RWSB Chapter 69

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What’s going on?

It wasn’t apparent on Shu Ning’s face but the uncertain feeling was playing about in his heart, could it be that grandpa contacted dad? That’s not possible, grandpa won’t complain to him just because of a small matter, and Sun Lin had also never left.

Then why was Shu Cheng so angry?

All the company’s affairs were handled within the company, he won’t bring them home to vent to his family. If it’s something big he’ll deal with it in the study, not in front of his son. Could it be……because Qin Yu Zhuo took the shares?

That seems even more off, Qin Yu Zhuo had just taken it away, she hadn’t even done anything yet!

Actually Shu Ning had underestimated the situation. Knowing that the little one was going to return, both Shu Gao and Shu Cheng had been keeping their eye on Qin Yu Zhuo, they wanted to know what exactly she was going to do and say, whether she really planned to harm Shu Heng! Actually, on the days where Shu Heng wasn’t around, Qin Yu Zhuo had been trying to find a way to enter the study on the second floor to take a look, but the security was too tight so there was no chance at all.

But of course, these movements of hers were kept secret, she had only consulted with two of her confidants and did not leave behind any tracks.

Until Shu Ning returned, and Qin Yu Zhuo had a chance to go about the second floor, only then was she exposed.

Naturally there were no surveillance cameras within the room, but they were in the hallway. Qin Yu Zhuo plastered her door to the door and listened, then hid, and rushed in when Shu Ning left, after a short moment she came out and the bottom of her clothes seemed rather unnatural, there should be something hidden inside.

Shu Heng gave a call to Shu Cheng on the day when he brought Shu Ning away, he told him that the little one decided to give up the company and decided to take care of the house instead, Shu Cheng was very gloomy, so he went looking for Shu Gao to discuss with him, anything could be said between the father and son pair. Shu Gao pursed his lips without speaking, the second grandson was indeed very smart but he wasn’t quite as bright as Shu Heng, it was quite normal for him to misunderstand if he tried to imply something while speaking to him, after all Shu Ning didn’t know that Shu Heng wasn’t his biological brother, the family business could never belong to Shu Heng.

Shu Cheng had always taken Shu Heng as his own son, so he wouldn’t let the truth be exposed, and as a father, Shu Gao respected his decision.

Shu Gao knew that he was wrong but he doted very much on his grandson and he didn’t want his son to misunderstand as well, so he told Shu Cheng about the shares.

Shu Ning just so happened to be visiting his grandpa during the holidays, so Shu Gao happily took out the shares to fawn on him. Shu Ning just had to receive it and that was the end of that.

Shu Cheng knew, so after seeing the surveillance footage, he was thrown into a fit of rage, there was no way for him to hide it at all.

At the dinner table, Shu Gao understood his son well so it wasn’t hard to guess what was going on without even asking, he hurriedly took Shu Ning’s hand:”Your dad should have some business matters to deal with, if we stay around and more people come things are going to get noisy, grandpa just planted some new flowers so let’s bring you over to have a look.”

It’s not too proper for a child to see the scene of their parents fighting, Shu Gao brought Shu Ning away immediately, Shu Ning who was so hyped about digging pits for his mother also decided to stay low-key, so they grouped together, and it’s time to go.

Ha ha ha……

Qin Yu Zhuo was actually quite amazing, really, she had done pretty well in her past life, she was the mistress of a rich household, and as Shu Cheng’s last woman she enjoyed so much glory, sitting at the top stop amongst the rich ladies of C City, everyone had their eyes on her no matter where she went, the flash of the reporters and paparazzi were all chasing towards her, she had been in magazines and charity drives, helping the poor and supporting university students, making her image look perfect, she was a winner in life and she was the real life version of Cinderella!

Now all she’s lacking was an autobiography.

The only thing that kept her in place was Shu Heng.

Qin Yu Zhuo had fallen into misfortune over and over in this lifetime, doomed time and again, and this was all caused by Shu Ning, he had been laying down traps specially for her, karma bites back hard, and she should bear it.

In the room on the third floor, the married couple were fighting, and every so often crying sounds would trail out. Shu Cheng was a gentleman so no matter how angry he was, he would never lay his hands on a woman, and even more so he wouldn’t throw things around, he tried to suppress his anger and control his voice, after all Qin Yu Zhuo was still pregnant. But of course Qin Yu Zhuo naturally would have hundreds of excuses, she blabbed on and on, and kicking things as she pleased, Shu Cheng hated this the most, if she’s got something to say then why can’t she say it properly?

“Get up!”

“No,”Seeing that the soft approach didn’t work, Qin Yu Zhuo changed into a tantrum throwing attitude instead, the warm image she had always kept was thrown aside, and she also got angry:”What did I do? Shu Ning is still so young so shouldnt I be keeping the shares for him? What did I do? Do you think I was going to sell it or something? Let’s not even mention that dad gave Shu Ning his shares, wouldn’t your shares go to him in the future too? You’re making it sound as if I’m greedy, What have I hankered over?”

“This is unreasonable.”

Qin Yu Zhuo did intend to do that, but she was able to remain victorious in this sticky situation, this was all a set up by Shu Gao, he had been using Shu Heng to thread the needle and controlled Shu Ning to deliberately trap me, Qin Yu Zhuo had already figured out the cause and effect so naturally she tried even harder to persuade her man:”I’ve already locked the shares into the safe, you can look in it if you don’t believe me.”

The safe in their room was shared, but Shu Cheng barely touches it. Earlier Qin Yu Zhuo had wanted to go downstairs earlier so she could wait for Shu Cheng to have breakfast together so right after she put the stuff in the safe, she went downstairs hurriedly without even touching the food in the room.

Shu Cheng opened the safe, they were really in there.

Qin Yu Zhuo was crying as if she felt very wronged, but Shu Cheng did not feel bad about it at all, he was not satisfied with Qin Yu Zhuo’s excuse, if she really weren’t greedy she could’ve just openly asked for it from Shu Ning, what can’t they talk about between a mother and her son? And what’s more Shu Ning was indeed very young, it was very normal for important things to be kept and managed by his parents.

But! You could definitely not steal it.

Qin Yu Zhuo could just tell Shu Ning after she took it away, even a fool could understand, it was taken away anyway so Shu Ning could only bear with it, if not what could he do? Whine about it?

Taking actions first and talking later, there was nothing Shu Ning could actually do, but it wasn’t as if everyone else there was dead either.

They’ve already been arguing for an hour, Qin Yu Zhuo who did not seem to be repentant at all had disappointed Shu Cheng completely, he was too lazy to quibble with her so he just took the shares and left, he was very upset. He took out his phone and gave his dad a call.

Shu Gao took out his phone to look at it, but cut it off instead of picking it up. Shu Ning saw the scene, his grandpa was dissing dad, it’s the woman you chose so you have to bear with it yourself. With a roll of Shu Ning’s eyes, he went to the bathroom to call his dad, he wanted to comfort him a little.

The depressed Shu Cheng hesitated for a moment, but he picked up.

“Dad, are you done with work?”

“It’s settled now, are grandpa’s flowers pretty?”

“They are, it was taken care of so properly so naturally they would be pretty,”Shu Ning added some implications within his words, he curled up the corners of his mouth, dad’s not a bad guy, now he could pretty much say that they were in the same boat, how pitiful:”Dad, do you want to come to the greenhouse? A bunch of purple flowers bloomed and they smell quite nice, I think it’ll help clear the worries from your mind.”

Shu Cheng sighed silently, and agreed. Naturally if he could go on a date with his son that would be a blast!

The sun was shining and all sorts of beautiful flowers were in bloom, the beautiful scene could make one feel very carefree and cheerful. The father and son pair were holding hands walking around the garden, you’ll smile as you look at me, and I’ll show you all the kindness I can give you, how wonderful. A hidden pair of eyes were staring at the scene gloomily, ah that makes one envious, can’t wait to dig out two holes!

The corner of Sun Lin’s mouth twitched:”Old brother, if you’re envious just stick yourself in, that’s your own son and your own grandson, there’s no need to put on airs……”He’s just living to suffer.

Shu Gao:”……”

If they were a few years younger Sun Lin would’ve definitely pushed Shu Gao out there, but right now he could only pull that one over:”Ning Ning, come drink some water before playing.”

It was just an excuse, but Sun Lin really was holding up some tea.

Shu Cheng touched his nose, humph, ignoring me and now you’re here to join in on my fun. But who was Shu Gao? Even if Shu Cheng farted he would know what it smelled like, he immediately rolled his eyes and personally poured a cup of tea for his grandson. After a while, the three man line started, with Shu Ning in the middle, he had one on his left and one on his right.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed, it was as if Qin Yu Zhuo had disappeared. The reason Shu Cheng gave to him was that she’s been feeling bad lately so she went to the island to relax, so it wasn’t too convenient to talk on the phone, after a few days your mom will contact you.

Shu Ning pretended to believe it, but actually not even a ghost would believe that →-→

The cleaning aunty accidentally noticed the paper bag so she handed it to Shu Ning, Shu Ning didn’t ask any questions and just pretended it really was an accident.

After returning to the capital, Shu Ning went to school every day and teased Shi Lang, but He Ran had only given him a call, he didn’t come over to play, it seems that the old man really can’t hold on anymore, the rumours had already been spread outside of the family. Shu Zi Hui still came, she was just like a fly, she didn’t even care if the egg was cracked, she would still come over to see how it smelled, and whether it tasted good or not, she wasn’t afraid of getting poisoned.

Meanwhile the foreman and his brother, Pang Qian, had already finished with the inspections, the land wasn’t too big so they couldn’t do any projects that were too big, he had already researched over things with Shu Ning and they started work immediately, Shu Ning had about two million on hand at this moment, one million of it was stuffed to him by Shu Gao, and Shu Cheng also gave him one million, probably as a thank you, some things were quite inconvenient for him to tell Shu Ning, such as the matter with Qun Yu Zhuo.

After all that was his mother, Shu Ning would probably get angry if he found out, and what if Shu Ning was actually willing to let Qin Yu Zhuo handle the shares? After Shu Gao and Shu Cheng discussed it with each other about it, they just decided to separate this pair of mother and son!

Shu Ning who didn’t know that all this was going on was very happy, he was busy working on his first project, the prelude had already been passed quietly and the loan was already in place, Shu Cheng had even given him some allowance, there was also Qin Yu Zhuo’s gold card in his bag, he would use it every month. While playing the stocks, Shu Ning would watch the real estate prices as well while looking at the English tutoring center, classes can officially start on winter.

Pang Qian really was a very competent guy, there were no delays even while working on two construction projects. Time went by just like flowing water, and in the blink of an eye even Shu Yao was born.

He didn’t even know what Shu Heng was doing in F Country, he had returned once midway through, but he flew back again after knowing that Shu Ning wanted to return to look at the baby.

Winter was here, it was the 7th day of December, Shu Ning waited as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, anticipating, and finally he saw the Rolls-Royce pull into the yard.

He should be going out to greet him but his legs just wouldn’t move, who asked him to leave for so long?

Shu Heng walked through the falling snow and entered the house, there were still little pieces of snowflakes on his hair, and the exceptionally handsome face was covered in frost that was colder than the winter air, the oppressive feeling surrounding him was almost explosive, he seemed even harder to get close to now.

Good chap, he’s gotten more amazing while he was away somewhere I couldn’t see  ̄へ ̄

Shu Heng hurried over in big strides, stripping off layers as he walked, the servants followed behind him to pick up his clothes and his bag, by the time he reached Shu Ning, Shu Heng was only wearing a sweater on his torso, making his body look even more slender, handsome, and perfect, especially those long legs of his, they were long and straight.

“Did you miss me?”

When Shu Heng spoke, he had already circled his arms around Shu Ning and picked him up, now they could exchange proper eye contact.

Shu Ning’s heel lifted off the ground, his face was slightly flushed and his heart was beating fast, what is he doing! Really, are you trying to show off how tall you are, you telephone pole?

“Did you miss me?”

“I did.”

“Which part of you missed me?”Your heart? I want your heart so bad, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes.

“My whole body missed you.”

This sentence was too exciting, Shu Heng couldn’t endure it and wanted to suck in his breath, he simply decided to sit down on the sofa together with Shu Ning while carrying him, He let the little one sit on his lap as he held him around his waist, there was almost no space between the two of them, even the tips of their nose were touching. Shu Ning and Shu Heng pored over each other silently, observing all the differences of the two of them.

“You’ve grown tall, and heavier now too.”

Shu Ning pouted:”What does that mean? You don’t want to hold me anymore? Am I squishing you?”Do you not like me anymore?

“How could that be? Give me a kiss!”

Shu Ning obediently gave Shu Heng a kiss on the forehead, he could fool himself no longer, this guy got manlier and manlier as he grew up, his voice was deep and pleasant, the oppressive aura surrounding him was on point, you could say he had basically grown into a dragon.

“On the mouth.”

“The maids are watching,”How could Shu Ning be unabashed? His little face had flushed red.

“Take a good look.”

Shu Ning turned his head around uncertainly, there really wasn’t anyone there, this place is haunted o(╯□╰)o

“Go on.”

Shu Ning had only hesitated for two seconds, really, it didn’t even go past two seconds. Suddenly, as if the earth and the skies had turned over, he was pressed down by Shu Heng to the sofa, Shu Ning wanted to struggle but Shu Heng was too strong, he was subdued just like that while kisses landed on his forehead, the tip of his nose, his face, then his lips, Shu Ning voiced out several whimpers and stopped completely.

His hands couldn’t move, his legs couldn’t move, and the back of his head was held in place by a big hand. Shu Ning closed his eyes as his heart rate sped up, he could feel his brother’s lips grinding down on his, and it was like a jolt of electricity was being passed to him through their lips. All the way until Shu Heng stopped, Shu Ning still hadn’t recovered from his daze, the after taste was still lingering on his mouth, and he even thought about how great it would be if they could continue.

Ah, why did he have to be my big brother? /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“We’re returning to C City tomorrow morning, there’s something I need to tell you now, it has something to do with your mom,”Shu Heng’s tone was very gentle, seemingly afraid of inciting him, it was different if he were to find out when he returned to the ancestral home than if he were to tell him now to prepare him. Shu Ning watched him blankly, and Shu Heng said slowly:”Your mother gave birth prematurely, and her body’s not doing very well right now, she has to go overseas to recover for several years before she can return, you’re in high school now after skipping grades so you won’t be able to catch up with your studies if you go overseas to visit her, so how about I bring you over after you graduate from high school?”


“I’ll be going to M Country for two years, and I can also take care of your mom there.”

What? M Country for two years? Things are starting to get in line. How many degrees was Shu Heng planning to get, doesn’t two years seem rather short? He had just wanted to ask when Shu Ning shut his mouth, who was Shu Heng? He’ll definitely have no issues, we’ve only been separated for a month and I’m already missing him like mad, if I had to wait three years won’t I really go crazy? Shu Ning stretched out his arms and curled them around his brother’s neck.

“Okay! I promise you,”Sigh, Shu Ning was a little disappointed:”Mom likes perfection the best, so she definitely wouldn’t want me to see her when she’s in such a state, I understand,”Like hell~ It’ll be great if I never have to see her for the rest of my life, she was definitely exiled, ha ha, this is good, living on the other side of the ocean, thinking about her kids and the Shu clan’s family business, not caring about food or drink, getting insomnia at night, Qin Yu Zhuo you have to hold on, if you go crazy you’re going to lose everything.

Shu Heng misunderstood, after all that was his mother, not anyone else, Shu Heng immediately held him tight:”I’ll be here for you.”

“Who told me they wanted to separate for two years?”

“……”Shu Heng’s gaze darkened:”I’ll come back earlier.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you, but no matter how busy you are you still have to give me a call! I’ll allow you to make me wait two days in between calls, where are your thanks?”

“I’ll thank you in the room.”

Shu Heng simply leaned over Shu Ning, pressing heavily down on him, the sofa was very soft so he won’t hurt him. Shu Ning liked this a lot, he observed him with narrowed eyes and combed through his brother’s hair with his little hand, every so often he would touch his neck, caress his face, and naughtily he stuffed his hands into his collar, touching the fiery hot skin on his back.

He’s real, this isn’t a dream……

The hem of his clothes was pulled out, Shu Ning went stiff, a pair of big hands entered and was moving all around the place, Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk and his breathing was getting disordered.


“You started it first.”

“I was wrong.”

“Too late.”

“Ahhh……that tickles……ha ha ha, I was wrong……aahh I was wrong~……”

The greatest pleasure in Shu Heng’s life was playing with his brother. Shu Heng hadn’t had enough, but he was only willing to stop after seeing his little brother starting to sweat, he picked up the little one and went upstairs for a bath. It’s been a while since he’s seen his naked body, and a long time since he was able to touch all over his body, bathing together was one of the most intimate things they did between them, Shu Ning had already gotten used to it so he didn’t mind it, Shu Heng was very happy but he was also quite sad.

The little one had grown up quite a fair bit, he obediently allowed Shu Heng to take off all his clothes and the two sat together in the water, the smell of the soap bubbles filled the air, coupled with all the mist, it felt like they were in Wonderland. Shu Ning let himself fall back and leaned into his big brother’s embrace, his little hands fell naturally on his thighs and he gave it a squeeze, the male god really is the male god after all, this muscle……bouncy~

“You’ll get it too.”

“You say that all the time,”Shu Ning turned back to look at him, and his naughty hands touched his brother’s pecs and abdominal muscles, his abs were his favourite, eight pack!

Shu Heng reached the focal point, and Shu Ning spread his legs……

His little hole was still so small, like a pink chrysanthemum in bud, waiting for bloom. Shu Heng saw it but pretended he didn’t, if not he would get a reaction. He quickly cleaned that part and took a breath, when will he be able to enjoy it?

Meanwhile Shu Ning felt that his big brother was the best, he knew that it was awkward for me so he cleaned up that part very quickly, unlike the other areas, he can take as much time as he want.

His brother seemed like an amnesiac, his chest had already been washed thrice ╮(╯▽╰)╭

He took him out and wrapped a big towel around him, Shu Heng had only wrapped a towel around his waist and he carried the little one out.

Shu Ning’s head was drooping low, and his wicked eyes swept around like an x-ray, big brother’s naked body is so fit:”Hey~ How tall are you now?”

“Measure it yourself.”

“……”How am I going to do that? Shu Heng was laying down properly on top of the bed, Shu Ning was dumbfounded, and the corner of his mouth twitched, isn’t this too childish? Are you laying down so I can try to figure it out? God, might as well just guess:”Over one meter and ninety centimeters?”


“You’re so tall!”

“Do you like it?”

“Of course I like it, if I could grow to a hundred and ninety centimeters, no, even a hundred eighty wu wu wu wu……”Why did you cover my mouth!

“You’re not allowed to talk about unlucky things,”Shu Heng couldn’t stand it, his gaze was extremely sharp and quite frightening.

Shu Ning cried without tears, he nodded his head and the hand holding his mouth withdrew, Shu Heng picked up another towel and helped Shu Ning dry his hair, Shu Ning pouted and didn’t speak.

His little brother is unhappy, but instead Shu Heng curled up the corners of his lips:”We’re going back tomorrow night.”

Huh? Weren’t we leaving in the morning? It immediately caught Shu Ning’s interest:”What are we going for?”

Still not too much of a fool, what a good little brother, Shu Heng had a look that was hard to discern, and dealt with it easily:”We’re going to buy you some clothes, the ones you have on are getting a bit small.”

Are they? If you say so, only now did Shu Ning cheer up a little, this big bad wolf Shu Heng actually caught his interest. Oh no, it’s animal underwear, but……isn’t this too……that?

“I turned up the temperature for the air conditioner, so just sleep like this tonight.”

Shu Ning would’ve dared to retort if Shu Yao wasn’t born, why did he have to go as Shu Heng says? After all he was the one wearing it, he had to struggle to the end.

“Arms up!”

Shu Ning was stunned, and so a pair of cute ultra-thin cute kitty cat pajamas were put on him, there were ribbons on the shoulder strap, and a pair of briefs below, naturally the tail wouldn’t be lacking, on his chest was a little kitty paw jutting out, it wasn’t too big, it was a nice finishing touch. Below the hem of the clothes were two little cat paws, they should be the hind legs.

“Crawl over and let me see how it looks.”

His face was covered in black lines, Shu Ning thought to himself secretly hell no, it’s not like I had an obligation. Unexpectedly, Shu Heng coaxed him warmly, and after some persuasion he agreed.

Shu Heng did not rush him, he sat there waiting quietly. Shu Ning smiled bitterly, what am I hesitating for? Ah, Shu Ning took a deep breath and crawled up the bed in all fours like an animal, step by step he was very slow, after all it felt like there was a tornado in his heart, it was like his whole person’s worth had dropped, all the dignity he had was all extinguished by Shu Heng the second he decided to hug his thighs.

Shu Heng’s gaze looked very obscure with a flame hidden within, just that Shu Ning had his head lowered because he was embarrassed, so he didn’t see.

At this moment, Shu Heng really wanted to pounce on him, he was only able to endure by clenching his fists.

Shu Ning crawled to Shu Heng’s side and sat down, a helpless look on his face:”Satisfied?”

“Mm, looks very cute, it’s quite a shame the tail doesn’t move, move it a bit, I want to see.”

I’ve already given you face, Shu Ning was angry, he grabbed the towel that was used to dry his hair earlier and threw it to Shu Heng’s face! He pounced over bravely, I just don’t believe that I’ll still lose with this opportunity.

Oh shit!

The world turned over and Shu Ning fell to the bed, he was pressed down by his brother.

“Had enough?”

It was still fine if Shu Heng didn’t say that, but as soon as he said it, it was like a fire was lit in Shu Ning, he was enraged, he refused to admit defeat, we’ll all find out who the winner is.

Once, twice, thrice……After ten or so times, Shu Ning had no more strength, Shu Heng could play with him however he wanted to, this was not fair.


“Mm?”Shu Heng massaged Shu Ning’s arms and legs gently:”Want me to comfort you?”

Comforting means a kiss, so forget it, Shu Ning was extremely gloomy:”Brother, how did you grow so big?”You’re so strong, it makes things hard for the others.

“I eat rice, you eat porridge.”


“You want to have another go? I’ll let you use two hands!”

“Roll outta here!”

Oh my, asking me to get off? Shu Heng was at a loss for a moment, and Shu Ning was also dumbfounded, how could he speak out his heart like that? This was Shu Heng, the god! Quickly explain yourself, you’re going to be doomed, even Shu Ning’s cold sweat was leaking out, he was shivering and nervous, he was slightly frightened and hadn’t thought about what to say yet, when Shu Heng started to roll around Shu Ning’s little body, one circle~ two circle~ three circle……

What the fuck……

“There, I rolled, did that feel nice?”

“Mm, go to sleep, brother,”Come on, I’m begging you, you are the moon in the sky, the stars, and the sun /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I was wrong~


Shu Heng went to the bathroom again, Shu Ning stared up at the ceiling like a corpse, he was thinking that if you compare yourself to others, you are just bringing death to yourself. Shu Heng returned with a warm wet towel, he helped Shu Ning wipe his face, neck, his hands and legs, and so on. It felt nice after all the sweat was wiped off, this big brother really is too warm and gentle. Shu Ning’s eyes grew blurry, if my boyfriend was like this I wouldn’t have any regrets even if I died.

While they were holding each other, Shu Heng didn’t want to sleep, Shu Ning didn’t either, they both closed their eyes, inhale, exhale, it felt as if they were breathing the air of each other into themselves, it was warm and felt very good. Shu Heng stuck his ear to Shu Ning’s chest, he had also fallen in love with the sound of his heart beats, beat, by beat, he really wanted time to stop.

Shu Ning opened his eyes:”What’re you doing?”Big brother’s hair was so soft, and so silky, feels very ticklish.

Shu Heng didn’t speak, he listened quietly, no wonder little brother liked sticking to my chest so much, so this was the reason.

Shu Ning who was wearing a small skin-tight vest had his arms and legs bare, big brother was only wearing underwear so their skin were sticking to each other, it felt extremely intimate, even a pair of lovers wouldn’t be this close, it was too sticky, Shu Heng was love deprived but he was also his big brother, if not Shu Ning would’ve thought that he had fallen for him a long time ago.

Just thinking about it was embarrassing, he was such a good big brother, would he be heartbroken if he found out I was gay in the future?

He’ll find out sooner or later, he’ll try to get in slowly bit by bit before he grew up, to try to ease him into it in case he couldn’t take it if he brought his boyfriend home. If he objected, it would make me sad. Thinking about his future partner, Shu Ning recalled that he would be so happy and anticipating in the past, but he didn’t know why his chest felt so stuffy and unhappy, as if there was a shadow covering his mind.

“What’s wrong?”

Suddenly regaining his senses, Shu Ning’s eyes were slightly evasive of his:”No……nothing~”

His heart rate suddenly sped up, that was a lie. Shu Heng got closer to Shu Ning’s little face, it was red and seemed to look slightly puzzled, could it be there was a girl he likes? I’ll never allow it. Shu Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously, it looked very terrifying:”Tell me, who were you thinking about?”

“You,”It was the truth, really. Shu Ning was innocent, he blinked his eyes, and again, big brother was so sticky:”I swear of it.”

Shu Heng halted, he watched Shu Ning until the little hand touched his face, and Shu Heng regained his senses:”Really?”


“Then give me a kiss as proof.”


“I thought you were thinking of me? A lying little kid will be spanked.”

Where is my aloof male god? Are you supposed to be saying that? Shu Ning’s heart felt very wronged, he closed his eyes and kissed him, mua mua mua, is three times enough? He didn’t know why but his heart felt sweet like honey. Shu Ning’s breathing went into disorder and his little hand was holding his chest, this is weird, it’s getting weirder and weirder.

Shu Heng watched his movements and was ecstatic inside, he caught Shu Ning’s little hand and gave it a little squeeze, then stuck his head back to his chest. As expected, the little one’s heartbeats was chaotic, and also very fast.

Did he have an enlightenment? Or did he just find out about love? No matter, I’ll wait for you. Shu Heng closed his eyes and finally had the mood to sleep, besides the one he was holding in his arms was his lover for the rest of his life, he felt peaceful.

Shu Ning slipped his body down to curl into his brother’s arms. He arched his body slightly, searching for the most comfortable position to sleep in. THe night is long, he wasn’t sure what kind of clothes his brother would choose for him, I’m all good as long as long as it wasn’t a skirt.

Unknowingly, Shu Ning had gotten used to these weird clothes, just like the one he was currently wearing, they were clearly for girls and it was also slightly sheer, everything beneath was half visible, are all girls so open these days?

With some suspicion, Shu Ning fell asleep with his limbs entangled around with Shu Heng’s, it was almost unclear which belonged to whom.

Early the next morning, they had their meal and sat around until it was ten o’clock before they left. Shu Heng brought Shu Ning shopping to buy some clothes, then they went to eat, just like a date. In fact, it was a date. When they return to the ancestral home, many eyes would be watching them, so they could only sit around in the room. If it happens too much, Shu Ning would get annoyed, going out every so often was good, just look at how happy his little brother was.

They looked through quite a few men’s stores, a sweater that had been popular recently caught Shu Heng’s eyes, he ran his hands through it and the texture was pretty good, it’ll definitely feel very comfortable for the little one to wear this. They could buy two of the same design as a couple outfit, that’s not bad. Shu Heng had an obscure look in his eyes, and the staff in the store quickly came over to introduce the product, Shu Ning had also come over.

“Big brother has good taste, this is simple, stylish, and open.”

“You like it?”

“Mm,”I like anything my big brother gifts me, Shu Ning was sincere.

The clerk was super fast, she immediately took one of a smaller size and handed it to Shu Ning. Shu Ning gave it a touch and was very satisfied with the softness. While trying it on in the changing room, Shu Heng had also asked for something from the clerk. Shu Ning who was done dressing stepped out, he took a look at the mirror first, it fit him well with a V neck collar, it looked very good when matched with the white shirt inside, he had just turned around when someone familiar entered his sight.

Shi Lang’s mouth twitched and he had a nasty attitude:”Are you kidding me? I see you everywhere I go, that’s so unlucky.”

A very pretty girl angled her head, seemingly quite curious:”Who’s this? You know him?”

“I do know him, but more than that, enemies really are destined to meet!”

When Shi Lang spoke, several boys walked in with Shi Shuai in the lead, they were all Shi Shuai’s friends and each of them were handsome, tall, and of good birth. A few pretty girls were tagging along behind with branded handbags in their hands, wearing leather pants, skirts, and what not, boots, and light makeup, they looked like popular girls no matter how you looked at them, they had also come to shop.

Shu Ning? Shi Shuai had some impression of the little genius.

Shi Lang was annoyed to the breaking point, with a frown his tone of speech was also coming on pretty strong:”I say, little guy, can you even fit in the clothes here? This is a men’s clothing store! Do you have the right body for it? Why don’t you go around the kiddie stores downstairs instead?”

Several of the girls covered up their smiles and checked Shu Ning out, but they didn’t dare to quip at him directly. First off, they weren’t fools, and secondly, they didn’t want to offend anyone either, the clothes here were pretty expensive and the ones who could shop at the top floor were all rich people, so they couldn’t look down at him.

Whereas Shi Lang’s girlfriend was a brain dead, she looked down at him with her chin raised:”Hey kid, where are your parents? It won’t be good if you lost them!”

Shi Lang was laughing with his girlfriend, Shi Shuai frowned and wanted to speak, but the door to the changing room opened.

Shu Heng came out!

This man was too outstanding, no matter whether it was his appearance or temperament, they were all unparalleled. He also had a superior attitude of aloofness and arrogance, every person his gaze swept past turned their eyes away, they felt that the iciness was too prickly, and lacked emotion, they were nervous and didn’t even dare to take a bigger breath.

So strong!

This would only ever happen when they were facing the most powerful seniors in their families, for him to have such power at such a young age, he definitely wasn’t a simple character, who the hell is he?

Shu Shuai’s pupils shrunk, he had some impression of him as if he had seen him in the birthday party of any of the big families, although it was just a quick glimpse, this man was too outstanding, and the impression it left on him was lasting.

“Young Master Heng?”Shi Shuai tried to call out to him, the other person ignored him and was looking elsewhere.

It was the little genius, Shu Ning, oh shit was this someone he knew? The clothes Shu Ning and Shu Heng were wearing were the same, even a fool could tell that their relationship was close.

“Brother, I’m thirsty, should we go downstairs?”

“Alright,” Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s little hand and looked him up and down, the sweater looked very good on him.

Shu Ning was also looking at Shu Heng, and secretly he was in a good mood. Big brother was too handsome, truly a man who incurs the wrath of both god and men, peh peh peh~ o(╯□╰)o

As for Shi Lang and the rest, Shu Ning did not care about them at all, he can just deal with them slowly. Recently, Shi Lang kept stepping out of line, he was actually still dumb enough to not know he had been punked, he and Shu Ning had never been in the same line at all, whether they could play or not was based on their mood. It was just like that rainy day, Shi Lang ran a few words over at Shu Ning out of annoyance, and indignantly, the class monitor put in a packet of sanitary pads in Shi Lang’s bag……

And one could expect how that ended, when Shi Lang noticed something strange in his bag and he took it out for a look, everyone including the teacher was around, and their faces were all covered with black lines and they were dumbfounded……

This guy still didn’t know what was going on, he even opened it up to take a look, and finally he realized, he was so scared that he hurriedly threw it away and it just so happened to land and stick on a male teacher’s shoe.

What is sadness? Shi Lang’s entire body was~ Actually it was quite hard to find somebody as dumb as him, his lethality was in negative numbers.

Just because Shu Ning didn’t care, didn’t mean Shu Heng didn’t. Although Shu Heng didn’t say anything, he took a look at Shi Lang, he’ll definitely remember this. Shi Shuai’s cold sweat was already flowing down, this attitude of his already proved that this was Young Master Heng. Damn it, this dumbass Shi Lang is giving me trouble again. He couldn’t just pretend to be ignorant, Shi Lang’s surname was also Shi, so if I’m here I had to do something about it.

The corners of Shi Lang’s eyes twitched, damn, what brother was this, should be the biological one. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a fiery pain shot out on his face, his body had turned to the side and he nearly fell down:”Brother!”Did you hit me? Was that a slap? Am I dreaming?

Shi Shuai had a face full of rage, he was very angry:”Apologize!”


Pa, it was very loud, Shi Shuai did not hold back at all:”Did you hear me? I told you to apologize.”

Both sides of his face was swollen, Shi Lang pursed his lips as if he was going to cry. Shu Ning saw the scene and was quite surprised, logically, the Shi family was very powerful so why did they have to give Shu Heng face? Shi Shuai had come to the class before and didn’t care much for Shu Ning, but right now he put justice above his family, he was definitely afraid of Shu Heng getting revenge after this.

He touched his chin, that’s strange, did Shi Shuai recognize the wrong person? In the future big brother would just be the head honcho of C City, but of course he had businesses in the capital too, but it was always lacking. Could it be he’s hiding something I don’t know of? Triad boss, national agent, some kind of legendary heir?

I’m thinking too much.

Shu Ning spunked up because Shi Lang was given another slap, and apologized reluctantly.

Shu Ning nodded, he was too lazy to deal with him right now, so he’ll take it as an apology:”Brother, let’s go.”

When Shi Shuai hit his cousin, Shu Heng was settling the bill, after all his brother said he was thirsty, naturally he wouldn’t delay for even a second:”Alright, let’s go.”

The clerk had a very good attitude and sent them out passionately:”Thank you, please come again, we will send the clothes over tonight!”

Shu Heng ignored everyone , he took Shu Ning’s hand and gave it a squeeze, so squishy, although he had grown bigger, taller, and heavier, his body still fit his satisfaction. Actually, it didn’t matter what Shu Ning would grow into, there was no way Shu Heng’s feelings for him would change anymore, his feelings had taken root deep into his heart, and it’ll never be change!

Shi Shuai didn’t dare to stop them, he could only put on a smile and say some pleasantries, his attitude was neither haughty nor humble, after all he was the young master from a big family so he would never bow down.

Whereas Shu Heng……With an “mm”, that was the end of that.

Too badass, too handsome, too cool, it’s too much!

Shu Ning’s eyes were starry, he admired Shu Heng a lot, there was no need for him to worry about things since he seemed to find everything so insignificant.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,”Walking on the marble floor tiles, the two figures seemed to blur together as if they were merging into one, Shu Ning smiled:”I just think that big brother is the best.”

“You only found that out now?”

Shu Ning didn’t speak, he gave his big palm a squeeze and naughtily curled up his fingers and gave it a scratch, expressing his feelings.

Shu Heng’s throat bobbed up and down, he was getting slightly thirsty. Growing up day by day, Shu Ning’s charm was increasing by the day as well, Shu Heng’s self-control has started to become quite unreliable:”Do you want to eat ice cream?”To put out the fire.

“Brother, you’re the best!”

The little one was happy, Shu Heng was as well, such a naive little brother, what am I going to do with you?

Shi Shuai stood in the distance and watched the two as they disappeared into a corner. Shu Heng, Shu Ning, from the same family, god damn it why did I never notice this? He should’ve investigated it early on, then he wouldn’t have to be embarrassed today. If there’s anyone he could blame, it would have to be Shi Lang, however nothing was absolute, as long as I make good use of him, they may even be be able to be friends.

A thing such as fate, can be quite wonderful sometimes.

Shi Lang was sniffling and crying as if the sky had collapsed, his partner was coaxing him but she got a slap instead, the brain dead girl ran off in tears.

Shi Shuai ignored it, and he didn’t care either, he stepped gracefully over to the passionate clerk:”I’m acquaintances with that person from earlier, can you help me out?”

In the restaurant on the first floor sat a pair of brothers, the big brother was handsome and aloof, just like a prince, the little brother was pale and petite, with refined features and an elegant hairstyle, very cute.

Several older white-collar workers were watching them secretly, occasionally they would smile, beautiful and moving, they were pleasing to the eyes.

“You like them?”Does little brother like the big sister type girls?

“What made you think that?”I was just afraid that you’d be snatched away, it’s no good to underestimate the power of a mature beauty, a simple smile from them could snatch away the hearts of any single romantics. Gloomy, but Shu Heng wasn’t that kind of guy, if not he would’ve gotten married early on in his past life. Damn it, why am I hoping for him to not marry? It would be great if he could stay with me forever.

That’s too selfish.

Shu Ning quickly fed a spoonful of ice cream to Shu Heng, he was acting rather diligent, after all the goodies he had received today were all given to him by his brother.

Shu Heng’s gaze was leisurely, it’s fine as long as he didn’t like beauties, that’s a relief, his little brother was so cute so it was naturally for him to catch someone else’s attention, Shu Heng fed a bite of ice cream to Shu Ning.

This was an indirect kiss, when would Shu Ning realize?

After finishing their ice cream, they went to look at some shoes as well, they woke up rather late in the morning so they had their meals late as well, it was almost one o’clock soon, the little one should be hungry now. There were lots of good food on the first floor but there were too many people, Shu Heng looked towards Shu Ning:”What do you want to eat?”

Shu Ning didn’t like how crowded it was as well, you even had to line up at some of them:”How about hot pot?”

Generally they wouldn’t eat hot pot at home, Shu Gao felt that it was unsanitary for everyone to use the same pot, this must be due to that wicked Qin Yu Zhuo again. Shu Ning understood, and he put on a smile, naughtily he wanted to cause trouble again:”Could it be, big brother is afraid of spicy food?”

【Omake mini theater】

The stupid writer climbed over the mountains, climbing, rolling, and jumping, and finally reached Shu Heng’s villa, Shu Ning was woken up at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

“Come and drink~”

“Author mama?”Shu Ning brightened up, but the bubbling liquid on the spoon was very scary:”What’s this?”

“I won’t harm you!”

That is right, the protagonist had an immortal aura, Shu Ning felt pretty good after drinking it:”Can you tell me now?”

“Ripening feed~”→-→

Shu Ning:”……”Σ( ° △°|||)︴


Roll = Fuck off

also we all know Shu Heng doesn’t want time to stop, what he wants is a time skip

I forgot all about this last time but I drew a very bad and vry fast doodle, I’m going to share it anyway

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