RWSB Chapter 48

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This made Shu Ning visibly moved.

In my past life many people had racked their brains over trying to get me to take responsibility, and even to marry them, even if they found out Shu Ning was a “homo” they were still willing, by marrying into wealth a sparrow could become a phoenix overnight. However amongst these gold diggers there were still good girls, clearly they had a good upbringing, but one parent would cry and the other would try to persuade them so they could just nod their heads and promise, sacrificing their lifetime of happiness and only hoped that Shu Ning could take care of her family.

They were the same as himself, foolish, is the future of their sibling relationship more important than anything else?

Shu Ning will never get close to a woman, it was the same as remaining a widow, but the Shu clan was strong so if the woman were to cheat on him, the people of the Shu clan could exterminate them.

The only person that could make a vow and promise for a lifetime……was simply a bitch written in big letters.

The time he spent recalling things was not long, Shu Ning kept staring into Shu Heng’s eyes, and sighed in his heart big brother is so handsome, so handsome that it shook the heavens and the earth, with just one smile even the night sky has lost its colour.

“Are you going to take responsibility for me?”The little one dared to go off into a daze, Shu Heng’s gaze slowly clouded over and became fierce.

Uh, Shu Ning hurried to hug him around the neck, what kind of joke is this, don’t even talk about responsibility even buttering him up for the rest of his life is impossible:”Yes yes yes, I’ll be responsible to the end!”

“You said it!”

“Mm,”Shu Ning kept the cheeky smile on his face and became serious:”I’ve said it, for the rest of our lives!”

Shu Heng’s eyes flashed, the lake in his heart was boiling over, alright, my good brother, seems I did not dote on you for nothing, he excitedly hugged the little one in front of him tightly, too skinny too small and too thin, I don’t even dare to use any strength. Shu Ning also hugged Shu Heng tight, big brother is happy, ha ha ha, this is great, after all he was just an eighteen year old boy!

The two had different thoughts as they enjoyed themselves together.

Shu Heng couldn’t resist kissing Shu Ning’s ears, Shu Ning bit his lips and nearly yelled out.

When Shu Heng left, Shu Ning finally relaxed as he drooped in bed, ears are sensitive you can’t touch it young man. Gays are quite ticklish, my body is only thirteen years old, would it be a bit more sensitive? Oh spare me my great god, please let me go. Oh that’s right, I can enter high school when school starts, this is wonderful, it’s still better to choose to stay in the dorm, even though I’m quite reluctant to separate from my brother, but he……was taking charge of anything I do more and more, I don’t want to pretend to be a kid either, after going out I can fly up up and away, play with stocks, and no matter what I wanted to do it would be more convenient.

He had decided, but Shu Ning was still sullen, it felt a bit like betraying Shu Heng, since they had just talked about being together for a lifetime, and after turning my head I already plan to fly solo, it’s fine, it’s just a few years, but after a few years who would be able to remain the same? Shu Heng is depraved of love, what if he let Shu Yao fill the hole in his heart instead? Just thinking of big brother holding Shu Yao, helping him bath……


I can’t stand it!!!

His head hurt, Shu Ning did not think of it any more, and besides the teacher had also arrived, after focusing on his studies these messy emotions will go away.

Shu Heng’s working efficiency today was great, with a swoosh, flipping the pages of the documents one by one, it could not even be described as reading ten lines in one look. Because he had just become an adult, Shu Cheng had even quarrelled with Shu Gao because of the executive assistant and the secretary, in the end Shu Cheng was afraid of his old man’s illness acting up so he could only use a male executive assistant. And this was not anyone else, he was the same executive assistant that went with Shu Heng to see him before he died.

Currently he was twenty five years old, young and capable, he was the grandson of Shu Gao’s executive assistant, he had watched him grow up so he was very trusting of him, he specially cultivated him into a talent as a backup. Wan Jing knocked on the door and pushed it open after receiving permission, and gave his report respectfully. It turns out Shu Cheng’s flight had landed, but he still hadn’t returned to the office or the ancestral home, he had gone to the He clan’s residence.

With a lift of Shu Heng’s hand, Wan Jing went out.

He knew that Shu Cheng would keep those matters in mind, Shu Heng lowered his head and signed his papers, not taking it as an important matter, his own brother was soft and pleasant, but he still did not allow his dad’s younger brother to come pleading, this was as it should be.

However, the matter had been blown up to such proportions, although no rumours were leaked the big families who were always clear on things had found out. At first Shu Heng did not have any intentions of doing anything to Shu Zi Hui, she was the one kept the look of young and innocent, so nobody doubted her, she dared to openly come over while hiding malicious intentions to stick to Shu Ning and even boldly hung around with He Ran alone in the ancestral home, kissing and corrupting their home, it was a loss of her character, this wolfish nature of hers, she was a girl who tried to curry favour with the powerful, only by showing her pain would he be able to act up to his duty.

Within the big residence of the He clan, sat two of the big characters within C city who were shaking their legs.

He Chang was drinking tea with his legs crossed and he had a domineering attitude and putting on airs, if it weren’t Shu Cheng who had come, they would not have been able to enter at all.

While Shu Cheng was even more at ease as if he were in his own home, his mood was unfathomable as he bore an aura of dignity, he exuded a strong aura of indifference that made people afraid of looking down on him:”I won’t bring up the matters about the land anymore, but I trust that old Brother He you have your own ideas, Zi Hui is an educated and reasonable girl, she’s the most pampered daughter in the whole of Shu clan, He ran……”

Speaking of land, the atmosphere had already started to deteriorate, the He clan had received the rights to develop in the capital, they definitely already knew about the canal and the other tricks, they wanted to see all the other families falling into misfortune as they sit steadily on top of the mountain and become the tyrant of C city, but there was nothing as good as that under the heavens, the people from Shu clan at the capital weren’t as strong as the He clan, all along everyone had been very courteous with each other and they were being very considerate. But Shu Cheng’s coherent tone suddenly stopped, what exactly did it mean?

He Chang’s complexion was still the same, calm and collected, but some of the people within the He family could not bear it any longer, but they did not have the rights to speak.

Shu Cheng subtly said:”No matter how we look at it our kids would still be dragons among humans, and I won’t beat around the bush either, He Ran touched something he shouldn’t have, have the He clan come over to engage her before school starts, they are still young and nobody knows what the future holds, we had to pour oil on troubled waters now, only then could our two families see the light, let’s not have anyone exploit our weaknesses, what do you say, old Brother He?”

“Since old Brother Shu has spoken with such understanding of the important principles, and said it so clearly, how could I, He Chang still have any reasons to decline?”As He Chang spoke, he gave his wife a look.

Han Yu who had a tacit understanding with her husband smiled faintly as she spoke with civility and elegance:”It’s such a rare chance for Shu Cheng to come over, and since the matters between our kids have been settled how about, you stay over and have lunch with us?”

“The skills of brother and sister in the kitchen are great, it will be my pleasure today.”

After eating, Shu Cheng left, he promised Shu Ning that he would return by noon, but now it was already after noon, fortunately he had taken many considerations when choosing out a gift for him, he might enjoy it.

He Chang sat on top of the sofa as he held his head with one hand, Han Yu was also slightly displeased as she sighed in the seat in front of him:”Ran Ran is only thirteen, and he’ll be engaged.”

“When there is a kind mother, there is a useless child.”

Han Yu pursed her lips and did not dare to speak at all, the means of the family was declining, but she still expected her husband and her son to help her out at home, how would she dare to start a conflict?

He Chang narrowed his eyes, a flash of hostility swept past his eyes:”Shu Cheng has laid out his words clearly, the kids are still young and we won’t know how things will go in the future, you, you go and find He Ran to explain it to him, if he doesn’t like it they can separate after a few years.”

“Understood, but Ran Ran’s reputation……”

“It’s just the second house of the Shu clan.”

“Brother Chang is the best, I will deal with Ran Ran’s side, I will definitely make him agree,”Han Yu finally cheered up, it was not as if she did not have a plan, that girl dared to seduce my son, naturally she wasn’t anyone good, what kindness and virtue, if she had a good character would she have opened up her mouth to let boys kiss her? And won’t she call out when they touch her either?

Sima Zhao’s intentions are obvious to everyone.

They’ll endure it for two years and give Shu Cheng some face, in the future they can take some photos of Shu Zi Hui being intimate with other boys, the girl’s family was more concerned about their reputation so their engagement would definitely be dissolved.

He Ran was practicing his singing in his room, he was planning to get everyone to gather after school started, and have a party in their suburban villa to have some fun.

Han Yu pulled the plug directly and the music ended all of a sudden, He Ran looked at his mother despondently:”My lovely Mrs Han, do you have any opinions?”Why are both his brothers as well as his mother so bad at this?

“Do you have an opinion?”

“Naturally,”The boy jumped over and nearly stuck to her as he discussed:”I am already thirteen! You first have to knock and enter after you receive permission.”

“Oh? You’ve learned some manners.”

“……”He Ran rolled his eyes.

“Mother has something to talk to you about……”Han Yu pulled He Ran over and sat down before speaking incessantly with a gentle voice, she was afraid of her child throwing a tantrum and she had no face, but He Ran’s reaction was outside of her expectations:”Son……you seem to be quite happy?”

“That is so, mother, you do not know but that Shu Zi Hui was a hard to come by beauty!”Both of He Ran’s eyes were glowing as he poured a cup of water for his mother:”I understand what the two of you are thinking but relax, we’re just playing around, she won’t be marrying into the family, my future wife definitely has to be the same as you, mother, dignified and virtuous, and we will have three children.”

“You naughty little child!”

After Shu Cheng returned home, Shu Ning was taking his afternoon lessons, it truly was quite regretful that they could not meet at that moment.

Do I have to wait two hours? Shu Ning was studying so hard, it has been hard on his child, Shu Cheng did not have any idling habits so he went into the study and personally made a call to his cousin Shu Ling Yun. His daughter’s matters have been settled, Shu Ling Yun was very touched and he only said thank you. But Shu Cheng was very pleased, and they chatted a bit about their family life.

When Shu Ling Yun thought about the times when they were young, he had also said a lot in a gentle voice, this truly was rare, Shu Ling Yun liked lute-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, and did not like skullduggery and tricks, when they were young he would follow behind Shu Cheng as they ran, but once they grew up he drifted away and deliberately put distance between them in case others mistook that he had any schemes, and cause trouble upon himself.

Time flowed like water, Shu Ning was finally free, Shu Cheng carried the gift and specially went over to his room to hang around.

Shu Ning really was very happy, in his previous life even if he wanted to get closer to him it could not happen, but now it was easy, Shu Cheng put down the gift and carried up Shu Ning and spun him around before putting him down, Shu Ning hugged his father’s neck tightly, was this a sudden impulse? Wasn’t this too frightening? But his father’s favour was rare and valuable, Shu Ning cherished it very much.

“Dad, I’m sorry about that night, I didn’t mean to push you.”

“Oh, now you’re regretting it?”Shu Cheng gave his son’s nose a little pinch, and his gaze was gentle:”I really like your lively look, sometimes the decisions made by adults aren’t necessarily right, if you’re unhappy about it you can just speak your mind, and discuss it properly with your father alright?”

“Okay!”He’s too open-minded, in the past life he gave the order directly, if he did not listen he would be transferred, and what was even more scarier was being fired, when that happened Qin Yu Zhuo will give him a big slap over and discipline him in exasperation that her son did not live up to her expectations, occasionally she would even scold him, she was not the least bit ladylike at all, just like a shrew. Shu Ning was filled with emotion as his eyes twinkled:”Dad, if I did something wrong and disappointed you, will you hate me?”

“How could I?”Shu Cheng was surprised, and felt very uncertain in his heart, who was it? Who made my child feel like this? The smile on Shu Cheng’s face became even gentler:”Did you misunderstand anything you heard? We’re father and son, it is my greatest regret for us to have been separated for so many years, I’m not trying to say that I’ll compensate you for anything but can you understand that I want to be good to you?”


“Ning Ning is a good boy,”Shu Cheng stretched out his hand to touch his little face and held him in his arms:”A father and his son shares their thoughts, there’s not even enough time for me to love you so how could I hate you?” Did anyone say anything? Tell your dad, only if the misunderstanding is resolved can you be happy! If you don’t want to say it I won’t force you, you can talk to your mom about it instead.”

Qin Yu Zhuo huh? Shu Ning lowered his head, and he curved his mouth with a poisonous look in his eyes!


Sima Zhao is a politician during the three kingdoms period, his scheming to usurp the throne was so obvious that the king commented that everyone knew about Sima Zhao’s heart

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