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Big brother slowly leaned over, Shu Ning blinked his big eyes and he felt like a slab of meat, big brother was currently wondering which part he should bite into first.

He really was a beast after all ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Ning suddenly moved, he wasn’t trying to push Shu Heng but rather to cover his mouth, other than this part you can kiss wherever you please, sir you may choose whichever you like haha~

His intentions could be clearly seen through his eyes, his gaze that had been sleepy before was lit up in a moment, and it contained a hint of a naughty smile.

But would Shu Heng have no alternatives?

He kissed the little one’s body, wherever is great, really, but……he wasn’t allowed to kiss where he wanted to kiss. Then~ Ah~ Chomp~ He bit down on his nose.

Shu Heng prevailed, he was satisfied and happy now, he continued his scrub-a-dub-dub.

Shu Ning was stunned, after a pause he moved his hands and held his nose, it didn’t hurt, but but but……isn’t this something done between lovers? It is right? Right? Huh?

“Want more?”

“Nonononono,”Shu Ning who was covering his nose and his mouth hurriedly shook his head.

Shu Heng sighed and deliberately closed in once more:”What am I going to do with you, you dishonest little thing.”

“You’re little, you’re entire……”He couldn’t continue saying his entire family was little, Shu Heng had already grown up and I’m the little one, cry without tears.

Shu Heng took an interest:”My entire what?”

“Brother, I’m tired, I want to get out!”

Shu Heng who hadn’t gotten enough could only continue washing him up, actually he had locked onto his ear earlier and he had wanted to bite down on them, the shape of it was perfect, compact and tender, the warm water had caused it to slightly blush, it was extremely tempting and beautiful, it hooked itself into his mind and filled it up, he wanted to give it a try but the time wasn’t right, the little one was too small so he didn’t understand.

After washing up the little one, Shu Heng who was trying to avoid another accident simply rinsed himself and wrapped a big towel around the important bits, and used an even bigger towel to wrap up Shu Ning and haul him away, Shu Ning yawned and let Shu Heng do his thing without moving, only while he was getting dressed did he take a peek, he was afraid that another strange and spicy thing would appear out of nowhere, damn! As expected another tail appeared!

“Brother!”He’s yelling~

“What’s wrong?”

You still have the face to ask? Shu Ning was so angry that his face had gone pale, he held the tail with his hand and shoved it in front of Shu Heng’s vision:”What is this?”

He nearly slammed it to his face, the little guy got angry? His fierce look is really cute, Shu Heng was expressionless and his tone was cool:”A tail.”


“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng’s gaze was extremely sharp.

Shu Ning slumped down in a moment, he had lost the will to throw any more tantrums:”I don’t like it.”

“It’s not for you to use, I’m just doing some research.”


“Were you wrong?”

“I was wrong,”Shu Ning felt tangled up, you’re the one who gave me these sorts of clothes first, now that the pants appeared with a tail anyone would’ve misunderstood, right? Big brother is so hateful, not going to deal with him anymore, Shu Ning turned his body and covered himself up with the blanket, he faced away from him and closed his eyes, he decided to have a cold war with him.

Shu Heng who did not succeed took out another pair of pajamas from the closet, he peeled open the blanket and dressed his little brother. Usually they could sleep in the nude in his own room but they couldn’t do that in Shu Ning’s room, wouldn’t dad see it all if he suddenly came in for a midnight raid?

Shu Ning was throwing a tantrum but he was willing to give his cooperation while he was being dressed, his little eyes darted around like a dagger, where did those pants with the tail go?

“Brother, what are you researching tails for?”

“Didn’t you say you were sleepy? You should sleep then wake up a bit earlier to go visit grandpa, we’re off to the airport at ten tomorrow.”

They could go so early! This is wonderful, Shu Ning wanted to get up but Shu Heng hurriedly pulled him in and laid down together:”Time to sleep, be a good boy.”

Shu Ning:”……”It’s not like I’m going to run away? Why are you wrapping your legs around mine? Whatever, I’m in a pretty good mood today.

Not long after, his phone lit up. Shu Heng swept a glance at it and thought to himself that he had come as expected, the door was opened and Shu Cheng walked over to the bed side while carrying a large pillow.

“Ning Ning fell asleep?”

Shu Heng scooted back while holding the little one:”He woke up now.”

Shu Ning’s eyelids moved:”Brother?”

“Daddy is here, come to me my good child,”After Shu Cheng laid down, he “dug out” Shu Ning from his eldest son’s arms, and held onto him himself. He gave the little face a kiss and because of his stubble, this made Shu Ning feel very ticklish and he started to giggle, Shu Cheng was even happier as he saw this, and he deliberately rubbed his stubble on the little one’s face.

“Dad, it hurts!”Shu Ning whimpered~

“Give him back,”Shu Heng wanted to snatch him back, the blue veins from his forehead had come out.

Shu Cheng threw a tantrum again:”You both will be leaving tomorrow, be good, don’t be like that, are you getting jealous again Heng Heng? Dad will hug you too alright?”

Shu Ning didn’t hold back and buried himself into his old man’s chest and giggled, he circled his little arms around the sturdy waist and thought to himself, Shu Heng would actually have such a day too? Jealous? Was that possible for him? It’s too funny, old man he’s going to hate you if you say that!

As expected, Shu Heng stopped.

Shu Cheng lowered his head and watched Shu Ning’s red little face:”Dad will come over to see you often in the future, do you like that, Ning Ning?”

“I like it.”

“You’ll get pecs as well in the future,”As a father, he would naturally be very proud if he were to be admired by his son, he flexed his arm and showed off his muscles, Shu Cheng was normally a calm and sophisticated man but he would only show this side of him to Shu Ning:”Try touching it, see if it’s hard.”

Shu Ning wasn’t a real child but he really admired it deeply, what a great set of muscles, he knew that Shu Cheng and Shu Heng both liked to train their bodies, Shu Heng’s physique had been extremely good in his past life whereas Shu Ning spent all his time studying, going to class, causing unrest in the family and whatnot, this caused him to be extremely exhausted and he had a heavy heart, and this made his body get sick easily instead and would occasionally cause him to pass out, he was like a stripped chicken, sitting in the office all day and a car would be there to pick him up when he left, he appeared gorgeous outside but he was empty on the inside.

Shu Cheng had abs as well, and they were even bigger than Shu Heng’s, but the shape was not as beautiful as Shu Heng’s. Shu Ning specially turned back to tug at his brother’s pajamas and made a comparison with his dad.

Compared to an adult man, Shu Heng was actually not much worse, not bad.

So happy so happy, give his left a tap, and give his right a touch, touchy touchy rubby rubby~ (@^_^@)~

But the gloating Shu Ning had fallen into misfortune, Shu Cheng had also started to study him, fortunately Shu Heng mentioned that it was getting late, only then did Shu Cheng give up reluctantly.

He slept very comfortable tonight, he had his big brother to his front and his dad to his back. His dad’s embrace was different from his big brother’s, but Shu Ning wasn’t sure how it was different and he didn’t think too much of it either. When it reached five in the morning, Shu Cheng was talking with Shu Heng as if he was instructing anything to him, seeing that Shu Ning woke up, they changed the topic.

Shu Ning did not have any interests in their company matters, but will Qin Yu Zhuo take this opportunity to cause problems?

It seems that Shu Ning had to go take a look at her before he leaves and tell her to accept what she has, first she had to healthily give birth to her child before anything, if she were to fall down from the stairs one more time her seven month old foetus may have to come out prematurely. Shu Gao sent a text message over, only then were the three of them who were talking with each other willing to come down.

Shu Cheng was holding Shu Ning and Shu Heng kept a cold face, same as yesterday.

Qin Yu Zhuo had originally wanted to guard by the stairs, there were a few things she wanted to talk to Shu Ning about but she was called over by Shu Gao so she couldn’t wait there. At this moment, it felt like her chest was missing a piece, this child had been thrown to the countryside since he was young, he was brought over if she were able to get back to Shu Cheng, but if not then she wouldn’t take him back even if she died of old age.

He was a bargaining chip, but he was also a stain for her.

Her expectations had been too high when she was pregnant, so after she had been disappointed, Qin Yu Zhuo had looked into her own conscience and asked herself, and she had hated Shu Ning.

But now that her husband had brought the kids over, Qin Yu Zhuo subconsciously put on her sweetest smile and gently pulled away the chair:”Dad has been waiting for quite a while, you should sit down quickly, Brother Cheng.”

“Mm, you’re pregnant so you can just leave these to the servants.”Shu Cheng put down Shu Ning, and after he sat down he also pulled away another chair to let Qin Yu Zhuo sit down.

Shu Heng and Shu Ning were sitting on the other side, Shu Gao saw the scene and swept his gaze over:”Are you all prepared?”

Shu Heng nodded:”Don’t worry grandpa.”

Shu Ning who had wanted to get up earlier to go see his grandpa was slightly embarrassed, but he didn’t show it on his face. He got up and walked to Shu Gao’s side, and circled his arms around his neck:”Grandpa, I’ll miss you.”

With a chuckle, Shu Gao joked with him:”I’ll go over to see you!”

Shu Cheng drank his congee and a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes and in turn teased him with the same:”I’ll go over to see you too.”

Just as Qin Yu Zhuo was about to speak, Shu Heng stood up and put Shu Ning’s bowl and chopsticks by Shu Gao’s side, and changes his seat. And so Shu Ning did not have to worry about hurting his grandpa’s legs anymore, He glanced gleefully at Shu Heng, and Shu Ning got down from his grandpa’s legs to sit by himself, the grandpa and grandson duo seemed to have endless things to talk about, Shu Gao was very reluctant but he did not want to affect the child’s mood so he buried everything in his heart.

Sun Lin saw the scene and slightly sighed, fortunately Qin Yu Zhuo will be giving birth in another three months, if there’s a child here things will liven up and naturally he wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

It took about an hour before their meal finally ended, everyone wanted to separate Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Ning but if Shu Ning took the initiative to speak, there was nothing they could do about it.

Qin Yu Zhuo knew that Shu Ning was just a child, so how could he ignore his own mother?

He brought him over to the master bedroom on the third floor, and Qin Yu Zhuo took Shu Ning’s hand:”Take good care of yourself when you’re there, and also, mother has already arranged for some people to find a chance to contact you in the future, you just need to coordinate with them a bit then we can get rid of Shu Heng you understand?”

So she had another plan, oh this woman, if something happened to me then it would be partially Shu Heng’s responsibility, she’s dreaming well. But the premise was that I had to be in an accident, and not a small one, if not why would anyone blame Shu Heng if he was just going about his life? Shu Ning’s eyes were leisurely and his tone was even more bland:”Mom, my body isn’t well.”

“Ning Ning!”Qin Yu Zhuo looked at her son in disappointment and sighed, then she persuaded him with great pains:”You’re not entering the tiger’s den, it’s just a little trick, I trust that you can do it, there is only one position within the Shu clan and do you expect me to believe that you didn’t want it? What do you think your mother has been doing all this for?”

“I understand.”

“It’s fine as long as you do. Mother is just worried that you are too young and can’t let go of it, what am I going to do if you start hating me in the future!”

“Mom, you’re about to reach seven months soon so don’t do anything, just take good care of your baby, there’s nothing more important than the safety of my little brother.”

“Your mother is very delighted, really, with a brother like you, Ning Ning, it will truly be a blessing for Shu Yao,”Qin Yu Zhuo touched her stomach and her gaze softened, filled with a mother’s love.

Watching this scene made Shu Ning’s eyes shrunk and he smiled:”That’s right, I will take good care of him, I will take care of him for a lifetime!”

“Good, very good,”Qin Yu Zhuo touched Shu Ning’s face and added a few words with unease:”Remember, keep a good eye on Shu Heng when you’re there at the capital, you have to tell me every little movement he makes, and the friends he has by his side, none of them are simple people, so you have to be careful and take note of it, don’t let go of any clues, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, the reason Shu Heng chose the capital must be to flex his power, so here is our chance!”

“What chance?”

“I’m thinking……your dad will definitely give him a sum of money! It won’t be good for you if his business succeeds, he appeared in the office during the summer vacation and everyone knew he was the young master, and adding on the his work in the development zone, he has already received the board of directors’ recognition. Ning Ning, you have to grow up faster and press him down, only then can the three of us mother and children have a good future alright?”

“I understand,”Shu Ning pulled back his hand and touched Qin Yu Zhuo’s stomach:”Mom, I know you’re pressing matters but there are some things that I need you to promise me as well.”

“What is it?”What’s more important than getting rid of Shu Heng? Shu Ning always ignores the bigger picture.

“Put yourself at ease and take care of your baby for another four months, and give birth to a healthy Shu Yao, don’t try to use your stomach to implicate anything, even falling down is no good, recover well after your birth, your body is the true capital don’t you think so?”

“……”Qin Yu Zhuo was slightly surprised, he found out? Last time she fell down while chasing the car, the reason Shu Ning paid no attention to me was because he blamed me for using my stomach to “implicate things”, for him as a brother to have so much concern for his younger brother really made Qin Yu Zhuo feel rather touched, so what if he hadn’t been raised by her side? Her own child was still hers, Qin Yu Zhuo took Shu Ning’s hands once more:”Mm, I promise you.”

That’s how it should be, Shu Ning smiled:”Mom, do you have a pen and paper? I want to write a letter to grandpa.”

“Good idea,”Qin Yu Zhuo hurriedly took the stuff, while Shu Ning was writing she stood by and watched, she had no intention of respecting her child’s privacy but Shu Ning did not write anything secretive either, he was just concerned about his grandpa’s body. For example he asked him to go get his heart checked once a month, and check the rest every three months, they were all suggestions, nobody could do anything to help in the face of death.

Shu Gao had a strong life so he had never had life-long illnesses, he was still fine before he slept but he was gone in the morning……he went peacefully.

Coming out from Qin Yu Zhuo’s room, Shu Ning ran directly to the fourth floor, grandpa was in an aesthetic mood as expected and he was currently watering and pruning the plants. Sun Lin stood by his side pouring him a cup of tea, Shu Cheng and Shu Heng should be in the study on the third floor, they always had a lot to talk about, Shu Ning could understand.

“Grandpa, it’s cold in the morning so why don’t you put on an extra layer?”

“The more you think about it the colder it gets, this isn’t too bad.”

Every time he talked to Shu Gao, he would feel always feel as if his words bore a profound meaning, Shu Ning passed the letter over to Sun Lin, things that the old master cares little about, the old steward will definitely pay attention in his stead.

Sun Lin kept the letter properly and picked up the exquisite little pot, and poured a drink for the second young master:”What is the second young master planning to do this time at the capital?”

Shu Ning beamed:”Of course I’m going there to be free.”

Shu Gao chuckled and the wrinkles on his face opened up:”How free? Old Sun, tie him up with rope quickly, don’t let him fly off.”

Shu Ning took a sip of water:”Big brother is too strict, my whole summer vacation was no different from being in prison. I did some research online and I found that freshmen in A High are required to stay in the dorms for a year, I can finally breathe easy.”

“Quite so,”Shu Gao also drank his tea like Shu Ning:”I understand Xiao Heng pretty well, he wouldn’t not have a plan, so you’ll still have to be imprisoned as before.”

“……”Can we still have a good chat? Shu Ning sat by Shu Gao’s side and tried to ask:”Grandpa, tell me~”

“He has his own network in the capital, and it wasn’t much worse than in C City, for him to leave here is just like a dragon entering the ocean. You’re a smart little boy, you have to listen to your brother alright? The capital is very far so if anything were to happen to you, your grandfather will be too far away to help you, you have to get along well with Xiao Heng, he’s got some pretty big ambitions!”

What does grandpa mean by pointing this out?

Shu Ning knew that his brother was very strong and powerful, with him as the chairman, the Shu clan will definitely be booming, he’ll become the head of the entire C city, and nobody will be able to stop him. When Shu Cheng was around they would still have some scruples with the He clan and the others eyeing them, but when Shu Heng takes over those things won’t happen anymore, he alone will stand out from the rest ╮(╯▽╰)╭

What a silly boy, but even so for his second grandson, fools have their own kind of happiness!

Shu Gao glanced over to Sun Lin and he shook his head, this was pretty good, they were getting along well, showing the love and respect of brothers, he should still see if Shu Yao had the talent, but……he wasn’t born at the right time, when Shu Yao was sensible the older generation has already stepped down, at that time Shu Heng will be about thirty years old, and Shu Ning would be about twenty-five, he really would be a bit too young to take care of a company as big as the Shu clan’s.

Sun Lin refilled Shu Ning’s cup:”If the second young master likes to have fun then you should just have fun, you’re the baby of our Shu family, so you can treat yourself as so.”

Shu Gao chuckled and touched Shu Ning’s little head:”That’s right, we, the Shu clan, can afford it, you can have fun for your entire life if you want to.”

Shu Ning showed an exceptionally happy expression just like a real child, he was slightly unhappy when he went downstairs but he didn’t show it on his face. Everyone likes Shu Heng, even I like Shu Heng, it was very normal for grandpa to pop hints, my ambitions have been dispelled since I was young, for us brothers to live in harmony in the future will definitely be a joy for everyone.


He understood, but he still felt rather uncomfortable in his heart. Huh? Big brother is waiting at the stairs on the third floor, Shu Ning felt a bit ignorant for a moment:”Brother, what are you doing here?”Waiting for me? Would he?

“Don’t be silly,”Shu Heng extended his hands.

Shu Ning had a slightly bitter smile as he went forth to slap away Shu Heng’s hand. Shu Heng raised an eyebrow but he actually did not get angry as he extended out his hand once more, Shu Ning wasn’t contentious this time anymore, he hit him once and forgotten about it, he grabbed his big brother’s big hand and slightly raised his head to look at his expression, it was cold as usual without a hint of emotion, but the hand was warm.

Big brother is always so thoughtful with me.

“What’s wrong?”Did grandpa say anything? Shu Heng had some ideas about it.

“Nothing much, everyone’s asking me to listen to you.”

“Will you?”

“I will.”

“Good boy.”

Shu Ning rolled his eyes in his heart, he was too accustomed to this pattern ╮(╯▽╰)╭ He was pulled down the stairs by his brother, they got in the car and left, Shu Ning turned back to watch the ancestral home get smaller and smaller, but he felt at peace in his heart. Instead of calling this place home, he may as well call it a battlefield, a battlefield that was destined to end as soon as it started.

Shu Heng pulled the little one into his arms:”If you’re missing home I’ll bring you back to take a look.”

“Let’s wait for Shu Yao to come out, studying’s hard work so I won’t have the time for it,”Shu Ning had a leisurely gaze as he sat steadily on top of his brother’s legs, he hooked his little arms around his neck and smiled:”When we reach the capital it will only be the both of us depending on each other, did you bring enough money? Don’t tell me you won’t be able to raise me!”

“……”Money was just numbers in Shu Heng’s eyes:”If you like it? You can manage it.”

“Forget it, I still have some other things I need to memorize,”Ah, managing money and whatnot, it put him at a loss that he would actually say that as that was something a wife should be doing, but if Shu Heng possessed such a great desire to monopolize things would he let his future wife take care of the finances? No right? The mutual trust between a marriage is low, it takes a lot of time to break in, the company is related to his family and Shu Heng was not so generous.

“You don’t have the courage for it? Then you should pick up financial management or accounting.”

He had been learning financial and business management in his past life, so let’s save it for this lifetime, Shu Ning gave a bitter smile:”Brother, see how dad gets so busy everyday in the office that he doesn’t even have time to take care of the house, so how about you take care of the company and I’ll take care of the house?”Grandpa and dad will be left to me to be filial, heh heh!

Shu Ning’s meaning was completely misunderstood by Shu Heng, he hugged his brother with extreme joy and kissed his forehead and his little face again, and later he even gave him a big smooch on his little mouth.

Shu Ning’s expression was like this Σ( ° △°|||)︴ I didn’t say anything special? Hell is he getting all excited for? He tried to recall but still nothing?

Shu Heng’s gaze was extremely deep:”Alright, I agree, how about you?”


“I’ll take care of the company, and you’ll take care of the house!”

“Mm, okay!”

Shu Heng stretched out his finger and bended it a bit, Shu Ning paused for a moment before he realized and stretched out his little pinky over. If you think about it, compared to Shu Ning who had been reborn Shu Heng was the true child here, doing pinky promises and whatnot, well it’s fine to be childish since Shu Heng was a man of his word anyway, Shu Ning was very pleased with this. As soon as he thought about the fact that he could get rid of his boring studies soon he immediately felt relaxed.

It took him a long time before Shu Heng calmed down, does his little brother actually know what he got himself into just now? Whatever, he’s promised anyway, so he’s mine now!

Shu Ning sold himself off just like that, and he was still silently counting his benefits →-→

They’ve reached the airport, a bunch of bodyguards escorted them, at the moment the Shu clan did not have their own personal aircraft but they will have one once Shu Heng gets into position in a few years, the first class aircraft was wide and comfortable, not long after the plane took off, Shu Ning fell asleep. Shu Heng covered him up with a small blanket and also closed his eyes for a nap, only when the plane landed did Shu Ning wake up.

Shu Heng gave the little one’s ears a rub, he was worried that he would be uncomfortable.

His brother was gentle as always, Shu Ning obediently let him touch him, his stomach had gotten slightly hungry, someone came to receive them when they got off the plane, Shu Ning had seen these people in his past life and they were all powerful people, they were bodyguards hired by the Shu family from who knows where, it was a bit exaggerated to say they were within the top hundreds, but it was not far from it.

They got in the car, and there was actually a cake?

Shu Heng opened up the box and passed it over to Shu Ning, there was even a small spoon. Shu Ning heartlessly took a bite before he remembered his big brother:”Let’s eat together?”

“I’ve eaten on the flight, you can have it,”The cake was too small, if not it would be great if we could both share it, he was slightly regretful. Shu Heng twisted open the bottle of water and passed it to the little one:”Eat slower, don’t choke yourself.”

“Mm, thank you brother.”

“You don’t have to say thank you between us.”


“If you really want to thank me then give me a kiss or two,”Shu Heng was serious, he would never shirk the responsibilities of seeking benefits for himself.

Shu Ning finished the cake in a few bites and wiped his mouth, he straightened his body and hugged his brother by the neck, then gave his handsome face a kiss, he deliberately made a sound and the bodyguards in front had heard it, they wondered if their ears would get impregnated, this was the cold and expressionless Shu Heng, ha ha ha ha, have I brushed way past his bottom line?

Maybe even his three views were gone, pa pa pa, shattered and down on the ground!

Shu Ning was very pleased in his heart, after leaving the ancestral home everything seemed so wonderful. Shu Heng watched the scene and he knew that Shu Ning was being naughty on purpose, in exchange he lifted up the little one’s chin and faced Shu Ning’s slightly uncertain little face, mua mua mua he gave him several kisses, they were all on his little lips. A naughty child will receive punishment, if not they would be climb over you.

Shu Ning told himself in his mind what the actual hell! He felt slightly wronged:”Brother!”

“You want more? I’m not sure how I’m going to handle you!”Shu Heng held Shu Ning and fell on top of the seat, there was not even a sliver of space for him to run to, Shu Ning was so scared that his heart nearly jumped out. He gave him a death glare and bit his lower lip……Shu Heng’s body lowered suddenly, but he didn’t really kiss those little lips, but a gentle kiss landed on the little one’s forehead:”Are you afraid of your brother?”

Wow these bodyguards are really chill

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