RWSB Chapter 58



Shu Cheng chatted with Shu Ning and they talked about a lot of things, Shu Ning endured his drowsiness, enduring this hardship gladly.

Until Shu Ning’s eyes really could be kept open no longer, Shu Cheng ended his long chat with him and covered his son up with a blanket and decided to return to his room to sleep. Shu Ning frowned, the warmth around his side was gone, he subconsciously stretched out his hands and Shu Cheng was stunned for a moment, but he happily laid down beside the little one and pulled him into his arms, the warmth he had never had before penetrated into the depths of his heart.

Shu Heng had been different from the other kids since he was young and he would never be close to anyone, he had a no-nonsense little look and he exuded an indifferent and unapproachable aura.

Shu Cheng did not feel that it was much of a regret either, but when it came to Shu Ning everything changed, now that he was holding him he was extremely pleased, no wonder Shu Heng liked to bring this little one around wherever he went, such a good pillow he was, at just the right size he was warm, soft, and he smelled really nice, with small arms and small legs his skin was fair and clear, it’s nice.

It’s already ten o’clock but Shu Cheng was still not sleepy, he quietly accompanied by Shu Ning’s side……The door opened?

The second floor had always ben Shu Heng’s territory, it was not possible for anyone other than him to skulk around at this time. Shu Cheng felt very confused, so he decided to close his eyes, he wanted to find out what his elder son was sneaking in here for.

Shu Heng who had come in openly felt extremely displeased at heart, he did not make any sound as he walked over to the bedside and took a look, ah, the little guy is sleeping pretty well, daddy’s arms aren’t bad are they? Are you fine with just anyone? For a moment Shu Heng was overcome with annoyance and he just simply peeled open the blanket as he pleased and carefully peeled away Shu Cheng’s hand.

Σ( ° △°|||)︴This was what Shu Cheng’s heart was like right now……

Was the eldest trying to take away his second son?

No, this is a first for us, if he was taken away just like that what if Shu Ning wakes up unhappy tomorrow morning?

There was already a gap between us, Shu Cheng intended to fill in the hole from time to time, how could he just let go? And so he could pretend no longer as he slapped away the eldest’s fingers that seemed to be increasing its strength.

Shu Heng looked up, dad’s eyes are open, sparks were formed between the two’s exceptionally sharp gazes, neither of them blinked their eyes.

Shu Cheng’s intent was not giving ^^

Shu Heng’s meaning was give him back  ̄へ ̄

Shu Ning was completely blacked out in his sleep, he knew nothing at all……_(:зゝ∠)_ breathe~ breathe~ breathe~

It won’t be good to continue this stalemate, Shu Cheng’s eyes brightened as he nodded his head, Shu Heng raised an eyebrow and did not move, so Shu Cheng could only nudge his head down again as a suggestion, only then was Shu Heng willing to move towards Shu Ning’s side. Shu Cheng was extremely happy, sleeping with his children in a row and whatnot was too wonderful, this father and son moment that he had never had before was extremely precious, Shu Cheng straightened his arm that was holding Shu Ning, and after hesitating for a moment Shu Heng also laid down and put his right hand on Shu Ning’s waist while Shu Cheng’s left arm also rested over Shu Ning and Shu Heng’s bodies, and his hand was put right under his eldest son’s arm, just like that the three of them stuck closely together and slept.

Shu Ning in the center was not the least bit uncomfortable, resting his head on an arm that was more firm than usual and nestling against a neck that was thicker than usual, he could hear the sound of a strong and steady heartbeat, his father’s chest was wide and built, it was quite comfortable to stick to. Behind him was the cordial guard of his big brother, a familiar warmth spread over continuously, it put his mind at ease, and even though the environment changed, Shu Ning did not feel uncomfortable and slept even more soundly than before.

Qin Yu Zhuo waited left and right and thought to herself why was Shu Cheng not returning yet? Then suddenly the text message ringtone of her phone sounded and surprised her, She clutched at her chest and as Qin Yu Zhuo opened up the message to look she was gloomy, so he wants to stay with his son? There’s only two days left, fine, I just so happen to want to think about some things too, it was fair and reasonable for Shu Ning to say a few words to him, it was understandable.

Qin Yu Zhuo couldn’t sleep well these past few days and because of her pregnancy, she can’t take any sleeping pills, she would recall the scene from that day as soon as she closed her eyes, Shu Cheng being forcefully pulled over by a bitch by the necktie and kissed, I’ll bet he liked it didn’t he, such a brave woman, and they were old schoolmates too, she might even be his first love wouldn’t she?

An old woman doesn’t equate to a good one, such a woman is more charming, just by seeing that red curly hair of hers she knew that things probably weren’t settled between them.

Her head was throbbing with pain and she started to get nauseous again, Qin Yu Zhuo went into the bathroom and rinsed her mouth, she wasn’t able to throw up. Her face turned as white as snow as she heard the sound of a car coming from outside, Qin Yu Zhuo who was filled with suspicions took a sip of water and immediately went out to look.

Is Shu Cheng really with Shu Ning?

Qin Yu Zhuo went to the second floor again, there were bodyguards standing in the hallway including the one who was blocking Shu Cheng earlier.

Qin Yu Zhuo thought that it was very strange as she walked over, and the result was the same as before, she was stopped once again. The male bodyguard was very vigilant, and there seemed to be something stuffed in his hear:”I’m sorry, this area is forbidden at night.”

“……”Qin Yu Zhuo smiled, she curved the corners of her mouth:”Don’t you know that I’m the mistress of the Shu clan?”

“Yes, but the one paying my wages is Young Master Heng, I will not receive orders from anyone else, and besides my existence has received the tacit permission of the master so you don’t have to think too much about it, and please return.”

He simply explained to her about what his deal was and noted out all the important points that were needed.

A glint flashed across Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes:”Who permitted it?”

“The old master.”

“Shu Cheng is the true head of the house, even after a decade or two he is still the head of the house do you understand?”

“Yes,”The bodyguard nodded and his tone was still strictly business:”Ten years, twenty, thirty, fourty, even in fifty years the one who will be paying my wages will still be Young Master Heng.”

The other bodyguards on the side laughed silently, Young Master Heng is only eighteen right now, you want to compare ages? This woman’s insinuations are quite interesting.

In the end she still could not understand nature of these guys, they had a different master so naturally they couldn’t be compared, and besides all of them had come from the capital and they were special talents that came down specially from certain departments to protect Young Master Heng, they had not a single strand of relationship with the Shu family at all! However, they should still report this matter to the master of the house, in case this “stepmother” grabs hold of the family’s power to cause trouble, it’ll be bad if any harm were to come to Young Master Heng.

The Qin Yu Zhuo who refused to sleep in the middle of the night was just like a clown, if she didn’t ask anything then those men would not speak, but they were communicating with each other with their eyes, Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely displeased as she saw what they were doing:”I want to take a look at my son, this should be fine shouldn’t it?”

“No, Chairman Shu and Young Master Ning are asleep, Young Master Heng is also resting, please return.”

Qin Yu Zhuo took out her phone and moved her finger across the screen, but she did not end up going through with the call and she did not send a message either. THere was a possibility she might provoke Shu Cheng if she called him, how are you going to check? She might be ignored if she sent a text message instead, it would make her look petty, Qin Yu Zhuo could only return frustratingly and have her anger fit in her room, and she felt nauseous continually.

On the next morning, there were no noisy birds so Shu Ning slept until he woke up naturally.

He subconsciously moved his small little hand, mm……Something’s bulging~ He gave it a press, when did brother’s chest become so developed? He yawned and suddenly Shu Ning heard a laugh coming from above his head, how shocking, Shu Heng doesn’t laugh! Oh shit, his intelligence had also woken up, Shu Ning opened his eyes and looked up, it’s actually his dad, why didn’t he leave?

Shu Ning wanted to retreat from instinct but it was hot behind him, there’s someone else? In a moment, his face was filled with black lines Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“Awake?”Shu Cheng was ecstatic, he slid his left hand around and smoothed it over his eldest son’s arm, the feeling of happiness truly is great.

Shu Heng was also awake, normally he would be out jogging at this time but he didn’t want to leave today, in case dad does anything to what’s mine, it’s better to watch him here myself instead.

“Dad~ Morning~”Shu Ning was well-behaved.

“Mm, Did you sleep well?”Shu Cheng lowered his head and nuzzled the top of the little one’s head, and gave his forehead a kiss, the face of the little guy who just woke up was pink, his eyes bright, and his voice was soft, it sounded very pleasant:”What do you want to eat for breakfast?”

( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Ah! Shu Ning’s heart twisted into a knot, dad has such a thoughtful attitude~

Shu Heng couldn’t resist saying:”He’s asking you.”

“Mm, anything’s fine, it’s enough to just have the same as usual,”Shu Ning moved his head back to look over, his big brother was resting his head on his hand and he had a gloomy look in his eyes.

(⊙v⊙) Things aren’t looking very good, is this father and son duo competing for favour?

Shu Cheng took back his left hand and gave the tender little face a pinch to attract the little one’s attention back over:”Things may start to get pretty tough when you enter high school, remember to listen to your big brother, if he bullies you, you have to call your dad immediately okay?”

“Okay……”How do I respond to this? Shu Ning chose to keep quiet, in the old man’s heart long live the eldest son, the second son he he he~

Shu Heng had a profound and unpredictable look on his face:”We might bully you together as well.”I think that’s wrong, dad also thinks that’s wrong, they were very confident.

Shu Ning:”……”Fall down~

“Mm, that’s possible,”Shu Cheng laughed, and gave Shu Ning’s little nose a tap, he’s not a big person but he has such rich array of facial expressions:”Even if it really was untrue, dad won’t say anything.”

“Really?”Shu Ning was skeptical, but his eyes were filled with stars:”Daddy~”

Shu Heng added on:”I’ve finished what I have to say so naturally dad won’t say it again either, he’ll comfort you at most.”

Shu Ning:”……”Both of you were gods, so can you roll the hell off like an egg? That’s not right, this entire family is filled with gods, can you gives this little chick a path of survival?

Shu Cheng couldn’t help but laugh:”For someone who doesn’t know how to joke you’re able to tell quite the joke on occasion, Xiao Heng, you’ve worked hard.”

Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning into his arms and gave him a hug, and tightened his hold:”He’s my brother, that’s how it should be.”

What and what? Why are you speaking in riddles all of a sudden? Speak clearly, oh~ The capital, Shu Ning had his head lowered, leaving here wasn’t a bad idea, since Qin Yu Zhuo was currently pregnant there wasn’t much he could do to her anyway, he’ll show her good times to come after she’s given birth. The days of him watching the stocks secretly will also come to an end, oh that’s right, don’t I have to stay in the dorm during the first year of high school?

He wasn’t sure whether A High had such a rule in these times, if it did, Shu Heng was only the top young master in C City, his power will probably weaken in the capital so even more so he will not be making any special moves. He felt very strange for a moment, he wanted to put some distance between them but he also wanted them to stick together all the time, his disappointment was greater than excitement, what is happening to me?

What kind of characters were Shu Heng and Shu Cheng? They immediately sensed that Shu Ning’s mood had dropped and they immediately leaned over.

Hot hot hot~ Aren’t you guys bothered by the heat? Shu Ning cried with no tears, the old man liked to touch his face, and his brother liked to touch his tummy, it suddenly feels like I am a pet dog /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Can anyone please save me?

Shu Heng’s text message ringtone sounded, it was from Shu Gao, Shu Heng couldn’t ignore it and his face darkened as soon as he opened it:”Grandpa asked us to go down to eat.”

“We can’t make your grandpa wait,”Shu Cheng was the most filial, no matter how reluctant he was he would have to get up immediately, kids will learn what they see, naturally they will become filial sons as well:”The two of you should get up as well.”

When Shu Heng got up, he subconsciously picked up the little guy, Shu Ning was already used to it so he walked to the bathroom after a yawn, Shu Heng entered it as well, and they took out a new toothbrush from the cabinet. Shu Cheng went over curiously to take a look, two little guys were facing the mirror, and making scrubbing noises, he touched his nose:”Ning Ning, do you have any more toothbrushes?”

The bathroom was a bit small, it wasn’t as big as the one in the main bedroom, it was a bit hard for them to move around with three people brushing their teeth in the same room. Naturally Shu Cheng was the last one, he hard-workingly picked up a towel and helped the younger one wipe his face then took care of Shu Heng’s face with a smile. Shu Heng’s whole body was frozen stiff, Shu Ning did not hold back and laughed loudly. So his brother would see such a day as well? I want to laugh at this for a lifetime, this is too great.

Shu Heng’s face reddened for a bit, he was already eighteen and he was actually catered to by his old man today.

Shu Cheng felt a great sense of accomplishment, the simply picked up the little one that was laughing naughtily and said loudly:”Time to go.”

This time it was Shu Ning’s face instead that darkened, sitting on his father’s arm and being brought down the stairs and whatnot, just let me die……

Shu Heng had a pensive look as he followed behind them and he gave his arm a squeeze, this position should work……it should be time for him to get some practice.

Downstairs, Qin Yu Zhuo’s mouth twitched and she put on a sweet smile on her face:”Morning Brother Shu~ Dad has been waiting for a while now, come sit down quickly.”

“No rush,”Shu Gao touched his beard as he watched Shu Ning with an exceptionally bright gaze, and he smiled to his eyes.

After Shu Ning landed on the floor, he walked to his grandfather’s side, Shu Gao spread his arms open and Shu Ning sat down lightly, ah……when can I grow up?

All the great gods were like exclusive pillows or whatnot, he was too tired for this.

Shu Heng was indifferent, but it was normal for him to keep a cool face, only Shu Cheng gave his eldest’s a pat of understanding on his shoulder:”I’ll go over to the office to take a look today, what should’ve been done has all been done.”

It’s your last day of work you better cherish it, Qin Yu Zhuo sneered in her heart, how many waves can you flip in the office at your age? Qin Yu Zhuo deliberately made a few knots, but they weren’t the types that would activate immediately. When Shu Heng formally enters the company, those hidden traps will erupt, it will be enough to throw Shu Heng down to hell.

While they were eating, Shu Ning sat on his own, he was afraid of squashing Shu Gao’s leg. At the age of sixty he may look very healthy but he may go down at any moment, better safe than sorry.

Shu Heng still did not know that he was sold out by his dad, he was still wondering whether he should be adding any more decorations to make that house even warmer, and didn’t Xu Jin mention about a pet dog? Cross that out, that’s unnecessary. But he can place an aquarium on the wall, it’ll at least be able to help make Shu Ning feel less lonely when I’m not at home.

After their meal, Shu Ning returned to his room and Shu Heng the office, Shu Cheng has instead followed behind Shu Gao up to the fourth floor, Qin Yu Zhuo wasn’t able to find an opportunity to be alone with Shu Cheng, this put her in quite the knot, her chest felt tight and she was slightly worried about the development of her baby, so she simply decided to go to the hospital for a check up.

On the balcony on the fourth floor, Shu Gao will be there everyday to watch the flowers, the grass, and the scenery, to cultivate his morals and character, and to cultivate his temperament.

“What’s wrong? Qin Yu Zhuo making things hard for you again?”

Shu Cheng had nothing to say, he sat on top of the chaise lounge and drank his tea, the other chairs were too far away and he was too lazy to move. Sun Lin brought a plate of snacks over, as well as a plate of fruits for Shu Cheng.

Shu Gao shook his head helplessly, the son that has grown up under his watch, he knew well what sort his disposition and temper was like:”So tell me, it’s for a woman again, it’s always a woman, won’t it be better if you were like me?”

“That’s not the same.”

“How is it not? You’re young, so your rod is still usable is that right?”

Shu Cheng’s old face reddened, he was annoyed:”Dad!”

“Are you telling me or not? If not you can bugger off,”Shu Gao picked up a pair of scissors and snapped off a stray branch with a snap:”How have you gone into this mess when you were all fine just yesterday?”

Right on the money, Shu Cheng sighed:”Dad is the most amazing one after all.”

“What on earth happened?”

“I was thinking that the other families had bought their own little islands overseas, I want to buy one as well, but I’m stuck on whether I should leave it for just family or develop it into a tourist resort.”

There were risks involved in developing it, and they would be too far away to control it, if you werent’ familiar with the local culture and customs, you’ll have to do some market research and whatnot, human and material resources will take up a fair bit of time. But of course, it was rich with benefits too, however, domestic trends were booming, each industry was developing rapidly and business opportunities were flowing in, there was no need to reach for what was beyond your grasp. Although, it is good to plan ahead, the more paths you have the more lives you have. Shu Gao personally picked up a pot of camellia and put it on the table, he clipped off a flower and put it in front of Shu Cheng:”The Shu clan is the same as this potted plant, there are too many flowers blooming.”

Shu Cheng understood that they had too many businesses, so it’s not appropriate for them to do something else, once something happens it was necessary for them to rob Peter to pay Paul, it was better if they never opened it at all and took care of the businesses under them instead so they can prosper:”Dad, I understand, but I still plan to buy the island, it’s quite suitable for holidays.”

Mm, youth is worth educating, Shu Gao smiled and even the wrinkles on his face bloomed~

Shu Cheng did not say anything regarding Qin Yu Zhuo, they’ll deal with their own problems, there was no need for his dad to partake in it. But his heart felt a bit gloomy, he could ease up if he stayed around by his father’s side. After all, in Shu Cheng’s eyes, Shu Gao’s existence was just like the sky. Qin Yu Zhuo had indeed gone overboard, how could she say that her children had derailed?

In the future, how would Shu Cheng face Shu Ning?

Shu Cheng knew that Qin Yu Zhuo was in a precarious period now, it was easy for her to get irritable and uneasy, she got suspicious easily and her anger glows up in a flash, this was a normal reaction of someone going through pregnancy, before this when Shu Heng was still in his mother’s womb, Shu Cheng had looked through a large amount of information so naturally he knew. And besides, he was a man, he would not be bothered so easily because of some little things between him and his wife, after all, everyone had to pass a bumpy road in their lives.

What he wants is a wife, not a pitiful little worm who obeyed to his beck and call.

Qin Yu Zhuo could bring up anything that displeased her if she had any, other people would drag in their children as well when they were in a quarrel, Shu Cheng was already at this age so it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen much of it.

Generally children would help their mothers, their fathers worked outside for long amounts of time so they weren’t at home and had no time to watch their children grow up, if they were to get into a fight, they will be put in a disadvantageous position, fortunately Shu Ning was bland to both his mother and his father, he still had a chance to show him what a good father he can be. Qin Yu Zhuo gave birth to Shu Ning, and there will be Shu Yao in the future, the position of Mrs. Shu had to be Qin Yu Zhuo’s for the sake of these two children.

It’s just that……If she stays this way even after giving birth, it would be very disappointing. After all, Shu Cheng had looked into his heart and he was confident that he truly loved Qin Yu Zhuo.

He had to buy the island overseas, but it will be a different question on who will be living there in the future.

Before Shu Cheng was about to go to the office, he specially bought an ice cream before visiting Shu Ning. When Shu Ning heard the noise at his door, he calmly closed the stock chart site and opened the game interface that he had prepared earlier. He thought it was Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Ning blinked his eyes:”Dad?”

“It’s pretty hot today, want one?”

Ice cream, of course I do, Shu Heng was more anal about things and didn’t very much like letting Shu Ning have it. Shu Ning walked over and sat down with his dad on top of the sofa. It felt very awkward for him to eat by himself because Shu Cheng was watching him, his gaze was brimming with vigour, and he could see a reflection of himself in his eyes, he was quite focused.

“Dad, do you want a bite?”

“Sure,”Shu Cheng took a bite and thought in his heart, does my son not find me disfavourable?

How would Shu Ning find him disfavourable? He was already numb after dealing with Shu Heng, damn it he was afraid of Shu Cheng finding him disfavourable instead. Shu Ning was extremely happy that his dad was willing to eat something he was eating from, his eyes were shining brightly. Shu Cheng’s heart felt warm, it was quite regretful that he had to go to the office now, he suddenly thought up an idea:”Want to go to the office to have some fun with me?”

Poof, Shu Ning really sprayed……

Shu Cheng hurriedly took out a paper towel and wiped Shu Ning, what’s wrong, he was fine just a while ago? Maybe he’s excited:”Eat up, when you’re done I’ll take you there.”

“Dad, can I not go? I still have a lot of workbooks to finish, and I……”

“Stop!”He cut him off, Shu Cheng gave his son’s little face a touch:”We’ll just play around in the chairman’s office, how about that? Then we’ll go out for a big meal at lunch, we can get off work together and come home together at night, you’re about to leave for the capital soon so spend some more time with your daddy alright?”

The office was like a great scourge, he really did not want to be contaminated, but since Shu Cheng had already put it that way, Shu Ning had no way to reject when faced with this unattainable fatherly love.

Get on the car, leave, and enter the office, there were no impediments on their way there, it was way different from the first time he had entered the Shu clan, everyone was respectful towards them and didn’t dare to pass their boundaries, there was probably not even a single curious look in sight.

This was the difference of heaven and earth between their statuses, walking hand in hand with Shu Cheng was different from walking behind Qin Yu Zhuo.

The chairman’s office was the biggest, most stylish, and most luxurious room in the building, but it was not Shu Cheng’s favourite but rather one who had in this position had to have the proper environment that they were worth.

Shu Ning felt very emotional, truly, in his past life he had never once entered this room for more than ten minutes, and a big part of it he was being reprimanded so he had even less of an interest to observe the place, he had always kept his head down and had rather low self-esteem. But now his dad was bringing him around for a tour, when it was nearly eleven o’clock, they sat down to rest for a moment and to drink some water.

“You should be getting tired now aren’t you?”Shu Cheng sat in a squat and pulled out a big box out of nowhere:”If you’re bored then have some snacks, there’s even the latest gaming console inside, the latest Walkman, and there are still many things inside, you can play with whatever you like.”


“Mm,”Shu Ning really couldn’t put these things in his sights, even the mp3……Um, is it not out yet? →→
The secretary had something to report, and Shu Cheng started his work. Shu Ning sat quietly on the sofa and played some games, Shu Ning understood all that Shu Cheng talked about with his secretary, executive assistants, as well as the department managers, he looked at the screen with his eyes but his heart was pondering, Qin Yu Zhuo came over at noon, if my husband doesn’t want to see me then fine, she has already thought some things through, but the superficial work on the surface still has to be done.

She knew that Shu Ning had went over so she prepared several dishes at home and specially brought them over, she showed her face a bit, as they say it’s harder to stay cold when you look someone in the eyes, she will leave after saying what she needs to, but who knew that just as she turned to leave, Shu Heng had openly walked in, Shu Cheng picked up his pen to prepare to sign but he looked moodily at Shu Heng without saying anything, he extended his hand out towards the little one, picked him up, and left with him.

Shu Cheng ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) What about the father and son bonding session I planned?

Qin Yu Zhuo……I am just passing by, she had no intention of destroying the intimate atmosphere between Shu Cheng and Shu Ning, damn it, with that one move from Shu Heng, I’ve become a loser on both sides! Qin Yu Zhuo had no wish to see the man perform Bian Lian so she simply said as she left:”I’ve got an appointment, see you tonight dear.”

Shu Cheng:”……”We promised to eat lunch together my little Ning Ning~

Shu Heng was working next door, when he had just entered he had even hung around in the chairman’s office, the whole company knew that he was the prince, and who was the one he was holding? After a while, the news of the second young master’s visit was spread like snowflakes, they were all eager to catch a glimpse in case he had to start from the bottom in the future to experience life or whatnot, everyone should still try to rope him in deliberately!

While Shu Heng had already seated down while holding the little one.


Bian Lian – oh man I was gonna leave this one out but I found it really hilarious, Bian Lian is a famous opera performance which features an actor or actress changing into different masks quickly.
Here is a video from master Wai Shui Kan 韋瑞群

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  1. Just re-reading and I found this:

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