RWSB Chapter 68

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The look in his grandson’s eyes were very clear without a hint of greed, he didn’t even try to touch it, although he wasn’t very talented, he had a priceless characters, that’s good, good!

“Grandpa spoke wrongly last time, don’t take it to heart.”

Was he talking about giving the company to Shu Heng? It should’ve been his from the start, Shu Ning wouldn’t mind. but when Shu Gao suggested it, it did make him feel slightly bitter:”Grandpa……”

“Take this back and let Shu Heng deal with it, then you can handle it when you’re eighteen, this is your grandpa’s sincerity.”

“Thank you grandpa,”Shu Ning was quite touched, such a good thing never happened in his past life, but of course things may still change:”But grandpa, I really don’t want to inherit the company, I have my own plans.”

Shu Gao held Shu Ning’s little face and had a good look at it:”You’re not interested in such a big business?”

“But to have interest I first have to have ability,”Shu Ning cried without tears, and looked earnestly at his grandfather:”Brother is good too, and he treats me even better, even if I don’t inherit the Shu clan I can still do others right? Don’t worry grandpa, at the very least I won’t just turn into waste, nor would I just sit and nothing.”

It seems that this child has matured quite early, he’s already thought things through, or maybe there was somebody behind the scenes constantly telling him things which made the noble Shu Ning so haughty, showing attitude so early on. Shu Gao sighed, no matter how excellent Shu Heng was, they would never be related by blood, but he really was a very reassuring guy! If his son and his daughter-in-law had a new child, they would probably neglect this one wouldn’t they? Shu Gao saw it all, he thought a lot about it, and with Shu Heng taking care of Shu Ning naturally there would be nothing better.

The conversation ended on a warm note, Shu Gao spoke about a lot of things with Shu Ning, especially one particular thing: Having a good leader is important, if you can’t advance then the best you can do is stand your ground, there will always be someone who could bring you to greater heights. Shu Ning with a head full of questions wanted to look for his father for a chat, just when he was about to go downstairs he peeked a white skirt from the corner of his eyes, the only person who dared to stand around on the third floor at this time could only be Qin Yu Zhuo, why is she always fussing over things? Isn’t she scared of suddenly dying?

Shu Ning shook his head and put the paper bag on top of the vase on the hall of the fourth floor before going down:”Mom.”

“Come with me!”

They went to the bedroom on the third floor, turns out Shu Cheng was out on a business trip and only Qin Yu Zhuo was here, no wonder she’s being so active.

Shu Ning sat on top of the sofa with Qin Yu Zhuo sitting across from him:”Jot down this phone number, it’s someone I arranged for you. Shu Heng’s not around so you just focus on your studies, do you know what he’s doing overseas?”

“I don’t.”

You fool, you’re living under the same roof and you don’t even know anything:”Then have you entered his study before?”

“I’m not allowed in.”


“Mom, give me some allowance, the more the better, I’ve made some friends with quite some power and we go out to play quite often, just ten thousand a month is barely enough, often just one meal will use up a lot of my allowance.”

A few thousand for one meal? Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes brightened up:”Who are they? Let me hear it,”Definitely not the children of any small characters.

Shu Ning told her all about it, he even mentioned Shi Shuai, but in fact the two of them had never even had a single conversation. But Qin Yu Zhuo believed him because Shu Zi Xuan had mentioned him while talking to her, he was the heir of the Shi family, Qin Yu Zhuo was quite pleased to hear about all this, it seems that Shu Ning still had some use, she rubbed her stomach out of habit:”Then……I’ll give you a card.”

It’s more convenient to give money but a card seemed fine as well, but it was in fact a double-edged sword, there were records. If too much was spent, Qin Yu Zhuo could even tell Shu Cheng that Shu Ning wasn’t sensible or whatnot ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Just taking out a hundred thousand a month was good enough, heh heh, Shu Heng definitely gets more every month, he’s even started a business, the old man sure is generous.

“You can’t take Shu Heng’s matters lightly, I……”Qin Yu Zhuo had only spoken half of it when her phone rang, it was Shu Cheng:”Ning Ning, you should go back to your room and sleep first, don’t forget to drink milk and if you have nothing to do, don’t go looking for your uncle too much in case you get caught up in his problems.”


Shu Ning left and yawned, he didn’t mention Shu Yao, she’s not even taking proper care of her own baby so forget it.

After retrieving the paper bag and reaching his room, it felt too lonely for Shu Ning, his big brother’s smell wasn’t present, so decided instead to go over to his brother’s room to sleep. The black blanket looked extraordinarily warm, just like sleeping in his brother’s arms.

Shu Heng would definitely call at nine every night and coax Shu Ning to sleep, it felt very unreasonable but Shu Ning liked it, Shu Heng also couldn’t get enough of it.

His phone rang, Shu Ning layed down on top of the bed:”Brother, guess where I’m at?”

“The bodyguard said you entered the room, so you should be on the bed.”

“……”There’s no mystery at all _(:зゝ∠)_

“Grandpa left the shares to you and Shu Yao, don’t tell this to your mother alright?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning understood but he didn’t want to talk more about this:”Brother, I miss you.”

“I know.”

The door opened, Shu Ning turned his head over in surprise and stared with his mouth open at Shu Heng who was walking over, could he have taken a flight back at noon? Because of what I said? That’s not possible is it?

“Didn’t you miss me? Where’s your sincerity?”

Shu Ning spread out his little hands and Shu Heng lowered his body to hold the little one, he sat down on the bed and touched his hair, caressed his face, but it wasn’t enough, he gave him many kisses and it felt like there wasn’t a single spot on his face he hadn’t kissed, Shu Ning was bashful, at first he let him do as he pleased but he wasn’t allowed to kiss his lips, he would dodge left and right, but this instead made Shu Heng even more energetic.

Shu Ning was breathless and he couldn’t evade him, Shu Heng happily gave him a few kisses:”That’s more like it.”


“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng had a look that was hard to discern, when he asked it instead made the little one fall silent, Shu Heng turned the topic over:”Have you washed up?”


His benefits are here, Shu Heng went to fill the tub and Shu Ning followed by himself, al though he liked being carried around by his big brother, Shu Ning felt that they had to stop sooner or later, if he got used to it and he stopped receiving these benefits in the future wouldn’t that make him sad?

“Will you take it off yourself?”

“……”Shu Ning thought of stopping this earlier but now that his brother said this, it instead made him unhappy.

Shu Heng watched the change in his expression and went over to help the little one strip, he held him tight in his arms, was Shu Ning starting to understand me? He didn’t know whether he should advance now or continue to hold himself back, might as well let things go naturally.

While bathing, Shu Heng deliberately went slowly, he started speaking and guiding Shu Ning into interacting with him, at the end they even played the splashing game, Shu Ning won. Some water got into Shu Heng’s eyes but he also received the care of the little one, it was worth it.

They slept in each other’s embrace at night, this is happiness, Shu Heng was thinking to himself that five years is really quite a long time, Shu Ning was thinking that his big brother mentioned he had to take a flight tomorrow morning to return to F Country, it was very saddening. However……the gift he was wearing truly was……hard to describe with words. Why? He still had pants in the past but now they were just briefs with an artificial tail attached to the back, Shu Heng wanted Shu Ning to crawl up the bed to see the effects but Shu Ning did not agree to it.

On his torso was a small vest, such thin shoulder straps, is this designed for girls?

Shu Ning asked with suspicion and Shu Heng nodded, he even said that there used to be a bow but he was afraid that Shu Ning wouldn’t be willing to wear it, so he took it off.


Shu Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and he thanked him! It was ironic, but also his tacit consent, in the future big brother will probably bring girls’ pajamas for me to wear, wouldn’t he? Oh my god, my days are over.

Gosh, forget it, he’ll do it for the sake of his brother’s business, he was just wearing it in the room for one night for him alone to see anyway, a mysterious feeling suddenly sprang up that made him feel hot and breathless, Shu Ning with his reddened ears immediately took a few deep breaths and suppressed the feeling, you’re only thirteen, if you do that too early you won’t grow tall. Shu Ning wasn’t too greedy, just one meter and seventy five centimeters was enough!

His waist was held tightly by his big brother, holding him very close, Shu Ning was used to it and he closed his eyes, smelling the scent that belonged to his brother.

Shu Heng didn’t sleep, he moved his arms down his little brother’s thighs and gave them a squeeze, he seems to have some meat on him now, not bad. He hooked over his little legs with his large palm and put them between his own legs and clasped down on them, entangling their legs.

Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, he opened his eyes and looked up, his big brother was resting with his eyes closed. Every so often the handsome face would snuggle into his hair and his face, as if he liked them very much, he would even snuggle up to the tip of his nose occasionally.


Shu Ning’s heart rate sped up, he also moved his hands over to touch his big brother’s face and comb his fingers through his hair, the soft and silky strands of hair passed through the gaps of his fingers, the feeling was very nice. Shu Heng opened his eyes and looked down, their eyes were locked together affectionately. Shu Heng was sincere, but Shu Ning hadn’t thought his feelings through yet, he just felt that the look in his brother’s eyes were very gentle. At this moment, I was the only thing present within his eyes, and he was also the only thing present within my heart, everything was quiet as if I’d become my big brother’s world. Shu Ning’s heart flooded with emotion as he leaned over and kissed his brother on the face.

“Do you like your big brother?”

“I like.”

When will he say he loves me instead? Shu Heng’s gaze was extremely profound and dark:”You have to prove it.”

To prove it means I had to kiss his lips!

Shu Ning suddenly felt super depressed, could it be that brother thinks I’m the most bothered with the mouth so every time he wanted me to prove it, I had to kiss his lips? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

A kiss without desire and only affection, maybe he’s using his brother to try it out before trying his hands at dating? It’s not like he has feelings for me anyway!

Ah, Shu Ning’s face turned pale, he gave a peck on Shu Heng’s perfectly shaped lips. It was just a quick tap before he moved away, he lowered his head unhappily, day dreaming while staring at his brother’s chest. Shu Heng saw this and he felt his heart shrinking abruptly, his voice was extremely low:”What’s wrong?”


“You want to sleep?”Would Shu Heng believe him? He said he wanted to sleep but his hands had something else to say, he held up the little one’s chin and looked at him, turning on the nightlight:”What’s wrong?”


He scooped him up and held him in his embrace with one hand holding his chin overbearingly and didn’t allow him to escape, his incomparably sharp eyes were locked on his, Shu Heng scanned him:”What’s wrong?”

Shu Ning pursed his lips, how was he supposed to explain himself as a homosexual? He was too lazy to explain, but if he didn’t say it his brother wouldn’t give up:”Brother~”

“You don’t like it when I kiss you?”

“Why do you kiss me?”

“You are mine.”

Your little brother, I know.”Then……what about after Shu Yao is born?”

“I’ll only kiss you, nobody else.”

Hearing him say nobody else made Shu Ning feel relieved, and he ignored the original meaning of his words, after all Shu Heng was too unpredictable, it was unlikely for his words to not contain other meanings beneath the surface. Shu Heng was also quite depressed, he had already confessed but his little brother was too pure, he wanted to hide him away keeping his beauty by his side, for him to enjoy alone.

“Happy now?”Shu Heng sighed in his heart, don’t rush, don’t rush……nothing will come of it.

But Shu Ning lightly pushed Shu Heng’s arms away, he wanted to go down!

Shu Heng was displeased, he tightened the grip of his strong arms that were as strong as iron bars to caution the little one. Shu Ning was gloomy, his brows were slightly furrowed and he wanted to speak, but Shu Heng suddenly fell over, causing Shu Ning to scream, he had been enjoying himself ignorantly but he was flipped pressed down directly by his brother with a flip of his body.

This is……overbearing president mode! Σ( ° △°|||)︴

But more importantly, the one he was pressing down was his little brother! Shu Ning’s mouth was open, he had turned into a fool. He had a sudden urge to pee, out of desperation, Shu Ning forced back the pressure exerted by his brother and asked:”What happened to you?”


“I only wanted to use the bathroom……”Only that, what are you excited for ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

It’s useless even if he wanted to pee, but since the little one wanted to be alone for a while, naturally Shu Heng wouldn’t stop him, but, the feeling of pressing him down feels pretty good, he was so soft and his body hadn’t fully matured yet, his big eyes looked in a daze with a misty glaze, his lips were pink and tender, tempting him to do illegal things, Shu Heng didn’t dare to take another look, he was afraid of doing anything to Shu Ning before he had thought things through, it may also make it harder for him to get close to him in the future.

Shu Ning who had received freedom didn’t dare to look at his brother’s expression, he hurriedly ran to the bathroom to pee, it was really urgent.

His pupils shrunk, little brother is so cute with his tail swaying left and right and his little mountain peaks twisting and turning, it was quite a shame……Next time, a skin tight one would probably be better, it’ll be even more alluring. Shu Heng’s throat was parched and a strong fire was rousing up within his body, he grabbed his phone and hurried outside. Shu Ning washed his hands and sat on top of the toilet to think about some things, he held his face with his two hands, the Shu Ning in the mirror had misty eyes and a flushed face like a boy in love, my god. He was pushed down, so embarrassing, but unfortunately he didn’t really get pushed down. After he was reborn, he had been indulging himself in revenge, and for the first time he felt empty when he thought about growing up, he was still an old virgin in his past life at over thirty years old, he can’t be so self-contained this time around.

If not then he’ll be damned, if God asks what regrets he has, what can Shu Ning say?

I want to be fucked by someone……

over ten minutes passed, if he doesn’t come out now he’ll brother will come knocking, Shu Ning went out and found out that Shu Heng actually wasn’t out there? Could he be talking on the phone? As expected, his phone wasn’t on the end table.

It’s my fault for saying that I missed him, making Shu Heng worried, is it really fine for him to rush over just like that?

It definitely wasn’t, if not he wouldn’t decide to stay in F Country until November.

I’m really so selfish, I didn’t even ask him, I’m always only looking out for myself. Shu Ning was already a man in his mid twenties, testing a child like this……Ah, I should treat Shu Heng better, didn’t I want to hug his thighs? Shu Ning cheered himself up and put on a sweet smile, what he wanted was already different from just hugging his thighs, he took a deep breath and went out for some water, and while he was at it he cooked some noodles for Shu Heng as a nighttime snack.

Shu Ning hummed a tune and changed into a normal set of pajamas, then went downstairs in a wonderful mood. He cut up some vegetables in the kitchen and took out an egg and some dried noodles.

Why did he know the specific locations of these items?

He got hungry in his past life so he secretly sneaked downstairs to make himself some food, when the servants saw him they all pretended they didn’t see anything, after all he was the young master so there’s nothing bad he could do.

Shu Heng ran two laps and the heat within his body had died down, he noticed his little brother wasn’t present so he asked the bodyguard, the little one went downstairs to cook? He’s only thirteen and he already knows how to start the stove and cook? How heart wrenching, he really wanted to give him a hug, Shu Heng hurried over to see, his little brother didn’t tell him even though he was hungry, he only had some porridge during the night and he wasn’t allowed to have too much in case his stomach starts hurting the next day.

The kitchen was quite large and the little one was standing in there by himself, making the place look very spacious, the pot was heated up and Shu Ning was stirring its contents with a pair of chopsticks, humming an unknown song……

This scene looked exceptionally warm, as if……his wife was cooking.

Shu Ning just so happened to turn around and saw him:”Brother?”He blinked his eyes, why didn’t he say anything if he came over?

Shu Heng didn’t like how this felt, Shu Ning should’ve been a rich young master who enjoyed a good life, it was all Qin Yu Zhuo’s fault, that damned woman! Shu Heng who had forgotten all about Qin Yu Zhuo suddenly hated her.

Step by step he walked over, Shu Heng wanted to imprint this scene in his mind forever and cherish the one he loved properly.

Shu Ning felt baffled and was slightly flustered, big brother was exuding a very strong aura, but his eyes were filled instead with gentle and loving pity, what did I do now? Oh, it’s the nighttime snack wasn’t it? Misunderstanding!

“Brother~”Shu Ning called out to him sweetly, and said obediently:”I’m preparing it for you to eat.”


“Brother, are you okay?”He seems to have turned even more frightening~ All my organs are trembling~

“What did you say just now?”

“I said I’m making it for you to eat!”

It? It…….for me to eat? Shu Heng’s eyes swept over to the midsection of the little one and he held his chest, it was quite shocking, Shu Ning had such a pure gaze at this moment but he said something like that, Shu Heng couldn’t stand it, he held his phone with trembling hands:”I~have~to~answer~this~call.”


Shu Ning watched his brother leave in a daze, he didn’t understand, he didn’t even hear his phone ringing, maybe it was on vibrate mode, whatever. Shu Ning shrugged and continued cooking.

This was all a misunderstanding……╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Heng was still able to solve his problem by running laps around the place, but right now he could only use his hand to deal with it!

Shu Ning finished cooking the noodles and brought it upstairs, big brother wasn’t there, how busy is he really? Shu Ning was regretting his actions more and more, he didn’t dare to rush him anymore, his little head started to droop and bob, he was getting sleepy.

The bodyguard noticed the situation and hurriedly sent a text message over to Shu Heng.

Only then did Shu Heng rush back, his face was sweaty and he was out of breath, even his collar was damp, the bodyguard standing by the doorway held out some clothes to him, Shu Heng went in after changing into them. Shu Ning smiled brilliantly:”Brother, you’re back? I’m done cooking, come over and eat.”

So it turns out that it was not “it”

Shu Heng found out and sat on top of the sofa then picked up the chopsticks, no matter how smart a person was they could still be fooled, you can never do everything perfectly, thankfully the noodles didn’t get soggy, this was his little brother’s sincerity as well as his first time cooking for me, so I can’t disappoint him. The smell wasn’t bad, and when he bit down it left a pleasant taste in his mouth, Shu Heng has received the little one’s sincerity.

Shu Ning sat at the side expectantly, and his eyes were shining brightly:”How is it?”So nervous~ My palms are sweaty~


The corners of Shu Heng’s lips curled up, he actually smiled for Shu Ning to see, it was truly too flattering. Shu Ning was ecstatic, and he was very satisfied.

He had only made one poached egg so Shu Heng left half for Shu Ning to eat. When Shu Ning opened his little mouth, Shu Heng’s gaze darkened, he really wanted to feed him personally, and not with the chopsticks.

His desire to possess him had become even stronger.

After finishing the noodles, Shu Heng insisted on picking up Shu Ning and bringing him to the washroom to brush their teeth, and diligently squeezed out some toothpaste.

They should be sleeping now, his legs were caught by his big brother’s again but Shu Ning wasn’t opposed to it, he yawned and rested his head on his brother’s arm, listening to the strong beating sounds on his chest, his voice was husky:”Brother, I’m sorry.”


“You’re so busy but I still made you come back.”

“If you miss me, just tell me, I miss you too, you’re not allowed to just endure it.”

With a chuckle, Shu Ning’s heart felt very full as if it was about to overflow, this was the feeling of happiness:”Brother, you’re so nice to me, won’t I get naughty?”

“I’ll allow you to be spoiled.”

“You said it!”

“Mm, I said it.”

“Brother~ I’m sleepy, wait before I fall asleep before you go.”

“……”So he guessed it, it was an excuse to say he was going to leave in the morning, he wanted to let the little one sleep in peace. Shu Hen felt very vexed, he had to get stronger fast so he could keep him captive:”Alright.”

The next morning, Shu Ning didn’t open his eyes even though he was awake, instead he listened and confirmed that his brother had left. Ah, days without my brother are so depressing~

Thankfully He Ran and Shu Zi Hui’s procedures were finished, he could probably use them to pass the time.

After washing up and brushing his teeth, Shu Ning returned back to his own room and took out the paper bag from the safe, this is good stuff inside. Qin Yu Zhuo didn’t finish what she had to say last night so she’ll definitely come over in the morning, Shu Ning understood this woman, she was an active woman, and she was active in being wicked too, heh heh, he took his phone and stood by the door to listen, the sounds of her footsteps are emerging.

Her stomach had already gotten quite big so her steps weren’t as light as they used to be, but she was more noble now and her confidence face was dazzling, she was about one third more beautiful than before.

Shu Ning curled up the corners of his lips and picked a song from his phone, then pretended to pick up a call:”Hello, brother? Mmhmm, I was just about to go downstairs and eat,”Saying this he immediately turned the door handle but he didn’t go out. Qin Yu Zhuo who was standing outside frowned stiffly, What’s Shu Heng calling for? It’s still early in the morning here.

“Huh? What’s important? Don’t try to scare me, grandpa gave me the shares……”

But Qin Yu Zhuo couldn’t hear clearly what Shu Ning said afterwards, she had a slight headache and she supported herself on the wall, Shu Gao gave Shu Ning shares? Why didn’t I know something as important as this? That’s not possible, how could that be? If he wanted to give it he should give it to Shu Yao, Shu Ning didn’t have the ability, other people may not know but as a mother how could I not?


Shares……She had to get them in her hands, Shu Ning hasn’t grown up yet.

Qin Yu Zhuo hid herself, after the call, Shu Ning went downstairs looking slightly unhappy. Qin Yu Zhuo narrowed her eyes and walked into the room and searched all around the place, the paper bag was right under the pillow, children will be children, he didn’t even hide it away, humph. Qin Yu Zhuo undid the string tie and looked inside, it really was the shares, this is amazing.

It was reasonable to say that Shu Ning was still young, Shu Gao was in rather good health if you exclude his heart disease, at the moment he was in his early sixties but at most he could probably live another twenty years, after all he took good care of himself, and he was also being taken care of by the family doctors, but what was this? Could he be feeling regretful? Whatever, I’m the mother of the child anyway, I’ll take care of it, if I add my shares in the future then with Shu Yao’s shares he could become the chairman, and take over the Shu clan.

Thinking about these wonderful things, her mood was outstanding, Qin Yu Zhuo’s hands were shaking in excitement!

Shu Gao was sitting on the first floor, Shu Ning went over to greet him and took his grandpa’s hand and brought him over to eat, the atmosphere was very harmonic. Qin Yu Zhuo took another ten or so minutes before she came down, her complexion was rosy and she seemed to be beaming.

Shu Ning knew that this meant she had taken the documents, she’s got a baby in her belly and she still has the mood to go thieving, he has truly given her quite some trouble.

Shu Gao took a glance at Qin Yu Zhuo and he spoke in a bad tone:”If you’re pregnant you shouldn’t have to come down to eat, breakfast has already been sent up.”

Qin Yu Zhuo continued to smile, with a respectful attitude her eyes were filled with pleasure:”Ning Ning returned, so I want to stay with him more.”

“No need, you can just infanticipate in peace, I want to stay with Ning Ning too, would you like to fight over that?”

Damned old man, my patience for you has already been used up, do you want to die? I’ll help you. Qin Yu Zhuo’s attitude did not change, when fighting against a useless person there was no need to be angry:”Ning Ning, stay with your grandpa, okay? He’s old now so he tends to get lonely.”

Shu Gao swept a glance over, Qin Yu Zhuo had already started walking up the stairs with her hands holding her belly. Shu Gao glanced at Sun Lin, and Sun Lin nodded. What are these two elderly people trying to do? Shu Ning pretended not to see, and right at this time Shu Cheng entered in haste with a face full of rage!


Shu Ning says something along the lines of “I put on some noodles for you to eat” putting some noodles(Xia Mian), below (Xia Mian) same reading and same letters, Shu Heng thought Shu Ning said “I’ll let you eat down there”

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