RWSB Chapter 49

Food time!!! I hope the shop is not closed when I run down there!!!


Actually at such a warm and touching moment, Shu Ning had not wanted to mention Qin Yu Zhuo, even selling out your mother depended on your mood!

But Shu Cheng mentioned it, which meant that he trusts Qin Yu Zhuo very much, this ended the rare feelings that rose up within Shu Ning. No matter how good his dad was he still could not say the truth, after all the true face of the poisonous snake has not been revealed, it’ll only be fun if we take things slow. In his past life he died under her hands so naturally he had to devise a good plan for her in this life, and make her life go up and down for the rest of her life, filling it with exceptional splendour, and take a good run in this world with no let downs am I right?

Shu Ning hung his head low and his mood was even lower, as if he was enduring something.

Shu Cheng’s heart felt as if it was being tied in a knot, it was very uncomfortable but he it not break through the impasse, he accompanied Shu Ning by his side and gently comforted him, once he had thought things through he would naturally tell him, and even if he didn’t Shu Cheng had already taken note of it, he had to investigate it, thoroughly.

It was only five o’clock when Shu Heng’s car entered the yards, he got off early? It felt rather strange to Shu Ning, his big eyes rolled left and right as he squatted down on the balcony to admire the handsome guy getting down from his car. As if they had agreed beforehand, Shu Heng stretched out his long legs and the first thing that he did was lift his head, and accurately captured the sight of the soft little brother, how cute.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes as he waved his small little hands, only after watching steadily for a minute did Shu Heng walk inside the house.

Shu Cheng was at home so there was probably a lot he wanted to talk about, Shu Heng had someone bring the cake to Shu Ning’s room first, there were five flavours, one of each, they were all flavours the little guy liked to eat, it was rather regretful for him that he wasn’t able to see the happy look on his face, Shu Heng had already knocked on the door to the study on the third floor:”Dad, it’s me.”

“Come in.”

The bodyguard at the door opened the door to let Shu Heng enter before closing it, he showed no expressions from the start to the end.

“Come and sit,”Shu Cheng walked past the big log table and sat down at the sofa, he personally poured a cup of tea for his son:”For you to actually make a move on this matter, dad won’t say anything about it, but in the future you need to think carefully before you make a decision, the insiders of the families must be handled properly, don’t make the elders’ hearts go cold.”


“I did not say you were wrong, it was indeed effective way to warn others, however Ning Ning is different from you, it will be good to reduce some unneeded trouble.”


“From what I can see today, he’s pretty down in the dumps, I don’t know if it was because he sprained his leg but you should take note of it.”

Shu Heng did not say anything, the little one was lively in front of me, how could he be down in the dumps? The only change in the house was Shu Cheng and Qin Yu Zhuo’s return, Qin Yu Zhuo personally went to the market to buy fish to cook something for Shu Gao, gramps was able to return before dinner tonight. Shu Heng only left after chatting for a little while longer.

Shu Ning was playing with his phone on top of his bed, the learning machine given to him by his dad was left to die at the side, he had only opened up the wrapper out of courtesy but he did not touch it after.

Shu Heng walked over in big steps and the a layer of ice frosted over his handsome face, what did dad say now? Before Shu Ning had even got up Shu Heng sat down first, his big hand familiarly pulled down the little one’s shirt that was clumped around his waist:”Are you upset?”

“Huh?”Looking at you both my eyes are smiling, really.

“Have you eaten the cakes?”

Great god, you can’t just turn around like that, it’s grieving! But once cakes were mentioned Shu Ning’s spirits rose up:”It’s very delicious, what brand is it?”

“It’s fine as long as you like it, I’ll go fill the tub.”

Another question left unanswered, today’s brother is quite mysterious, what exactly did dad tell him →_→

Now that Shu Ning had no problems talking he took his own clothes off, Shu Heng’s gaze was fixed tightly on him and he felt rather embarrassed, he’s already seen him naked so many times what’s there to be embarassed about? Shu Ning thought over it and walked past his brother openly to step into the bathtub and sighed comfortably.

Shu Heng had also stripped, during the times before this Shu Ning had missed his opportunity due to all sorts of reasons, but he was very calm today. He controlled his heart beat as he sneaked several peeks over, oh damn me……what belongs to the god naturally was a godly tool, I and the rest of the mortals were so far behind we couldn’t even see the dust rise from behind him. For an unknown reason, Shu Ning subconsciously covered his eyes with one hand, it was too spicy!

“Did you get water in your eye?”

“I didn’t.”

It wasn’t alright even if he had said it himself, Shu Heng’s hands and feet were already used to doing instead of just saying so he grabbed the little one with one hand and pulled him into his arms, with one hand he lifted his chin and observed him carefully, there really was nothing.

Their skin was stuck together, save for the awkward blush he had on his face at the start he was already used to it, it was normal for men to wash up together. Although he was homosexual, his brother wasn’t, everything went according to order. Brother’s big hand washed around him carefully as Shu Ning looked around in boredom, the bathroom in his own room was smaller than Shu Heng’s, even the stuff inside were smaller, what was the meaning of that?

Unhappy  ̄へ ̄

When he reached that area, Shu Ning’s ears blushed from embarrassment as he sat honestly within his brother’s embrace with misty eyes, he let the two strong arms pass through from under his arm and fiddle around with him as he pleased. But speaking back on it, Shu Heng was getting more and more experienced at this and he washed him up pretty quickly, when his fingers slid past the area on the back, Shu Ning held his breath, fortunately it was over soon. maybe in a few days Shu Ning would also get used to it?

I’m a bottom!

You can’t touch the little opening, that is the right of my future husband.

_(:зゝ∠)_ Once I’ve lost my dignity would it be moral integrity instead?

This was the first time Shu Heng was washing the important bits, before this Shu Ning had never allowed him to do so, he would always throw a tantrum and splash up the water, putting the two in a difficult situation, For the sake of his legs Shu Heng had to compromise. But he didn’t stop him today, he can’t blame the child since it wasn’t sanitary if he didn’t clean properly, what happens if he gets sick? Fortunately Shu Ning was willing to cooperate, but Shu Heng noticed that he would turn stiff occasionally.

Since he couldn’t adapt, he will try his best to do it until he could, it will be fine once he gets used to it after they get in contact more, Shu Heng had the willpower, perseverance, and the confidence that it could be done.

At night when Shu Gao returned, Shu Ning who hadn’t seen his grandpa in a long time immediately went over to greet him. Qin Yu Zhuo was wearing an apron and she quickened her steps, seeing how incomparably close Shu Gao was with Shu Ning, she was all smiles, the bit of unhappiness in Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart suddenly disappeared like smoke, it’ll be for the best if they think about going for their honeymoon after Shu Yao was born.

When that time comes Shu Ning could complain a bit and going for a family vacation was a great idea too, but of course Shu Heng must be excluded.

“Dad, you’re back!”Seeing that the grandpa and grandson duo were just about done, Qin Yu Zhuo went forth with proper manners.

Shu Cheng had also come down the stairs:”Dad!”

Shu Gao was very happy, but he just didn’t spare a glance at Qin Yu Zhuo:”Get in all of you, what are you all doing surrounding me”While he said so with his mouth his heart begs to differ, Shu Gao was the same as Shu Cheng, they both enjoyed being missed by Shu Ning very much, Shu Gao’s big hands held the small little hands and he pulled Shu Heng’s hand as well as he walked to the front.

One on the left, and one on the right, Shu Gao looked over at Qin Yu Zhuo for the first time and a smile immediately bloomed on her face, but the gaze of the old thing landed on her stomach, how detestable, I’ve clearly already shown such care so why won’t you accept it? But whatever, as long as this immortal bastard was good to Shu Yao it’ll be fine, depressing, Qin Yu Zhuo clutched her chest and felt nauseous again.

Shu Cheng saw the sight:”You should eat in your room.”

Why? Qin Yu Zhuo was very agitated in her heart but on her face was a gentle look, she nodded her head sensibly:”Yeah, I keep getting so disgusting from time to time, it’s going to affect everyone’s appetite.”

“Ah, you’re always so considerate of others, don’t think too much about it. Didn’t you say you wanted to have Mala soup in the morning? I got someone to buy it for you and hid it in the room, shh, don’t let dad find out.”

“Mm,”Qin Yu Zhuo felt very moved as she took Shu Cheng’s big hand in hers and gave it a squeeze, but she did not leave:”We just came home so it’s no good to eat upstairs, dad’s already getting old so he likes to have some liveliness in the house.”


Shu Gao had only wiped his hand when Shu Ning took another warm towel from the servant and helped his grandpa wipe his face, he was exceptionally clever and sensible, Shu Heng had seen it all as he lowered his head slightly to cover up his strange emotions. But Shu Cheng also had his head lowered as he drank water, his heart was also feeling strange, that was clearly my son……how envious!

Qin Yu Zhuo diligently offered dishes to everyone with a sweet smile, but unfortunately nobody but Shu Cheng appreciated it.

Shu Ning deliberately picked up the rice he dropped with his head lowered, his little hands took them away quickly, he even carefully peeked a glance at Qin Yu Zhuo after, after seeing that his mother didn’t notice he sighed quietly, and continued his meal. After a short while, Qin Yu Zhuo picked up a piece of fish and put it in Shu Ning’s bowl, at first Shu Ning did not eat it but Qin Yu Zhuo urged him a bit, and said it was good for his eyes and his body.

Only then did Shu Ning put it in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed it.

The third time Qin Yu Zhuo poured him a cup of water, Shu Ning had drunk some earlier that was given by Shu Heng, but now his tummy was bulging and he was full, this cup of water was too much. But Shu Ning picked it up without any sound and frowned as he drank.

Shu Cheng did not notice all this while but Ning Ning had gotten thirsty earlier and it was fresh on his memory that Shu Heng poured him a cup earlier, so he only took a glance when Shu Ning was drinking water, and as he looked, a problem had arisen, he was clearly unwilling to drink……Shu Cheng suddenly recalled many things, for example the things his dad specially scolded Qin Yu Zhuo about, what about being petty and all and to not bring up his grandson badly, don’t teach him any bad things, and don’t do this and that.

Previously Shu Cheng had never put any of this to heart, after all dad didn’t like Qin Yu Zhuo and didn’t even give her any face under the public gaze.

Now that he thought about it, the bridges dad had to pass were more than the roads I had to walk, it was impossible for him to go against someone for no reason.

Shu Cheng couldn’t swallow down his food, Shu Heng had always been taking note of the little guy, he knew that Shu Ning did not like Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Gao was unhappy, and only Qin Yu Zhuo still did not understand what had just happened and continued to busy herself hospitably. No matter how smart she was she was still no match for Shu Gao, Shu Cheng, and Shu Heng, in the past life she did not lose with injustice, her ambitions were too high and she had targeted the wrong person to begin with.

At night when they returned to their rooms, Shu Cheng called over the Qin Yu Zhuo who was about to go wash her hands:”Come over, let’s talk.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I know you’re sensible and cautious, but Shu Ning is in a different situation compared to you, he’s a boy, he will become an upright man when he grows up, and it wasn’t as if anybody disliked him in the house, he did not need to care about what people think and did not need to be “overly cautious”, do you understand what I mean?”

Qin Yu Zhuo clutched the edge of her clothes, her facial expression turned bitter and her eyes were wet:”Dear, you know what my situation is, i couldn’t even dare to dream about marrying into this family, Ning Ning……has not seen the world, that is also my fault, I’m afraid that he won’t be liked and I tried to remind him because I hoped that he could adapt to this lifestyle as soon as possible, and change his old habits.”

“It’s been hard on you.”

“Dear~ I don’t mind if other people tell me such things but, it’s fine as long as you’re not misunderstanding me.”

Shu Cheng nodded and pulled the petite and pitiful Qin Yu Zhuo to his arms, but he did not have the same warmth in his gaze as before. Qin Yu Zhuo was used to being cautious so it’ll most likely be hard to change, did her discipline really make Ning Ning feel repressed? Does he……really have to agree to Xiao Heng’s plans, and bring the little fellow out to live with him?

Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely gloomy, other than Shu Ning there was nobody else who would snitch on her, that incompetent bungler, with the reason that she wanted to see her child, she came to the room in the second floor. At that time Shu Ning was currently getting his pajamas, seeing the woman rushing over with a dark face through the mirror, she seemed to look like she was cursing him, what’s wrong? Want to hit me or something?


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