RWSB Chapter 64

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But Shu Heng wasn’t his boyfriend, he was his big brother, big brothers would naturally be more sincere than a boyfriend, they wouldn’t get tangled up in the benefits they could get out of me, it would be great if he were my boyfriend.

As the idea flashed past his mind, he was so shocked that he was covered in a cold sweat.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I was just thinking that it’s great to have a big brother.”

Shu Heng actually smiled, but it was a pity that Shu Ning didn’t see it. The time they have together was too short so it must be cherished.

Shu Ning turned back to look at him, big brother’s skin was darker now, it was slightly bronzed and there were several lines on his arm, they could be some cuts or scrapes he had gotten. He still kept a very natural character and his eyes were even more profound and sharper than before, Shu Ning felt quite pained:”Brother, is the military training tiring?”

“It won’t be tiring if you give me a kiss.”

Shu Ning was stunned for a moment, then he rolled his eyes, he faced his brother’s handsome face and gave him a nice and heavy smooth that rang out in a loud “mua”.

Shu Heng was satisfied, he had also returned a kiss to him:”With you around, nothing is tiring.”

“……”What the hell is this? Sweet nothings? Ah, Shu Ning has really gotten bashful, even the tips of his ears were red and his heartbeat was quickening, he didn’t want to care about him anymore but he was about to go soon, he couldn’t bear to leave him, he could only shyly stick up his little hands and pinch his big brother’s thighs. Wow, so firm, let’s give it another touch, this is the thighs of a male god, long and straight, lucky me!

Shu Heng’s gaze softened as he caught that naughty little hand and gave it a squeeze.

He wasn’t tired before, but he was after his biological grandfather came, he was the commander. The squad leader of the special forces didn’t dare to go easy on them, so their training was very difficult, Shu Heng wasn’t able to keep up with him at first and so the commander personally ran with him, it was so shocking that the jaws of all the soldiers had fallen off. Shu Heng was actually able to keep up after a few days had passed, and another troop of soldiers had their jaws shocked off. But Shu Heng didn’t care at all, if his grandfather didn’t even have this much sincerity then he can forget it.

Actually, his biological father would come over every night to help Shu Heng massage his legs, Shu Heng laid down on his bed and the only thing he cared about was sleeping so he didn’t even take a look when that guy had come in and left.

“Brother, is your military training over?”

“Mm, I’ll come back every week to see you, it’s just one year, it will soon be over.”


With his big brother gone, Shu Ning tried to keep a cool face and left for school. His classmates all knew he came from a wealthy family but they didn’t expect that he was even more amazing than the richest guy Shi Lang, you could tell just how big of a shock he received with one look of the face of that unrequited Shi Lang. Everyone liked to compare themselves to others, but no matter how tall a mountain could be there will always be another one taller, why should he bicker with a child over this? Why can’t he compare with someone his own size instead?

However, he couldn’t even threaten a child. Many of the students were quite pleased because they had a rather good relationship with Shu Ning.

The attitude of the class towards Shu Ning changed, and the number of people from other classes who came to find him gradually increased. Shu Ning took note of a few that he had an impression on in his past life, if he knew their characters he could follow them and chat if he was bored, go out for some sports, some exercise, or just to play around, they could go for karaoke every once in awhile, Shu Ning had a pretty good voice, he received countless compliments on it.

None of them let Shu Ning treat them either, Shu Ning could make up for that in other areas, it’s fine since he was small.

Was his family outstanding? Or was it all for show? They’ll know after getting to know him a bit more, and Shu Ning’s English was great too, he always got good scores back to back, he was good in other subjects too, he was part of the top 10 in grades all with his own effort! Nobody dared to look down on him, he was a man of his word and a clever guy to boot, he never revealed all his cards and it was hard to understand the full extent of his talents.

After all he had studied in this exact school in his previous life so he was very familiar with the area, there was a big restaurant next to the snack store that didn’t do well in business so they rented the place out, Shu Ning went over to take a look and asked his bodyguard to talked to them, he wanted to buy the plot. The bodyguard settled everything under his orders and the deal will be made in three days, the housing prices in the capital at this moment hadn’t soared yet so he was able to obtain the two storied building with just half a million, it was way too cheap.

With Qin Yu Fu as his legal representative, Shu Ning took a photocopy of all the documents to settle the paperwork then he began to apply for an official stamp, just turning it into three storeys was enough, then he can renovate the place, then he looked for some foreign teachers with the right qualifications to come over as tutors, they would only teach English. English tutoring classes would become a booming business in the future, he wouldn’t lose any money doing this, the place will be officially open during the winter. This shop had been sold away quite a few times in the past, in the end it became an internet cafe called Red Boom, there were middle school students and high school students nearby the area, and it wasn’t too hard to guess how that worked out.

Day after day passed, other than Shi Lang constantly trying to show his presence in front of him, everything was great.

One day, a senior boy came looking for Shi Lang, only then did Shu Ning find out that Shi Lang was actually from the Shi family. The Shi family was pretty good, they had a complicated background but they’ve been big for three generations, Shi Lang was a relative of theirs.

“Cousin, you’ve come!”Shi Lang was ecstatic, and then there were three of them, his girlfriend helped him pack up his bag at the back, they’ve been seeing each other for a few days and she already became his lackey.

Shi Shuai had a dignified appearance, he was well-dressed and his faint smile made him look very easy on the eyes.

As the two of them spoke, Shi Shuai was standing politely at the doorway of the class and did not enter, then he swept a gaze over at Shu Ning, hm? It’s the legendary little genius, so he took a few more glances at him. Shi Lang’s mouth twiched, he had deliberately found a reason to shamelessly bring his cousin over to try and pressure him. As long as his cousin was willing to come, that little group of his would follow along too, none of them were simple people.

Once everyone in class took a good look of them, they wouldn’t think much of Shu Ning anymore, so what if he’s rich? Just cause he had money didn’t mean he could last in the world, true power comes in the form of personal ability. Heh, they’re just a bunch of dogs following which way the cat jumps, they’re going to regret it now aren’t they? Better open up your eyes good, I’m the head of this class!

Shi Lang was extremely pleased with himself, his cousin’s group of friends had also come over, everyone was gathering to eat lunch together later, and another super handsome guy came over, just one look and you could tell that he was different from the rest, he was even more dignified and more good-looking, his smile was like a spring breeze, the jade gentleman mentioned by the masses should be this kind of guy wouldn’t it?

Shu Zi Xuan walked to the door:”Excuse me everyone, I’m looking for my younger brother Shu Ning, can you let me pass?”

“Really, that’s a coincidence,”Shu Zi Xuan was the kind of guy who could make flowers bloom by walking past them, and everyone who saw him would instantly fall in love. He was a gentleman no matter how you looked at him, it was hard to notice the treacherous side of him hidden inside, Shu Zi Xuan extended a hand in a friendly manner:”Shu Zi Xuan, good to meet you.”

Shi Shuai extended his hand and held his lightly:”Nice to meet you, I’m Shi Shuai.”

“Shi Shuai from the Shi family? It’s my pleasure to meet you.”

Shi Shuai smiled, Shu Zi Xuan seemed like a pretty good guy. Although he seemed surprised he did not try to flatter him, it seems that he may not be a simple guy as well, for me to be unable to recognize such a character at first glance could mean that he did not come from the capital, they had plenty of time, if he had the heart to know he would find out sooner or later.

Shu Ning received a call from Qin Yu Zhuo before this, she told him that Shu Zi Xuan was also studying in the capital, she asked him to help bring something over to Shu Ning since it was convenient. Qin Yu Zhuo had no way of swapping her own people in to Shu Heng’s villa, so naturally she would think of some other tricks, right now what she had Shu Zi Xuan bring over would not be anything normal, such as a watch with some added bits, it wouldn’t be strange for it to be bugged with an eavesdropping device or a monitoring device.

Seeing that Shu Ning had come over, the smile on Shu Zi Xuan’s face deepened:”Cousin, I booked a table for us outside, let’s go?”

Has he learned his lesson?

Shu Ning knew that he was a bit too extreme when they met for the first time, he left a very deep impression on Shu Zi Xuan, he should speak less if he could help it since this cousin of his had a poisonous mouth, and he was part of the main family so he couldn’t offend him ╮(╯▽╰)╭ ha ha~

Shu Ning acted naturally familiar with him, and with a stretch of his hand he shoved his bag into Shu Zi Xuan’s arms, neither of them said anything about it, he walked forth in little steps and let those big long legs follow slowly behind him, it was extremely aggrieving.

Shu Zi Xuan had on a doting smile, there was not a single hint of unhappiness in his expression, just like a loving big brother. He gave a nod to Shi Shuai and his cousin, he didn’t put on airs at all. He quickened his steps to catch up with Shu Ning and asked how his leg was, he sprained his leg last time and it took several months to recover, Shu Ning remained aloof and didn’t answer, Shu Zi Xuan didn’t bother with it either, his tone was still as caring as before.

Anger was rising up within Shi Lang, if he were a balloon he would’ve erupted at that moment.

Similarly they were both cousins, he had been buttering up to his cousin Shi Shuai for many years before they got close to each other, but Shu Ning was able to put on airs, damn~

But Shi Shuai seemed to be pondering about something, he put his arm around Shi Lang’s neck and walked out, then said in a whisper:”Stay away from that little guy, the waters run deep.”

Shu Zi Xuan was a smart guy, but the others weren’t fools either.

But Shi Lang did not think that way, he was secretly unhappy as he agreed.

He pretended to agree even though in his heart he didn’t, this younger brother of his could be considered useless, he had no worth at all, it would still be best to stay away from him in the future, Shi Shuai shook his head and chatted with his friends.

Shu Ning got in Shu Zi Xuan’s car and he was slightly envious, it’s great to be eighteen, I want to drive too.

Shu Zi Xuan was only two months younger than Shu Heng so he had a driver’s license:”I talked to your teacher earlier, you don’t have to go to your first lesson in the afternoon. If when we reach the restaurant you aren’t interested in any of the dishes I picked, we can order something else, we only get to see each other once in such a long time, as your cousin I don’t want to disappoint your stomach.”

Shu Ning did not speak, he had his eyes set ahead.

“Do you hate me that much?”Shu Zi Xuan was a wise guy, although Shu Ning had no fondness for anyone, his intuition told him that Shu Ning really did not like him.

“We don’t get along,”Shu Ning was rather vigilant, this was no simple guy, he would become a resounding presence within C City in the future, as someone who could give Shu Heng a run for his money, his ability was naturally outstanding. But speaking back to it, did Shu Heng really take him as an opponent of his? He was just like me, Shu Ning sighed in his heart.

“I have a house in the capital too, don’t forget to come over to play in the holidays,”The atmosphere turned cold, naturally Shu Zi Xuan wouldn’t just sit still:”He Ran kept making noise saying he wanted to come to the capital, Zi Hui is also handling the transfer procedures.”

“High school? With his grades?”

“There’s a private middle school two blocks away from your school, many of your schoolmates are alumni from there,”Shu Zi Xuan stopped the car, just when he was about to help Shu Ning unbuckle his seat belt, the little guy had already done it himself and walked out as soon as he opened the door. Shu Zi Xuan was rather depressed, but the only thing he could do was quicken his steps.

They entered the private room, the service staff immediately poured water for them and served their food.

Only then did Shu Zi Hui try to find a chance to talk to him:”I heard the food here is good, give it a try,”He passed a set of chopsticks over.

Shu Ning received them wondering whether this was his true face, who could reject such brotherly kindness from him? Maybe he would’ve chased after him in his past life if they weren’t brothers, but he would probably be given the cold shoulder by the other party if he were a bottom chasing a top, and they wouldn’t put his words to heart. Shu Ning gave it a try, the food was pretty good, Qin Yu Zhuo was definitely the one who told Shu Zi Xuan what to order, he took a look and they all seemed to be Shu Ning’s favourites.

“Some things are better when they remain as plans,”Shu Ning pointed it out but actually he just hated troubles, If He Ran comes, his peaceful days may just fly away forever. However, it would be his pleasure to see He Ran and Shu Zi Hui those two bastards bring each other their deaths, he could add a bit of oil to the fire too, seeing them cry sounds pretty good.

But Shu Zi Xuan’s pupil shrank, did Shu Ning find out about something?

His mother had cooperated with Qin Yu Zhuo, she may have told some of her plans to Shu Ning. He’ll have to talk to his mom when he goes back, working together was fine but they won’t be able to open up to each other, it was still necessary to stay vigilant. At first He Ran was just slightly regretful to know that Shu Ning was gone, he didn’t think of following him, he had a group of bros by his side who respected and played with him, he couldn’t bear to part with them.

But the second house had different ideas, they got Shu Zi Hui to provoke him in secret endlessly, telling him how prosperous and great the capital was, after all some of the games and popular stuff had been brought over from the capital. Shu Zi Hui’s admiration and anticipation kept poking at the playful He Ran, and as time went on He Ran was tempted as well.

Why did they have to be so eager?

So you want to live in the sunny side of the courtyard huh, the He family elders are such a stubborn bunch, even the second house was concerned, heh heh.

With the wits of Gu Ya and Shu Zi Hui, there was no way they didn’t know that kids were easy to sway when they were young so maybe they won’t be able to stay together at the end, but they’ll definitely have other plans now that things were going so well.

A small bowl of soup appeared in front of him, Shu Ning picked up his spoon and drank a sip when he saw it, it tasted very fresh.

Shu Zi Xuan smiled and it made him look even more handsome:”No need to be modest in front of your cousin, eat more.”

“Cousin……I want to eat prawn!”

Shu Zi Xuan was still smiling, he wiped his hands and picked up a big prawn and peeled it, he didn’t say anything even though his hands were sticky from the broth, and it wasn’t easy to peel them either, but there was not a single hint of annoyance on Shu Zi Xuan’s face. Shu Ning sighed in his heart, for a person like him who kept so many evil thoughts to be able to lower himself, if he was really good to someone, no matter who it was, it would be hard for them to escape right? He suddenly recalled his boyfriend from his past life, his mind was always so filled with thoughts of obtaining benefits, would he become a bottom just for money?

Everytime he wanted to bring up marriage in his past life, his boyfriend would always use his career as an excuse, Shu Ning could only help him to the end, he helped him with everything and when he finally succeeded, Shu Ning had already gone to jail.

In the end Shu Ning’s boyfriend went with his scoundrel friend and the two became a sweet couple, they even went to the prison to disgust Shu Ning, and so the two of them as birds of a feather banded together, Shu Ning was blind at that time and didn’t realize anything, he still continued to help him thinking if his boyfriend did well in his career, they could get married.

For his boyfriend to have a change of heart was partially Shu Ning’s fault for not going all the way, Shu Ning wanted to devote himself to him on their wedding night, homosexuals were different from women, women could give birth to children, they could be open about their relationship, and they had the protection of the law too, homosexuals had nothing so naturally they had to love their own bodies, this were Shu Ning’s thoughts, but none of the people around him shared his ideas, they believed that pleasure was more important.

Sleeping with one counts, and sleeping with ten was the same as well, for someone with Shu Ning’s background to not enjoy himself to the fullest really was a sin to his life.

And Shu Ning was even a bottom, this made them even more unhappy, you had the status and the rights so why don’t you top? Are you cheap or something?

“Cousin? Shu Zi Xuan passed the prawn meat over and just when he was about to put it in his bowl, he suddenly noticed that Shu Ning was out of it, and so he directly brought it over to his mouth.

Shu Ning opened his mouth and ate it, he was thinking that he did get betrayed quite a lot, for him to be catered to in this life felt pretty good. But he would’ve never known that if his brother saw this in the future he would be furious:”I was thinking about the problem with He Ran.”

“What problems could He Ran suddenly get himself into?”Shu Zi Xuan said jokingly but he perked his ears up, someone from the main family definitely has some special connections to receive information, maybe he could pry something out of Shu Ning’s mouth, although Qin Yu Zhuo seemed rather glamorous she did not actually know much within the Shu family, everyone knew this but they simply never exposed that fact.

Shu Ning hesitated for a moment, and stopped again just as he was about to say something, Shu Zi Xuan’s eyes lit up and he leaned over:”Cousin, she’s the only sister I have so if you know anything don’t hide it from your cousin!”

“The old head of the He family’s about to kick the bucket soon,”Shu Ning curved up his lips while Shu Zi Xuan wasn’t looking, but his voice was filled with worry:”It’ll probably happen very soon, if sister Zi Hui comes over and happened to get her dates caught with the funeral, there’s a possibility that……”

A slight change finally appeared in Shu Zi Xuan’s complexion, but it immediately turned back to normal, as expected of a great villain, that’s quite some skill. Shu Ning couldn’t help but admire him, the change in his complexion may have been deliberate as well.

“Thank you cousin,”Shu Zi Xuan took a sip of water and waited for the pressure to build up before speaking:”You now, I’m not gonna keep this from you, I was so anxious at the start all because I wanted to gain some benefits.”

Shu Ning looked over to him, he was quite curious as well, not only were there rich second generations, there were rich third generations everywhere, with Shu Zi Hui’s background, it was quite proper for her if she were to marry a powerful third generation, she had the looks, the qualifications, and the capital, why did she have to stay with He Ran? The He clan was one of the most dazzling ones in the C City, they were the most high-profile and they had the greatest wealth. One can suspect that the second house’s purpose for doing so was to borrow someone else’s blade for the hunt.

Take Shu Cheng for example, Shu Heng was still young so if Shu Cheng goes down, Shu Gao could still hold up for a bit, but Shu Gao had a serious cardiac disease.

If they wanted to take out Shu Gao they just had to provoke him several times.

Shu Ning knew all of this, seeing Shu Zi Xuan’s silence, although he knew that the other party was putting on airs on purpose he was still willing to take the bait:”What do you mean, cousin? Is the Shu clan still short on benefits?”

“Of course for the main family things would be good, but you wouldn’t know what it’s like in the second house.”

Shu Zi Xuan told him about his family’s matters, including the matter about his father keeping a lover outside, he told him how pitiful his mother was and how hard it was for her, not only did she have to take care of the businesses for his father to stop people from taking them as a joke, she still had to raise the child of her husband’s lover, raising them up carefully, nurturing them into a talent so that they wouldn’t become a disgrace……He poured everything out, Shu Zi Hui wanted to lure the sympathy out of Shu Ning so he spoke mournfully, making it sound extremely touching.

Shu Ning did come from the countryside after all, he had been abandoned from the very beginning so he didn’t receive any special education either when he returned, even if he was dissatisfied there would still be sentiments, he would definitely feel something from hearing about a woman who had to raise the child of her love rival, and so with just some effort he had obtained a good result, Shu Zi Hui wanted to break through the stalemate and the most assuring way was to enter from the “heart”.

“I’ve made myself a joke to my cousin, you’re not an outsider either, maybe it was because you were a few years younger than me and I don’t feel as pressured, I’ve been keeping all this bottled up for a long time now, this is my first time talking about it too.”Shu Zi Xuan took a sip of water and his gaze fell down to the table:”Actually, your brother Shu Heng is quite similar in age to me, if not for the fact that he was too cold I may have been able to open up a long time ago.”

The outside world didn’t know how close Shu Heng and Shu Ning were, Shu Zi Xuan wanted to quietly stick some nails between the two of them, that would be hilarious.

If it were the Shu Ning who had just been reborn, he definitely wouldn’t have cared about Shu Zi Xuan, this guy always kept to himself so it was easy for him to overturn his ship, he’ll wait for a good chance before he strikes, Shu Ning who had twenty years worth of memories knew some of the most crucial moments, it was quite easy to kick him to his death, but he definitely wouldn’t do it by his own hand or he’ll get his hands dirty.

Now that he recalled that they all wanted to see Shu Heng die, he had no way of keeping himself out of this anymore, Shu Ning deliberately exposed his emotions, and a tremble could be seen in his eyes:”I know how you feel.”

Shu Zi Xuan gave him a gracious smile, he’s a kid after all, he just had to show him some considerations:”Cousin, eat more prawn.”

He peeled another one and put it in his bowl, Shu Ning didn’t move, but Shu Zi Xuan was good at this, he brought the next one to his mouth and didn’t forget to pick out some dishes and put them in Shu Ning’s bowl, he was very diligent but he didn’t make it too obvious, the doting look in his eyes were ten out of ten, anyone who looked at them would’ve been touched.

Things were going smoothly, Shu Zi Xuan did not waste this trip, whereas Shu Ning was slightly gloomy. Shu Heng, oh Shu Heng, my good brother, I have to wrong myself and humour people like this and it’s all for you, the earlier I can get rid of this wolf the sooner I can rest easy, brother! You have to remember all the good I’ve done for you, and you have to pay me back for it your whole life. A big plate of prawns were all peeled, after their meal, Shu Zi Xuan went to the washroom to wash his hand before giving a box to Shu Ning, in it contained some of Qin Yu Zhuo’s goodwill.

While talking about their mood, Shu Zi Xuan deliberately gave a pat on Shu Ning’s shoulder.

He sent the little one home to put down the box, and Shu Ning did not refuse him either, he got back in Shu Zi Xuan’s car after putting it in the room, Shu Zi Xuan did not enter the house, he immediately sent Shu Ning back to school to resume his classes, he would never step into a place that may land him in trouble, he was very smart.

Shu Ning who had returned back to the class had a stretch, then calmly he begun to flip through some books. Seeing this scene made a certain someone’s eye almost pop out, the Shi Lang who was sitting at the very back was burning with envy, both of them had similarly been brought out by their cousins to eat, why was it that Shu Ning could skip class?

Shu Zi Xuan was a capable guy, after seeking out his teacher to ask about things, he only requested for his leave after knowing his next class wasn’t one of the main subjects, he had adequate reasoning and a good attitude, all teachers liked a good student so naturally they gave him the green light.

Shu Ning sat in his seat and played with his pen, he was thinking about how he should dig a pit for Shu Zi Xuan, who told him to come up uninvited? He would’ve done himself a misdeed if he didn’t dig him a pit.

And there was Qin Yu Zhuo’s cooperation with Gu Ya, even Shu Zi Xuan was caught on the hook, it proved that they wouldn’t go easy even on their own children, Shu Cheng should have noticed Shu Heng right? After all the two from the “excellence group” were about the same age.

After school, Shu Ning did not follow his friends to play today, he directly got on his bicycle and returned home. He encountered Shi Lang’s car on the way, he rolled down his window and stuck his hand out, pointing a finger furiously at Shu Ning, and in a big shout he yelled don’t you dare be complacent, then went off.

( ⊙ o ⊙ )This fool had fooled out a new height of foolery.

Shu Ning returned home and put his phone by his side, waiting for the sharks to get caught in the net themselves.

And in the end a big white shark was caught, Shu Gao had been very wary of Qin Yu Zhuo from the start he felt that she may be harboring some evil intentions, Shu Ning looked at the number displayed on the phone and touched his chin, is grandpa calling to ask about my well being or to talk?

Only one way to tell.

Shu Ning picked up the call:”Grandpa!”

“Ah, my big grandson, did you miss your grandpa?”

“I did, didn’t grandpa call earlier today?”

“Wasn’t it because of your mother, her stomach’s already eight months in and she’s still so uneasy, what about you? Did you receive her gift?”

Shu Ning understood:”I just came home, I haven’t looked at it yet.”

“Mm, it’s been hot these days, if it’s imported you need to check it first, your studies are important so just leave it to the two aunties to take a look before eating, good boy~”

“Alright grandpa, I’ll listen to everything you say okay?”

Ha ha, he laughed loudly, Shu Gao was very happy as he thought to himself that his grandson was indeed great, they could just go straight to the point:”My big baby, it’ll be the long vacation on October soon, remember to come back earlier.”

“I’m not sure what plans big brother has, why don’t you talk to him about it grandpa?”

Shu Gao wanted to roll his eyes, you’re my good grandson:”Let’s not talk about him, he’s already grown up, will you come back?”

“I’ll see what big brother plans.”

“……”Shu Gao was gloomy, is this what it was like to eat the poisoned apple by himself? Shu Ning misunderstood what he meant, so what now? He already promised Shu Cheng he wouldn’t talk about Shu Heng’s background, argh.

They spoke a bit more and the call ended, Shu Ning was just about to sigh in relief when the phone rang again, it’s Shu Heng (*^__^*)


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