RWSB Chapter 52

ԅ(≖‿≖ ԅ) big brother you are finally here


He Ran was too high-profile, Shu Ning could see that the surrounding atmosphere wasn’t too good, the envious, jealous, and hateful gazes were very obscure, he reckoned these guys were cussing out He Ran in their hearts. Understandable, seven to eight bodyguards were standing nearby, they didn’t even want to play when they were invited to, they had very professional ethics, who would try to pick a fight with them with eagle-like sharp eyes such as theirs?

This place was quite high-class, the ones who come to play were rich, maybe they knew He Ran’s status, for example another pretty girl came by and stared at He Ran with glittering eyes, worshipping him and looking as if she wanted to eat him.

At this moment, the most dazzling goddess in the scene had also come over……All the men were indignant but they could only watch furiously.

This was the greatest beauty amongst all the others of today, she was aloof and had been standing far away all this while and never came over, but her gaze would sweep over occasionally, reserved yet pure, He Ran’s heart was feeling itchy, he really wanted to get to know her but needless to say it won’t be fun if he takes the initiative, only by maintaining some distance could one be carried off into a dream.

The beauty was wearing a pair of heels that were ten centimeters tall, with a pink dress and a white hat, it made her body appear slender and graceful, she had an interest to rub out some sparks with He Ran and they didn’t make any progress even after encountering each other several times, but she felt too embarrassed to make the first move so she could only pass by deliberately, but she did not expect that He Ran would push her to someone else, it would be untrue to say that this wasn’t heart breaking.

With a scream, the beauty fell towards Shu Ning, she was so shocked that she closed her eyes and hoped that this boy won’t be too crude and just support her, if he touched anywhere he shouldn’t be touching……If that happened, it would definitely be a shameful and sorry sight, in the future she may not be able to come here to play anymore.

Shu Ning sensed that something was falling over to his side and dodged it subconsciously, when the beauty brushed past his shoulder, Shu Ning immediately stretched out a hand subconsciously to grab her arm and didn’t allow this beauty’s face to have an intimate connection with the ground, if she fell and turned into a pie that would not be very good now would it? Shu Ning looked very small but he still had a gentleman’s demeanour.

After the beauty steadied herself, she had yet to recover from her fright as her eyebrows were knitted into a deep frown, even sweat could be seen covering her forehead.

Shu Ning faintly smiled:”It’s fine now, don’t wear such tall shoes next time.”

The beauty had already widened her eyes, when Shu Ning spoke she jumped in surprise, the two were standing so close that they were almost stuck together, she could smell the faint fragrance from the other’s body. Fortunately he took a step back to give himself some decency and respect, he was a little gentleman:”Thank……thank you.”

He Ran laughed loudly as he leaned on the pool table, his eyes were sparkling and full of humour.

The beauty couldn’t stand still anymore, after smiling towards Shu Ning she immediately turned her body to leave with a straight figure, even if it was awkward she still had the air of a queen……This girl was quite familiar, he rested a finger on his cheek. Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and stared at her graceful figure, and a light lit up in his mind, it was her, the queen of heaven Xuan Wan’er, because her name was too weak, she was later renamed Xuan Yue.

“She caught your interest?”He Ran rushed over and clutched Shu Ning’s arm, he had a mischievous smile as he whispered next to his ear:”No need to watch, I have the member details of this pool club, do you want her phone number?”

Shu Ning gave him a slap as soon as he regained his senses, his slap landed on the back of He Ran who had an evil smile and beat him foolish on the spot, he was dumbfounded.

Who had hit He Ran before? Only his two strict big brothers had done so, but who was Shu Ning?

His three bodyguards came over immediately, but they were stopped by the other four bodyguards, the atmosphere immediately turned tense, something could happen at any moment.

“Are you mad?”Shu Ning’s face was dark, he didn’t give him any face at all:”You dare to play me?”

“No……I didn’t,”He Ran blinked his eyes, he was still in confusion:”It was just a joke……a joke……”

“Hell kind of a joke was that?”Shu Ning turned and left:”And you want to marry my cousin? Go marry a dog!”

He Ran blinked his eyes again, he threw down the pool cue and hurried to catch up:”Ah, you got angry, it’s my fault, I won’t do it again alright? Don’t go, the gathering is about to start, let’s go? Alright Ning Ning don’t be angry anymore, it’s my fault!”

He Ran apologized incessantly, even his bodyguards were dumbfounded, when has this damn child been so frightened before? The looks of the people around the area were quite exciting too, some were complicated, some were gloomy, and some were even sparkling, a bunch of malicious gazes were on Shu Ning’s body, at this moment the bodyguard who had been walking at the very back suddenly turned around to look, the gazes all dispersed immediately.

Shu Ning got in He Ran’s car, and He Ran poured him some water to butter him up:”Calm down.”

It’s amazing, really! He Ran had never met someone quite like Shu Ning before, he didn’t give him any face at all, getting angry as he wished, and when he says he’s going to go he’ll really go, I’m He Ran……He Ran’s mind was in disarray as he stole a few peeps at Shu Ning, this arrogant little guy still isn’t happy yet? He Ran pushed down his amusement, this guy was smart, powerful, and a top student, as expected he wasn’t the same as the rest of the common rabble, interesting.

The friends by his side either tried to curry favour with the powerful, or they were there because they were useful, they were just gathering together to play, they weren’t really there as friends, only Shu Ning was true to himself.

He got a beating, He Ran was actually quite happy~

If Shu Ning knew what He Ran was thinking, he would definitely think that he was an extreme M, a very serious case of one.

The car entered the underground parking lot of a hotel, He Ran had already contacted Shu Zi Hui while they were on the road, at first the girl had refused but after all things had just happened recently and they hadn’t gotten engaged yet, it’s not a good idea to meet outside, as a girl she needed to have some restraint. But as soon as she heard that Shu Ning was there, she made excuses~ and excuses~ and pretended to agree reluctantly.

And that day they had gotten into an accident because she did not see Shu Ning.

Shu Ning should be apologizing to me right?

Shu Zi Hui curled the edge of her mouth and started to pick out her clothes:”This Shu Ning really is a wonderful person, I can get your favour, and I can take advantage of you, and you still have to thank me, ha ha ha~”

Many people were sitting inside the large private room, Shu Ning had come to these sorts of places before in his past life so naturally he wouldn’t have stage fright, he walked in calmly under the gazes of everyone and sat down, his attitude was neither cold nor warm, ain’t he quite an arrogant one? Everyone felt like that in their hearts, some people had just wanted to play a trick on him when He Ran sat down close to Shu Ning, and personally put the fruit platter on the table in front of Shu Ning.

“Eat some first.”

Shu Ning wasn’t hesitant either as he picked up a watermelon.

None of them were fools either, whether he was a chicken or a phoenix, they could tell at a glance.

The feel of Shu Ning’s behaviour and mannerisms doesn’t seem to be faked, and He Ran did actually seem to be turning around his axis. How scary, this person isn’t simple. They were all a group of young masters, you’re looking at me and I’m looking at you, in their hearts they all seemed to be unsatisfied with the Shu Ning who had just suddenly barged in, but they still had to maintain an appearance of courtesy.

If Shu Ning shows any weakness to them he’ll be turned to mince meat in any moment, the memories of his past life were still in his head, so he could play around today.

Shu Zi Hui has yet to arrive when dishes after dishes of exquisite and delicious delicacies had already been served, He Ran was very happy as he rested a hand on Shu Ning’s shoulder, Shu Ning stretched a hand out to give his arm a good pinch, He Ran smiled bitterly as he moved his arm over to his chair. With every ten words, at least six of them would be towards Shu Ning, this made everyone extremely puzzled and did not dare to look down on him even more.

They were about to finish eating when Shu Zi Hui arrived after she kept them waiting, she brought two bodyguards, a group of guys, and she was the only girl, so naturally she couldn’t keep her face, it felt very inappropriate but He Ran waved a hand at Shu Zi Hui:”Come and sit, your brother is here.”

The other young masters and the bodyguards were all outside, Shu Zi Hui could only sit at the convenience of the host.

A seat was added by He Ran’s side, the table was exceptionally big, a round one, there were 8 young masters and a lady and they were scattered from each other, He Ran took out his phone and send a text message, in a few moments many more ladies entered, they were all pretty, outspoken, and they were all here as company.

Shu Zi Hui was whispering to Shu Ning with her head lowered, seeing those pretty girls made her feel unhappy, fortunately they did not sit by He Ran’s side, if not she reckoned she would not even be able to stand staying here for a second more.

It had gotten dark out, the big lights of the private room had also been turned off, the small lights gave out a warm feeling, and they had drunk some alcohol, they had all been playing around very wildly, everyone was singing songs and playing games, they were all hugging about, He Ran was also sticking to Shu Zi Hui, at the start Shu Zi Hui wasn’t accustomed to it but since the environment was quite dim, she endured it.

Shu Ning pretended not to see as he narrowed his swift gaze, he held a glass of wine in his hand and lightly gave it a spin, he would take a small sip every so often, holding the glass it made his fingers seem even more snowy-white, this type of noisy environment made him feel even calmer as if his soul had floated out, how comfortable. Someone proposed that they play a game of truth or dare, Shu Ning curved his lips, here it is.

“It’s not that interesting, so how about we up the difficulty?”

Shu Ning had been aloof all this while, he was indifferent but now he had actually opened his mouth to speak?

Not interesting? Difficulty? We’ll play anything, the things that came over from the capital were all very fresh to them.

Xu Liang who had disliked him from the start stood up with a bottle of wine in his hands, like some kind of ruffian:”Oh? Then tell us, what do you propose?

“Change the wine to white.”

The young masters:”……”

The beauties”……”

“……”Even He Ran was dumbfounded, this was just asking to go down, his face was slightly uncomfortable:”My dear, we’re just playing, if things go overboard I don’t think it’ll be good to explain to the family?”

“Scared?”Shu Ning was drinking his red wine, he had an unfathomable look as he gazed at him from the corner of his eye:”If you’re scared then fine, pretend I never said anything.”

At this age they were all angry youths with big tempers, you said he can’t do it? He’ll show you!

Everyone was surrounded in a circle, in the center was a small table that was just brought in by the service staff, the empty wine bottle was spun by Shu Ning himself, it just so happened to land on Xu Liang.

Truth or dare?

Xu Liang chose dare, He Ran clapped his hands and applauded:”Kiss the one next to you.”

Xu Liang immediately grabbed the girl, but Shu Ning asked him to stop:”You guys are only at this level?”

Xu Liang raised an eyebrow:”What else do you want?”

“Go outside, kiss the first man you pass, french kiss!”

Xu Liang had a blank look, his mouth had curled into a wavy line, kissing a man? Peh, he immediately grabbed the glass of white wine despondently and thought to himself, fuck, I’ll endure it, one glass of wine down his belly at a quick speed, his stomach immediately heated up. Xu Liang sat down and his gaze was locked to Shu Ning, his mind was thinking of ways to harm people.

On the second round the bottle pointed towards a short one, his whole body stiffened as he looked cautiously at Shu Ning.

“Kiss the fifth person to your left of the opposite sex.”

Oh, this is a good one, everyone came out to play so they could forget the past, but when the short guy looked over he found out it was Shu Zi Hui……Time to drink.

The glass used to hold the white wine was at least seven centimeters tall, it was not a small amount, these youngsters could probably drink a thousand glasses without getting drunk when they get older, but now right now. Only after downing half a glass, the shorty couldn’t take it anymore, his face had turned red and he ran towards the toilet.

The first casualty had appeared, this shorty was taller than Shu Ning, he was an extremely vicious person who treated everyone well, but he would throw out some nasty tricks behind their backs incessantly.


The fifth round begins, the bottle points to He Ran!

Everyone started to kiss one another, Shu Zi Hui looked at Shu Ning disconcertingly, Shu Ning had picked on a good few people openly, letting her off would provoke anger, so she smiled in embarrassment:”Hold and kiss her till the next round.”

Shu Ning was high from playing, he was enjoying himself very much, not knowing that his brother was right next door, puffing out cold air!


Author said do-S for He Ran but I changed it to do-M cause that makes more sense

7Men is also out today!

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