RWSB Chapter 67

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Shu Heng’s message says: Happy? Tell me about it.

Shu Ning was shy: Not telling.

Shu Heng: Come on~

Shu Ning sent a picture, it was a picture of arrogance and haughtiness.

Shu Heng did not respond immediately. After a minute’s time, he returned a picture of patting a head.

He was taken advantage of again, but Shu Ning was already used to it and he wasn’t angry or anything, and so he sent another message: I miss you, come back soon! and included a crying picture.

Another two minutes passed, Shu Heng replied: November.

It’s only October now, bro! Shu Ning pursed his lips and replied: Waiting for you.

Shu Heng: Is there anything you want?

I want you, was not what Shu Ning replied: Follow what your heart thinks, anything my big brother gives me can’t be bad.

They sent a few more messages before stopping. Shu Heng was just like that, although he was aloof, he still had a million ways to make his brother happy, wasn’t that so? Shu Ning was smiling.

Hearing Teacher Tian speak, for ten minutes Qin Yu Fu remained silent, only until the other party was about to hang up did he say a few words that he felt he had to say:”Brother-in-law, my sister……asked me for money all for her three children, wanting to live in the villa was also all because of the size of your family, it’s quite costly to buy a house in the city and it’s just temporary. As for her pregnancy, I don’t think rumours are very credible sources, my sister may seem weak but she is actually quite strong, if something did happen I’m afraid you may not even be able to see her anymore.”

“Blood relations run deep, you truly are siblings after all,”Teacher Tian lamented, Qin Yu Fu was still so kind as before even after he was bullied.

Whether Qin Yu Fu agreed or not, he did not continue this topic:”The reason you had to divorce was because of the rumours, right? I understand, the older generation are more old-fashioned so they’re bound to be more obstinate, they think that that is what their daughter-in-law is actually like, while their own son is like a perfectly raised flower, but times have changed now, you’re an educated man, Teacher Tian, so I believe you understand. What about this, we have respect the ideas of the elderly but we still have to give people a chance to explain themselves. After you settle the divorce, let my sister continue to stay there, then do the tests after the child is born, then if the child really is yours, you can remarry, how does that sound?”

“This……”Teacher Tian’s thoughts were shaken, hearing his parents speak last time made it feel hard for him to forgive them, a woman’s integrity is the most important to them. But now that he thought about it, it really was a very outdated way of thinking. Society is very open these days and equality is being promoted, it’s normal for a lady to have several partners before marriage, wasn’t she allowed to pick and choose?

She’s already given him three children, he looked back at his conscience, Yang Yang’s complaints on that day did bear some reason, Qin Yu Lan worked hard for so many years so just because his parents felt she wasn’t good, he couldn’t……Actually they had never been fond of her, they liked to nitpick no matter what his wife did. Teacher Tian was the head teacher of his class so he was always busy taking care of his students, his parents were left to Qin Yu Lan to take care of.

His parents disliked Qin Yu Zhuo from the very start of their marriage, they didn’t like that her family was incomplete, there was no dowry, no father, the third daughter getting pregnant outside of marriage gave them a bad reputation, and there was even a younger brother below that, after all an older sister needed to help out a lot if their little brother were to marry from their poor family. How could such a person deserve their “perfectly blooming” son?

A rumour of her being raped had surfaced, and so his parents had them divorce.

Could it be……Qin Yu Lan wouldn’t stop taking things from her family, seeking out her sister to borrow money, trying to get the villa, bullying Qin Yu Fu and all that, and standing her ground all because of these complications? She’s mentally ill, it’s not like they owe you anything! The father’s dead, and the mother took so much effort to raise you, did they do wrong?

It’s quite pitiful that your sister gave birth before her marriage alright?

Her younger brother was so kind, even to this moment he was still speaking for Qin Yu Lan, it’s hard to find a guy like him!

However, when it all comes down to it Teacher Tian was also in the wrong, Qin Yu Lan wasn’t like this at first. She was gentle, considerate, beautiful, warm, like a white lotus set upon a river……Hearing Qin Yu Fu speak, Teacher Tian thought things through:”I understand, thank you, I’ll go with your suggestion, my parents will be able to rest easy when the child is out.”

After the call ended, Qin Yu Fu was silent, the foreman gritted his teeth in disappointment but there was nothing he could no, Xiao Fu was a good man through and through.

Shu Ning’s mouth moved, but he did not speak, he’s been blackened from the top to bottom, he had never let go of anyone who had wronged him in his past life, he wouldn’t let his enemies who had done nothing wrong yet go, even if his life had changed. Why did he like this uncle so much? Firstly it’s because he treats him well, secondly……no matter what happens in the future he would still accept me~ (*^__^*)

Their meal lasted two hours, the foreman introduced a person to Shu Ning, it was his younger brother, a capable guy with a construction team on hand. The younger brother kept wanting to share dividends with his older brother and work together, but the foreman wouldn’t agree, he feels that he doesn’t have that ability so he doesn’t want to take his brother’s money, it’ll make him look bad to his family.

His younger brother didn’t have to start from scratch either, he got rich from using the money from selling the family house as well as borrowed money, as a big brother there was nothing at all he could help him with, after working at the construction site for so long the only thing he learned to do was give orders to people, he didn’t even know where the screws they used were bought from, all the contacts the younger brother had were all gotten from drinking parties, and right now he’s rich so how could he just go over and join in on his fun? There’s no way he was so thick-faced.

When they came out from the restaurant, they bumped into a lady walking over in a rush, pulling Qin Yu Fu’s hand and bringing him to the side to talk.

The foreman was very displeased:”Why is she back?”

“Uncle’s ex-girlfriend,”Shu Ning was indifferent, just looking at her stance he could just about guess, there was even a woman standing by the roadside that looked about 70 or 80 percent similar to the woman, probably her mother.And what would a mother and her daughter be here for? After hearing the story Shu Ning understood, they still wanted to continue with the marriage, saying she was already twenty eight and could wait no more.

I’ve already agreed to marry you, is that not sincere enough? What more do you want? We can open a restaurant together and my parents can help out, when they get old in a few years we’ll have to go on with it ourselves. She truly had an attitude that made her want to stick a foot in everything, she even mentioned wanting to do the accounting, Shu Ning stared at her coldly, he felt that this woman was very strong, she was persistent in asking what more do you want?

The old aunty by the roadside looked impatient and would occasionally curl her lips, the foreman was about 80 percent right.

The foreman rubbed his temples:”Is it that hard for this woman to get married, she’s trying so hard with your uncle, he’s such an honest guy that the woman will definitely be the one rubbing the family after they get married.”

“……”Not necessarily, but Shu Ning did not say that, dating’s not that easy, you can’t avoid the bumps on the road, but a tigress has its benefits too, it wasn’t always a bad thing. Shu Ning was interested in exploring more of this, if she really was sincere, he’ll let things flow naturally:”Uncle, where are you going to live after my mom takes back the villa? Will you be staying in the construction site?”

The woman was startled:”Who are you?”

Qin Yu Fu took a glance at Shu Ning and understood:”My third sister’s child.”

“Wasn’t the villa bought for you by your third sister and her husband?”

“Yeah.”Qin Yu Fu personally saw the woman’s relief, then he changed the topic slightly:”But after second sister found out, she caused a mess, so this didn’t work too well.”

“So she’s not giving it to you anymore? Why don’t you go talk to her?”

“It’s no use, I have two older sisters and they both know, there’s nothing my third sister can do either.”

“But aren’t you her only younger brother? Is it not possible even in private? Then how are we going to get married? How are we going to do business?”

“We can just pretend this never happened, how about we get married on November?”Qin Yu Fu’s voice was sincere, an d so was his attitude:”If we don’t have a house we can take a loan first, and you know how I am, I always try to be diligent, and the wages at the construction site are higher than many other places, you won’t have to live a hard life.”

“You make it sound easy, but what about my parents?”

“We can take care of them together!”

“Forget it, I’ll go back and think about it, you should go look for your sister and have a talk with her, I’ll wait another month for you.”

“No need to wait, you’re only marrying me for the villa and my money, I’m old and so are you, I can understand just setting conditions and not dating, but I really don’t have any conditions, I’m just one man with about ten thousand in the bank, we can buy a small house, and if you want a big one we can get a loan, I know you probably don’t enjoy hearing me talk on and on, and I don’t really want to continue, I’m going to change my number when I return, don’t look for me anymore.”

“Qin Yu Fu!”

“Your first kiss did not belong to me, I’ll give you my bankbook as a compensation.”

Qin Yu Fu was a very responsible man, he gave her the bankbook just as he said, probably because the lady was in the middle of the street with many people watching, she couldn’t afford to look bad so she just threw the bankbook to the ground and left, her mother wanted to pick it up but the foreman quickly grabbed it and put it in his pocket, you want it? Then come get it! Let’s see if you’ve got the face for it.

The old woman snorted:”Hoodlums, you’re all a bunch of hoodlums.”

Shu Ning:”……”What’s it got to do with me?

The foreman moved over to Shu Ning’s side:”This should be the end of it.”

“I don’t think so, ten thousand isn’t a small amount, it was enough to buy two fields by the edge of the city, perhaps she has some feelings towards it, if not she wouldn’t get married, maybe it has something to do with her mother. Just look at her mother, wasn’t she always following her?”

“Mm, she wouldn’t let her marry if the conditions weren’t good enough, her parents had good intentions but sometimes they’ll lose more than they gain if they’re too stuck up on the conditions.”

After separating with his uncle, Shu Ning met Uncle Pang’s younger brother, Pang Qian, the bodyguards all stood outside. The two conversed for a bit and they had a good impression of each other. Seeing that he had his own criterions, Pang Qian felt that this was a good opportunity. Children from big families mature early, the young boy wanted to do some business and he had the money and the land, he could have a go at it, but Pang Qian still needed to think about it for a bit, the capital wasn’t F City, many of the rules and regulations were different.

After that, Shu Ning got in the car and returned to the ancestral home, would grandpa become too anxious? Shu Ning bought a gift on the way, he hoped that he would like it.

He only arrived after the sky had dimmed, Shu Gao hadn’t eaten either, he just sat and wait, Qin Yu Zhuo was already eight months pregnant and she’s still restless, she was shooting hints at Shu Ning with her eyes.

Could it be, there was nothing in the box? That’s impossible, Qin Yu Zhuo didn’t know that Shu Ning turned against her, if not she wouldn’t be staring at him!

Perhaps……everybody wanted to wait until the baby was happily born, after all Shu Yao was “innocent” ha ha.

After their meal, Shu Gao brought Shu Ning upstairs and asked about his studies, whether it was tiring, did anyone bully him? Was he lonely without Shu Heng by his side, was he able to do the tasks given to him? Shu Heng was stern to himself, but he probably wouldn’t go so far with Shu Ning, Shu Gao had an idea about it but he still liked to ask, this was his grandson after all.

“Grandpa, is there something you want to say?”

“Mm, you’ve already grown up, so you’re not too reliant on your parents anymore, as for me, I’m old so there’s not much I can do to take care of you. You have to listen to Xiao Heng, he……he’s a good child,”After all he watched him grow up, he was filial and respectful, even though the words were by the tip of his tongue, it felt difficult for Shu Gao to say, he simply took out a document from under the table and put it in front of his grandchild.

Why did things get so serious? Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk, oh heavens, it’s actually the shares Σ( ° △°|||)︴

If Qin Yu Zhuo knew she’d definitely snatch it, he could use it to dig pits for his mother, how happy!

7men has reached chapter 20, and Waiting Upon You will now be taken over by me, please enjoy!

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  1. Hah! I want ShuNing’s uncle and that foreman to be together.

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