RWSB Chapter 62

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What’s this?

The little beast has finally exposed its claws?

How frightening! But more importantly……has he grown nails?

Shu Heng really felt that his brother was very cute, he was cute no matter what he did, why is he so very cute?

And so Shu Heng pretended to be ignorant. Shu Ning did not move, he was still waiting for his chance to strike, but he instead felt a consuming sense of loneliness. And so Shu Heng deliberately exposed an opening, he wanted to know to what extent his brother would go to. He suddenly recalled a scene from his childhood where Xu Jin ran over excitedly with a dog in his arms, he would throw a stick and the dog would always bring it back at once……

He wondered if his brother would still throw himself over after failing, Shu Heng’s thoughts drifted about, he was feeling itchy. He decided to fill up the tub so they could play some games in the water, that may be more interesting.

Shu Ning stared at him without exposing himself, but when Shu Heng turned his head over, he suddenly pounced over, then……Oh fuck……My head got caught between my brother’s arms Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Shu Heng loosened his grip and moved back slightly:”What are you doing?”

Shu Ning who nearly managed to grab his pants knew that his initiative had already “died” simply bared it all without acting anymore, he rolled up his barely long sleeves and took the opportunity to take a breath, then pounced over again. Shu Heng raised an eyebrow, and caught one hand each with his two hands, then he played the strength game with Shu Ning. Naturally Shu Ning lost, he stepped back again and Shu Heng also allowed him to throw a tantrum.

Shu Ning deliberately pounced over simply a few times to reduce Shu Heng’s wariness, big brother was so smart that he probably already saw through my plan. Shu Ning turned up the corners of his lips, and when he pounced over, he pulled a feint on him and kicked hard with his left leg to change his trajectory. When he touched Shu Heng, he immediately turned his body and bumped into him with his back, and so the two lost their balance together, a little hand was spotted around the goal of his pants and he immediately latched on, oh……it’s soft ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Ning was so scared his soul parted from his body, no……his soul had already flown away.

By the time he managed to react to it, he wasn’t able to take his hand back anymore, maybe possibly he just about……hurt his big brother, Shu Heng reached out at once and took hold of a certain naughty little guy’s claws and that thing together, take a deep breath!

I’m finished I’m finished I’m finished /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I just wanted his pajama pants, big brother is mysophobic so there’s definitely underwear below, we’re brothers so what if we share a little bit? But now what? Do I have to take the first strike? After all he was the one who put those pajamas on me in the past, he should’ve put underwear on him first. Which is why, this is not the fault of the person with his butt bare!

Wuwuwuwuwu……I should just pretend to be innocent! Kids don’t really know much, I’ll be damned, this is too upsetting.

Shu Heng held Shu Ning around his little waist with one hand to prevent him from moving about, and his other hand moved, as of it were rubbing against it.

The hand that had caught on directly on the hot place unconsciously moved together with it, just like helping his brother do that. Shu Ning who wanted to take his hand back wasn’t able to succeed, and he didn’t dare to use too much strength either. On the spot he cried without tears and swallowed his saliva:”Brother~”

“What are you actually trying to do?”

“I……I want to wear pants!”He pretended to be pitiful.

“And then?”

“Then there are pants on big brother’s body, nobody asked you to be so bad, making me wear such a stupid pair of pants with a tail,”His voice got smaller and smaller as he spoke, Shu Ning was thinking this was all Shu Heng’s fault so how did it come back to me instead, ah, I’m innocent:”Brother, let go~”

Little brother’s voice is so soft and sweet, so cute, I can’t scare him, but a thirteen year old boy should already have their physiology classes haven’t they? As his brother should I be teaching him? I should, if not it won’t be good if he learns anything bad at school while I’m away:”Ning Ning, there are somethings that I should be teaching you at this time.”

“Mm?”Shu Ning turned his head over to look at him, he was very curious. Something that Shu Heng needed to say so seriously is definitely going to be something extraordinary!!!

The little brother sitting on his legs is such a good boy, so adorable. Shu Heng felt very pleased inside as if he had forgotten what the little hand was holding onto, but he couldn’t go overboard, the big hand was just moving a little every so often. He lowered his head and leaned over, then said some embarrassing things in Shu Ning’s ear.

Immediately Shu Ning felt like he had been struck by lightning and all his internals were hurting, what kind of thirteen year old wouldn’t know about those things? They’ve already seen so much of the research material so how would they not have any experience? Right now being warned by this little adult made him feel extremely sour, can any immortals passing by please quickly descend and drag this guy away, this guy really too “smart” for his own good.

But then again, his brother really was quite deep and husky, it was pleasing and charming to his ear like sound of a cello, his adolescent years are gone and he’s turned into a real man now……

Shu Heng had not finished speaking when Shu Ning could already bear with it no longer, his face turned beet red as if something was about to erupt, his little hands had been clutching the bed sheets until his knuckles had turned white, he hurriedly pushed himself towards Shu Heng’s chest. Shu Heng knew that it was just about time too, his little brother got embarrassed. He loosened up to let him go, he wasn’t wearing pants so at most he could run to the bathroom anyway.

And so Shu Ning ran to the bathroom and slammed the door close to vent his dissatisfaction →-→

Shu Ning had calmed down after washing his face, just that was enough to rouse him up, it was too shameful. I’m a man aren’t I? I’ll just climb back up where I fell, come on! Shu Ning returned to the side like nothing happened and as soon as he sat down, Shu Heng got off at once, his defenses were down! Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and caught the opportunity to quickly launch an attack! Caught the edge of his pants, ha ha ha ha, I just have to pull! Big brother’s that part is hard, let’s see who’s the one feeling awkward then!

You wanted to teach me like an adult, so if you’ve got the balls for it then let’s see if you can stop yourself getting hard! ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Shu Heng dodged subconsciously and received the mid-air Shu Ning by the waist, then turned him around and press him down with one hand on his shoulder, and another clutching Shu Ning’s wrist, he supported himself with one leg on the bed and the other was pressing down on Shu Ning’s back, this combination of moves were done in one swell swoop, not even a second had passed when it happened and in just this instant the Shu Ning who did not know what had happened could only lay on the bed and give up /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ He’s too much of a bully, how could he do this!

Shu Heng did not exert much strength, there was nobody else in the room other than his brother so he was able to launch a surprise attack bravely. This made his heart feel funny, being with his brother like this was pretty good too, feels very intimate!

The big hand landed several resounding slaps without showing any pity, Shu Ning wanted to cry but no tears would come out, being spanked on the butt and whatnot, I don’t know what’s going on!

Shu Heng saw the little one getting more honest, could he have used too much strength? He lowered his head and swept a glance at it, it was only slightly red, nothing wrong, he gave those mounds a light caress as comfort, the feeling is pretty good. After that Shu Heng magically pulled out a normal pair of pants from under the pillow. Shu Ning was stunned ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Fuck~

Shu Heng got up and Shu Ning hurriedly jumped away:”I’ll do it myself.”

Shu Heng stared at him indifferently. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and tugged at the other end of the pants:”I can put it on myself!”

Shu Heng did not loosen his grip, Shu Ning gave it a pull, and just as he was about to put some strength into it, Shu Heng was finally willing to speak, and he had a very cold tone:”If you rip it you’ll just have to stay bare today.”

Shu Ning put on an awkward smile and put his little hands behind Shu Heng’s head then raised his legs, Shu Heng skillfully pulled his pants up with a great deal of tacit understanding between them. At night the two watched the stars together, he received Shu Cheng’s call and chatted with him for half an hour. Qin Yu Zhuo called during the day, and Shu Gao in the afternoon, they were both very concerned about Shu Heng and Shu Ning.

For a whole day Shu Ning spent the day sweetly like this with Shu Heng, and they slept together at night while sharing a big blanket, Shu Heng held Shu Ning around his small little waist and closed his eyes.

Early the next morning, Shu Ning felt somewhat gloomy but he forced himself to smile. His big brother got on the car right after finishing his breakfast, Shu Ning didn’t know what was happening to himself either, he kept watching the car go further away until it drove out of his sights before he walked back as if he had lost his soul. Shu Heng’s shadows appeared all throughout the house, there was one where they sat together on the sofa, one of him bartending and teasing him with wine, as well as one playing around with water in the baths.

He was annoying when he was around, but now he’s gone and it made him miss him very much instead.

I’m so cheap, Shu Ning sighed. He returned back to his room and opened up the computer to check the stock market, a bunch of lines appeared in his eyes but he could see nothing.

Shu Heng was sitting in the car, why wasn’t he worried about him?

Another few days have passed, Shu Ning should be reporting to the school as well. Shu Heng stood downstairs, he actually returned without even giving him a greeting. Shu Ning was slightly stunned to see him, but Shu Heng had already opened his arms. For the first time, Shu Ning rushed towards him without any unpleasantness, he jumped, pounced, and held his brother’s neck tight with his two legs wrapping around him.

Shu Heng twirled around twice while holding the little one to dissolve the momentum, then landed countless kisses on him, just like that he brought him into the car. After the center partition was put down, Shu Heng kissed the lips that had been filling his thoughts. So soft, so fragrant, so smooth, his little brother’s face reddened into a blush, he opened his mouth and didn’t fight back, it seems he does miss me quite a lot as well, Shu Heng was in great spirits as he kissed those little lips once more.

For the sake of his lips, Shu Ning hurriedly leaned into his big brother’s shoulder and held him tight:”How come you’re back?”

“I came to send you to school, dad is here too, he’ll be going directly to the school.”

“That’s great.”

“Mm,”Shu Heng tightened his arms, he held him through the whole way intimately, until they reached the school and he had to let go:”Let’s go.”

Shu Ning had already found Shu Cheng’s car, he reckoned that Qin Yu Zhuo was present too, this woman likes to jump in front no matter what was going on, she would sail through any winds, sticking her hands into any benefits she could find. The two parties gathered and happily headed in. Qin Yu Zhuo wanted to hold Shu Ning’s hands but Shu Cheng already took his hand, and Shu Heng was also there clutching onto Shu Ning’s hands with no intentions of letting go, it really was quite unsightly.

Shu Heng was after all an adult now and he had gotten shrewd, in front of everyone he would put on a front like he enjoyed taking care of Shu Ning, making others think that he was friendly guy, Qin Yu Zhuo snorted in contempt and dismissed it, this is just a small trick, he can’t go anywhere with this. Shu Ning peeked a glance behind with a helpless look in his eyes, this was what Qin Yu Zhuo thought of it, she smiled and nodded as a means of comforting her son.

The parents of many students came today, and there were even more new students on the scene, each of them were more vigorous, youthful, and energetic than the other.

Some girls were looking about and their gazes all landed on Shu Heng, because he truly was too outstanding. He was both tall and handsome, he was simply the Prince Charming they all longed for in their eyes. A university student being thrown into the pile of new students made him stand out from the crowd, he was definitely like a phoenix amongst a flock of poultry, it was simply an instakill.

Shu Ning watched the scene and he was very upset about it, he really wanted to tell those girls that their Prince Charming could possibly be a Tang Sanzang →-→

Shu Heng kept on holding Shu Ning’s hand, and he was slightly concerned:”What’s wrong?”


With a pouty look like his saying nothing with gritted teeth, who would believe him?

Shu Heng did not know why, so he looked around coldly, who made his little brother upset? As a result he got a lucky hit, all the gazes on him moved away, Shu Ning finally smiled. Shu Heng pondered thoughtfully over it, feeling as if he had caught onto something but nothing at all, right at this time the head of the teaching office had shown up.

One of the key points of this high school was that it was private, the headmaster had some connections so he was used to seeing big shots, even though he knew that Shu Cheng was a big name in C City he didn’t come out personally to meet him, just leaving it to the head was enough. This was how the capital differed from C City, they would stand their ground even if a dragon appeared.

Everyone chatted and joked with each other, other than lifting up the corners of his mouth slightly while introducing himself, Shu Ning did not do anything.

They registered on the first day, and started lessons on the second. He didn’t know whether they had military training or not as the times had changed, and he had forgotten all about it. Shu Ning asked Shu Heng privately, and Shu Heng only stared at him for a moment before answering, high schools in our country don’t do military training. On the spot Shu Ning’s gloomy mouth had curled into a wave, just you wait, give it a few years and we’ll have it!  ̄へ ̄

His little brother was upset again? He really loves to act spoiled, Shu Heng secretly kneaded the little one’s hand. In front of people, Shu Ning had never given Shu Heng face, if not no matter how angry he was he wouldn’t show it on his face and obediently let Shu Heng hold his hand, letting him knead around however he pleased, rubbing back and forth, in just a moment his mood improved.

Shu Ning’s temper was quick to come and quick to go, Shu Cheng watched his change and was extremely happy, when Qin Yu Zhuo saw it she was furious, Shu Heng is clearly bullying my son!

Shu Ning that worthless wretch, are you just going to take it? Your dad’s right there why won’t you complain to him?

Qin Yu Zhuo couldn’t say anything, she was just his step mother, she had to be concerning in every possible way in front of everyone and say nothing but good things about him, damn it, it’s making her nauseous again. No matter how angry Qin Yu Zhuo was, she still had to endure it, this was the day Shu Ning would enter the high school life, Shu Gao paid great attention to it and Shu Cheng came personally too, I have to smile!

This woman was smiling so brilliantly, Shu Ning watched her and slightly smirked, why make things hard for yourself?

With the help of the head teacher, the procedures were soon finished. Shu Cheng stood with the head teacher and talked for a moment before bringing Qin Yu Zhuo and his two sons out. Shu Ning understood that Shu Cheng had definitely bribed him, most of the students studying here were wealthy people, the number of students who thought themselves as the king of the school were many, there were also many low-key ones with prominent families, with the help of the teachers, Shu Ning will be able to live his life comfortably.

The whole family went out for a meal before going over to the little house to take a look. Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes brightened up, the decoration wasn’t too bad, it just seemed slightly gloomy at first glance. Everything was prepared by Shu Heng himself, there was only one bedroom and it was all with Shu Ning’s stuff, only then was Qin Yu Zhuo satisfied, everything was good here, the only bad part was that she couldn’t slot one of her people in here.

Qin Yu Zhuo had a plan, she took Shu Cheng’s hand:”The aunty who cooks for them doesn’t seem too reliable, how about we bring the old chef over from our house instead? Shu Ning likes the food he makes, he can rest easy eating them too.”

“It’s alright, all the staff here were specially selected by Shu Heng, don’t worry.”

“Honey!”A light flashed past Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes and they watered up:”Right now I can only contact Shu Ning, if the call doesn’t go through there’s not even a person I can talk to, if anything happens there’s not even a single person we can ask about the situation from!”

“Can’t you just ask Shu Heng?”

“D……does it seem convenient for me?”Qin Yu Zhuo sighed, a hint of pleading appeared within her eyes:”Okay, how about we let the aunty who tidies up Ning Ning’s room to come over.”This was Qin Yu Zhuo’s real confidant, the chef she mentioned earlier was just a feint to put his guard down and prevent suspicions.

“No can do, Shu Heng won’t like it, he’ll think I don’t trust him.”

“Honey, can’t you think about my feelings?”Qin Yu Zhuo cried, she was extremely grieved:”I’ve agreed to let Shu Heng take Shu Ning away, can’t I even send someone over so I can ask about his condition? He’s only thirteen, not thirty, what kind of dad are you, aren’t you being too open about this?”

Shu Cheng:”……”

Shu Heng was standing right outside with Shu Ning and they heard everything, it was inconvenient for Shu Heng to explain so Shu Ning shook off his brother’s hand and walked in:”Mom!”

Qin Yu Zhuo had a fright, thankfully only Shu Ning heard her, she hurriedly pulled her child’s hand:”My baby, your mom misses you a lot.”

What the hell did you bring her here for? She’s spoiling the scenery.

Shu Ning expressed his thoughts in a straightforward manner when Qin Yu Zhuo wasn’t looking, and he couldn’t help but peek an eye at Shu Cheng, Shu Cheng was a wise man so he immediately understood. Shu Ning had successfully dug a pit for his mom, only then did he have the mood to balance things out with Qin Yu Zhuo:”Everything’s great here, I like it. The people in the ancestral home have been working for grandpa for several decades so it’s not convenient to move them over, I’ve received the goodwill within mom’s intentions, but are you clear about mine?”

“Ning Ning, you’re still young, mother is worried that something bad will happen to you.”

“What’s going to happen to me?”Shu Ning deliberately emphasized his sentence, his intentions were clear, and his gaze was also sharper:”Mother you should take good care of your baby, when you’re given birth my brother and I will pay you a visit alright?”

“Ning Ning, mother allows you to stay here, and I think the aunty that had been taking care of you is pretty good, she’s honest, and doesn’t have much to say……”Blah blah blah.

Shu Ning took the opportunity to spare another helpless glance at Shu Cheng when Qin Yu Zhuo lowered her head, only after she finished speaking did he make an excuse:”Mom, you should go back, I saw some studies that say that it’s quite dangerous for someone over seven months pregnant to fly, didn’t you know?”

Shu Cheng raised an eyebrow, he took out his phone and immediately searched it up, she could ride no problem, generally a healthy baby at eight months should have no issues. Qin Yu Zhuo had to come no matter what, this made Shu Cheng feel that she was quite insensible, but as soon as he thought that she was doing it for her son he agreed, but now that Shu Ning had brought this up they should still rush home. And besides, his wife seems to be provoking the relationship between these two kids deliberately, after all they were not from the same mother so she’s prone to suspicion.

“We came to see him and we did, we should be going.”Shu Cheng took Qin Yu Zhuo’s hand.

Qin Yu Zhuo was touched, Shu Ning still cared most about his little brother as expected, he had even taken note of whether or not she could take the plane, but she still had not reached her goal yet, how would she be willing to leave? Her tears came down in a rush:”Honey, can’t you just comply with me?”

“Dad, you let me come out here to experience things right?”

Shu Cheng had made his decision with just that one sentence, he brought away the unwilling Qin Yu Zhuo, what is he going to do if Shu Ning studied deep into the night, and Qin Yu Zhuo would argue about it with him after finding out? Right now her pregnancy is the most important! Although Shu Cheng doted very much on his wife, at the same time he cared about how Shu Heng felt too, and so this scene with no end in sight was hung up, but it left a shadow in Shu Cheng’s heart……

There was finally peace, now where was that tantrum-throwing Shu Heng? Shu Ning looked for him everywhere and finally found him in the backyard, oh damn, he’s swimming……


His muscles were so toned, his serratus and abs are too perfect. He could only see a handsome merman swimming back and forth, even his back was way too beautiful, he had long arms, long legs, the water splashing around made the sunlight seem like some special effects, so handsome, his big brother was such a top-class man, no wonder those girls were smitten this morning.

This made the thoughts of me as a “homo” ripple too, saliva was almost pouring out~

Shu Ning was fascinated by the sight, he simply walked towards the swimming pool and crouched down by the side with his two hands holding up his chin, and his gaze misted over, big brother is swimming over~ So cool~

Shu Heng reached the side, he didn’t show up immediately but rather he kicked himself up all of a sudden and shot out of the water, and while Shu Ning still had not reacted to it, he landed a soft kiss on his lips.

Are you happy? Are you amazed?

At this moment, Shu Ning’s heart rate sped up and his face was flushed scarlet……

“Do you know how to swim?”His brother’s voice was exceptionally husky and his eyes were intoxicating, strands of hair were framing his face making him look even more sexier.

Shu Ning swallowed unconsciously and nodded before he came back to his senses, oh god, I think I was seduced by the beauty of my older brother Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Shu Heng held the little guy that looked like a small bunched up animal and pulled him into the water, Shu Ning was wearing short sleeves and short pants so he wasn’t afraid of getting wet, but why did big brother take off my pants, and leave me with only a pair of white undies and whatnot……Whatever, the walls were high anyway so others wouldn’t be able to see him, it was the coolest to swim during the summer, he could even splash water on Shu Heng’s face deliberately!

How wonderful~

Going against him and whatnot, Shu Ning loved it to death. His big brother was swimming over, Shu Ning flashed him a naughty smile and pressed down with his two hands.

“Ha ha ha ha……Let’s see how you take this!”

But how smart was Shu Heng? He immediately pretended to struggle a few times and stopped moving, he held his breath.

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, he immediately pulled his brother’s head out the water and anxiously patted his face:”Brother? Don’t scare me? Nobody can die from just ten seconds of that.”

That was the logic, but the reality in front of him was different, logic could be messed up too. Just like that, Shu Ning patted his face a few times and started to put some strength into it, Shu Heng still did not wake up, he called out for people to come but nobody came, what’s going on? Shu Ning’s mind was blank, he didn’t know what to do anymore, he didn’t have the strength to pull him up so he could only perform CPR.

Shu Ning who had gotten used to kissing did not hesitate to pinch Shu Heng’s mouth……then stuck himself over……Um……Why is there a tongue

Shocking Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Shu Ning was no fool, fuck, he actually used this as a joke? This is too much, he pushed Shu Heng away furiously and swam towards the side of the pool, he really got angry this time, he’s really furious now!!!

Shu Heng swam up from the back and ran a few paces quicker to catch up with the little one and picked him up by the waist, with an “ah” scream from Shu Ning, he kicked his limbs around:”You’re bullying me!”Roar~ Glare~

“Did I?”

“You dare say you didn’t? Then what was that in my mouth?”

“What is it?”


“It was just a joke, it’s no good to be angry,”Shu Heng held the little one and went towards the deck chairs, Shu Ning still continued struggling, he never stopped struggling.

Only then did Shu Heng regret it slightly, the little one was overreacting, it seems that he really did go overboard, he immediately switched tactics:”Alright alright, we’ll just say I went overboard, but that doesn’t mean you can hit my face right?”

“WHen did I hit your face?”

Speaking of this, Shu Heng knew that he would be fine even if he put him down, the little one won’t run off.

Shu Ning who received freedom subconsciously took several steps back and narrowed his eyes, glaring at him defensively, his gaze landed towards Shu Heng’s face, oh shit, it’s red, there’s a hand print! He used a bit too much strength while waking him up earlier. That’s not right! He was wrong first, Shu Ning took a few steps forward and imposingly he spoke:”I hit you for your own good, and you actually dared to bite back at me?”

“I didn’t,”Shu Heng moved his hand over and gave his brother’s hair a rub, but Shu Ning took a step back instead like a vigilant little wild cat.

Shu Heng’s eyes darkened, he was extremely vexed but he didn’t show it on his face, and his tone had gotten considerably gentler:”Since you hit me till I’m swollen, can you forgive your big brother?”


Tang Sanzang is the monk from Journey to the West

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