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The villa was quite big, both her second and third daughter described the floor plan, there were many rooms that could fit all of them, the elderly can’t walk well so they could stay on the first floor, the living room was extremely large so they could partition part of it into a small room, no matter how many people they had, they would be able to fit.

It’s better to make a move than just sit and dream about it, Qin Yu Lan immediately thought of a perfect strategy, she’ll put on some old clothes and go over to cry and make a mess, they’ll bring some pesticides as well. They’ll make some noise to make him look bad in front off the neighbours, saying their reputation was destroyed and they have no other options, hoping her younger brother will take her in, if not she’ll drink the pesticides, she’ll end up dead anyway so might as well stay here so that there’s someone to bury her.

What could Qin Yu Fu do? Let his sister die at his door? Some of his neighbours came out to watch, pointing fingers and calling him harsh, he had the money to live in a villa but would watch his poor sister die with her family. After all everyone likes to sympathize with the weak, they felt that this woman really wouldn’t have done this if she were not at the end of her rope. And in addition, Qin Yu Fu did not have much presence here so the neighbours don’t know him well, they’ve even tried to persuade him to talk but their blabbering was too much for Qin Yu Fu, and Qin Yu Lan was so pitiful, crying so loudly……Qin Yu Fu can’t just hide inside.

He let them in on that day itself, seeing that the place was in quite a bit of mess, Qin Yu Fu who had forgotten about them packed up and moved out, with the papers in hand, he wanted to sell off the villa, didn’t you want it? I’ll give it up alright?

Hearing his uncle say this, Shu Ning was relieved:”Uncle, then what are you still worrying over?”

Qin Yu Fu hesitated for a moment and sighed:”I’ve found someone who I wanted to marry, but then the thing with my second sister happened, she wasn’t able to get her to leave either, she even wanted to call the police but I wouldn’t let her and she got mad at me. And didn’t I say I wanted to sell the villa? She proposed we start a restaurant, but your Uncle Pang said no, it’s too whimsical of an idea, and we haven’t even gotten married yet, how could I let her use my money like that?”

Shu Ning:”……”

Qin Yu Fu sighed again:”I actually like her quite a lot and I don’t think it’s worth breaking up because of money, but Uncle Pang has a point, a lady from the city couldn’t take the initiative to be nice to me without this villa.”

Does uncle have an inferiority complex?

Shu Ning mentioned the matters in the capital and the land had already been bought, now he only needed the workers. If they started this year, they’ll be able to finish the project by next year. The buildings they had right now that had more than 30 floors weren’t many, they were all six to seven floors and without elevators. Shu Ning had the ideas but Qin Yu Fu was quite surprised, he knew that his third brother-in-law deals with real estate and was a reliable person, so he put down the phone and set off to look for the foreman.

Shu Ning wanted to go to the construction site as well, it was just the right time for them to have lunch together and he could chat with the foreman. He walked into his uncle’s room, oh, it’s now Qin Yu Lan and Teacher Tian’s room, they actually hung a large photograph there, do they have any shame? Normally he would send these evil types like Qin Yu Lan over to Qin Yu Zhuo to deal with, so they could have a little catfight.

But Qi Yu Zhuo herself may not be safe for long.

He hoped that the box she sent over would contain some good stuff, then she’ll have made her own life hard, but if not, that’s just her luck.

As for Qin Yu Lan, of course she won’t be given an easy time. His uncle can sell the house if he wants to if it makes him so uneasy, Shu Ning couldn’t think of any other ideas either, so it’s better to just take things one step at a time, there was still that partner of his, is she really there for his money? If that really is so, it’s better to separate sooner in case they both make each other miserable.

Shu Ning had a look around, the villa that once looked warm had changed beyond recognition, there were sounds of an old man asking questions in the living room, that should be Teacher Tian’s parents returning.

Shu Ning walked down step by step, and went down the stairs.

The old couple looked at the men standing in the living room and felt extremely uneasy, what kind of people are these? Dressed in all black standing there without speaking, and they even kept a straight face, no matter how they looked at it these fierce guys did not seem like good people. The old man stood in front and was holding his walking stick, ready to protect himself at any moment! The third daughter was afraid of the bodyguards so she had stayed quiet, but now that her grandparents were home, she immediately seemed to have the backbone to start crying loudly.

The old man doted very much on his granddaughters, and this was the youngest one, so he was immediately enraged. He was so angry that with a glare and a blow of his beard, he yelled at them threatening to call the police.

Suddenly, a sound came from upstairs, only then did they raise their heads and look over.

It was a young boy that looked very pale and clean, he was dressed very well, you could tell he was a rich kid with one look, with an exceptional temperament and fine features, his hair was black and silky like a prince, and he had a faint smile on his face at this moment, he was well educated.

Facing such a Shu Ning, who could still fiercen up?

A nasty light shone past the third daughter’s eyes:”It was him, he was the one who brought these bad people here, they want to steal the house, when he went upstairs he had these two people stop me, he definitely took something from mom and dad.”

The old lady was anxious as she heard this:”Oh my god, the money we got from selling the house is in the safe.”

“You’re not allowed to leave, I’m calling the cops now,”Only now did the old man notice that things were getting out of hand, there’s no way him alone can take on those two burley men. At crucial moments, the police were still the most reliable, they reached in five minutes. Right now the robbers were getting mad, they had their daughter-in-law as a tragic example, if not for what happened why would she have to leave the village for so long and become so impoverished? It was a pity for that one-third acre of land that had to be sold off for cheap, this was a plot of land they had been farming on for their whole lives!

The bodyguard took a step forward and blocked their vision, the old man didn’t see it as he angrily picked up the phone and pressed on the numbers non-stop.

“That’s not necessary,”After the scene, Shu Ning’s voice was cold as ice:”This villa is gifted by my father, so why would I care about your things? My uncle is selling the villa, it’s best if you all pack up and leave soon.”

The two bodyguards guarded Shu Ning and they left.

The third daughter didn’t dare to throw up her arms and stop them either, she ran over:”Shu Ning, stand still, you think just because you have money you can treat us like this? You can leave, but let me search your body, didn’t you say you didn’t take anything? Why don’t you prove it?”

The schemes in her eyes were too obvious, she was just goading him. Shu Ning was too lazy to deal with her, he’s seen this all before so there was no need to stay.

The old man was just about to stop him but a noise came from outside, Qin Yu Lan returned while supporting Teacher Tian.

“Shu Ning, what’re you doing here?”Qin Yu Lan had a pretty nasty tone.

Shu Ning halted and took a look at Teacher Tian, he still had a pretty good impression of this person in his past life after all:”Is this your family?”

“Children shouldn’t worry about adult matters,”The look on Qin Yu Lan’s face was rather stiff, she forced out a smile and helped her husband to a chair:”This is my third sister’s child and you’ve seen him before, he’s quite……naughty, Xiao Fu wanted to keep third sister’s villa to himself and I can understand that, we’ll stay here for a few days and move when we can find our own place, when that time comes Xiao Fu wouldn’t be angry anymore either, in the end it still comes down to my lack of educating him as his older sister, there was only one boy in the house so everyone spoiled him silly.”

The old man looked unhappily at Shu Ning, looking as if he’s the adult forgiving him for his behaviour.

The old lady continued to glare at him:”He went upstairs earlier.”

“Shu Ning you have no manners,”Qin Yu Lan immediately frowned, and confidently she spoke:”What difference is there between you and the hooligans out there? You didn’t even greet your elders when you saw them, is this what your mother taught you? You better leave or you’re going to make people laugh.”

Trying to be fierce? It’ll be your turn soon, Shu Ning was still looking at Teacher Tian, but Teacher Tian had not spoken at all, he felt that there was something strange with this young boy.

“The owner of the house is Qin Yu Fu, second aunt brought some pesticides over threatening to kill herself and force him out, and she would go to the construction site everyday to make noise, this bothered his uncle so much that he decided to sell the house out of unease, even his marriage fell through.”

While Shu Ning was speaking, Qin Yu Lan groaned, even the third daughter wanted to change the topic, she tried to attract everyone’s attention but Teacher Tian heard it well, he was very surprised.

Actually Qin Yu Lan had wanted to beat Shu Ning, but unfortunately the two bodyguards he brought were too burly, they had frosty eyes that were as sharp as an eagle’s, just looking at them made her feel uneasy. Qin Yu Lan was very resentful, who would let go of the villa now that they were living here? Are you stupid? Third sister was so rich and third brother-in-law was so generous, they could just buy a smaller one for Qin Yu Fu, it won’t cost much, a better one would just cost about ten thousand.

If Qin Yu Fu was unwilling, Qin Yu Zhuo was also unwilling, I’ll just have to risk it all and talk to third brother-in-law! Wasn’t he a chairman? He probably can’t risk his image can he?

Shu Ning left with a smile, easily breaking Qin Yu Lan’s glory is no fun.

Wasn’t Qin Yu Lan greedy? Was her husband greedy as well? Is her son greedy?

Maybe she did too many evil deeds, God is always watching, even the heavens won’t help her. Tian Yang actually returned, he stood at the doorway looking ashen with rage, he may have seen everything that happened in the living room. Shu Ning bumped into him and as a big brother he felt slightly embarrassed, he lowered his head and looked to the side, clenching his fists, and he told him sorry when Shu Ning passed him.

Shu Ning stopped walking for a moment:”It’s not your fault.”

He got on the black Benz and left, Shu Ning pondered for a moment, F City was a fourth tier city, it did not develop as fast as the capital, if his uncle went over to make a good living would he have more self confidence? These were Shu Ning’s thoughts, he would only suggest it and he would never insist on it, because everyone had a different life, you can be happy as long as you’re comfortable.

And as expected, he saw the foreman on the afternoon, this Uncle Pang seemed to have gone through much and his uncle did not want to leave the place either, he felt that his current salary was already pretty high. Seeing his uncle leave for the bathroom, Shu Ning hurriedly poured a cup of water for his foreman uncle and cheerfully sat by his side.

“Ask if you want.”

“I’m just worried about uncle, that woman’s not cheating him through marriage is she?”Who was Shu Ning? He had already notarized everything, even if his uncle marries and divorces, everything still belongs to him, they won’t leave with a single cent, but more importantly, Shu Ning was more concerned about his uncle’s happiness.

“Ah!”The foreman slapped his thigh and widened his eyes:”I always enjoy talking to you, you always get straight to the point. That woman is a peacock don’t you know? She’s smart, considerate, she’s twirling Xiao Fu on her fingers, if not for me trying to persuade him, heh, how would he think she was bad! Anyway they haven’t even known for a year or two, she can’t even try to marry in and out for half his property even if she wanted to.”

Shu Ning laughed and he felt relieved:”Come come come, Uncle Pang, have some food, you have my thanks.”

“Damn kid not studying properly, caring all day about adult’s business, you’re such a worry-wart.”

Shu Ning was willing even if he were to be insulted, the foreman was a guy who liked to cuss and yell, but he never means to offend, more importantly he was sincere towards his uncle, just like he were his brother. The one at his place was even better, he would spoon feed him, wash him, he was a rare one to come about. Thinking of Shu Heng, the smile on Shu Ning’s face was exceptionally dazzling.

His uncle came back and his phone just so happened to ring, he smiled sheepishly and went out.

The foreman was slightly displeased but he didn’t say anything, he poured himself a glass of wine and downed it:”It’s that woman again.”

Shu Ning frowned:”Does she like getting married so fast? It’s not like they can’t open a restaurant but uncle doesn’t have any experience, they’ll have to find a reliable lobby manager.”

“You don’t understand,”The foreman started his rambling again, they were all logical:”If they want money then their hearts are definitely black, if they want the villa they’ll have to get married then divorced, but the restaurant is different, she can sit on it slowly, then at the end your uncle wouldn’t even have a penny left, heh heh, the water’s deep there, when that time comes all kinds of people would come to find work and you’ll still have to pay them a salary, what if you get a debt?”

“My uncle should understand.”

“That woman wasn’t like this at the start, she was quite good, she would come everyday to wipe your uncle’s face and send him food, quite the diligent one.”The foreman’s eyes had gone red, he pursed his lips:”Until one day, your uncle kissed her, and that girl started to get aggressive and asked to get married, talking about getting a kid in the future and whatnot, trying to cage up your uncle, but your uncle ain’t no fool either, his second sister just so happened to come make a mess of things so he let her big family stay there, the girl immediately fell out with him, and he gave up as well.”

“……”Shu Ning took a sip of water,”Uncle is mighty!”

“That woman’s definitely thinking about selling the villa now and starting a restaurant, even if she can’t get she wants she still had to get a breakup fee from your uncle.”

“How about, you introduce a girl for my uncle?”


The one who loved to blabber stopped talking entirely, only then did Shu Ning notice something strange, with a glint in his eyes, he spoke unhurriedly:”Uncle Pang has such good taste, Aunt Pang is definitely the kind of woman who could rival a phoenix right?”

“Your aunt isn’t even born yet.”

So that means there’s none? Am I thinking too much? Working out here in the construction site, all the people he knew were men, and there were still some real feelings between men, like brothers, Shu Ning took a deep breath and continued to eat, he didn’t ponder about it too deeply. There weren’t many gay people, you could tell if they were the same just by looking at their eyes, the foreman didn’t seem like one, and his uncle really can’t be any straighter than he already was.

At the other end, Teacher Tian and Qin Yu Lan were arguing, both the old man and the old lady were extremely aggravated, what is the matter here?

Qin Yu Lan really wanted to cry, Shu Ning truly is a bringer of bad luck, she hurriedly tried to explain things but Teacher Tian was no fool. He thought it was strange before, his wife’s brother did in fact live mostly on the construction site, but……leaving the villa there without staying in it was too odd, but he didn’t think too much about it because his wife said they were just going to stay there for a bit before moving out.

Both the elderly thought that Qin Yu Lan was a capable person, her little brother made a fortune at the construction site so they left the villa for them to stay in, but this was not the case, Qin Yu Lan was the one trying to invade someone else’s nest? And she actually forced her brother to sell the house out of desperation, this was simply unthinkable, the few of them crowded around Qin Yu Lan and forced her to answer, but she still did not speak the truth.

Could she speak the truth? Qin Yu Lan felt the most wronged, Who did she doo all this for? For herself? Wasn’t it all for her family’s happiness! Her mother-in-law is old and can’t work, father-in-law had troubles walking, all the work at home were done by Qin Yu Lan, her own children were also managed by her. As a teacher, all her husband thinks about are the students in his class, no matter how tired she felt she was still willing to do this, and for what? For love!

Qin Yu Lan even went out during the day to find a job that let her off early, and why you ask? So that she could come home early to cook and help her in-laws eat, all she thought of all day was her family, and they were complaining right at this moment, what am I, Qin Yu Lan, trying to get? In a moment, she felt overtaken by sadness, Qin Yu Lan sat on the ground and cried painfully.

His wife had never done this before, Teacher Tian was speechless.

The elderly ones were also startled, while Tian Yang finally walked in:”What are you yelling about? If you don’t wanna stay just move, is that so hard? And granny can’t you say what you want to say properly? Hitting someone is illegal, My mother was wrong but hasn’t she worked enough? If she doesn’t like it she can leave, she takes care of you because filial piety, it’s not a reason you can use to hurt her.”

“Yang Yang what are you saying?”The old man huffed at his beard and glared again.

Tian Yang was helpless:”If you took out the money from the very start to add to our family’s deposit we could’ve bought our own house, and none of this would have happened. If you don’t want to take out the money then don’t complain so much.”

Teacher Tian stood up angrily:”Tian Yang! Did I teach you to speak to your grandfather like that?”

With a cold sneer, as well as a bitter one, Tian Yang looked towards his head with his head cocked to the side, there was a complex look in his eyes:”Dad! Other than teaching in school, and preparing for lessons, what else have you done? Have you ever took me out to play or go fishing with me? Did you ever wash the vegetables even one time with my mom? Have you ever done the laundry? She does all the housework and works the field every single day, she had to go work at grandpa and grandma’s house, and she still had to go out to work to supply the family. If you want to act the big man and make big man decisions, then fine, go earn some money then, don’t let your wife work so hard, and she still had to get beaten.”

“Don’t say anymore, no more,”Qin Yu Lan broke into tears, there was actually someone who still understood her.

The granny pursed her lips:”Other people’s daughter-in-laws are like this too, when I was young, I had to take care of my mother-in-law with no complaints, I took care of them till they entered the ground from the day I entered their gates, a few decades passed just like that, and did I ever complain? Where was anyone complaining like your mother and still waited for us to get old and only came to stay with us when we can’t move anymore, heh, filial piety is how things should be, why do we have to take our money out? Didn’t we keep it just so you could buy a house when you get married?”

The old man had something to say too, there were tears in his eyes, his grandson’s complaints made him feel extremely uncomfortable:”We’ve truly raised a wolf in this house, the house you and your parents live in was the money I earned from selling our cattle, that was the cattle we used to plow the fields!”

The more they spoke the worse they felt, the old lady simply snapped:”You should just divorce, so what if you move out? Can the rumours end at that? And I don’t know where your mother found kids like you, turning the black into white, the eyes of the people are bright, what if she got pregnant from being raped? Do we have to raise other people’s kids too?”

“Mom!”Teacher Tian was indignant, Qin Yu Lan was actually pregnant.

As a result, Qin Yu Lan’s face was ashen and her lips trembled, not even in her worse nightmares could she have expected the old lady to say something like that, she had just looked through the photos with her husband last night, the both of them were excited as they cuddled, they were so happy it was like they were in a jar of honey. The old man’s piercing eyes caught it and he halted, he immediately pointed a finger towards Qin Yu Lan:”You, you, you……”

The old lady was also shocked:”It can’t be, Yu Lan, you……You’re with child?”

Qin Yu Lan:”……”

The indignant Tian Yang was also dumbfounded, his father had been staying at the hospital and his legs haven’t recovered, he just returned not long ago, and mom……Could it really be some other man’s child? For a moment, Tian Yang could not accept it, even the third daughter who was quietly listening to the adults speak at the side reddened her eyes, and cried.

Teacher Tian closed his eyes painfully and tried to recall.

While he was taking a nap at the hospital, he heard a noise from the bed beside him, it was the noise of a man and a woman doing it, hearing filled his body with passion, they’re quite the brave bunch! He could hardly believe it, Teacher Tian was an honest man, he was so scared he didn’t even dare to blink, he waited until they were done and finished packing up before he pretended to wake up. On that day Qin Yu Lan came to visit, Teacher Tian secretly told her about this but he didn’t know how his wife suddenly had a reaction, and she really wanted it, Teacher Tian also wanted his wife quite a fair bit. And so Qin Yu Lan helped him over to a hotel.

This was a first for him and they weren’t at home either, Teacher Tian was extremely embarrassed but he liked it very much at the same time.

He thought she was pregnant because of that, and was filled with joy……It’s ridiculous, how foolish of him.

Perhaps Qin Yu Lan had been done by that hoodlum, and so she hurried to do that with himself, and if she were pregnant then they’ve successfully made a fourth child, if not they wouldn’t be happy. The seeds of doubt had been planted, germinated, and had no way of turning back.

Even the two witnesses were suspicious in the eyes of Teacher Tian, they didn’t look him in the eyes when they spoke, they were jumpy and secretive, as if they were hiding something, perhaps they were just trying to tell a white lie.

Qin Yu Lan panicked, this never even happened:”Honey, you have to believe me, medical science is so advanced these days we can just do a paternity test when the baby is born, I’m innocent!”

“Paternity test? You’re just going to try to get us to accept it if that baby is born,”The old man snarled coldly and his tears fell just like that:”What did I sinned in the past, I was blind, I let you enter our gates, I heard you were abusing your own mother before this, you didn’t pay her medical bills and let her die in the hospital, I thought they were all rumours, but now it seems that you’re lacking in morals! Our ancestral temple is small, so we have no space for you.”

“No! How could you do this?”Qin Yu Lan was utterly surprised, she tugged at her husband’s trousers as if she were mad and begged, then pulled her own son’s hand:”You have to tell them, it didn’t happen!”

Tian Yang sighed, helping his mother speak today had already used up the last of his strength, his mother truly is……too unreliable, even if they divorced he would still be filial to her when he gets older, he wouldn’t disappoint his mother’s affections:”Mom, it’s no use no matter how much we try to reason, you’re wrong if you’re wrong, I knew since I was young that you asked uncle for money every year, and now you wouldn’t even let his house go, what more can I say? I also……It’s better if you just admit your wrong, and apologize, change for the better and you may still be saved.”

“Yang Yang, your uncle didn’t have to pay for this, if he really had the ability to do that then I’ll admire him for it, but the villa was fully paid for by third brother-in-law, we have a part of it too!”

She still didn’t know when to repent, she can only understand her own reasoning! Tian Yang had nothing to say, Teacher Tian even more so, he closed his eyes, his marriage of more than a decade had reached its end.

In the restaurant, Qin Yu Fu’s phone rang while he was speaking with Shu Ning, it was Teacher Tian calling to apologize, he even told him that he would divorce her immediately, he had nothing to do with such a woman.

The corners of Shu Ning’s lips curled up, He took out his phone and sent a text to his brother who was overseas:Brother, miss you lots~

Ding ding, big brother’s text is here o(∩_∩)o


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      1. theres no such thing as ‘deserve’ or ‘justice’ in this world, the aunt is just fighting and stealing what she need like all of us. what the aunt did wrong is going against an mc! in another kind of story, she and her whole family will be exterminated! she’s lucky this is a modern revenge story.


  14. Thanks for the chapter! The trashy aunt, well, she did a lot of terrible things, so karma comes knocking back. but that husband of hers & the in-laws are sanctimonious trash too. The only one I feel sorry for is the teenage boy. I bet he’ll have to carry his delusional mother & trashy sisters’ weight, probably the baby too if it gets born.
    I just thought of something, how come they have so many kids? Did I miss something & does the story not happen in C? Or is it a C without a 1 child policy? Because otherwise, there is no way the guy could have kept being a teacher so easily…
    On a much lighter note, the foreman triggered the BL alert! Yay!!!


    1. I couldn’t agree more, what a trashy family, even the uncle who Ning thought was good was judging his wife for getting raped and pregnant, how is that her fault?
      The only decent one is Tian Yang, I really like him.

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  15. I’ve thought this since the first time the character was introduced: Does the foreman like uncle? That would be awesome, you guys. Seriously. O__Ob

    Also, I have no sympathy for the aunt. She’s basically saying that since the path that she chose to take is hard, because she’s pitiful, then she’s justified in all of her actions up to this point. Said actions include, but are not limited to: the mistreatment of her own mother in life AND death, the mistreatment of her younger brother, trying to con Shu Ning into helping sell his grandmother’s house (and actually succeeding in his first life), and even ruining Shu Ning’s mom’s reputation when she was pregnant, which also destroyed Shu Ning’s grandmother’s reputation in the process. So now that she’s getting her just desserts, she wants sympathy? No ma’am. Absolutely not. You get what you pay for. I give 0 eff’s about this person getting nailed by karma and tbh, I don’t really care for the rest of her family either. Her son and (at most times) husband are the only one’s who appear to have some decency and respect for other people–especially the son. It seems that he’ll make quite the outstanding man in the future. I really hope that he prospers. Maybe he can work with Shu Ning and/or Shu Heng.

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  16. I was low key shipping the uncle and the foreman. Now I’m high key shipping them. High key! Shu Ning just turn them both bent. I refuse them believe that wit your scheming brain, you can’t matchmaker them.

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  17. I feel sorry for the unborn baby though, the aunt created such a mess, idk if she’s gunna beable to carry to term with all the stress… sigh
    Well I wonder if uncle will get his happy end eventually he’s always getting harassed and stressed out.

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  18. Haven’t we been rooting for the foreman and the uncle to just get together already? They really should just be happy together. The foreman looks out for the uncle and the uncle trusts him.

    Felling bad for Tian Yang here, being born into such a family.

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