notebook was a New Year’s gift from Shu Heng, Shu Ning liked it very much. It was a simple black notebook which wasn’t too thin, people will generally be using super thin ones in twenty years for convenience.

After lunch, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning out to skii. The first times he went skiing both in his past life and in this life was very novel, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning over to the rookie area to play, he nearly fell over several times but his big brother would be there to support him every time, so he never embarrassed himself. Now he was able to skii forward slowly for quite some distance, his improvement was rapid. Shu Heng was an expert so even his posture wasn’t ordinary, it was too handsome, he could pull everyone’s focus no matter where he went.

Not long after, Shu Ning said he was tired, but it was actually because there were always girls crowding around the distance, some even deliberately spoke loudly to try to attract Shu Heng’s attention.

Unhappy  ̄へ ̄

Shu Heng didn’t know that Shu Ning was jealous, but he should be getting tired soon as they’ve been playing for two hours. He directly plopped down the little one on his shoulders and skied back.

Shu Ning…… You’re making your own life hard~ o(╯□╰)o

They’ve reached the hotel and Shu Heng was in a good mood, he returned with his brother back to the room and he went to the bathroom to prepare the hot water, and when he recalled the scene that happened just now, his eyes softened considerably. Shu Ning didn’t know how to stop, when he was about to fall over he would yell and call out to his big brother, it was cute and silly, Shu Heng would be in front of him every time a critical moment appeared with his two hands open wide, waiting for his brother to send himself into his arms.

Sometimes Shu Heng would deliberately fall to the snow with Shu Ning in his arms as his meat pillow, and have a nice warm moment. Naturally Shu Ning wouldn’t be hurt on top, his little worried expression was completely unconcealed as he sat foolishly on top of his waist, moving about, he nearly had a reaction from it. Shu Heng who was preparing the bath raised up the corners of his lips unconsciously, he liked his little brother very much.

After playing together for five days, Shu Ning was reluctant to leave. He went shopping with his brother in matching couple outfits, played dress up in bed, soaked in the hot springs, and even learned to skii, there was still a lot of fun things to do at the hot springs resort. Shu Ning hadn’t had enough but unfortunately Shu Gao gave him a call and said he missed his grandchildren. The winter holidays for a high school student was very short, it lasted about a little over a month, so it was normal for Shu Gao to be so anxious.

Shu Gao had actually wanted to call them since a long time ago, it was rare that he had such a long break and Shu Heng was also willing to take Shu Ning out to play, so he endured and didn’t bother him, after all there was Shu Yao around so it was able to ease his bitterness slightly. Five days were already the limit.

Shu Heng bought the flight tickets and brought Shu Ning home. The ancestral home was decorated with brilliant lanterns, the New Years were coming soon, they had already started to prepare for it.

Shu Ning was the baby of the family, so Shu Gao and Shu Cheng had appeared with presents as soon as he set foot in the house.

New Years wasn’t even here yet and he had already received a round of gifts, Shu Ning was very happy, nothing of this sort had ever happened in his past life, but of course nobody mentioned Qin Yu Zhuo, and Shu Ning had also forgotten about her. Everything was great at home, and everyone’s faces were filled with joy and harmony, there was no intrigue or scheming.

And Qin Yu Zhuo?

Everyone liked gathering together during the New Years, everyone got together and had a New Year’s Eve meal, and have a chat! Firecrackers were set off and the atmosphere was booming.

On the isolated island, Qin Yu Zhuo was standing in front of her window, the beauty of this place was exceptional and yet she felt exceptionally lonely, she was the only person here and the servants were all foreigners, she was lonely just like a ghost.

Shu Cheng……I gave you two children, and this is how you treat me?

Even in her dreams, Qin Yu Zhuo did not expect that she would be locked in a hospital after that day when they got into a fight, what they filed her under was a mental illness due to her pregnancy. The bodyguards watched after her 24 hours a day, even a fly couldn’t enter, not to mention the Qin Yu Zhuo who had some inconvenience. So you want to escape? Dream on. The nurses were also people under the Shu clan, even the entire hospital was under the Shu clan.

This is too much!

Since Qin Yu Zhuo lost contact with the outside world, she didn’t even know how all the talented people trained by her had been doing, Shu Ning didn’t make a fuss either. If he did, with how much Shu Gao dotes on him, he’ll definitely let me out. Mental illness? Like hell I’m mentally ill, Qin Yu Zhuo had even made fun of a rich young lady in the past because she was acting out of place, she had been deliberately detained in a mental hospital for a year, and after she was discharged she repented, and obediently she didn’t dare to derail anymore.

When she was about to give birth to Shu Yao, she made a fuss, and unfortunately it was useless. The flow of doctors and nurses were all like wooden dolls with a cold face, if the oral warning was ineffective, they would tie her down directly to the bed.

When the baby was a month old, Qin Yu Zhuo was really about to collapse. Her child was right downstairs and Shu Yao was still so young, he needs his mother’s love! The Shu family was a prestigious family so there were definitely a lot of visitors, this was a chance, but there was no chance for her to make use of it at all. She didn’t even know if the nurses were doing this deliberately but she said the second young master was going to come today, you better be honest!

My Ning Ning~ Mommy is here, the hearts of a mother and her child is connected, you can definitely hear my plea, right?

Please beg your dad and your grandpa for me, they’ll definitely let me out!

This was the last chance, Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely eager, she had even attacked the nurse and ran to the window. With a shrunk of her pupils, she saw Shu Ning, Shu Heng was also with him, oh heavens! Get away from him, Shu Heng will harm you, Shu Ning, my Shu Ning. No matter how much yelled or hit the glass, the soundproofed room had trapped her in her hysteria, it was no use.

In a blink of an eye, a little over a month’s time had passed, Qin Yu Zhuo had already been here for over ten days, the interior of the room was clearly as warm as springtime but what she felt was instead exceptional coldness, her heart was encased in ice, nothing in her eyes could give her any feelings anymore.

The island wasn’t large and there were yachts coming in and out, no land could be seen all around as if it would take an hour to reach the shore. Qin Yu Zhuo knew how to swim but she couldn’t make out north to south. Even after much dedication, day by pay passed with no progress, and day by day she started to lose hope. Shu Ning, did you ever try?

Qin Yu Zhuo’s relationship with Shu Cheng was extremely complicated, it was a mix of both love and hate. Hate can start to disappear with the flow of time but love could run even deeper, and yearning could make a person go mad. She thought about all of Shu Cheng, thinking about his strength, his embrace, his gentleness that she couldn’t bear to release herself from.

As for Shu Ning, Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely disappointed, even the last bit of affection she had for him was gone.

A child that wasn’t born by her side was no good after all. And he wasn’t very bright, being turned in circles by Shu Heng, he was a fool to his very depths. He didn’t even deserve to be a footrest for Shu Yao, my Shu Yao, he is my lucky star, he had just formed and Shu Cheng whom I’ve had a crush on for so many years finally married me into his household, to live through a happy future together.

Shu Heng should die, he should have never been born.

Shu Ning even more so, taking up space but he couldn’t finish even a single task……

Qin Yu Zhuo stuck her face to the window with an empty gaze, muttering to herself endlessly as if something was wrong with her head. Actually, she was just unwilling, unwilling to take this loss like this, unwilling to leave the bustling city and her child…… A sinister darkness emerged within her eyes. In order to fight back, she had to stay alive and return successfully.

As long as she can get the Shu clan, Shu Cheng will be able to compromise with her, to welcome her back with a smile, just you all wait, just wait……

The ancestral home of the Shu clan was bustling with activity.

Dinner lasted for two hours and Shu Gao was finally willing to go upstairs to rest, Shu Cheng should be leaving to settle some business matters as always, and Shu Heng had his own work to worry about. When Shu Ning reached the doorway to the study on the second floor, he gave his big brother a push:”You should finish up your work, I want to open up the presents for a while!”

His “for a while” was heavily emphasized and filled with a playful hint because the New Years were about to come soon, and many gifts came from all over the place. The bodyguards had already checked them with the proper equipment and found nothing dangerous in them. Shu Ning’s room was piled with presents, there were a ton of them all in different sizes, with what his grandpa told him, he may not even be able to finish opening up all the presents by tonight.

My little brother is so naughty, how cute.

Shu Heng raised his hand and gave Shu Ning’s little nose a pinch, he took advantage of this opportunity to put his hand behind his head, and lowered his head to plant a kiss on his lips.

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, he had frozen in place. How did our chat turn into this? ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Heng’s voice was leisurely and his eyes were like electric:”Wait for me to return before you bathe.”


“You’re not allowed to sleep first.”


Shu Heng walked into the study while Shu Ning sat by himself in the room for a while, thinking about his big brother’s gaze from earlier, the way he spoke, the warmth in his voice, holding my face with his two hands, it felt warm. Shu Ning closed his eyes with the corners of his lips slightly upturned. When Shu Heng came back, it was already over eleven at night.

There were two other people with the little one in his room sitting on the floor with their jackets off, going at their work enthusiastically.

Shu Ning had the bodyguards help him open up the wrapper before he opened them up himself to see what was inside and sorted them. He kept the ones that were useful and kept the ones he didn’t need for the people he thought had more use for, Shu Ning had never been a stingy person. The bodyguards reminded him that the young master had come and Shu Ning finally raised his head:”Brother, come look, there’s everything here!”

“Is there anything you like?”

“There is,”Shu Ning was very happy, to think that opening presents was this fun, it was like he had opened up a small little world of his own, no wonder girls liked online shopping so much in twenty years……online shopping? Hmm, now there’s something he could he could try his hands at, he remembered that the founder of Balabala had a very hard time when he had just started, he couldn’t even afford a box of takeout, he’ll seek him out and invest in him, ha ha ha ha~

“The corners of your mouth are going to reach your ears soon.”

“Brother! Don’t you make fun of me!”With a move from Shu Ning, dolls flew all around the rooms, like a pile of bombs~

The dolls should’ve been for Shu Yao, he wondered whether they’ve gotten their names wrong, there were all sorts of them placed in one box, for Shu Ning’s room to be filled with these dolls that made sounds when you squeezed them made him feel quite gloomy. Shu Heng’s didn’t dodge them, but the lethality of a bunch of dolls couldn’t be anything worth nothing, he was just doing it for his little brother’s amusement.

The two bodyguards immediately started to sweat, even their backs were drenched. They lowered their heads and continued their work, they didn’t dare to look around, their hearts were so shocked that they were already broken.

Shu Heng looked towards the gifts, they were alright, you could say they put some heart into it, Shu Ning could use about eighty percent of them. Shu Heng didn’t pay attention to the expensive luxury products among them, but he thought that the person who sent over study materials was quite an interesting person. It was the manager of the sales department, a young and promising land with a good character and work ethic, he can pay more attention to him.

“Don’t look at them anymore, you should be sleeping soon.”

“Okay,”Shu Ning knew when to stop. He patted his hands even though they were not dirty at all.

Shu Heng told the bodyguards to open up the rest of them, there was no need to sort them as Shu Ning will do it himself the next day, all the fun will be lost if everything is already done for him.

Shu Ning was very happy, his brother is becoming more and more thoughtful, he should ask the kitchen to send over two snacks for the two bodyguards later.

Within the master bedroom, the two had just finished their bath. Shu Ning took out a gift and Shu Ning happily took it into his hands and took a look, it was actually a very adorable set of pajamas. After putting it on, it was in fact pretty cute, he just had to move for a little and the tail would start to sway for a long time, it felt very interesting. Shu Ning lowered his head to take a look, and gave his butt another few wiggles. Seeing the scene made Shu Heng’s throat feel dry, his little brother was so adorable, he extended a hand out to touch the doggy tail, it was simulated to look realistic, white and fluffy, very cute.

There were puppy ears today, Shu Ning wasn’t too willing to wear it so Shu Heng could only coax him by saying I’ll wear it too okay?

Shu Ning’s eyes brightened up, and he didn’t hesitate to put the puppy ears on his head! The young boy reflected on the mirror had a fresh and pale complexion with exquisite features, wearing a fluffy bodice with his shoulders bare, on the lower section of his body was a fluffy little pair of underwear of the same colour. From the front they looked normal, but the side and back was transparent. He gave his butt a shake and the tail swayed left and right, Shu Ning felt that the effect was pretty good, his big brother will definitely be able to make a big sale out of this.

“Not bad, I wish you good fortune.”

“This is a collector’s edition,”How could Shu Heng be willing? He put on a set of black fluffy pajamas with two round little ears on his hat, it was actually in the shape of a black bear.

Shu Ning stood with his mouth open, he didn’t even know what else he could say anymore. However, the one worn by Shu Heng looked very normal, it just looked like a bigger version of kid’s clothing, he didn’t even know whether there was a tail behind. Shu Ning was curious and wanted to see but Shu Heng hid his back naughtily, but could Shu Ning give up just like that? He chased and he ran, but things just didn’t go as he hoped. The tail of the bear was small, unlike the one on his own back which was big and hard to hide.

 ̄へ ̄ Big brother is a bully, Shu Ning sat down spitefully by the bedside and refused to look at Shu Heng.


“You think?”

“Do you want to see?”

“Will you let me or not?”Shu Ning was pouting angrily like a chibi version of a squirrel.

“I’ll show you if you give me a kiss!”

Shu Ning pursed his lips for a moment and hesitated, but his logic had been smashed through. He extended his hands and curled it around Shu Heng’s neck, Shu Heng lowered his body and waited. After a minute, he finally got his wish.

Shu Ning immediately separated himself from him as soon as he landed down a kiss and he watched Shu Heng quietly with a glare, there was no expression at all within his eyes, as expected……

Ah, he lost interest. Shu Ning lowered his head and crawled up the bed, he pulled open the blanket and crawled in feebly. Shu Heng didn’t know what he did wrong, his little brother was just fine earlier. He followed behind and also crawled him and scooped the little one into his arms. Shu Ning wiggled slightly, he closed his eyes and his hands held onto his big brother’s waist out of habit.

It was the same as usual, there should be nothing wrong, but then what happened to him?

Shu Heng thought about it for a long time but he couldn’t figure it out. After Shu Ning fell asleep, he went to the study to learn more about psychology.

Time flew by quickly, and the outside of the ancestral home was decorated with big red lanterns, the New Years has come and everyone was very happy, one by one red envelopes were given out, and the number of red enveloped Shu Ning received could fill a whole tray. Shu Heng did not receive much, they were quite thin, but Shu Ning knew that there were definitely checks inside of them →-→

Shu Yao was quite a little thing and he didn’t cry much, a maid was carrying him and beside her was another maid holding a tray with red envelopes piled on top. A bunch of thickly packed red envelopes were put in a pile, it was no small amount.

At night, the gongs rang out for quite a long time. After they’ve had their dumplings, Shu Ning and Shu Heng bowed together and gave their New Year’s greetings together, and so they received their red envelopes.

After returning back to their room, Shu Ning stared audaciously at Shu Heng’s red packets, grandpa and dad gave out many red envelopes in quick succession, they’ll definitely be very generous! Shu Heng gave him a faint smile that was made him look exceptionally handsome. Shu Ning was stunned for a moment, his soul had been taken away by his beauty, when he returned to his sentence, all of Shu Heng’s red envelopes were in Shu Ning’s arms.

Shu Ning who was sitting on the sofa didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, his legs were covered completely by red envelopes:”I don’t want to see it, what if there’s a secret inside?”

“What secrets are there between us?”

“Even the closest people have secrets they don’t want to talk to each other about. It’s not that we can’t say it, but we keep it from each other for the benefit of the both of us, big brother, do you have something like that? I do, but if you find out some day before I get to tell you, you’re not allowed to get angry!”

I have to ease him in, ease him in~

Shu Heng nodded:”You’re right, there are things even amongst a father and his son that they can’t talk about, I understand. When you grow up, there’s something I’d like to share with you.”

The company? No need for that, the English tutoring academy was already open and was fully packed, the parents who wanted to sign up were scratching their heads thinking of ways, trying to get contacts, all for one spot!

Work by the city side should be ending now at the end of the year, it’ll definitely be a big hit immediately after the university students move over!

Thinking to this point, Shu Ning had the heart to buy the empty plot of land nearly as well, but he didn’t have enough money. Shu Heng’s red envelopes are so thin, there are definitely large checks inside! The temptation was just before him, Shu Ning picked up the red envelopes and put them to the table, these are his big brother’s belongings so he definitely can not contaminate them! Besides, he has his own red envelopes anyway.

One by one he opened them, there were checks and banknotes, five million was quite a hefty amount.

Seeing how much Shu Ning liked money, Shu Heng knew that it was caused by how much suffering he had to go through in his childhood, and so the the red packets he opened up which included checks, one by one he took them out and put it in his little brother’s hands, and immovable property such as real estate, he would leave it for himself for future use. Shu Heng doted on Shu Ning so he didn’t care:”You’re not allowed to spend it recklessly.”


“Do you hear me?”


A sound that was just like a little kitten, so soft, he seems to be touched? Shu Heng lowered his head and leaned over. Shu Ning closed his eyes and his little lips were kissed, his big brother even gave the tip of Shu Ning’s little ear a lick.

Shu Ning was frozen stiff on the spot.

Shu Heng curled up the corners of his lips into a smile, his handsomeness was unparalleled:”Such a good boy~”

“……”Shu Ning whose face was filled with black lines was utterly confused.

Shu Heng pulled off his tie and stripped off his shirt, then went to the washroom to brush his teeth, it was quite a moment before Shu Ning was able to regain his senses. He touched his nose thoughtfully.

Big brother……is a little devil ╭(╯^╰)╮

Shu Ning went to the washroom to brush his teeth as well. There was already toothpaste on his toothbrush, his big brother was so thoughtful.

Today was too tiring, it was too noisy, Shu Ning fell asleep as soon as he layed down, and Shu Heng took a photo of this moment as a New Year’s commemoration. He gave a light kiss on Shu Ning’s nice lips, nose, chin, his face, and his earlobe, when will he be able to treat him like this openly? Shu Heng closed his eyes and tightened his arms around the person in his embrace.

The Shu family was too big and they had a respected position within C City, the people who came to celebrate New Year’s with them were very many, generally they would leave after sending some gifts and having a chat, only the flow of friends coming in would stay for a chat and a meal, and to send gifts. The family members who were married off would end up staying a day or two when they came, Shu Ning had just shown his face for a bit and he went back to his room to hide and didn’t go out.

He had no interest in the company in this life so he had no energy to pretend to be courteous to those people. Moreover, those who have moved out tend to be hiding a lot, and he didn’t have the strength to deal with that.

Shu Ning was just a living example of a big villain’s goal!

They’ll have to successfully ally together to take out Shu Heng before they can obtain the Shu clan. Shu Ning? He was still outside of their radar.

The second house has come to visit. Gu ya brought her two sons and her daughter as well as some New Year’s gifts. Shu Zi Hui had a sweet smile on her face, she wanted to look for Shu Ning. As a steward, it was natural that Sun Hao Ran was all smiles as well, but the words that came from his mouth weren’t as nice, the second young master’s body is not well so he is not seeing gusts! He has already fallen asleep at that moment.

No matter who asked for the second young master, Sun Hao Ran would say that he had fallen asleep, he would only call Shu Ning upstairs if the ones who came were Shu Gao’s peers. That’s right, it was the fourth floor, Shu Gao was of an exceptionally high position within the clan so he didn’t need to see to the guests.

Shu Cheng was sitting on the hall in the first floor. After all he was the head of the family, so he just had to take it as improving relationships with friends and family. This was the same every year, Shu Heng was present as well, he was aloof and everyone was already used to his indifferent personality, and they didn’t dare to say anything about it either.

Shu Zi Hui wanted to sneak upstairs but it was unfortunate that she wasn’t able to find an opportunity to. Until nighttime came, and Gu Ya brought her two sons back home, Shu Zi Hui wanted to stay for two days before going.

Shu Heng was very busy so there was not much time during the holidays for him to spend time with Shu Ning, and Shu Ning didn’t ask what he was busy about either. In a blink of an eye, it’s time for school again and Shu Heng had already taken a flight out. Shu Ning took a look at Shu Yao before leaving. He was a soft, pink little pile, he already stopped looking like a monkey and he was instead rather adorable now. Shu Cheng and Shu Gao loved him very much, just taking a look at their eyes was clear enough.

The corners of Shu Ning’s lips curled up. The more he is pampered, the bigger the disappointment will be when he’s grown up, let us all wait and see.

It was extremely cold in F City, Shu Ning went over to see his uncle. The villa has already been sold, Qin Yu Lan and her family had nowhere to go, neither did his uncle, so he went to live with the foreman in his home. After all they never work at the construction site during the winter, and his uncle didn’t like to just idle around so he found a job doing deliveries, while the foreman found a place to work as a security guard.

“I say, Uncle, why didn’t you get a job as a security guard too?”Shu Ning reached at night, and both the foreman and his uncle was there, right now they were having a chat.

His uncle touched his hair nervously:”I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.”

The foreman shook his head:”When people are riding their bicycles, he’ll be watching, and when they ride their motorcycles he would ride the bike, when everyone else is buying cars, he’ll get on a motorcycle, he’ll never catch up with the times.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s fine as long as you have a car.”

“……”The sharp-tongued foreman was actually silenced by Qin Yu Fu.

Shu Ning stifled a laugh, they really are a pair that enjoys bickering. While his uncle was doing the dishes, Shu Ning went over to the foreman:”So what happened to that woman?”

“Don’t bring her up anymore,”The foreman frowned, he brought his cigarette to his lips and took a drag before he was willing to continue:”You got it right on the money, that woman’s got a bit of it in for Xiao Fu, but her mother was too caught up with conditions, she said your uncle was from the countryside and too old, so he needed to take out fifty thousand as a betrothal gift, and he needed to have a house.”

“This is common, it’ll happen even more in the future,”Naturally, Shu Ning knew, the betrothal gifts in some places go by pounds →-→

“Thankfully, Xiao Fu doesn’t feel that she’s sincere enough, so he gave up, he cut them off completely and even changed his number.”

“No worries, my uncle deserves better.”

Qin Yu Fu had finished washing the dishes and was coming over while he dried his hands off:”What are you saying about me now?”

Shu Ning shook his head like a clever little boy, the foreman shrugged:”You should sleep with me tonight, let Shu Ning stay in the small room.”

There was a single bed in the small room, the one who normally slept there was Qin Yu Fu. Shu Ning felt slightly regretful, after all he was in someone else’s house so he couldn’t chat with his uncle through the nights anymore. Nobody was around during the day but it was quite lively during the nights, Shu Ning had only stayed for three days and he was back on the road heading to the airport again. The capital was so cold, and the wind was even colder. In these days without his big brother, his hands and legs are always cold.

In a big bed during the night, was a little person laying down by himself as he stared off into space, Shu Ning couldn’t sleep. Thankfully, his big brother gave him a call and they chatted for ten minutes before Shu Ning finally felt like sleeping. The days passed by day by day and in the blink of an eye, the flowers were blooming. His big brother was attending university in M Country but he would return every so often, and leave after a few days.

Shu Ning felt as if he was his mistress, when he comes back on a business trip he’ll be pampered for two days ╮(╯▽╰)╭

However, Shu Heng had Shu Ning in his heart so no matter how busy he was, he would give him a call and even send him a gift every so often, took note of Shu Ning’s studies and he was always in contact with the bodyguards, he knew what Shu Ning was eating, whether he was healthy, no matter whether it was the big things or the little ones, he would remember them even better than Shu Ning. Occasionally when they mentioned the details, Shu Ning would stutter a bit in confusion.

The project started and everything was going smooth, Pang Qian was experienced and this was also his first time cooperating with Shu ning so naturally he would be very careful about things, he wanted to do his best in the capital. Shu Ning went to visit several times, he had the rich experience from his past life so he could tell whether or not Pang Qian was cutting corners in one glance, and whether he was doing everything earnestly and properly.

This is good, the person recommended by uncle Pang was not bad.

In the afternoon, Shu Ning surveyed the surrounding areas with Pang Qian. Pang Qian felt that the area was a bit simple, the place was filled with rows of old houses without very many people. The young master should have some inside information right? If not he wouldn’t be so interested in this area. Pang Qian had seen the world so he didn’t have to ask, and he wouldn’t say more than needed either, he’ll do whatever Shu Ning asks him to do.

Shu Heng gave Shu Ning fifty million, of which thirty million of it was a red envelope from Shu Gao, after all he had given the shares to both Shu Ning and Shu Yao so this wasn’t a lot as compensation.

Shu Cheng was very filial so naturally his red envelope wouldn’t be heavier than his dad’s, he can’t steal his thunder, and so he gave him twenty million. His elder son was rich and wealthy but as a father, he would still give him what he should.

Shu Ning only received a total of five million ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) This is the gap between an adult and a minor!

To buy a plot of land that nobody cared about, fifty five million was still a considerable amount. After some bargaining, he still hadn’t bought it, the other party wanted sixty million so Shu Ning said he would take two days to consider it, and he gave Qin Yu Zhuo’s men a call when he returned. This was a number given to him previously by Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Ning still remembered it, he had only swept a glance at it last time but this person was naturally one of Qin Yu Zhuo’s confidants, he was also used by Shu Ning in his past life so his number had still been within his mind, he didn’t forget it even after his death.

The other party was very excited, because the “head” was gone, he finally had some backbone.

It was just like Qin Yu Zhuo had evaporated from the human realm!

After some words of comfort from Shu Ning, he gave him his first order, which was to manage Qin Yu Zhuo’s finances properly and report back to him on a regular basis, his salary will stay the same. As for the disposal of Shu Heng, he had to keep himself behind the line. The other party agreed, he was very obedient and cordial, this was related to whether Qin Yu Zhuo could return or not so naturally he didn’t dare to make a mistake.

At the end of the call, Shu Ning smiled. He took out the card given to him previously by Qin Yu Zhuo, five million obtained! The bill won’t be sent to Shu Cheng, Zhang Feng will deal with that.

Zhang Feng was the person he had just talked to.

Having said that, Zhang Feng was still Qin Yu Zhuo’s university student, he had always been loyal. ALthough he took instructions from Shu Ning, he was also monitoring him secretly, he will tell Qin Yu Zhuo immediately if he ever finds anything wrong. He never noticed it in his past life but now thinking about it, it made his chest feel stuffy, he was after all her confident so naturally he would treat him sincerely. This person was the one in charge right under Qin Yu Zhuo, he took charge of a bunch of talented people and worked hard for Qin Yu Zhuo.

The land was bought, but there was no way for him to work the land at this moment, he will start to choose the site next year after the two universities were open. After the wind starts to point to this direction, the prices of houses would rise sharply. Although it seems to be useless to buy them now, it was actually the most suitable time to buy them! There was still a large plot of land left in the surrounding area, but the cost was hundreds of millions so he could only keep an eye on it. Within his memory, this plot of land will be taken by a real estate company that ranked first in the capital, it was a high-rise building with elevators.

Shu Ning only did rentals, most university students liked to live outside so when the street with all the commercial buildings is developed, things will be bustling pretty soon.

His money was all invested into it, and the profits would only start to roll in after a few years, the only thing that was earning him money now was the English tutoring academy, it’s probably a good idea to open an internet cafe.

It was easy to start an internet cafe, and it was better to buy one rather than do retail, he’ll simply open another investment company and recruit a bunch of men for himself. Although Pang Qian was a capable guy, he was only good with storied buildings, right now he was watching over the construction site during the day and he would return during the night to spend the whole night studying, he wanted to get his qualification certificate. It’s good to have an ambition, once a man loses his passion, he’s all done for.

Shu Ning closed his eyes and ventured through his thoughts, and thought about his plans in the coming years. But of course, nothing was absolute, it was always good to plan ahead.

Shu Ning did not spend too much money usually, and the money he used was the allowance given to him by Shu Cheng, clothes and necessities were all purchased by Shu Heng. His future was starting to come into shape and the money was rolling in fast, immediately after he received his profits he would invest it all on his projects, he felt like a little rich man, but in reality he did not have much in his accounts _(:3ゝ∠)_

He felt a bit poor, but he was full of energy and it was very fulfilling.

At night, Shu Heng gave him a call, it has already been several months since he had last seen him so Shu Ning cherished very much the time they had to talk, he wouldn’t let go of even a second!

A year passed by just like flowing water, Shu Ning was already fifteen, he returned to the ancestral home for the New Year’s. THere were many people standing around in the living room, they all had very enthusiastic attitudes towards Shu Ning. After all, Shu Ning was just like a precious baby, he had been hidden by Shu Gao in the city so it was hard to see him “live”, naturally they would have to try to get close to him! Shu Ning was too lazy to deal with him, but his big brother was about to come home soon, there was no way for him to wait quietly in the room.

Shu Zi Hui was very languished, she had went passionately overseas to stop He Ran, but in the end……she wasn’t even able to find his shadow, where on earth has he gone? For an entire year, He Ran’s attitude towards her had gotten more and more bland, as if he was bored with her. How could this do? They hadn’t even gotten married yet, Shu Zi Hui knew that He Ran cared about Shu Ning as a friend so she was thinking about whether or not she could make use of Shu Ning.

Seeing the outstanding Shu Ning, her eyes were lit on fire, Shu Ning had helped He Ran out this year as well, passing was just like a curse, he was clearly just the tail of the crane, but everybody would praise its beauty, whereas Shu Zi Hui was clearly extremely outstanding but she was completely ignored by the rest. It was still alright from the start, she could butter him up with this and that, but even Shu Zi Hui started to doubt her life after so much time had passed, what on earth have I been doing day by day? Losing myself like this, was it really worth it?

Shu Ning who was being surrounded just like a bunch of stars around a moon had grown up considerably. Shu Zi Hui curled up the corners of her lips and walked over to him together with her brother, Shu Zi Xuan.

“Long time no see~”Shu Zi Xuan was even more outstanding now, with just a light smile he was able to make people feel very good.

“Hello Brother Ning~”Shu Zi Hui had also become even more beautiful, she already had some grace in her with long flowy hair and snowy skin, He Ran’s a lucky guy.

“Cousins, Happy New Year~”Shu Ning was smiling on the surface but not beneath, he had been saying it a lot so it came out naturally just as he opened his mouth, and he didn’t care whether they were good or bad either ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Zi Xuan noticed it and knew that Shu Ning didn’t care, he was slightly gloomy:”Where’s Brother Heng?”

“He’s reaching home soon,”Only when Shu Heng mentioned was Shu Ning willing to say a bit more:”I still have some things to do, you guys can help yourselves to anything!”

How could Shu Zi Hui let Shu Ning go so easily? She still wanted to try to improve their relations, so she immediately pouted gloomily:”Brother Ning, you never pick up my calls and never go out to play with me and He Ran, have we started to drift apart? Or……did I do anything to offend you?”

“How could that be?”Shu Ning’s eyes widened, looking very innocent:”Where’s He Ran? He’s your fiancé, so why didn’t he come?”

“……”Shu Zi Hui stopped for a moment, that’s right, why didn’t I think of that? With Shu Ning here, he should be hopping over energetically right?

A glint flashed past Shu Zi Xuan’s eye and he put on a smile:”Cousin, you seem to have a good relationship with He Ran?”There’s something worth digging about here.

“We used to be from the same school. I’m going to go get a drink, help yourselves.”

You shouldn’t do something more than three times, he had already asked them to “help themselves” twice and everyone around them heard this, this pair of siblings will be making themselves look bad if they still insist on pushing it. The ones who came to visit during the New Year’s were all relatives, and they all came to try to deepen their relationship with the main family. If they were too possessive, it would cause a public outrage, Shu Zi Xuan knew and Shu Zi Hui did as well.

Shu Zi Xuan wanted to get closer to his cousins, he was already the side character in the Shu clan for the rest of his life.

Shu Zi Hui followed behind Shu Ning, she took out her phone and gave He Ran a call but he didn’t pick up. She was very angry but it wasn’t appropriate in this occasion so she could only endure it. She continued to send out text messages with a smile still on her face, maintaining a good image. He Ran saw the text message and was ecstatic, Shu Ning asked me to go, now that’s what I’m talking about.

He Ran was mental, if there’s anything he wanted to do, he would do it immediately, there was nothing his family could do about it either, in a bustle he went straight towards the Shu clan!

The servants of the Shu family stopped him outside, Shu Zi Hui knew that He Ran would come so she was already waiting there to welcome him. In a moment her face turned sour and she had a frown on her face:”Let him in.”

“I’m sorry miss, you don’t have the right to make that decision,”The one overlooking the door was a professional okay? Please give him some respect.

Shu Zi Hui suppressed her anger, after all this was the ancestral home, and the ancestral home was a big shot, humph.

He Ran put his two hands on the carved iron gates trying to squeeze his head through like a fool, he looked nothing like a young master from a rich family at all, he had a face full of scorn:”I say, Shu Zi Hui, Shu Zi Hui, didn’t you get adopted? Why aren’t they listening to you? This is too funny, when I get home I gotta tell my mom this, pfft~”

“You’re misunderstanding things,”Shu Zi Hui was anxious, if she knew this was going to happen, she wouldn’t be waiting here for this fool, she was just making things awkward for herself. So now the only thing she could do was look towards Shu Ning for help, after all he was the one who brought this up. Shu Ning’s phone wouldn’t go through, He Ran had already tried it just now. So with a dark face, Shu Zi Hui got on the car and rushed towards the hall.

After Shu Ning received the report, he had the guards let him in, Shu Zi Hui hadn’t reached when this happened.

He Ran got on his own car and it was quite a while before he reached the ancestral home. There were dazzling lanterns decorating the place and there were any moving figures inside, the men were wearing well-ironed suits, and the ladies were wearing long skirts or a two-piece, everybody was cheerful and it was lively. But of course, it was similar in He Ran’s family too, all his aunts from both his mom and dad’s side were here and they were able to come over to have a meal using their status as their relatives, they were simply annoying.

Because there were so many people today, Shu Zi Hui who was in a hurry didn’t see He Ran enter, she lifted up the hem of her skirt and walked off quickly, in a hurry to go pick him up.

Many people didn’t know who He Ran was, and the ones who did know him found it very strange, this wasn’t the day for outsiders to be coming to celebrate New Year’s.

He Ran was able to find Shu Ning at the most showy area, the two of them went together to a corner before He Ran was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief:”Your house is like some kind of fortress, it’s damn hard to get in here.”

He was just making a joke, Shu Ning understood:”Nothing we can do about it, special times calls for special methods, it’ll be bad if a thief slipped in.”In his past life, He Ran had framed Shu Ning and said that he had stolen something, and they found the stolen items with him. He had been hiding it for three years but he got a slap from Qin Yu Zhuo when she found out, it was easy to think of how Shu Ning felt as he said these words at this time.

“What’s nice to eat around here? I just so happen to be hungry,”He Ran’s gaze drifted through the crowd of beautiful little ladies of the Shu family, and nearly drooled:”Who’s that girl in the pink wool skirt?”

“Dunno, I don’t care much for catering to people at all but all the food is on the left, so help yourself to them, there’s too many relatives so I have to go take care of them now,”Shu Ning spoke honestly, then he raised an eyebrow in curiosity:”What brought you here?”

“Didn’t……”you call me out here? He Ran was secretly shocked, could it be that Shu Zi Hui was starting things again? No wonder she came out to greet me personally, so she wants to use me to get the limelight? Or is there some sort of conspiracy going down? Shit, damn that woman!

“What?”Shu Ning was superb at playing the fool.

“Nothing~ Go ahead and do what you have to, as the head of the family you should be showing your guests good hospitality~”

Shu Ning was too lazy to care about him, he walked to the front of the hall and waited, after half an hour passed, he finally saw the person he was waiting for!


A crane’s tail is to describe somebody who is lagging behind in class. I’d change it to something else but the way it was described mentioned the “beauty” of it so there we go.

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