RWSB Chapter 63

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That’s too shameless!

He, he, he……actually tried to advance by retreating? Shu Ning understood, and he knew when to stop as well. But……tongue……He clearly already thought of leaving his first kiss for his future husband. He was gay so this was no laughing matter, there was no way that straight man cancer Shu Heng would be able to understand, implying wouldn’t do either, Shu Ning lost interest in chatting. He peered a glance at Shu Heng and walked back in a big stride.

Shu Heng followed behind him, staying not too far, but not too close either. Shu Ning could feel it and he felt slightly gloomy, his big brother was a very caring person, but he was just……a bit too much when it comes to playing, ah.

They walked back quietly, only the sound of footsteps could be heard, it felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart.

At this time, a “hiss” sound appeared behind him, Shu Ning wrinkled his brows for a moment and turned back to look at him, Shu Heng quickly put his hand down and kept a straight face as if nothing had happened.

Does his face hurt?

Suddenly, Shu Ning couldn’t continue on anymore, he felt very sorry, he didn’t pay attention to his strength earlier and it felt like he didn’t use much strength. Shu Heng stared fixedly at Shu Ning and stood there quietly, even a fool could understand why he was doing this.

Shu Ning took two steps forwards and patted Shu Heng’s shoulder, he wanted him to lower his head. Not only did the Shu Heng who had always been very compliant to him not lower his head, he even stood there to observe him.

Shu Ning’s heart jumped abruptly, did big brother get upset? It’s normal for me to throw a tantrum but who was Shu Heng? He was God’s favoured child, only he did not have to show leniency to anyone, and nobody could play him.

For him to treat me like this was already a special case. Shu Ning’s mood brightened up slightly, since big brother doesn’t want to say anything then I’ll take the initiative, he’s completely forgotten who the one who ran off in a rush was, not even caring about the relationship they shared before this. Taking his big brother’s hand, Shu Ning wanted to take a bath with his big brother.

Warm water was already prepared in the bath, and the cleaning aunty just left.

“Brother, does your face still hurt?”

Doesn’t hurt, but Shu Heng held his face and looked down without a sound.

Is he throwing a tantrum? Well I guess so, he’s only eighteen years old. Shu Ning couldn’t help it, he stripped himself bare and got into the water, and his hand grabbed onto the edge of the bathtub habitually, he lifted his little face up, he didn’t know how adorable and cute he looked, Shu Ning wouldn’t compromise with him and say nice things so he’ll have to think for his own future too.

The atmosphere was slightly stiff, Shu Heng stood for a while before stripping himself and getting into the tub as well.

The two looked at each other back and forth, in the end Shu Ning was the one who went over:”Brother, I’m tired, I want to sleep.”

Shu Heng’s gaze was like a burning torch as he narrowed his eyes, Shu Ning curled his two arms around his neck and his snowy pale body that looked like fine cut jade sat in his embrace.

Shu Heng sighed in his heart as he held his little brother, he didn’t wash him, he wanted to warm up a little first. In a place where Shu Heng couldn’t see, Shu Ning curled up the corners of his lips. Big brother was like a big puppy, as long as there was a “bone” he would go soft, he he he, he lacks love doesn’t he? Curry up to your little brother then, my arms are open for you~

Big brother wouldn’t kiss his mouth again after this mess wouldn’t he? Probably.

While bathing, Shu Ning had a good conscience for the very first time as he helped his brother wash his back, his little claws scratched around his black like helping him scratch an itch~

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes in pleasure, although he was hit several times on his face, it wasn’t exactly painful, while he had received quite some benefits from it instead. After a few more times his little brother will get used to it.

After their bath, Shu Heng picked up Shu Ning and brought him up the stairs to sleep. Unless a fire started, nobody would dare to interrupt Shu Heng’s rest, the two slept with no clothes on just like that, who’s the actual one who suffered a loss? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After dinner, Shu Heng took Shu Ning out for a stroll, Shu Ning had been curling up at home constantly, Shu Heng knew this.

On the road, they encountered a burly man walking happily with his son on his shoulders, Shu Ning had only peered over a few more times when Shu Heng crouched down. Shu Ning licked the edges of his mouth, this back has already grown quite wide, he climbed on happily, it was great. Shu Heng walked forth in a stable pace, it was very steady, Shu Ning wasn’t tired either, he liked to stick with his big brother.

After Shu Ning fell asleep at night, Shu Heng changed him into a cuter pair of pajamas and kissed his forehead, nose, as well as that dreamy little lips of his, then walked away with regretfully.

He had something to do, he was always busy but he just couldn’t let Shu Ning go.

Early the next morning, the spot beside him was cool. Shu Ning who was wearing a super cute pair of pajamas didn’t get aggressive or fussy, he didn’t have any reaction at all. He turned towards the spot where Shu Heng should have been laying on and daydreamed, he picked up his phone and gave that bastard a call, he didn’t even wait for one second, running off without saying anything, who’s missing you?


Hearing his big brother’s voice, Shu Ning felt very wronged, he was an adult after all. He sighed in his heart but he didn’t show it in his speech:”Have you had breakfast?”Shu Ning reckoned that if he says he’s eaten, that means he left in the morning, if he says he didn’t, then he may have left late at night.

“I ate in the car.”

He was slightly regretful:”Weren’t you going to school?”Where was he going at that hour?

“Military training.”

Wow, he was brimming with joy in the blink of an eye, if his big brother goes to military training will his skin get tanned into a bronze tone? Shu Ning was looking forward to it. Suddenly a lot of images of Shu Heng in various positions flowed into his mind, thinking about it nearly made him drool, it was too exciting:”Can I visit you?”

“You can’t.”

“Can you come out then?”Big brother is so powerful this should be no problem right? Shu Ning’s eyes were glowing with anticipation.

“I can’t.”

“…..”Wasn’t he supposed to be all powerful? _(:зゝ∠)_

“I’ll find some time to give you a call, be a good boy!”


The call ended, Shu Ning was like a deflated balloon as he melted on top of the bed without any trace of life at all.

Knock knock knock, someone was knocking lightly on the door:”Second young master, come down and eat! You’ll be late for school!”

“Oh, alright!”

Damn, Shu Ning quickly went to wash up. He stared at the mirror for a moment, does big brother like these type of clothes? There was a big picture of a cat’s face on the chest area with slightly puffy cheeks, both the ears and the whiskers popped out, only the nose didn’t jut out, maybe he was afraid that I would get uncomfortable while sleeping? What look did big brother have on when he bought these clothes?

Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, whatever. After coming out from the bathroom, Shu Ning turned back to take a look behind him, there really was a big tail there, there were even four chibi cat paws below his shorts, who designed this? Darn. The tail was yellow and black in colour, Shu Ning shook his head subconsciously, personally it wasn’t anything big for him to be wearing something like this, it’s fine as long as it’s comfortable. Shu Heng wasn’t around, but if he was he would definitely touch it……Could I have been bothered because of that guy? Since he’s not here I’ve even lost the will to complain? Maybe, he really is a special existence in my heart.

His breakfast had turned into rice, the meaning of the aunty was that going to school was different from staying at home during the holidays, he’ll get hungry on the way. This aunty seems very experienced, Shu Ning wasn’t someone who was hard to cater to either, Shu Heng definitely gave his approval to this, if not the aunty would not just change the menu so casually. After his meal, Shu Ning got on the car. After the bodyguard entered the passenger seat with his bag, the driver started the car.

The school was quite close, Shu Ning can ride a bicycle to the school in the future. He wasn’t trying to hide his family background, but rather he wanted to get some exercise, Shu Ning had very good genes, you could tell just by looking at Shu Cheng, and Shu Heng was so tall, he had never asked about his height because he was afraid of hurting his self-esteem, he may even be over 185cms tall.

When he arrived at school, a bunch of branded cars were sending their children off, all their parents went all out.

A black extended limited edition Rolls-Royce pulled in with a driver and a bodyguard, whose kid is this?

The snooty parents who liked to grab at what they can’t obtain were trying to see which family was more wealthy, and which family was poor, then they’ll let their kids make friends with the ones with about the same status with them, or even higher. Earlier in the car, Shu Ning received a phone call specially made by Qin Yu Zhuo, everything she said hinted toward the same thing as well, just like what happened last time with He Ran.

Now that He Ran has Shu Zi Hui, his days will surely become very exciting with their mutual love-hate relationship, he he.

The bodyguard opened the car door for Shu Ning and he got off, he was wearing a whole set of branded clothes with his pale and clean little face, and an elegant and refreshing hairstyle, instantly he put a glint of excitement in those parents eyes but at the same time they were also confused, what is going on? This should be the little brother of one of the students right? They looked left and right, Shu Ning received his school bag and already started to walk inside the school.

He’s a new student? Is this a joke? Um, he couldn’t be a little genius could he? It wasn’t like it was impossible for a student to skip grades.

This little guy’s not bad, and so they all told their children to keep an eye on him and keep a good relationship with him, they’ll all become connections for them after they’ve grown up, another friend is another opportunity, as parents they’ve all racked their brains to its limits hoping their children can smarten up. But what’s there a high schooler doesn’t know? They show you an irritated look, agree, then forget all about it.

How many people who were able to study in a private school could actually be poor? They were all high up usually, so who out of them would actually like currying favour with others?

If they hit it off they’ll be friends, if not they’ll just be passersby, but of course there were also the snobbish ones, they’ll just have to watch and see.

Shu Ning was in the third class of year one, the first class was an experimental class where the top students gathered, the second was a bit lacking but still one of the key classes, the third was for those with good grades, and starting from the tenth were all normal students. A large number of them were there because their middle school examinations were bad and they paid their way in, there was a total of twenty classes. The noisy class 3 suddenly quieted down, it was so quiet that you could even hear a leaf falling.

Why you ask? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

A little kid came in!

He looked clean and pale, with exquisite facial features, but they key point was his good temperament, he looks to be a very obedient kid, and not only that, even his hairstyle was hip, the boys all widened their eyes, even those wearing glasses couldn’t have enough of watching him, meanwhile the maternal feelings of the girls were overflowing, one of the dumbfounded girls with a round girl simply came over to ask:”Little boy, did you come to accompany your big brother to school?”

“……”Shu Ning who was carrying his “school bag” cried without tears, but his attitude was great:”Hello big sister, I am a student from this class and my name is Shu Ning, nice to meet you, I hope we can get along well.”

Oh shit, what the hell! Surprising isn’t it? While all the bucks were window-shopping for beauties hoping to find a girlfriend, when they were planning to awe the gods and spirits, all the beautiful ladies were already surrounding this small little creature, a small little child who couldn’t bring any threat to the males.

Shit, the days won’t go by smoothly in the future.

But the the guys didn’t hate Shu Ning either, he’s very quiet, very aloof, and his occasional smile made him seem like a good child.

The ones who didn’t have little brothers would want one like Shu Ning as well.

The ones with little brothers were wondering what the hell their own little brothers were……

Just like that a week had gone by in such a surprising way, the teacher took good care of Shu Ning and let him sit in the front, Shu Ning was slightly helpless, he couldn’t do anything naughty even if he wanted to ╮(╯▽╰)╭

He didn’t know how long his big brother’s military training would last, was it one week or two? As a student of A University, the first in the country, he reckoned that his stay there probably wouldn’t be short, after all they needed to make an example to the rest.

Being unable to talk to his big brother on the phone made him feel quite bored, thankfully the class was very cheerful, the atmosphere of studying was also pretty good, only then was he able to ease his thoughts slightly.

Two weeks had passed in the blink of an eye, other than studying, the only other thing Shu Ning did at that time was to deepen his relationship with his classmates, his stocks had already profited him over ten million, it was going very smoothly. But of course, if there were people who liked him, naturally there were people who didn’t like him, such as the ones who wanted to provoke him by digging out his secrets due to how well Shu Ning dressed.

There will be a leader for every group of boys in each class, they didn’t have to pick one out, they just knew.

Such as the guy called Shi Lang in class, tall, rich, and handsome, only fifteen and he was already 180 centimeters tall, he would always look at people with his chin, he was so arrogant he could rise up into the heavens. He had already invited everyone out after the end of their very first day of school, Shu Ning didn’t go, he was extremely dissatisfied with him. Some of the boys were alright, they said that Shu Ning was young so his family couldn’t set aside their worries, everyone just laughed and let it be.

He didn’t think that Shi Lang would be so petty, he actually still kept it in his heart, he would even squint his eyes at Shu Ning in the washroom and shake his head, looking down on his little bean sprout.

Shu Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, there were porcupines everywhere he went. Although his looks weren’t great, he liked to show off his wealth, due to that he’s already found himself an extremely beautiful girl as a girlfriend.

Bragging all day long as if the entire world knew him, if not he’ll rush over saying he wanted to treat people, on this day they were going to the Crane Club, it sounded like a place to admire poetry and art but it was actually a place with high consumption fees, it was a magnificent place and all the waitresses were tall girls wearing short skirts with heavy makeup, each of them were more beautiful than the other.

It seems he may have an ulterior motive.

Shi Lang sat at Shu Ning’s table and rolled his eyes:”I say, little genius, aren’t you tired of studying every day? I don’t have to try as hard as you can I can still get better grades than you.”

“That’s amazing.”

“……”Shi Lang choked a breath back, will this damn kid ever bow his head? Depressing, he needs to know who’s the boss here:”Everyone’s going tonight so you have to go, this is the third time, if you ditch again don’t blame me if I won’t acknowledge you as a student of our class.”

A few boys couldn’t stand it, but the girls were still brave enough to stand up for him, but Shu Ning actually nodded and agreed, doesn’t matter if I go, but let’s see who regrets it later.

Other than the first day where he was driven to school, Shu Ning had always been riding his bicycle, at first it was quite tiring but now he had an easy time with it. But of course, the bodyguards were following behind him the whole way there, they didn’t dare to take any liberties with this.

Shu Ning sent a text message over to the driver, and the reply he received was cold like Shu Heng’s, seeing this “person” made him miss the owner, Shu Ning felt his chest tighten up.

At night, the Crane Club was brightly lit inside and the service staff were all very beautiful with sweet voices, they’re experienced in their work, with one look they could tell that Shi Lang was a vain person so they deliberately lowered their stance, they coaxed him into ordering many expensive alcohols and famous dishes.

They were all good company, a class of fourty were all seated in a chirrup, the boys had some beer and white wine while the girls were eager to try some red wine.

Shu Ning stuck out quite a lot sitting there with his small size, Shi Lang smacked his lips and swept his gaze across the entire scene, he was very pleased with himself. The attendants flowed in like a school of fish and started to serve the dishes, the alcoholic drinks were served as well. Shu Ning sipped on his drink without looking left and right, being surrounded by girls and whatnot……heh heh.

Shi Lang stood up and raised his glass:”Come on, let’s drink.”

With the head of the class speaking, they all stood up. Shi Land was just planning to take a run at Shu Ning but he already stood up with his glass raised……

You’re shitting me?

Shi Lang’s mouth twitched, I just don’t believe it, he raised his head and gulped it down then swept a naughty glance over at the opposing corner, Shu Ning also drank! He actually did, how was that possible?

Shi Lang was constantly looking for opportunities, he downed one, then another, he drank and drank, and he was the first to fall, he was still blubbering Shu Ning Shu Ning~ He wasn’t satisfied!

Shu Ning shrugged, the young lady next to him was very nice to him, she secretly brought in a bottle of mineral water and switched out the three hundred yuan wine with water ╮(╯▽╰)╭ The girls around him all knew, they all kept the secret silently, Shu Ning didn’t even have to lift a finger and his opponent was already down.

While she was drinking some red wine, Shu Ning had some as well, the young lady didn’t let him have any so Shu Ning could only change positions over to the boys’ side, with a bit of wine the boys were already in good spirits as they played games happily. At twelve, they all left to return home. There were two boys who always slipped out of the drinking, they didn’t have any at all, they went out to call their cars over but they always go by hoes before bros so they only sent girls home, the drunk guys were directly sent to a taxi with nobody sending them.

Meanwhile the young lady was picked up by her parents.

There will definitely be some one in charge of Shi Lang, his girlfriend held him by the waist and supported him out step by step, a white Mercedes was waiting for them outside, not bad.

Many of them paid each other compliments, everyone had a car but not all of them had luxurious ones.

Shi Lang who had sobered up a bit stood here and laughed, saying they weren’t worth anything much, he really was very proud and snobbish.

He saw Shu Ning appear, and the car parked across the road immediately drove over, a black extended Rolls-Royce, looking extremely solemn. The bodyguard got down and observed the people by Shu Ning’s side with a keen look, then frowned slightly:”You are drunk, young master.”

Shu Ning knew as well:”I’m fine.”

“Aunt Xu has prepared some soup for sobering up,”The bodyguard opened the car door and helped Shu Ning into the car.

Shu Ning waved towards his classmates and entered the car, then flopped down onto the seats,

The bodyguard who was supposed to be sitting on the passenger seat entered as well and sat on the ground supporting Shu Ning, it was easier for him to take care of him too. The real limited edition luxury car drove off and Shi Lang cussed before passing out drunkenly.

After he returned home, the bodyguard carried Shu Ning off the car. As soon as he felt a stir, Shu Ning woke up, the feeling isn’t right, this isn’t my big brother, Shu Ning after drinking some soup still fell onto bed like earlier. The cleaner, Aunt Fang took a hot towel and wanted to help Shu Ning wipe his face, hands, and legs.

The bodyguard waved his hand, and the aunty nodded and left with the bowl, not long after, Shu Heng came wearily.

After preparing the bath water, Aunt Xu and the bodyguard left. Shu Heng took off the little one’s clothes as well as his own, then carried him into the bathroom to wash up, after returning to the bed, Shu Ning was like a dead pig, he had no reactions at all.

“Do you still remember what I said?”

“You forgot?”

“No matter, it’s fine as long as I remember.”

He missed this little guy a lot, when he went for military training this time, Shu Heng already had a hunch. It was only the second day when the higher ups in the military came for an inspection, then they picked several top students to experience the military life! And so Shu Heng had no way around it, he didn’t deal with the people who specially came to see him, much less contact Shu Ning, in case the little one ended up under the surveillance of anyone.

After arriving at the army, his biological father came as well, he really couldn’t hold himself back anymore, he kept coming over secretly these years to watch, looking over from afar, he has been making things hard for the senior official. Shu Heng knew long ago, he just pretended not to see him. Right now his biological father had made arrangements with his adoptive father, they’ll see what Shu Heng thinks once he turns eighteen, Shu Cheng will have no opinions if he wanted to go back.

He brought the little one into his arms, Shu Heng missed him very much and he was extremely excited, he even got some reactions down there, he took a deep breath but he still couldn’t keep his cool, it was nearly at its peak.

I give up.

Shu Heng’s eyes turned exceptionally dark like a deep abyss, he lowered his head and kissed down on those pink lips and entered smoothly, tangled around, and lapped at it, the little one did not have any adverse reactions at all, just like a sleeping little prince, clean, and pure, a pit of fire was enveloped within Shu Heng’s eyes as he deepened the kiss.

A lingering kiss, a kiss that made him go mad, a kiss that made him forget, but he did not do anything that would not be suited for the little one at his current age.

“I’ll wait till you grow up, and when you do……I’ll eat you!”

His body hadn’t developed yet, he can’t destroy it earlier, it had been very tough for him to endure, Shu Heng could only borrow his leg for a few rubs, and once again he could stand it no more. Thinking back on that amazing feeling that day when that little hand held onto him, Shu Heng’s throat bobbed up and down, and his mouth felt dry, his lust battled with his reason but his reason still won, he must wait for a little longer!

However……just kissing was still alright.

He held the little fool tightly, drinking comes with its punishments, Shu Heng tasted his little mouth again, and this time he was more gentle than before, he still thirsted for it but he slowed himself down, little by little, taking over every little bit, not showing mercy to any area. He was so infatuated with him, he didn’t even know how long they kissed for, their saliva flowed down to Shu Ning’s neck, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and licked……

After a night of passion, a certain child’s mouth swelled up for the first time.


Early the next morning, he was enveloped in a sense of familiarity, it smelled like Shu Heng, Shu Ning felt as if a generation had passed.

He lifted his little hand over to touch, taking advantage of the situation and holding his brother’s waist, tightening his hold, and his little head leaned in closer as well to listen to his big brother’s heartbeat, this is the only thing that put him at ease, no matter how much money he made, he would never have real happiness, just like this, he was satisfied fully.

Shu Heng was quite pleased, he twirled his finger over, smoothing down Shu Ning’s little face, his little ears, and he even pulled up his little chin.

You want a kiss? Go ahead then, it’ll only be a little while, was what Shu Ning thought.

His big brother didn’t kiss his lips, he kissed his forehead instead, Shu Ning didn’t know why but he felt quite lost, didn’t he hate this the most usually? Such a mysterious guy, his little hand touched forward, he loved these eight pack abs a lot, he poked and poked again. Shu Heng returned the favour too, he gave the little mounds behind Shu Ning a little rub, and naughtily bit down on his shoulders.

Shu Ning opened his eyes in surprise:”What are you doing?”


He rolled his eyes, Shu Ning continued to hug his big brother’s waist with his little head still stuck to his chest with no intentions of getting up.

Naturally Shu Heng was willing to stay with him, even when they grew old and died in the same ditch it was still fine:”Are you hungry? I’ll bring something up.”

“I don’t wanna move, feed me.”


The both of them needed to go to school today, after feeding him personally, Shu Heng had to go. Shu Ning was gloomy, Shu Heng thought he had a headache so he rubbed his temple and said:”Do you feel better now? In the future you’re not allowed to drink when I’m not around.”

“Okay~”A very to the point answer, but not drinking? That was not likely, Shu Ning was an adult →-→

However, he really was like a child these days, nobody doubted him too, since he was to be integrated into his role, he would always make some childish moves, even he himself had gotten used to it, he would pout occasionally and act spoiled, he was never like this before his rebirth, he was straight and proper all the time like a full-fledged rich young master, his manner of speech was graceful and generous, he would never make a sound while laughing, just like a robot.

This was the result Qin Yu Zhuo wanted, not what Shu Ning himself was like.

Ah……it’s gone now, lost in front of this great god called Shu Heng, thankfully he only acted this way with him, in front of other people he was very normal, his thoughts were clear too, unlike this brainless look at this moment, doing whatever he wanted, whenever he pleased, he could even roll around if he wanted, just like……the only time he was able to loosen up in his past life, but that……was in front of his boyfriend.

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    1. he used his hand a bit too in the last chapter ahahhaa age of consent in China is 14, Hong Kong is 16. Cantonese pops up occasionally(…like twice) so I’m not sure where they’re from, Shu Ning also mentions that 16 is the age of consent

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    And that’s what also makes this scenario more uncomfortable – SH is quite mature, so his actions seem even more as if they’re made from an old lecherous man.


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