RWSB Chapter 47

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What room do children have to chip in when adults are talking business?

Shu Heng held his phone and didn’t move an inch, Shu Ning didn’t manage to snatch the phone, he was just grabbing his brother’s hand and pulled downwards, still not working, he definitely can’t let Shu Heng carry the burden for him, he won’t like me anymore!

Shu Cheng was wise, he immediately noticed something wasn’t right, and a strange feeling rose up within him as he listened quietly.

Shu Ning’s didn’t continue what he was doing and sat up instead, it turns out I’m taller than brother this way, he lowered his head and spoke towards the phone:”Dad! I’m the one at fault in this matter, it has nothing to do with big brother, a few days earlier when we went to participate in the gathering I somehow provoked Shu Zi Hui, and she came over to bother me on the second day, I was busy studying so I let He Ran accompany her, but I didn’t expect……I didn’t think……”

He only told him the half of it, he had learned these skills from Qin Yu Zhuo, besides she had a good time with it anyway, it worked every time. Smart people would try to piece it together, Shu Ning pretended to be dumb, it made other people look deliberate instead. The girl was just twelve, it wasn’t strange for her to be curious about the thirteen year old Shu Ning, however kids from big families tend to mature earlier, and something happened as soon as she came, it was indeed a terrible sight.

Regardless of the reason, first off Shu Zi Hui’s character wasn’t good, she couldn’t get along well with their kids, Shu Gao was protective of his children, and so was Shu Cheng! With a flash of his eyes he spoke, his voice was extremely mellow:”Xiao Heng, just studying in the morning was fine, let Ning Ning have a good rest in the evenings, his body isn’t too well so he can’t stay up too late.”

Wrong again!

Shu Ning was so anxious sweat could be seen lacing his forehead:”Dad! You misunderstood, big brother took me to eat fruits! These days when you weren’t around it was always big brother who stayed with me, moreover I sprained my leg while jogging at night, so it’s inconvenient for me to move around, brother was also the one who took care of me!”A father who digs a pit for his son _(:зゝ∠)_ Please don’t say any more, brother’s face is turning dark.

Shu Cheng frowned:”That happened?”

“Mm, I’m fine now,”Shu Heng was hugging Shu Ning, he was moving here and there he better not fall off:”Dad, you should come home soon.”

“……”Shu Cheng’s mouth twitched.

Why isn’t he answering? Shu Ning didn’t want there to be any awkwardness between his old man and his brother:”Dad~ When are you coming home?”

Shu Cheng felt very vexed, he was only thinking that the child in Qin Yu Zhuo’s stomach wouldn’t be at peace, but he forgot that there were still two kids at home, especially Shu Ning, he hadn’t grown up by his side so he should be taking care of him more instead, he was busy, but no matter how busy he was it’s still good to give him a call, negligence was negligence, the child is missing his father, Shu Cheng was very moved:”Alright alright my little apple, dad will come home tomorrow at noon!”

“Okay~”The little one replied wholeheartedly.

Shu Heng gave Shu Ning’s little rosy face a touch, and his voice was considerably softened:”Dad is too busy, don’t bother him too much.”


Hearing the conversation between his two children, Shu Cheng felt relieved, then told him a few more things before ending the call.

Qin Yu Zhuo had just finished her bath, seeing the jovial look on Shu Cheng’s face her eyes immediately brightened:”Are you done with the Tai garden matters? Can we go to F country now?”

“Mm, all the formalities are done,”After Shu Cheng’s reply, he gave her an apology:”We can’t go, our children are missing us.”

Qin Yu Zhuo lowered her head and dried her hair, covering her emotions:”It is time to return since we have been out for a few days,”While they were getting married she had to see how the wind blows with Shu Gao and Shu Heng, even the Mou family’s reputation had to be taken into account, and I had to do things low-key, I’m not even something to be ashamed about? But now that she’s pregnant she was an important person, she used a lot of effort to pretend to be pitiful to stir up the man’s heart, she wanted to go to F country for a honeymoon but in the end they gave up just because Shu Ning missed him.

For a while, Qin Yu Zhuo had mixed feelings in her heart, on one side she was happy but resenting on the other, her heart was stuffy and she wanted to throw up.

The atmosphere on the other side was even warmer, Shu Ning tried to snatch the phone and got cleaned up by Shu Heng, after sitting down he immediately felt that something was off! It was the situation that’s wrong! Even the posture was wrong!

He had a moment of desperation earlier and now two people were sharing a chair again, Shu Ning scooted a bit so that he was straddling him with his two legs apart, face to face, only after stretching his back could he talk to his dad as he wished, if you wanted to have a calm and reasonable conversation there’s no way you should shout because the phone was too far right? But now that he sat down he really ended up straddling his brother’s legs.

Shu Heng held his slim waist with one hand and the other was still touching his face, for a moment Shu Ning’s heart rate sped up, how did this happen? He couldn’t resist slowly lifting up his little face and locked eyes with his brother’s dark eyes that were as deep as an abyss.

“Happy now?”

Uh, there was a hint of low pressure in his unhappy voice, as if something was vaguely suppressed, he did end up getting angry in the end, Shu Ning wanted to retreat but he wanted to try to coax him too, he was in a difficult situation, Shu Heng lowered his head and got close, and pasted his forehead on Shu Ning’s:”If you’re naughty, then you should get spanked~”


“When Xu Jin’s brother doesn’t listen, he’ll get butt spankings, I’ll spare you this time, but if you do it again I’ll serve you a slap.”

“……”Scold scold scold~ His ears had gotten red, it was too embarrassing, can you give me a crack to hide in?

“Be good.”

The warm wind blew on his ears, brother’s low and husky voice was exceptionally pleasant to the ear, it gave him a feeling similar to an electric zap. Shu Ning couldn’t resist shivering and his whole body went limp, he hurriedly hugged his arms around his brother’s waist and obediently leaned on him, with his head resting on his shoulders he narrowed his eyes, secretly cussing him in his heart, god damn it, from tomorrow onwards, no, from today onwards I will definitely drink more milk, twice the amount, I want to grow bigger! And leave this embarrassing scene behind sooner.

He suddenly thought of He Ran, he’s taller than me, everyone is taller than me, no matter who they were they were taller than me, how unlucky!

Shu Heng was quite concerned, did I scare my brother? It was just a joke though? His big hand rubbed his brother’s smooth and lustrous hair, he gave his slender and pale neck a little squeeze to soothe him before sliding down alone his back and pressed, Shu Heng raised up his clothes and slipped his hand in, the moment their skin touched, Shu Ning shivered again, Shu Heng curved his mouth and gently scratched.

The cat-like Shu Ning closed his eyes lazily and relaxed his body from the enjoyment:”Harder, my shoulders too.”

Shu Heng smiled dotingly, if Shu Ning saw it he will definitely freak out, the big hand smoothed around his back and seeing that his opportunity had come, Shu Ning immediately yawned, and even made a sound on purpose.

Shu Heng palmed his little butt and picked him up just like that and walked towards the bedroom, at an angle that Shu Heng couldn’t see, Shu Ning had a face as if he had seen a ghost. Brother……what……what does he take me as?

His son?

In his past life he at least still had some self-respect, what about this life?

Shu Heng did not walk at too quick a pace, it was just about the same as the slowest he had walked in his life, this was the first time he had carried him this way, it was better than carrying him horizontally, they were fitted together tightly, step by step they rubbed together, harmonious and warm, just as he liked it. His little brother truly was the cure-all of his life, he needs to cherish and pamper him well, earlier when the little fellow was rushing to defend me, don’t even talk about how righteous he was, it had touched Shu Heng’s heart-strings deeply.

For a moment he felt extremely touched, Shu Heng gave Shu Ning’s forehead a kiss, and his heart felt warm:”In the future if you hate anybody then you don’t have to show sincerity to them, just directly refuse them.”

Shu Ning did not say anything, but there was nothing he could say anymore as his mind was a field of blank, it erupted in smoke and his IQ was offline……

There was an end to the road, and Shu Heng had arrived at the bathroom, he put the little one on top of the toilet bowl and filled up the tub after rolling up his sleeves, Shu Ning kicked his little legs with his eyes staring towards the busy figure, ah my innocence~ The water of west lake~ is made up of my tears~

“What’s wrong? Feeling uncomfortable?”


“Is your bladder full?”Shu Heng helped Shu Ning up and closed the door as he walked out.

Shu Ning had a bottom line, body~ I can let you wash, but a man had three urgencies, you can’t just watch!

After washing up, Shu Heng was in a dilemma, truly, Shu Ning wanted to drink twice the amount of milk:”You’ll pee the bed!”


“Listen to me.”

I’ve fallen in battle, god damn why can’t I persist in front of him? Their sights met, failed, once again, failed again, rile up your courage and continue on! Shu Heng stared at him constantly without blinking his eyes, after studying him for a moment he understood:”Alright then, but you will have to listen to me if you ever pee the bed.”


What kind of joke are yo playing it? You think I’d piss the bed? Heh heh, there was nothing more ridiculous than that. And as it turns out no matter whether you wet the bed or not Shu Heng had his ways. Early the next morning, Shu Ning woke up a step earlier and felt that there was a warm and damp feeling below his body, he immediately woke up with a start, Shu Ning quickly sat up with his eyes widened and lifted the blanket, spread his legs, such a large map~ Rivers and mountains through the miles~

What the heck Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Shu Heng the big-tailed wolf pretended to just wake up and even deliberately rubbed his eyes to make his gaze look more hazy, he supported his head with one hand:”What’s wrong?”

The dumbfounded Shu Ning hurriedly shut his legs tight subconsciously and concealed the evidence with the blanket:”No……Nothing’s wrong! Ha ha ha, big brother morning~ morning~”

“It doesn’t seem early anymore, let’s get up.”

“I still feel a bit tired, I want to sleep for a while longer!”He was so anxious his face was filled with sweat, calm down, if he doesn’t calm down at this moment his dignity of this lifetime would really be thrown down the eastward flowing stream.

Shu Heng stared steadily at Shu Ning, and Shu Ning felt extremely uneasy under the high voltage, fortunately big brother believed him, with a stretch of his long legs he leisurely got down and headed to wash up, luckily he didn’t extend over to his body.

Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief as he immediately peeled off the wet blanket, take it all away, then had the servants change them into a new set. Shu Heng’s blankets were all black, even if they were changed he wouldn’t realize, and besides he was a neat freak, it was easy to get sweaty during the summer so they were normally changed daily anyway. Shu Ning took them back to his rooms and stashed them away, and waited for his brother to leave before washing them.

The servants moved eloquently, Shu Ning simply took a bath and finally felt alive again after he changed into a new set of clothes.

Shu Heng was brushing his teeth in front of the mirror, the amount of milk he should drink was set by an expert, he couldn’t just let Shu Ning drink however much he wanted recklessly! However his methods were rather excessive, better bring him a strawberry cake later tonight.

Shu Heng accompanied Shu Ning during breakfast, the little one was skittish and very uneasy, this made Shu Heng feel slightly guilty, with a stretch of his long arms he took the little fellow into his embrace:”I’ve looked through your test papers yesterday, you answered them quite well.”

Shu Ning lifted his head to look over at him, Shu Heng did not make him feel uncertain, he directly said:”I’ve decided to let you go through, and enter your first year of high school directly.”

Happiness came too quickly, Shu Ning didn’t even know how to smile anymore, Shu Heng pointed towards the left side of his face and Shu Ning obediently put his two hands on his brother’s shoulders, straightened his little body, and gave him a smooch. Shu Heng then pointed to the right of his face and Shu Ning gave him a big kiss without hesitation, Shu Heng moved his finger once again, Shu Ning kissed his forehead!

Shu Heng’s gaze was exceptionally dark with not a shred of light, if he were to point his finger towards his lips……Boys knew a lot at the age of thirteen, he definitely won’t be fooled, even if he was so happy that he bashed his head in it would still be impossible! But who was Shu Heng? If there was anything he wanted, since he was young there was nothing that he couldn’t obtain. His fingers pointed towards his chin, and Shu Ning did not suspect him at all and went forth to kiss him straight away, but Shu Heng’s handsome face slightly moved downwards, the pair of lips really kissed on his own.

Shu Ning retreated quickly, feeling exceptionally shocked, now I’ve done it big time, could this be big brother’s first kiss?

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow:”Is this your first kiss?”

Normally a man would definitely shake their head due to pride, but Shu Ning could only nod, this was indeed the first of his life, and he had gifted it to his big brother damn it, he can’t face his faithful future boyfriend anymore, hopefully he will be a big and strong man, and he’ll be happy as long as he can match Shu Heng’s outstandingness by half.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Huh?”Shu Ning naturally wasn’t a person who was willing to just suffer a loss, he immediately stared at him with a slanted head:”Is this big brother’s first kiss?”

“Yeah,”Shu Heng smiled, his eyes were even more dazzling than stars:”Are you going to take responsibility?”


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  1. OMG SH, moving fast, faster than the speed of light lol.
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      1. I’m pretty sure that there were a few chapters where he was being drugged to sleep. I remember the translator talking about how bad that sounded and trying to make it seem less bad.


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