RWSB Chapter 59

Wahh I’m sorry I got sick, I need sleeeeep


The so-called office next door was actually a small partition within the secretary and executive assistant’s office. Work comes first in priorities, Shu Heng looked through some documents that weren’t urgent first. Shu Cheng would discuss with his eldest son after he finished looking through the documents, this was so that he could improve his son’s abilities.

Shu Heng sat down with Shu Ning on his lap, and Shu Ning’s face had just about turned green, he really wanted to get down but he couldn’t, after all this was just a partition and not a walled up section, if he stood up then he would be visible by anyone outside.

If anyone were to see the two of them in a dispute, the consequences would be unthinkable, Shu Ning still had no want for any rumours about there being disharmony between them brothers to spread around, so he could only endure it for his brother’s reputation, it’s fine if he were just being sticky at home but he was the same outside as well!

Shu Ning was unhappy, so naturally he did not have a good expression on his face, he ignored Shu Heng deliberately to let him know that, I am angry and the consequences are severe.

But how smart was Shu Heng?

Why was the little one unhappy? Is he blaming me for snatching him away from his dad’s side?

No problem, the food that Qin Yu Zhuo specially brought can just be shared amongst themselves, his little brother wasn’t having it and Shu Heng didn’t try to persuade him either, he picked up the documents on his table and looked through them carefully.

The space here wasn’t large, there weren’t any charges on the opposite side so the softest seat available was Shu Heng’s thighs……

Shu Ning was seething with anger, suddenly a stack of materials appeared in front of him and his pupils shrunk, god, the head of the white collar workers had a question, he was Qin Yu Zhuo’s confidant. In his past life, Shu Ning had spent almost every single day looking for ways to get rid of Shu Heng with Qin Yu Zhuo so naturally she understood all the details, including Qin Yu Zhuo’s spies.

Having said that, some of them were even permitted by Shu Ning.

He squinted his eyes and glanced at Shu Heng, he was concentrating on looking through the materials, Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and slid his hand over, he picked up a stack and took the most “outstanding” ones on the bottom, in case Shu Heng really noticed them and wanted to slowly groom them and whatnot, that would be too much trouble. The top three with the best potential and greatest ability were all people specially arranged by Qin Yu Zhuo, and they were also new people whom the company wanted to promote.

“Don’t mess it up.”

Shu Heng suddenly spoke and startled Shu Ning:”You’ve seen it already?”


That’s good, Shu Ning pretended to look at them one by one and there really were good workers in the midst of them, he moved them to the top. Shu Ning was able to secretly do all of these without a change in his face or breath, one could easily imagine what kind of things he had to do in his past life to be able to reach this level of skill. Shu Heng did not suspect anything, he knew that the little one didn’t have very good memory so he put the messed up materials back to their original placements.

Shit! I thought he hasn’t seen it?

He couldn’t just sit still, he had to ask him, Shu Ning intentionally put on a curious look and widened his big eyes, appearing very innocent:”Brother~ Did I mess it up?”


“Did I? I put them back in order, you’re bluffing!”Stare! Point fingers!

Shu Heng tightened his grip and secured the little one to his chest, he gave a little kiss to his little face and his voice became more gentle:”Here, what do you think this is?”

Uh, an earthquake erupted in Shu Ning’s heart, Shu Heng opened up a document in his phone, and woosh out comes a name list, there were even annotations on top for who could be used and who couldn’t, whose aides and confidants they were, even if a just and impartial person were to pull in their relationship with someone in a high position, they would still have their concerns when using someone with talent.

And within the materials that were put in by Qin Yu Zhuo earlier, three of their annotations had Qin Yu Zhuo’s name on them, they were Qin Yu Zhuo’s men.

Under such circumstances, how could Shu Heng use them? Where as the ones that were put on top by Shu Ning were labelled usable.

A cold sweat poured down from him, but Shu Ning remained calm, he calmed his heart in case his brother who didn’t play by the rules came up to him and started playing lie detector and whatnot, even if Shu Ning were to jump into an incinerator it would be useless.

Shu Heng leaned over, Shu Ning did not move, he truly did not dare to move, damn.

“Ning Ning, you really are the lucky star of your brother~”

Don’t drag your words! I can’t take it, his heart sped up like bathump bathump. All his efforts were wasted, big brother’s voice was too heavenly. He spoke that way deliberately because who could resist that magic of his? Shu Ning’s face was red and he had a slight wish to evade him but Shu Heng had already landed a kiss on those little lips.

It was very soft, did he eat strawberry candy earlier? Shu Heng curled up the corners of his mouth, he smiled:”What a good boy.”

He he he he……why is he smiling to me, he’s too handsome! Shu Ning’s face was flushed scarlet and the top of his head was smoking, why are you rubbing a spark with a “homo”? Oh my god, even his body had gone soft, before he made a fool of himself he decided to just circle his arms around Shu Heng’s neck, he didn’t want to have any slip ups, so it’s best if he can’t see his face.

He didn’t even know that Shu Heng had a full view of his shy look.

Little brother smells so nice, things were busy all around the office and the atmosphere was filled with the sounds of typing, his brother’s appearance was like the emergence of a clear spring, it purified the air surrounding them instantly as if his body was an oasis, it freshened his mind and put him at ease. His brother’s hair brushed past his face and it felt strangely comfortable, Shu Heng gave him an extremely loving kiss and his eyes became even gentler.

Within the chairman’s office, Shu Cheng did not eat what Qin Yu Zhuo had brought, once twelve o’clock hit he immediately got up and walked towards the next room, even though it was lunchtime many of his executive assistants and secretaries were still working, they didn’t leave their posts quickly like the normal white collar workers. Shu Heng had just put down the documents when Shu Cheng entered.

“Come on, let’s go out and eat.”

Shu Ning was slowly dying, he swept his gaze past Shu Heng’s neck with eyes full of resentment, he really wanted to bite down……

“Your legs should be getting numb aren’t they?”SHu Cheng was very worried about his son, he extended his hand over.

Shu Heng refused:”It’s nothing, I’ll carry him.”

Only now did Shu Ning struggle to get up:”I’ll do it, I’ll do it myself~”Damn you, am I disabled? Why are they lining up one by one to carry me? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“Alright, it’s pretty nice that you can act cute now while you’re at the age when you still can, but you may not have that sort of luck in the future,”Shu Cheng smiled with much fondness.

“Dad!”Shu Ning’s mouth twitched:”If other people see me they’ll think my legs are disabled.”

Only then did Shu Heng let go, not because he was afraid of being seen but rather Shu Ning’s resolute attitude, as long as he was able to be tolerant, the little one will try to accept it. Shu Ning who had received freedom stood up happily by himself, he exhaled and responded:”Brother, did your leg get numb?”

Shu Heng who was about to got up but didn’t yet remained seated calmly.

Shu Ning crouched down and massaged his brother’s leg with some worry, Shu Cheng was even more at ease after seeing the scene.

The three of them took the dedicated elevator down to the underground parking lot, Shu Heng opened the car door and let Shu Ning enter first before following in, Shu Cheng drove personally. The place was already decided a long time ago, they sat on the tenth floor by the window side. They had a bird’s eye view of the scenery below, there were cars everywhere, it was an exceptional spot to sit at, and it wasn’t too hot either.

Shu Ning watched it coldly without any curiosity, and Shu Cheng wondered:”Ning Ning, you don’t like this place?”

“No, it’s pretty good, it would be even better if there were fish swimming under our feet.”

This was C City’s best five star restaurant, Royal Sea, and it was a top grade restaurant special for fish viewing, but of course there were naturally other hotels that were higher in class, but this place had style that nobody could replicate, in the future even if there would be similar ones they were at most copies but without the spirit, nothing new about it, instead it helped Royal Sea to dominate anymore and its name travelled far and wide.

Shu Cheng shook his head:”It’s not a bad idea, but it’s a bit too much of a fantasy, but if you like it you can have Shu Heng put in an aquarium in your room.”

Shu Heng exuded drifts of cold air, it seems the fish tank in the bedroom can be thrown out!

Shu Cheng inadvertently dug a pit for his son again, but he didn’t knew anything, he happily stretched his hand out and touched Shu Ning’s head.

It wasn’t a good idea for Shu Ning to say anything more either. His family didn’t have any chain hotels, so it seems quite fun to start a five star one, just as he was about to speak, Shu Heng instead reached over to Shu Ning’s little ear and gave it a tug.

“Brother! What are you doing?”

Shu Heng was expressionless:”Time to order,”Are there any restaurants for fish viewing? There was space for consideration, he could do some research into it after his toy factory was built.

The so-called toy factory was actually……opened by Shu Heng himself, no matter how real the tails worn on his brother’s body they were still fake, they could only sway slightly following his movements, it wouldn’t wag like a real animal. Nobody paid attention to sex toys these days, most of them came in from overseas, but it will definitely be trendy after a few years. Shu Heng had his eyes set on this market, he covered it up in a guise and turned it into a toy company. FIrstly, experts from abroad can be recruited to research the things that interested him, and secondly he wanted to stay ahead of everyone in the country as well!

The innocent Shu Ning looked at the menu and secretly thought to himself just you wait, you’re going to regret it when the Royal Sea gets big in a few years, heh heh. Shu Ning did not have to explain the benefits, it was just a restaurant, there were already many money making business for the Shu clan, there was no need to cover anything and everything, there was no need to be persistent as long as it did not have an impact on his life.

He’s already died once, Shu Ning who had a wide outlook of the world focused on watching the fine images, and his little hands pointed out a few.

Shu Cheng was filled with thoughts, his eyes swayed between his eldest and his second son. Shu Heng had great talent in business, he was one of the prospective heirs up in the board of the Shu clan, as for Shu Ning……was he willing to be a manager? Rather than being so inflexible, why not take out some funds and let him try his hand at business, if it works out he could become a CEO, but if he didn’t have the talent, he could return and become a department manager or the industry director of any interesting departments, it was better than letting the two brothers butt heads.

It was a shame that Shu Ning did not have many hobbies, it would be pretty nice if he could maybe be like his cousin who enjoyed drawing, he could go out and play and even become an easygoing prince.

The waiters were pouring their drinks for them, and eight dishes were served to the three of them with rice. If it was Qin Yu Zhuo, she would definitely bring Shu Ning to Western type restaurants.

While eating Shu Ning didn’t realize that he had received a little kiss from a mosquito, only after they returned to the office in the afternoon did he start to itch.

He stretched his hand over to claw at it, Shu Ning was truly gloomy, but Shu Cheng noticed it:”What’s wrong?”


“Let me see,”Shu Cheng walked past the big table and came over to the sofa to see the little one, there was a red bump on his legs, Shu Cheng frowned slightly:”You can’t scratch it.”

So itchy, Shu Ning was helpless too as he couldn’t control his own paws ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Cheng had a meeting to get to immediately, he called Shu Heng over to look after the little one, no matter how reluctant he was to leave he had to, he couldn’t leave a bunch of people waiting. Shu Heng came in just as Shu Cheng left with his executive assistant, and he even brought a doctor!

Are you serious? It was just a little mosquito bite, you’re making it seem like I broke my bones or something. THe doctor rushed over in a blaze with his assistants, they thought something happened to the eldest young master at first and they were rushing so much they were filled with sweat, they ran so hard that their backs were soaked, but in the end……you asked me here to look at this? Aren’t you giving an able person too small a job? There was a pharmacy right outside the company and to the right, you could’ve just simply dealt with this by getting your secretary to buy a box of ointment ╭(╯^╰)╮

“It’s bleeding.”Shu Heng had a leisurely tone that was filled with killing intent.

Naturally the doctors would remove their impending misfortune after receiving their money, they didn’t dare to deal with it in a clumsy or rushed manner.

Shu Ning’s mouth moved but he didn’t say anything, it had just gotten a bit red, this was too much, could it be that Shu Heng had never been bitten by mosquitoes on a normal day? This really is too over done.

He lived in the same space in his last life but it seemed like two different realities, in the few years he was able to see a doctor visit the second floor just once, Shu Heng had never gotten sick but it was possible that he had hurt his hand accidentally or something, after disinfecting it and wrapping, that was the end of that.

The past fluttered over his eyes like a cloud, the doctor stood up:”Young master, everything will be fine after you apply this ointment three times daily,”The assistant brought by the doctor personally went down to buy a mosquito bite ointment.

“You’ve worked hard.”

The doctor left first, Shu Ning was slightly gloomy. Shu Heng sat by his side:”Do you feel bad?”

“It was just one bump!”

Shu Heng nodded:”I know.”He was bitten by mosquitoes every year, and it had already been eighteen years, so how could he not be sure?

“Then……”Why did you have to make such big movements? A thought sprang up in his mind, couldn’t be what I’m thinking could it?

Shu Heng did not continue the topic, he brought over the game console that was left on the table:”Are you playing or learning? I can teach you verbal English, or we can even do conversations.”

“……”Shu Ning watched Shu Heng with still eyes, he did not compromise nor did he follow what he wanted.

Shu Heng stretched his hand over to give Shu Ning’s little head a rub:”Don’t think too much, everything big brother does is all for your own good. Go play your games, then we can go out for shaved ice a bit later alright?”

Big brother’s tone is very very soft, it made Shu Ning cry without tears and he lost his heart to expose his intentions. He nodded obediently, Shu Ning knows what Shu Heng was trying to tell him, and so the entire office knew of the second young master’s importance, he was held in high value, even just a little mosquito bite was turned into a big mess, in the future who cared to underestimate him?

Actually Shu Ning liked to remain low-key, he knew that Qin Yu Zhuo will definitely use him to create some rumours or whatnot to attack Shu Heng, but he was too high-profile now, it could be imagined that Qin Yu Zhuo’s days are going to be very great when she returns to the company after giving birth to Shu Yao, those ambitious people will still continue to move and collaborate with Qin Yu Zhuo, such as those vicious people from the second house for example. By then, big brother’s troubles will have piled up, why does it have to be that way? Shu Ning did not suspect any conspiracies with the theory of Shu Heng laying down a trap because he has already seen the document on his phone today.

Shu Heng knew everything and had also made such a move, there was only one reason, he wanted to give Shu Ning power.

He was absent-minded as he held the game console, Shu Ning kept thinking about Shu Heng and his mind was filled with him, he was focused, handsome, gentle, and he still had a rare smile……why did he treat me so well? I just wanted to curry favour with you and hug a big golden thigh, proudly doing whatever I want, whenever I want, with nobody daring to offend me, mixing around the masses prestigiously, and have someone to back me up when something bad happened, wasn’t that what I wanted?

Shu Heng was looking at some documents while sitting on the chairman’s seat, he knew that the little one kept flitting his gaze over so he was in a good mood. He hardly realized that some things had been fermenting without him knowing, and Shu Ning had become more sincere towards him. When Shu Cheng arrived, Shu Ning had already fallen asleep, a little blanket covered the little tummy and Shu Heng sat by his side with his arm propping up his head. His eyes were closed, probably asleep.

How rare, Shu Heng never sleeps during the day.

Since his second son had returned home, Shu Heng had become more open, he even allowed Shu Ning to wallow about in his territory but didn’t monitor him too tightly, giving each other room to loosen up. With a raise of Shu Cheng’s hand, he stopped the secretary from coming in and swept a gentle glance over to his children, it’s better to close the door, he didn’t want to interrupt them.

But Shu Heng opened his eyes, he wasn’t the least bit sleepy at all. If Shu Cheng knew that Shu Heng had done that deliberately to make him leave would he be sad →→

The little one was sleeping soundly so he should have a quiet environment, the sofa was pretty big so Shu Heng also laid down, watching the little one breathing in little huffs~ It was simply too satisfying for him.

At five o’clock in the evening, Shu Cheng brought Shu Heng and Shu Ning over to the park to take a walk, after having their meals they went to the mall, and bought some stuff.

Shu Ning was a bit shocked from the flattery he received, really, his dad had been holding his right hand on the road, the big palm was warm and strong, it was extremely moving, and his left hand was caught by his big brother, the three of us were walking together! How great, just like what Shu Cheng said he wouldn’t have such fun when he grew up in the future. He was only thinking of revenge when he was reborn but now that he thought about it, it wasn’t that he didn’t die with too much injustice that even the Maker wouldn’t accept him, he had been put back here to enjoy himself!

With a change of my mind and attitude, I get to have a full harvest o(∩_∩)o

Shu Ning found a necktie he liked, when he held it in his hands, his dad and his brother came up to his left and his right and they stared at him, are they……competing to spoil me?

Shu Ning was ostentatious in his heart, he didn’t say who it was for but he took out money from his own wallet and bought it. They walked around several stores before his eyes lit up, he had found something that suited his brother, he had the clerk wrap it up, Shu Ning still did not say who it was for, he giggled naughtily~

The father and sons trio only managed to return to the ancestral home at nine in the evening, Qin Yu Zhuo had been anxiously waiting for them and deliberately sat in the living room, in such a large place even though several maids were standing by there were nothing they could do, it was very cold unlike the warmth of summer. Qin Yu Zhuo heard the sound of a car and she went over, she put on the sweetest smile she could on her face.

Shu Ning could walk on his own but his father didn’t allow it, he used the excuse of him going to the capital soon so he should let his dad enjoy the scarce time they had left, every time Shu Cheng would put on a wronged expression so Shu Ning had to surrender in utter defeat, he did not have any backbone at all. Shu Heng was exuding cold air by the side, he was stiffer than a sculpture and his face was expressionless.

Qin Yu Zhuo was very happy, Shu Ning was hugging Shu Cheng’s neck and there was a blush on his little face, it was so cute, in the future Shu Yao will definitely be cuter and more sensible, he’s my little lucky star.

“You’ve returned? Are you tired? I’ve already had the servants prepare the hot water, how about you soak your feet?”Qin Yu Zhuo was gentle and considerate, she had gotten the feminine attitude down to a T, if they were men they would sure to like her.

Shu Cheng did like to soak his feet, just as he was about to accept he saw Shu Heng extend a hand over from the corner of his eye, he immediately turned his body and dodged:”No need, Ning Ning is tired from walking so I will bring him up first, Yu Zhuo you should return to the room first, I’ll be there soon.”

What could Qin Yu Zhuo say? She could only nod:”Be good Ning Ning, don’t forget to drink your milk.”

She spoke frankly as if the milk from last time wasn’t her doing, but Shu Cheng had already strided off in big steps towards the stairs, Shu Heng did not even spare a glance at Qin Yu Zhuo as he walked off indifferently, Qin Yu Zhuo gnashed her teeth angrily, Shu Ning actually did not say hello to me, no matter how tired you were you still had to maintain your grace. This damn child is too useless, and he didn’t help me keep him here either.

Ah, Shu Yao moved, Qin Yu Zhuo was just scolding Shu Ning but the next second she held her stomach happily, she had a sincere smile on her face.

Within Shu Ning’s room on the second floor, the stuff he bought today were all put on top of the sofa by the bodyguards, Shu Heng and Shu Cheng were both very mindful of it, they didn’t know how Shu Ning was going to distribute it.

The first gift from his son was much too important, Shu Cheng should be leaving but he didn’t want to.

Shu Ning understood, so naturally he picked up a box:”Dad, this is for you.”

Shu Cheng was smiling with so much joy that even the flowers were blooming, he happily thanked him before finally leaving. Shu Heng waited with exceptional coldness, but the little one did not disappoint him as he picked up another box and brought it to his eyes:”Brother, this is for you, I’m not sure if you’ll like it.”

Shu Heng wasn’t as hypocritical, he opened up the package as soon as he received it. It was not bad indeed, the pattern of the necktie was also very consistent with his usual style of dress, Ning Ning has a good eye for this. Shu Heng liked it very much, with a stretch of his long arms, Shu Ning sat in his arms himself and the two were cuddly and close, Shu Heng even gave the top of his head and his forehead a kiss.

“Thank you.”

His voice got huskier? Was he moved? Does big brother get moved so easily?

Shu Ning blinked, but at heart he felt so happy he could almost fly:”It’s great as long as big brother likes it.”

“Will there be more in the future?”

Yes! There will be every year,”Shu Ning said quickly, ignoring the consequences.

A darkness loomed over Shu Heng’s eyes for a moment and was gone in a flash:”Sure, I’ll remember this so if you don’t keep your word, I’ll……”

“You’ll……what?”Shu Ning’s heart was beating madly, he had some feelings of regret, but why? Big brother was so gentle so why does he feel so dangerous? It’s too late, it must be because I’m too sleepy.

“I’ll give your butt a spanking.”

“Heh heh heh……”Shu Ning thought it would’ve been anything bad but it was just that ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“You’re not afraid?”

“Nope,”It’s not like he’s going to put his back into it.

Shu Heng suddenly hugged Shu Ning’s waist tight and lifted him up, he gave a slap on the butt as he listened to his low scream:”Are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid!”

Pa~ Another hit landed, it wasn’t too heavy handed or too light, but it didn’t hurt either, it was a bit itchy. Shu Ning would be possessed if he were to be afraid of the threats from a straight man cancer, he laughed loudly to the point where his face had gotten red, big brother asked if he was afraid but Shu Ning replied that he wasn’t again and again, just like that they messed around for a dozen times before they had enough, both of them had started to sweat. Shu Heng decided to just pick up Shu Ning and went over to the bathroom.

Shu Ning was crouching by the edge of the bathtub and his eyes were hazy, his brother was scrubbing his back, Shu Ning turned over a bit vacantly:”Brother, if I grew up will you still treat me so well?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

But Shu Ning bravened up and in a huff he said:”Answer me!”

“I will.”

“Great!”Shu Ning narrowed his beautiful eyes, he thought of Shu Heng’s agreement, this part of him really is too amazing! I’ll give him a like.

But Shu Heng leisurely opened his mouth and he leaned close over to the little one’s ear and sexily said:”How about you?”

Woah woah woah, Shu Ning shuddered, his whole body felt numb and he frowned. Facing Shu Heng’s solemn gaze, the windows to his soul were extremely strong and very overbearing, perhaps the water vapour on his brother’s eyelashes even made his brother look considerably gentler.

The atmosphere was exceptionally warm, but Shu Ning did not think in that direction, he curled up the corners of his mouth slightly and spoke sincerely with his heart:”As long as big brother doesn’t dislike it, I will be good to big brother always.”

“You said it”

“I said it,”Shu Ning quickly repeated after him as if he was afraid his big brother would regret it.

Shu Heng smiled, he put the silly little guy who didn’t know what was going on in his embrace, he was too small, grow up quickly my little Ning Ning. He showered his forehead and his eyelid with kisses, the ticklish feeling made Shu Ning dodge around, he accidentally touched something and it got hard, Shu Heng strongly turned Shu Ning around and continued to scrub his back.

Shu Ning didn’t notice, he was in a superb mood.

After a moment, the dishonest object softened again, only then was Shu Heng able to relax. He moved the little one over to wash his front, it was very easy for him to get into an accident today, best to finish up quickly and go outside. His little brother lifted his head to look over, he was very adorable very soft and very cute, Shu Heng couldn’t resist lowering his head and leaning close……


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