RWSB Chapter 51

Waaaa sleep time ;_;


Shu Ning who was taken advantage of was flustered!

Who’s playing? Who’s playing? Who the hell is playing? Sob sob sob sob……Oh, my kiss, I’m so sorry my future husband, I can only leave you my tongue, crying without tears.

“Alright, time to sleep.”

“Not sleeping,”After Shu Ning answered without thinking, he felt that his IQ had really gone offline, he was too naive, just when he was about to take back what he said, Shu Heng took advantage of him again while he was flustered.

“Good boy, big brother will coax you to sleep!”

“……”Can any immortals passing by please take this guy away, he’s a fake big brother! Give me back my aloof male god  ̄へ ̄

“Are you getting excited about going to the beach?”

“I want to go out for a breather.”

Shu Ning wanted to go, but with a stretch of Shu Heng’s long legs Shu Ning couldn’t move anymore, he could only roll his eyes in dismal, he was extremely helpless.

“So many things are already troubling you at your age?”Shu Heng supported his head with one hand and patted Shu Ning’s back with the other:”Big brother will watch over you, you don’t have to be bothered by anything, it’s fine as long as you can be happy.”

In a flash, all his knots and troubles had flown away, what did Shu Ning want in this life? Didn’t he want to hug this big golden thigh happily? Now that the golden thigh was in his arms, speaking to himself, his days had passed so pleasantly so what else could be lacking? After Shu Ning quieted down and his body started to heat up again.

“Brother~ You’re squashing me!”

Shu Heng reluctantly took back his right leg that had been hooked around the little one’s legs, he pulled up the blanket and continued coaxing the little boy to sleep.

Shu Ning leaned on his big brother’s chest and listened to the powerful sounds of his heartbeats, and fell asleep with a good dream. The little top in his dream had a blurred face, he was probably handsome, and very bad, he liked to mess with me a lot, just like big brother……

On the second day, both Shu Cheng and Shu Heng had gone to work, Shu Gao had invited his friends out to the club to drink tea and chat, only Shu Ning and Qin Yu Zhuo was left at home, Qin Yu Zhuo had Shu Ning give a call to He Ran to meet up and talk things out, he definitely must not become enemies with him. An engagement wasn’t a small matter, not to mention the fact that Shu Zi Hui was not worthy of He Ran at all.

On the other hand, he could also interact a bit more with those from the second house, they’ve helped them so much, it was equivalent to a carp jumping through the dragon gates for them, naturally they should know how to repay them properly. The two sides had similar interests, Qin Yu Zhuo believes that they could definitely share a common language. Shu Ning was too young, it should be time for him to be looking for some useful spare tires.

Shu Ning contacted He Ran under Qin Yu Zhuo’s watchful gaze, He Ran was currently playing basketball with a bunch of people outside, he was ecstatic to receive the call, he was jumping in joy hoping they could play together.

Qin Yu Zhuo nodded, so Shu Ning had also agreed.

“Seems like He Ran really has taken to you as his friend, he didn’t mind at all, anyway it was Shu Heng’s doing in the end wasn’t it, he’s already an adult but he’s still doing things in such a hot-tempered way, no that’s not it, he’s usually very cautious, I think he’s deliberately trying to make things bad for you, he’s so young and already so wicked, how unfortunate for his family.”


“For the sake of the harmony of your family, even if you made too many enemies you still have to press them down alright?”


“I’m talking to you!”

“Mm, I was thinking about how I’m going to get along with He Ran, he had a bunch of people by his side, how am I going to stand out?”

He’s got his ideas straightened out now, it’s fine as long as he’s learning to think for himself that’s fine, Qin Yu Zhuo wasn’t afraid of spending some money either:”I’ll give you ten thousand, but remember not to waste it.”

“Mm,”Wow~ You sound generous, ten thousand, heh heh, why don’t you give me a card as well →_→

Shu Ning was dressed in a refreshed manner, with his whole body covered in branded goods, sitting in a luxury car, and left with four bodyguards, they say clothes make the man and they weren’t wrong.

But his air and manner of speech were even more important, if not no matter how well dressed he was, he would just be a clumsy clown.

Within the stadium, many guys were jumping and running around, they were playing with enthusiasm, and sweated like rain, even when they were out of breath they still kept their eye on the ball without any intentions of leaving the field for a rest.

Shu Ning’s appearance was like the appearance of a turkey amongst a flock of chicken, he was the odd one out and it was hard not to look at him.

“Oh my god, why are you dressed so prim? I invited you out to play basketball you top student!”He Ran fled over and his group followed him over as well. Everyone who came here to play basketball knew that this was a group of rich second generations, reckless and ignorant, occasionally they would even cause trouble, they were annoying but the temptation of the stadium was too strong, they wouldn’t leave even if they didn’t like it.

Shu Ning was exceptionally calm and his gaze was leisurely:”I sprained my leg, I just came to see how you were doing.”


“Oh my, how rare, you actually care about me.”
“It’s too loud here.”

He Ran understood, this meant hat Shu Ning had something he wanted to talk to him about, thus he looked towards his other companions:”You guys go and play, I’ll leave first since there’s something I need to do, see you later.”

Abandoning us just like that, that’s Shu Ning for you right? He was just a wild rat. All the young masters with high status knew that Shu Ning’s position wasn’t bad, the seniors in their family had told them they didn’t have to give him special treatment or curry up to him specially, because Shu Heng’s position was too high up, it’ll be hard for Shu Ning to do anything. The young masters with low statuses didn’t know what was happening and their faces were immediately overcast, what is that Shu Ning guy worth? He was just an illegitimate child, damn it, we’ll show you one day, heh heh.

Shu Ning brought He Ran into a drinks shop that sold milk tea and ice cream, seven or eight bodyguards were left outside and they weren’t allowed to enter, just to keep them quiet, Shu Ning and He Ran sat by the window, you could see everything at a glance, so just stare.

He Ran had a humorous smile in his gaze:”Why did you tell them to go? Not used to them? This is what being rich is like, what if you were abducted on accident? I heard your brother had been abducted once when he was still in his mother’s stomach, it was quite unlucky for him and he nearly lost his life, if that really happened you would’ve been the legitimate young master of the Shu clan.”

“Mm, so I”ve heard, I came looking for you today because of Shu Zi Hui’s matters,”Shu Ning ordered an ice cream, he was used to hearing people talk bad about Shu Heng in the past but he was bothered by it now, but he didn’t show it on his face. But really, Shu Heng kept feeling as if my body was too weak so I wasn’t allowed to eat anything cold, I can finally have my fill today.

If Qin Yu Zhuo knew that Shu Ning only agreed to go out today for a bite, would she have the impulse to hit her head on the wall?

That was ten thousand bucks!

He Ran was wearing a snow-white track suit, it made him appear to look even more handsome:”Her? It’s going pretty good, I’ll be going over to her house to send her some engagement gifts in a few days, what about you? Wanna go join in on the fun as well?”

“I’ll have to go even if I don’t want to,”Qin Yu Zhuo would definitely have Shu Ning become the “matchmaker” and take advantage of them, Shu Ning didn’t really mind:”Eat up, so refreshing~”

“Alright!”He Ran didn’t bother about the trifles and didn’t wipe his spoon as well, bite by bite, seeing him eat was quite nice.

Shu Ning ate in small~ small bites, he had a superior aura, even though he was young he already had a graceful demeanor.

“There’s a gathering tonight, how about you come as well? They’re all my people, I’ll introduce them to you~”

He Ran had good intentions, but Shu Ning had no intentions of interacting with those lounge lizards at all, however Shu Ning had also nodded and agreed, Shu Ning hasn’t had an alcohol since he was reborn, but he could sate his thirst tonight. As he thought about that, He Ran’s repulsive appearance seems to have become slightly cute, he was a pretty useful tool, no wonder I was so “rare” for Qin Yu Zhuo.

“What are you looking at me for?”He Ran rubbed his face stupidly.

Shu Ning laughed, his gaze slowly turned deep:”Invite her out to play, it’ll be best if you guys have feelings for each other, if not, you guys can separate early and say that your parents had good intentions, they’ll be indifferent and it won’t affect anyone’s reputation.”

He Ran became gloomy, he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders:”I was just playing around, but you guys were quite up to it, what about getting engaged? What about getting married?”

“……”Shu Ning did no speak as he continued to eat his ice cream.

Uh, only now did He Ran realize, he was slightly embarrassed:”Heh heh, uh Shu Ning, I didn’t mean it that way, you’re my good friend and she’s your cousin, so naturally I’ll be nice to her!”

“No worries, I don’t even know her!”

“I understand,”He Ran recalled what Shu Ning told him when he invited him over to the Shu residence last time, he didn’t seem to care much for the second house, he understood it perfectly and he became big-hearted:”You’re still the best.”

Shu Ning sent a text message to Qin Yu Zhuo to tell her about the situation and that he wasn’t going back, Qin Yu Zhuo was ecstatic, this child is finally getting on track and he can easily enter He Ran’s little clique if he follows him, after all Shu Ning was a young master who was “starting midway” and not exactly legitimate, there wasn’t even a party for his announcement so naturally he was not paid attention to and had a hard time making friends. And some young masters were used to being looked at with displeasure by Shu Heng, maybe Shu Heng had already been saying stuff outside.

What a headache, she was just speculating for a bit and her stomach started to feel uncomfortable and she was nauseous again, Qin Yu Zhuo’s face paled, it was very dangerous for her to have vomiting habits, she was also extremely afraid, the doctor told her she had to relax her mind and rest well, but nothing was going right so how could she not worry? Qin Yu Zhuo took several deep breaths, she suddenly covered her mouth and ran to the toilet……

Shu Heng was currently in a meeting when his phone vibrated, he swept a look over to it and continued his work, only his attitude had become slightly colder, as if dark clouds were hanging over his head, the executive assistant who was currently giving his report swallowed his saliva and his forehead was laced with sweat, who said the prince was still young? Go out and sit in a corner _(:зゝ∠)_

Naturally Shu Cheng received it, ah, the little fellow has friends now, congratulations to him.

When Shu Gao received the message he raised an eyebrow:”Who was following him today?”

Sun Lin was currently watering flowers and he had a mild attitude:”Qin Yu Zhuo sent four bodyguards with him, would you like to send a few to watch over them secretly as well?”

“Mm, settle it.”

Sun Lin put down the watering can in his hands and beckoned outside, a big man in a suit came over and stood upright, he had exceptional bearing and his steps were steady, he lowered his head and moved his ear over to listen to Sun Lin’s orders, and after bowing slightly to Shu Gao from afar, he left with several men. These men weren’t from a common background, they’ve received special training, they still had other guys with them, only with them following can Shu Gao be at ease.

But of course the men sent by Qin Yu Zhuo were also considered the bodyguards of the Shu family, they were selected by her specially and followed her normally, they were her confidants.

He Ran was best at having fun, he brought Shu Ning to play billiards, Shu Ning felt that he was rather good at billiards but compared to He Ran, he could only feel ashamed. A thirty year old uncle couldn’t even beat a young boy, he could only say that there were professionals within every profession, he can’t not comply with that. Not only billiards, He Ran was also good at basketball and football, after playing a handful of tricks, suddenly a group of girls came over and called him brother sweetly.

Hey pretty ladies, some of you have light makeup and some of you have heavy makeup, no matter how you look at it you were about seventeen or eighteen alright? Your chest is so big and you still have the face to bully people’s eyes?

But He Ran liked it very much, he enjoyed the atmosphere of being praised, some men were indignant, they had clearly brought some pretty girls over to show off, how could they just give it out to these two kids?

But did they even have hair down there yet? Heh heh heh, they reckoned that that area was really just a candle, not enough to see~ And even less to use.

Pretty girls were heartless and cruel, don’t you die on these ladies now~

Whenever a beautiful woman came near, Shu Ning would give them a wave to show his attitude, He Ran lifted an eyebrow as he saw this, his playfulness rose up. Seeing a beautiful woman come near, he naughtily gave him a push……


Looked at in displeasure by Shu Heng: Actually it says having to look at Shu Heng’s face, which is commonly said in Chinese to refer to a people’s bad mood look, and they usually have to adjust to them and can’t do anything.

did they have hair yet – sometimes in Chinese they call young kids mao hai zi which means hairy child.

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