RWSB Chapter 50

Chapter 50!! And now I have slave labour to do tomorrow! Wee!!!


Shu Ning subconsciously hurried to back away and pull some distance between them. Because the slap was too painful and sore, it already left a trauma on him.

In his past life he couldn’t get used to it no matter how many times he got hit, it’s easy to imagine how fierce the woman’s slap was. Actually according to the situation he was in in his current life, there was no need for this at all, the suffering he received in his past life was related to Shu Gao and Shu Cheng’s attitudes, this child was useless, so they did not care. Naturally Qin Yu Zhuo wouldn’t go easy on him if she decided to hit him, with a bit of grudge mixed in and to dispel some anger as well.

Who asked you to be so useless?

Who asked you to be so unappealing?

Who asked you to be weaker than Shu Heng?


“Mom, is there anything you need?”Seeing how angry Qin Yu Zhuo was looking at himself, his hands seem to have started shaking, but she did not approach any closer. Oh~ you’re tolerating me? With a blink of his eyes, Shu Ning lifted up the corner of his mouth:”Did you miss me? I want to touch Shu Yao as well.”

“……”Qin Yu Zhuo’s mouth twitched, she pressed down the flame rushing up within her, there’s some use to this child! I can’t destroy our relationship:”Of course I’ve missed you, but there’s some stuff I need to talk to you about.”

Talk to me about? Sounds good, with a look as if she meant well, but it was actually a warning, I’ll just listen and hope that there’s a big tailed wolf following behind Qin Yu Zhuo~ If not this scene would have been for nought, the door to Shu Ning’s room was wide open, but he did not hear any other footsteps. However when he thought about it, at most they would only attract Shu Cheng’s attention, he wouldn’t put it to heart, he still needed to work harder.

Doesn’t matter, digging a pit for my mother~ She’ll naturally reach the pit once it’s deep enough~ Let’s take this slowly~

Qin Yu Zhuo had already adjusted her emotions and pulled Shu Ning’s hand over to the bed to sit down, and even gave him a pat:”How have your days in the house been?”

“Pretty good.”

“Tell me the truth, just one look of Shu Heng’s face and I could tell that you’ve been having a bad time, he’s not even looking at you.”


“You’re not a small child, mom has no way to stay by your side all the time, you have to “cautiously” learn more by yourself, I heard that you’ve been working really hard lately, this makes your mother very happy Ning Ning, Mother doesn’t have the same background as Shu Heng’s mother, so even if I’m careful about everything and respectfully doing what I should I still can’t get any recognition from your grandfather, but you’re not the same, as long as you’re working hard they’ll take note of it.”

“Mm, I know,”Shu Ning pulled back his hand quietly with his gaze lowered:”Grandpa is treating mom like this, I……”

“It’s fine as long as you know,”Qin Yu Zhuo sighed and even wiped her eyes:”The Shu Yao in my tummy is still small, and your mom can’t count on him, you have to improve so you can compare with Shu Heng and let your dad and your grandpa take note of you alright?”

“Dad treats me very well, he even bought me a gift,”Shu Ning took the leaning machine that was hanging around over to his mom.

Qin Yu Zhuo sneered:”He even said that studying wasn’t important in the past, and it wasn’t everything, what did I say? His words don’t match what he really thinks. And now with a turn of his head he bought you a learning machine, Ning Ning, it’s fine if you were a normal person but you’re in a wealthy family so you can’t be anything less than outstanding, maybe mom’s words would make you feel pressured but who did you think all this was for?”

For yourself of course, as well as the little earthworm prince in your stomach ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Ning nodded:”I understand.”

“And there’s something else you didn’t do too well, Shu Zi Hui and He ran, one of them is your little sister, the other is your friend, you should’ve concealed them instead,”Qin Yu Zhuo gave Shu Ning a disappointed look, feeling exceptionally displeased:”What kind of person was He Ran? He was one of the top young masters in C city, being friends with him will help you in the future, and besides, Shu Zi Hui is the precious daughter from the second house, if Shu Heng inherited the Shu clan, you’ll naturally become the second house do you understand?”


“In the future you have to give them a solemn apology when you see them.”


“Don’t worry about it, there are bound to be things outside of your expectations, mom is just nagging, and your grandfather liked you pretty much, when you’re free you should show yourself in front of him a bit more. Actually your father liked you quite a lot as well, just that Shu Heng was too outstanding, so he……”


After saying a bit more, the sky darkened, Qin Yu Zhuo should return to sleep with Shu Cheng:”I was born in the countryside, so I was also working part-time as I studied in university, everything was different from how it was at home, so you have to hurry and build your own little circle so you can help each other out. I don’t have any big expectations in my life, I only hope that you can grow up to be mature and take care of your little brother, as long as both of you are upstanding that will be great. Your dad is your dad, but he was also Shu Heng’s dad, in the future you need to think about what you say, don’t let him know that you plan to surpass him.”

“……”You’re the one who wants to surpass him!

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t you know what your grandpa hates the most?”Qin Yu Zhuo raised her brows, and this was the first time she criticized him:”Overly cautious people, people who wanted to be looked well upon, your own waist has to be straight, you have to be mighty and bend under the will of no one do you understand?”

“……I understand.”

“Ah……”Qin Yu Zhuo shook her head and gave Shu Ning a pat as she hugged him:”I should be going back to your dad.”

“Take care mom.”

Shu Ning watched as Qin Yu Zhuo left, and pouted his mouth. He picked up his pajamas and patted down the dust that did not even exist, as if it was the same as Qin Yu Zhuo.

She did not have her own power but she still wanted to push others into the fire pit, Shu Ning admitted that he himself did not have such power, even Shu Yao didn’t, could Shu Cheng’s genes be not up to par? Then what is Shu Heng? You could only say that the gene mutated because of Qin Yu Zhuo ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After changing his clothes, Shu Ning walked towards Shu Heng’s room, brother wasn’t around, so he went to the study to look for him, where did he go? Shu Ning yawned, he simply laid down on top of the sofa and took out his phone……He was watching the screen but his heart was flying away.

In the gym room besides Shu Ning’s room, two men were currently standing inside, it could be seen that one of them were slightly thin, it was a young man, and the other was a mature and restrained person, holding a glass of milk in his hand, neither of them talked but their gazes were gloomy, as if a storm was churning up.

Shu Heng took away the glass of milk from his dad’s hands and left without saying anything. The little one within his study was not as lively as he was the day before, his face seemed ashen and the vitality was lost, it made one’s heart ache and feel stuffy.

“Come on and drink.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning sat up, his two little paws held the cup at the same time and he drank gulp by gulp. Occasionally he would peek an eye at Shu Heng before lowering his head, he couldn’t figure out what he was thinking about.

Shu Heng was extremely displeased, if Shu Ning really listened to Qin Yu Zhuo, he’s afraid that all his previous contact with him would be wasted.

Shu Heng heard the report and found out that Qin Yu Zhuo had come over, including what happened during dinner, he felt uncertain, he specially asked his dad to send this glass of milk over to Shu Ning, Shu Cheng was concerned about Shu Ning so naturally he would come, and his uncertainties became a reality. Shu Ning was too weak and his mind wasn’t mature enough, but respecting his privacy in the past seems to have been a mistake.

He recorded it down and kept it under his wing, only then could he feel at ease.

On the other side, Qin Yu Zhuo couldn’t find Shu Cheng and felt quite uneasy at heart, she wanted to go over to the fourth floor but she was stopped, and so she waited by the stairwell on the third floor, after a moment, Shu Cheng came down from the fourth floor, and she felt relieved:”Hubby~”

“You’re pregnant why are you standing here? If dad sees you he’s going to nag you again.”

“I couldn’t sleep because you weren’t there.”

“Let’s go,”Shu Cheng stretched out his hand and Qin Yu Zhuo rushed to grab it, a bright smile was plastered on her face.

This woman really loves me, Shu Cheng understood, and since they were married naturally he wouldn’t divorce her, and besides Qin Yu Zhuo was such a petite and sweet person, Shu Cheng had already fallen for her, as for the education of their children, after all they weren’t born within a big family, there were limits to their knowledge and ability, just let Shu Heng take him then, they could prevent any disruptions that would be able to destroy their brotherly relationship.

After all this was a child born from a mother, Shu Ning would even have his own baby brother in the future, he had to take some precautions.

It would’ve been more unnatural instead if Qin Yu Zhuo was not the least bit selfish, Shu Cheng was an accommodating person, as long as Qin Yu Zhuo did not make a move on his kids, he will tolerate her.

The two returned to their room, Qin Yu Zhuo diligently tended to Shu Cheng as he brushed his teeth and washed his face, passing him towels, skin care products, she was being very thoughtful.

The air around the study was quite mysterious, Shu Ning only came to realize that it was nine o’clock after looking at the clock, he immediately rubbed his eyes and yawned, and pretended to be so lazy that he couldn’t get up, he simply extended a little hand to his brother.

Shu Heng who had been exuding a cold aura all along was instantly brimming with joy, hs raised his eyebrows and put down his book before leisurely walking over and just as he was about to pick him up horizontally, he was suddenly struck with an idea as he lowered his body, and let Shu Ning grab onto his neck, then he supported his little butt with two hands as he picked him up. For the sake of comfort, Shu Ning naturally stuck tightly to Shu Heng’s body in case he fell down.


“Okay!”Shu Ning subconsciously answered, and after a pause he clasped his two legs around his brother’s waist, it was more convenient to walk this way.

It was just for the sake of convenience, don’t think too much about it, so embarassing~

The blush spread from the top of his head and continued to spread downwards until Shu Heng put Shu Ning down on top of the bed:”Your vacation is about to end, where do you want to go to play?”

“Maybe the beach, but dad is so busy, and besides……mom’s body is always unwell, I don’t want to make things hard for dad.”

And as expected, the little one’s unease and gloom all came back to Qin Yu Zhuo, if they were someone with a strong heart, nobody could shake their nature. But Shu Ning was too soft, it made his heart ache! Shu Heng leaned down next to Shu Ning, and he rubbed the tender and smooth little face with the back of his hand:”Dad isn’t free, but I am.”


Little brother is so cute, he lifted up his little head and his big eyes flickered, his eyelashes were so long, just looking at them made his chest feel itchy, it was hard on himself, but Shu Heng wasn’t the type of person who would put grievances on himself, he leaned over and kissed the little one’s forehead and eye. Shu Ning had been blushing since before and he beared it with closed eyes, his heart was beating like drums, and heated up like a little shrimp being boiled.

“Are you happy?”


“Mm~”Shu Heng dragged his words!

How terrifying, Shu Ning opened his eyes wide and stared, he saw his brother point a finger to his forehead, he was asking for a kiss, he was kissed by him earlier and Shu Ning felt very embarrassed and shy, Shu Heng was still waiting with an unfathomable look. Shu Ning sighed in his heart, I’m a bottom, I can’t just kiss people randomly, even if someone beat me to death I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone, I’ll rather just die off prematurely, he moved over……Big brother’s eyes were exceptionally dark, they were very sharp and a shred of light was held within, Shu Ning panicked and squinted to avoid locking eyes with him.

The landing wasn’t correct.

It’s big brother’s lips!

They were very soft like jellies, but it intoxicated people similar to a balm.

He had just reached touchdown when Shu Ning was enraged:”Brother! You tricked me again!”

“This doesn’t count, you kissed me wrongly yourself, one more.”

“I’m not doing it, you’re bad.”

“Alright then, there’s nothing I can do about it,”Seeing that his brother had run away and didn’t want to compromise, Shu Heng lowered his head and quickly landed a kiss on his little mouth.

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, this progression is not right not right not right ahhh Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“Not enough? Normally when you’re late you’ll be fined three cups.”

Shit! Shu Ning wanted to run but Shu Heng’s big hands was pressing down on his abdomen, suddenly all his energy was gone, mua~ mua~ two sounding kisses landed accurately on his lips, Shu Ning tried to dodge it, he really did, but Shu Heng chased him down without letting go, and he had nowhere to hide, he’s such a bully~

Shu Heng held Shu Ning in his arms, and he couldn’t help but rub the little fellow’s cheek:”Is this fine now? Stop playing around!”

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