RWSB Chapter 61

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Afraid of you?

Which one of your eyes saw me being afraid of you?

Wasn’t it obvious?

Shu Ning could feel the hot breath brushing past his face, his brother was so close to him and it felt threatening. Shu Ning tried to move his body but it was no use, he was trapped by Shu Heng, other than my head, what else can I move?

He slowly opened his right eye first to take a look at the situation, his brother had a very serious look on his face and his gaze was exceptionally focused, as if they had been still for ten thousand years, he didn’t even blink!

Shu Ning admired this trait of Shu Heng’s the most, this guy’s too good.

“Are you afraid of me?”

Shu Ning’s heartbeat sped up, he had a slight feeling of irritation but he opened his mouth nervously and wanted to refute him, but Shu Heng suddenly stuck his head to his chest. Shu Ning was dumbfounded and his pupils shrunk, it’s finished it’s finished it’s finished I’m done for, his heart beat thump thump thump like a set of drums, only someone who was deaf wouldn’t be able to hear it, it’s no use to butter up to his brother this time.

The Shu Heng of this moment was exceptionally dangerous, he pressed him down on top and fixed his gaze on him:”How are you afraid of me?”

Shu Ning blinked his eyes, how am I supposed to answer this question? The person I hated the most in my past life was you, and in the end I found out this big brother was the most lovable when I was about to die. Although he kept his abilities to himself he had never taken me as an opponent either, even if I tried to take him down, frame him, and even if I tried to suck his blood dry I would still be forgiven, and even after I died he would try to find the reason and avenge me.

Now that he was reborn, everything changed. Shu Ning slowly calmed down as he thought about this.

Although Shu Heng was scary, why would he do that for him? He was worried of me being afraid of him, and he wanted to get closer to me, maybe there were some flaws in the way he expresses himself but as the saying goes, the more outstanding a person was, the more they lack in certain areas, Shu Heng’s flaws are very prominent, he’s too aloof and his coldness makes it hard for people to get close to him.

He took a breath out, big brother’s getting anxious, even his breathing is getting heavier.

The Shu Ning who was stuck could only give Shu Heng’s face a kiss, including his nose and his chin:”Is there a little brother who isn’t afraid of his big brother?”


“I’m afraid, but also in awe, I like big brother a lot, and I respect big brother.”

“But you won’t let me kiss you.”

“This isn’t the same,”Shu Ning took a glance at the partition in the center, this thing can’t block out the noise, his brows were slightly furrowed together. Shu Heng turned Shu Ning’s little face back with a finger, Shu Ning could only continue this topic. He stuck close to his brother’s ear:”You can kiss me~ But not on the mouth!”

“We’ve discussed this topic before, we’ll not be talking about this today.”


“Carry on.”

“We’ll talk about it tonight.”

“Can do.”

“Brother, you’re pressing on me.”

Shu Heng actually raised an eyebrow:”So what if I am? You won’t let me kiss you but I can’t press on you either?”

What a cunt, Shu Ning wasn’t as afraid anymore, he mustered up his courage and looked at him:”I’ve grown up and it’s embarrassing now okay?”

Shu Heng nodded, he agreed with Shu Ning’s explanation and pulled him up. Shu Ning quickly dodged to another side and sat down, his big brother really pesters way too much, are other big brothers like this too? →-→

He can finally watch the scenery now, the capital is prosperous so there were large buildings everywhere, it was stronger than what the best C City can offer, Shu Ning was already used to seeing high-rise, now although the capital naturally can’t be compared to twenty years later, Shu Ning did not have much interest in it but his eyes were bright, there were business opportunities everywhere, he’ll be sorry to himself if he don’t play with some stocks here!

Shu Heng didn’t move over to bother the little one, but rather he watched him with a profound and thoughtful gaze.

Soon they reached the villa, the management in this district was very strict so cars from the outside aren’t allowed to enter, there were quite a few schools nearby and they were all middle and high schools, A High was a bit further away and would require an hour of driving to reach, What is Shu Heng thinking of? Did he study nearby for me? He really is such a caring old brother.

Shu Ning wasn’t very likeable in his past life, Qin Yu Zhuo carefully tempered him and let Shu Ning enter high school in the capital, firstly it was to stay low-key and secondly it was fine even if he received special training till the middle of the night, she pulled up the sprouts to aid its growth so he could become useful quicker. Shu Heng was too outstanding, so even if Shu Ning wanted to surpass him he could only rely on hard work and countless efforts.

Shu Ning observed the villa with narrowed eyes and took a glance over to Shu Heng occasionally, so what if I made countless efforts? I’m not even a pebble on the street compared to Shu Heng at age eighteen ╮(╯▽╰)╭

This villa really was exceptionally chic, it’s level was up there with the designs in twenty years, it had a solemn atmosphere but the landscaping in the yard was very beautiful, there were pine trees, swings, and a variety of flowers and rocks, on the center is a paved road made of stones that curves along the way, and one of the lotus flowers was actually a lamp, if you didn’t take a better look at it you really wouldn’t be able to tell. The way it integrated into its environments made it look very realistic and the entire courtyard was beautiful and artistic. Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and brought him in, the inside was even better, it was warm just like home and there was even a framed photo of two people hung on the wall, when was this taken? It was the scene when Shu Ning turned back to beckon him in a smile as Shu Heng watched quietly.

“Do you like it?”

Shu Ning nodded:”It’s great.”

There were big sofas placed into a circle within the living room with a coffee table in the center, the corners of the coffee table was even covered with a layer, was it to prevent bumping into them? Big brother is too thoughtful.

Right at the opposite was a home theatre with speakers on both sides, the design of the wall was very fresh and unique, there were little cases both inside and outside with small bonsai and decorations inside them, to the left was a full floor-to-ceiling window and on the right was an amazing bar table with all sorts of wineglasses and whatnot, that’s probably Shu Heng’s territory. A crystal chandelier adorns the roof and both the stairs and the ceiling were mostly white, same as any ordinary house.

Hey? There were even little photos hanging from under the staircase, they were all of me! Shu Ning widened his eyes and gave them a touch, this was just the living room and it already brought so many surprises! Then what about the room? Shu Ning was anxious to know, he licked his lips and looked towards Shu Heng. Shu Heng didn’t move, he only raised his hand.

How bad of him, he won’t even come with me! Eh, I’ll go up myself.

Shu Ning smiled and went up the stairs step by step, wow, what entered his visions satisfied him very much, he received surprise after surprise. The only thing Shu Ning wasn’t satisfied with was the bedroom, why was there only one? There was a gym room and a living room in the first floor, Shu Ning had seen it, they were all bare and there was no bed in them at all, does Shu Heng plan to……oh, he lives in the dorm.

Shu Ning went to the room next door and opened the wardrobe, it was filled with clothes inside. The other wardrobe was filled with clothes in a slightly smaller size, it was self-evident who they were for. The drawers were filled with neckties, socks, and the like. THe other side contained watches, tie clips, and other accessories, everything was here, but it is Shu Heng after all.

The other room was the study, there was nothing special inside.

One third of the third floor was a room, the walls were half glass and half concrete, the room contained a telescope and some other equipment, on top of the crystal table was a chessboard, not bad.

The other two-thirds of the third floor was open air, carved railings were installed on all corners and the place was pretty safe, there was a recliner, some potted plants, and you could even play golf. Looking down from there, behind the villa in the yard was a swimming pool, and half a ball court. Shu Ning touched his nose, even if big brother wanted to raise me in captivity, he still put a lot of effort into it.

He came down the stairs, Shu Heng was sitting on top of the sofa and drinking the coffee prepared by the maid, Shu Heng raised his hand and several maids introduced themselves one after the other, Shu Ning memorized them too, especially the driver, why was he assigned to me? Wasn’t he Shu Heng’s confidant? In his past life he had always been the one chauffeuring Shu Heng.

How strange, but his heart felt very sweet.

“Give a call back home first to report your safety, then we can have our meal.”

He gave a call to both Shu Gao and Shu Cheng, Qin Yu Zhuo separately, Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning’s little paw and walked towards the table side. The table was not very large, four people could sit there but there were only two chairs.

There were not many dishes but they were all exquisite, the dishes were all balanced and delicious, they were all food that Shu Ning liked eating usually. Shu Heng picked up some eggplant strips and put them in Shu Ning’s bowl:”You can’t just have what you like, it’s important to have a balanced diet.”

“I know, big brother should eat too,”Shu Ning hurriedly picked some red braised pork belly and put them in Shu Heng’s bowl.

Shu Heng did not speak much, and they had their meal peacefully, every once in a while the sounds of chopsticks would ring out but there was nobody here to reprimand Shu Ning for it, this was great.

On that afternoon, when Shu Heng was playing chess with Shu Ning, they spoke about his future plans, like how his studies in high school would be more intense, if he felt that he was struggling in his classes he could find a tutor, if they were brought out then naturally his grades couldn’t be too bad, Shu Heng made himself clear and Shu Ning had a few thoughts of his own too, he had already gone through high school once so he’ll definitely be fine.

And what came after was the issue of living in the dorms, Shu Heng said he would come back every week, Shu Ning said that wasn’t necessary, he was afraid of tiring out his brother.

Shu Heng’s gaze deepened, and Shu Ning cried without tears, alright then you can come back, I like it if you come back okay ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Under normal circumstances, Shu Heng shouldn’t be bringing Shu Ning out here since he was studying outside, his mother, his father, and even his grandfather were all at home and he was only thirteen, he needs the supervision of an adult. But the Shu family was in a different situation, Qin Yu Zhuo was not teaching her kids properly and she had a vicious heart, Shu Heng can’t rest well leaving Shu Ning to that, so it’s better for him to raise him somewhere he can see him.

The security around the villa was pretty high, there were bodyguards patrolling the area twenty fours hours a day, and they were followed by a driver wherever they went, the food that came in was also very safe. Even the aunt who came to cook was the mother of one of Shu Heng’s bodyguards, and she could be trusted.

The sky darkened outside, Shu Ning had also gotten a bit tired after the long drive. Shu Heng ate dinner with the little one then they had a chat as they bathed, during the night when they slept, Shu Ning was in a daze as he stared at the bed. It was huge, about five people could fit on it, when big brother goes to school wouldn’t I be very lonely?

“You can give me a call.”

Those were things that couples did, Shu Ning sighed:”I’m not young anymore.”

“Let me see,”As Shu Heng spoke, he directly peeled off his brother’s top, you’re really going to say you’re not small? Little cleans, a sharp chin, his stomach was all white. He took off his pants, even his little teeth were young. There was not any contempt within Shu Heng’s eyes as he took out a set of normal pajamas and dressed his little brother in them.

Changing again? Something’s fishy! Shu Ning could only rest easy after checking it with his own eyes, he stretched his hands out and lifted his legs, quite a good fit.

Shu Heng was very honest today, he laid down quietly by his side and waited for the little one’s breathing to smooth out before he pulled off his brother’s pants, and changed into a pair with a tail.

The cat tail was very long, it was striped in Shu Heng’s favourite black and white. Only after he was satisfied did he cover up the little one with the blanket and kissed his forehead, then walked out in light steps with his phone in hand.

Shu Cheng hasn’t slept yet, he was currently managing some company stuff in his room. His phone suddenly rang, it was his elder son. He gave him a call during the day so for him to call again at night meant he had something to talk about.

Shu Cheng put down the important documents he had at hand:”Hello?”

“Dad, there’s something I need to discuss with you, it’s important.”

“Tell me, is it related to Ning Ning?”

“Mm,”Shu Heng spoke about it with him assuredly and mentioned what happened today in the car, Shu Ning suddenly proposed for Shu Heng to manage the company while he manages the house, there was clearly a problem with this and Shu Heng had already understood the ideas of his grandfather, so naturally he had to let his dad do some mental preparations too:”Shu Yao hasn’t been born yet and grandpa has already taken precautions, he’s given up on Ning Ning.”


“Dad, you should make your decision soon, I am not qualified to participate in the Shu family’s affairs so if you were to choose Shu Yao, then give Ning Ning to me.”

With a chuckle, Shu Cheng was helpless:”You’re saying it as if he’s not my son, alright then I’ll see what I can do, you take good care of yourself and Ning Ning, in the capital……has your father contacted you yet?”

“At the moment, no.”

“What are your plans?”Shu CHeng lowered his head and his eyes were dark.

“I’ll wait for him to come asking.”

“Don’t be like that, he’s still your family. And besides I’m the one who prevented them from taking you that time,”Shu Cheng did remain quite firm, he wouldn’t give him up to anyone no matter who came asking, he took him in as if he were his own son and lovingly took him while threatening to take the life of anyone who would stop him. The Shu clan was still considered one of the top wealthy families in C City but they weren’t powerful enough in the capital.

But Shu Heng did not think so:”Dad, I know you’re afraid that I’ll have a hard time but my mom told me everything before she died, she didn’t allow me to forgive them, and the reason dad was able to abandon me on that year was due to the restrictions of the two families in the capital, that man’s fiancée wasn’t a fool either isn’t that right?”

“Heng Heng……”

“After their marriage they had a son and a daughter, and I was the one who got abandoned, now the only reason they’re in a hurry to take me back is because their son died and they have nobody to inherit the clan, how could good things come without a price? Whoever raised me is my father, it has nothing to do with whoever provided the sperm.”

“Your mother loved your dad sincerely at that time, your mom knew that he had gotten himself a fiancee……and your mother was too arrogant so she ran home without giving him a chance to explain himself, your dad came running at that time, your mom is the one who told him to give up, she didn’t even tell him about the pregnancy, then she married me and the times didn’t match up, only then did he come looking for us again, your mother threatened for him to leave with her death, in fact your mother never loved me at all, she was too arrogant, like a phoenix in the sky that never bowed her head.”

“If they’ve cleared things up from the very start I believe my mother will go through that with him, and not have that woman come knocking and she even received a slap from her.”

“Heng Heng, I respect your decision and I understand what you’re thinking, but you see, when it comes to our adult matters we had a lot of things we regretted on those years too. And I’m acquaintanced with your father as well, he’s not an unloyal man,”Shu Cheng paused for a moment, then continued to speak again with a hoarse voice:”I was in the wrong too actually, I shouldn’t force myself through in vain, your mother and I were childhood friends in the past, so naturally I understood what she was like, we signed the wedding certificates as soon as she accepted my proposal, I didn’t give her any chance to regret anything, and I didn’t give your father any time to react to this. When it all comes down to it the one you should be blaming is me.”

“No……If you didn’t propose then I wouldn’t exist,”Shu Heng understood the personality of his maternal grandfather, he proposed that she should get an abortion, and at that time mother was extremely hurt and depressed, she had also wanted to get the abortion, so in the end Shu Heng was still most grateful towards Shu Cheng, he loved him, and dedicated himself to him selflessly, and shared all he had with him:”Dad, you’ll always be my dad.”

“Mm, alright!”

“Let’s not talk about me, Ning Ning’s only thirteen and he’s already chosen his position not long after he came home, he seems to be a bit too sensible, there may be something happening that we don’t know about. Dad, you should take note of the one by your side.”

“I understand, there’s nothing she can do.”

“Maybe she won’t be able to do anything to us, but what about her own son?”

“I know, Xiao Heng……”Shu Cheng sighed, and his gaze was exceptionally soft:”Your home will always be better than the capital, take good care of yourself.”

“I will dad, don’t worry.”

The call ended, Shu Heng stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and was silent for a long time, it felt as if a large hole was dug within his heart. What dad said was right, but what mom said before her death was true as well, what happened in the past went by like smoke, it was just a matter of time, and now the woman who mom hated was living and cultivating herself in a monastery, he didn’t know if he had gotten depressed over her son’s death or was she driven away by he family’s loss, now there were no obstacles anymore, and now for a son they threw out “on the account”, they still used quite a fair bit of effort.

It was clearly late august, so why did it feel so cold?

Shu Heng returned to the room and laid down by Shu Ning’s side, he felt much better after pulling the little one into his arms, he was so warm, and his little brother was sleeping so soundly, his little lips were pink and tender, so very mesmerizing. Shu Heng felt a bit out of it today, he leaned over and gently fixed their lips together, after pressing down and licking for a good while did he stop despite not having his fill yet, his little brother is still young, he’ll raise him well.

On the next morning, the expectable howling came, he was slightly displeased:”Don’t take it off, if you take it off you’ll have to be nude.”

I’m not afraid of you, Shu Ning took off his pants and ran about with his little butt exposed trying to find some pajamas, there actually aren’t any? The next room was filled with outer coats, Shu Ning’s face darkened and looked towards Shu Heng, this bastard did this on purpose, on purpose I say!!!

Shu Heng picked up the cat tail pants and passed it to Shu Ning. Shu Ning wouldn’t yield, after taking it over he tore off the tail and put them on. Hmph, the higher ups have policies while the lower downs have their own ways of getting around them, he definitely won’t put them on. Shu Ning swept a contemptuous glance over to Shu Heng, then went down the stairs vigorously. Shu Heng pondered for a moment, how can I make my little brother put on these cosplay outfits?

They had some porridge and some dishes in the morning, Shu Ning was in a great mood after feeling like he had defeated Shu Heng, and he ate an extra bun. Shu Heng had a bland attitude, his gaze kept moving over to the little one’s body whether intentionally or unconsciously:”We’re leaving at ten, I’ll bring you out somewhere, is there anywhere you want to go? Like……”Shu Heng listed out some of the most famous places.

Shu Ning shook his head:”I don’t want to go out, big brother is leaving tomorrow.”He spoke from his heart.

Shu Heng was startled for a moment, and the corners of his lips immediately raised up:”Alright, I’ll stay with you for the whole day today.”

After four hours, the two brothers were conversing in English on the sofa, a few men came in from outside led in by a bodyguard. Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng, and Shu Heng introduced the family doctor to Shu Ning, in the future Shu Ning could call him if he had any problems, he was on the clock twenty four hours a day. After the two got to know each other did he find out that he came in today for a check up ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Ning grew 3 centimeters during the holiday, and he got heavier by 2 kilograms as well, it was something to celebrate.

Shu Ning thought it was pretty good too, just as he put on his smiley face did he hear the doctor telling Shu Heng that he was too small and short, and the age of his bones were only fourteen and he needed more exercise and what not, blah~ He continued to blah blah blah!

At noon, they ate some skewers under the tree in the backyard, Shu Heng remembered everything that Shu Ning liked, he grilled them personally for him, the first one was scorched, really, it was so scorched that the meat couldn’t even recognize itself. The second one was alright, but the third one was perfect! Shu Heng was talented in everything he did, but Shu Ning only cared about eating, when he had his second drink, his big brother stretched his big hand over to pick up the cup and drank two thirds of it.

The corner of Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, he couldn’t bear with this, is Shu Heng worried that he’s going to drink too much? ╮(╯▽╰)╭ My god, it’s just a drink, do you have to be so anal about this?

“I’ll let you have a sip of red wine tonight.”

Shit really? Shu Ning was happy again.

His little brother was so easy to coax, this is too cute. A smile flashed past Shu Heng’s eyes as he passed over the sausage he was done grilling:”This was made by aunty herself, all natural with no additives.”

Shu Ning took a bite and it really was pretty good, it was all meat inside but it wasn’t greasy at all, with such an aunty……do I have to come back everyday to eat? Big brother wouldn’t have been “delicate” to this point would he? Shu Ning had just shook his head to give up when his brother passed over some squid on a skewer, this definitely isn’t raised by aunty!

“This was still alive when it was shipped over, it’s very fresh.”

“……”Shu Ning! Is this twenty six years into the future? Twenty years ago it was hard to find fresh seafood in countries far away from the sea, they were all frozen, but of course they still had fresh and live ones in big restaurants, the price was luxurious:”Brother, stop busying yourself you should eat some too.”

“I’m out of hands.”

Alright then, I’ll feed you, Shu Ning picked up a grilled sausage and brought it to Shu Heng’s mouth, Shu Heng was grilling some chicken wings with one hand and flipping lamb kebab on the other……Who could qualify to witness such a scene? Shu Ning was enjoying himself, being waited upon by his brother and what not, it’ll be fine if he gets used to it ha ha ha~\(≧▽≦)/~
“What are you laughing about?”Shu Heng got curious.

“Nothing, I just think that big brother you’re very cool, here have some more grilled fish!”

“Sure!”Shu Heng passed a doting glance at him as he took the grilled chicken wings from the grill and put them on a plate by the little one’s side before picking up the fish:”It’ll take some time, so have some others first.”

“Mm,”Big brother’s talking more and more, he’s gotten really approachable. Shu Ning suddenly lowered his head in embarrassment, he picked up the chicken wing and blowed on it, when brother leaves I’ll probably get very lonely……

Something warm landed on his cheek, his big brother had stolen a kiss. Shu Ning rolled his eyes:”Brother, there are no little brothers at school, what are you gonna do?”

“I’ll call you in the morning and we can have a video call in the evening.”

“……”So you’ve already thought it through? No sense of accomplishment, when Shu Ning got excited his grilled chicken wing nearly fell to the ground:”I’m not going to respond!”

“Then I’ll run back in the middle of the night to kiss your lips.”

Ha ha ha he laughed, Shu Ning’s mood rose up again. Big brother knew how to make jokes too, what a fun guy. In a few days when Shu Ning had gotten a bit too much to drink he would find out whether it was true ╮(╯▽╰)╭

They spent two hours eating, they chatted and they joked, Shu Heng held onto the little one’s shoulders and went up the stairs to brush their teeth together, and got on the bed to take a nap. After Shu Ning woke up the first thing he did was to touch his butt, as expected there was a tail, he stretched his short little hands over helplessly and gave the handsome face by his side a pinch:”Brother! Brother! Brother!”

“What’s wrong?”The little hand wasn’t very strong, so Shu Heng didn’t slap him off.

“Can you explain what is going on?”

“Tail,”Shu Heng moved his hand over and touched it, feels pretty good, he even touched the little hand and was very happy:”Pretty good.”

“I said I didn’t like it! How many hundred times do I have to say it?”

“I like it.”

“……”You win, Shu Ning got up to take off his pants with Shu Heng watching by the side, his gaze darkened, there were no undies underneath so he bared everything, Shu Ning didn’t find anything suspicious and he didn’t evade him at all, but why won’t the tail come off this time……Kasha, a big hole opened up in the pants, how am I going to wear this?

“There are no other pants……”Big brother was aloof.

Are these the legendary open-crotch pants? Σ( ° △°|||)︴ Big brother is too bad, Shu Ning leisurely swept a glance at Shu Heng, the big pants on him look pretty good. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, Shu Ning was ready for take off!

cosplay – 情趣服装, they’re clothes for fun but…. that kind of fun lol….. shu heng….. done with you…………

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