RWSB Chapter 46

I was going to do a double release today but I fell asleep! and now it’s almost 7… however I did manage to finish another chap of 7men, I’ll link that down below


Without thinking, Shu Ning dodged his little head backwards, but his waist was tightly tangled up in a steel-like arm, he had nowhere to escape to at all.

Mm~ This situation……

If there were two of each flavour of dumpling, that meant that both me and big brother had our own share of it, maybe he feels a bit sorry that he won’t be able to stay with me soon, so he decided to feed him personally?

Or maybe because I yelled at him earlier so he wanted to get closer?

Moreover, he threw me down and just left yesterday, was he using his actions to apologize to me?

Shu Ning thought about many possibilities but he couldn’t figure it out, to be personally fed by the child favoured by the heavens, who else other than me would be able to experience this? He should be feeling honored instead.

But……It was very strange to be sitting so close to him, forget it, it’s not the first time anyway and nobody else is around, big brother needs more love so I should be closer to him. At this time, he was once against stared at by his brother’s serious and aloof eyes, they seemed to be asking do you dare to not eat the dumpling?

Darn, if he falls in love that girl would definitely be a Tyrannosaurus.

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes as Shu Ning opened his little mouth, he held his breath as he saw the soft lips and the little tongue, and put the other half of the dumpling inside.

Shu Ning was chewing on it, occasionally the right side of his cheek would bulge out as he savoured it, the satisfying little look is very cute.

Shu Heng subconsciously stretched out his fingers to touch the little bulging cheeks, Shu Ning straightened his body in surprise and widened his eyes, he was so shocked he directly swallowed:”Brother! You’re going to affect my eating like this.”What the hell!!!

“No harm.”

I’m the one being touched! Shu Ning pursed his lips, the spirited eyes stared straight at Shu Heng as he picked up a dumpling and blew on it, then when he took a bite again Shu Ning also hurriedly reached out with his fingers, but……his cheeks did not bulge, resenting……

Shu Heng turned his face over and brought the half eaten dumpling to Shu Ning’s mouth:”Ah~”

“……”Alright, asshole!

After taking a few bites, Shu Ning felt that it should be fine now, he gave Shu Heng’s hand a push:”Brother, it’s uncomfortable, I want to sit by myself.”

Shu Heng put him down, then Shu Ning picked up his chopsticks and ate happily.

The warmth around his body was gone, Shu Heng also lost the joy of eating dumplings, every so often he would pick one up and put it in Shu Ning’s bowl, then tell him to drink some soup.

After their meal, Shu Heng skillfully stuck out his hand and gave Shu Ning’s tummy a rub:”You ate very less.”

Shu Ning’s whole body tensed up and relaxed again:”I ate quite a lot!”

“I can’t feel it.”


“When I’m not around you better be careful with your ankle, you can’t be using too much strength in these few days just in case it’s too taxing on it.”

“Mm, I understand big brother,”Then quickly turn into a ball and roll away~

After Shu Heng left, Shu Ning laid down on top of the bed, the great god is always so unreasonable, how strange. Wasn’t it just a sprain on my ankle? Why does it feel like Shu Heng is taking care of me like I’m disabled ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Without Shu Heng in the house, Shu Ning was the boss, not long after studying the steward came over, he said it was Shu Zi Hui who had come to visit.

She was the lady of the second house, she could be considered the princess of the Shu clan, there were still many big sisters and little sisters above her but the amount of power they had within the family was small, words of the lowly carry little weight and they had no way of obtaining any attention, if they want to pull the knot with the Shu clan, marrying that broad could still be considered a shortcut. Shu Zi Hui had wild ambition that was revealed clearly.

Shu Ning spun a pen in his hands and an idea came to his mind, a bitch going versus a bitch would be interesting but it’s a shame that Qin Yu Zhuo wasn’t around, but He Ran is good, he can get things done, and he’ll definitely be enough for Shu Zi Hui, eh, maybe it will even leave a trauma on her! He Ran doesn’t have as many tricks up his sleeve as a girl, but He Ran had the guts to get things done, he’s not afraid of the heavens or the earth!

Actually He Ran has been out and about trying to get Shu Ning to play with him, but whether it was the He clan or the Shu clan, they both prevented him from doing so.

And he couldn’t get through Shu Ning’s phone at all, maybe he blocked him? Impossible, Shu Ning wasn’t so ruthless. But actually he really did get blocked, Shu Ning was annoyed to death.

He Ran who was bored and had nothing to do was currently rolling around at home, as soon as the custom set ringtone sounded, he was even stunned for a moment before flying over to pick up the call:”Oh my god, where in hell were you I couldn’t find you at all, and the steward in your house, haven’t you been training him too much? Every time I call over he would find a different reason to refuse me, how wicked.”

“……”Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, he’s babbling on again, how much bitterness has he actually been piling up? Whether the new steward was well trained or not Shu Ning wasn’t sure of it, but of course the old steward would be a bit, every so often he’ll be with grandfather in the yard wearing the same taichi clothes, left push, right push, and then push against eachother~ It’s quite interesting.

“Hello? Say something~”

“Ah, I’m so pitiful!”

“What’s up with you? Tell me! Who bullied you, I’ll go beat his brains out!”

How fierce, I like it, Shu Ning smiled faintly as he sat on the balcony while the teacher and housekeeper were looking at him, thinking secretly in their hearts is he really pitiful? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“Man you don’t even know, I was locked up at home by my brother to study, he got the highest grades in the entire country, so he thinks I didn’t study well, oh that’s right, my brother even made me a form with standards I have to reach, but……Do you know about the Shu clan’s youth gathering?”

“Of course, pre……”He nearly said it was pretentious, and quickly coughed twice:”Is that related to this? He’s not letting you go?”

“No, I went last night, then there was a little girl who just had to stand next to me and she wouldn’t even go play with the other playmates she knows, she just kept staring at me and talking about gibberish, right now she came over to my house but I don’t have the time to accompany her, and I don’t have any friends what about……you come over?”

“Sure, no problem, wait for me!”

He Ran was strict and speedy, he’ll just come if he says so and he urged the driver to hurry, but of course to be able to become the He clan’s driver he wouldn’t be your average joe, he just said sit tight and stepped on the gas, then the car flew out!

The Shu clan was situated by the hillside, the villa they were currently living in was actually newly built just a few years ago, the old house was the actual ancestral home, it was by the left of the villa, if you jogged there it would take about twenty over minutes, Shu Zi Hui was looking around in the old house, feeling extremely bored, the steward said that Shu Ning was currently studying so she couldn’t interrupt him and had to wait.

The young master of the ancestral home truly is something.

After bringing the lady to see the ancestral home, they brought her to see the garden, Shu Zi Hui said she was tired the only did someone drive a little vehicle that looked like the ones in golf courses, they sent her over to the big villa and she drank some juice, Shu Zi Hui did not have any interests in the colourful treats, and asked instead about Shu Ning’s whereabouts, the servant did not speak at all.

He Ran reached, he rolled up his sleeves as if he’s ready for a fight, which little fairy is it?

Since he decided to acknowledge Shu Ning as a friend, He Ran specially investigated, turns out Shu Ning had such a bad background, he had to go through so much suffering, it was simply hard to think about. But now his good days have come but who knew he would fall within someone’s sights again. Shu Ning didn’t think there was anything wrong, he said that he couldn’t help it, but he didn’t know how dirty the inside was.

Who would be so concerned about someone they had just met for the first time? And even came to their home on the second day? The adults didn’t care since they thought that kids were just being playful, but He Ran had met her type before, so he was extremely clear on their little tricks.

A fierce aura flickered in He Ran’s eyes, the servant invited him into the living room and at that time a little girl was sitting on top of the sofa, pretty, cute, wearing a snow-white skirt, her whole being looked as flawless as an angel, refined, and dazzling.

Who were the servants over there bowing to? Shu Zi Hui lifted her head to look over, it was actually He Ran?

Why is he here?

Shu Zi Hui smiled, she presented an exceptionally sweet smile and stood up very politely:”Hello~”

He sucked in a breath, oh~ this is hard, Shu Ning, this is really hard, she’s too beautiful she’s just the type I like, you could tell with one look that she was a pampered lady, such an outstanding temperament!

And so, under the case of their mutual interest, they went to the garden to play.

Shu Ning looked down on them from the second floor with a panoramic view as he touched his chin thoughtfully. Shu Zi Hui was standing with He Ran, they actually suit each other quite well. His eyes flashed, and Shu Ning instructed the servants not to interrupt them, if there was anything He Ran wanted that he could give him, he has worked hard today. The steward also knew that Shu Ning’s studies were important so he did not suspect anything.

He Ran’s skills of flirting were very high, he even knew how to do magic and his identity was outstanding, if he was willing to make a move, Shu Zi Hui definitely would not let him down.

No, he will definitely make a move, in his past life He Ran had once said that he wanted to sow his seeds in the entire world. At noon Shu Zi Hui followed He Ran to the yard to have a picnic and had a good time, they were even chatting while holding hands, Shu Zi Hui made a wreath and put it on top of He Ran’s head, and called him brother! This is truly too wonderful for He Ran, he had two stiff brothers at home, every so often he would even receive their fists until he was seeing stars.

He Ran was passionate, he wasn’t the least bit modest about using the Shu family’s servants, and he even asked for water guns, playing cards, and the like.

The summer heat was so hot that they started to sweat, He Ran took out a handkerchief and helped Shu Zi Hui wipe her forehead, the beauty was bashful and she lowered her head, her little hands clutched her skirt.

He Ran’s eyes brightened, his opportunity has come, he landed a light kiss on top of Shu Zi Hui’s face.

Shu Zi Hui was stunned, she blushed and said you’re so naughty, and raised her hands as if to hit him, He Ran was a head taller than her so he toughened up and grappled Shu Zi Hui’s hand, the girl fell automatically to his embrace, Shu Zi Hui had never met such a brazen boy before, her brother only allowed her to go meet with the other rich ladies, she wasn’t allowed to make friends with any young masters, the purpose was so that she could avoid losing reputation.

But now He Ran was the one of the best marriage candidates, no, he was the very best, what should she do? Get engaged? Would that be too restraining? If they don’t get engaged would she lose out on this chance?

Right when she was in her dilemma, He Ran wasn’t bothered and he lowered his head to kiss her……

Not good! Although Shu Ning did say not to bother them, but one was the young master of the He clan, and the other is an adolescent lady, after the steward received the news they promptly got someone to spray water at them.

The gardener immediately controlled the water and sprayed it towards them, the surroundings were filled with the splashing sounds of the water, He Ran immediately let go of Shu Zi Hui, and the two ran away miserably.

He Ran laughed wildly, this is interesting, too interesting.

Shu Zi Hui hurriedly left, her skirt was all wet, it was too horrible to look at.

This matter was immediately reported to Shu Heng, it was too serious, the steward was Shu Heng’s confidant, they’ll listen to Shu Ning for little things but big matters will definitely be reported to Shu Heng.

Shu Heng did not care at all:”Send the video over to the two families.”

Generally stewards would try to persuade him so as to avoid controversy and trouble, but this one was different, he immediately followed his instructions.

One family was delighted but the other was worried, the He clan was surrounded by dark clouds, Shu clan’s lady from the main family was fine, she was a phoenix and she was beautiful, but what can the second house account for? Was she worthy of the He clan’s third young master? It’s fine if they were just playing around, since it was just a kiss.

But not anything more than that, this was after all an innocent lady, and He Ran’s claws had even touched……

Anyway no troubles were caused, but there were turbulent undercurrents, even Shu Zi Xuan had made a move, little sister is so silly, there were still two brothers above He Ran, only after they all died would things be left to him, but the two were close in age, it was indeed a good match. Shu Ling Yun as a father hesitated again and again, he picked up his phone and contacted Shu Cheng.


Shu Cheng’s gaze softened considerably, this was a younger brother, it’s been a long time since he hasn’t called him as such:”I’m clear about the things happening within your family, this child Shu Heng is a bit too old-fashioned when it comes to dealing with matters, I’ll talk to him, as for what happened to your daughter, I’ll take care of it, relax, Lin Yun, cousin will be coming home soon, your body isn’t too great, you need to take care to rest alright?”

“Mm,”Shu Ling Yun’s voice was a bit hoarse, it was also due to the He clan’s tragic bullying, his eyes turned red:”Don’t blame the child, he didn’t do anything wrong, I understand Zi Hui’s personality, she had her wrongs too.”

“Don’t you blame your child too, she’s still young, teach her well.”Shu Cheng curved his lips:”Cousin, how are you expecting this matter to end?”

Shu Ling Yun sighed:”What else? Get engaged.”


After the end of the call, Shu Cheng immediately gave a call to Shu Heng, it was night at that time, Shu Ning was currently eating fruits in Shu Heng’s embrace, he was very satisfied, with one hand hugging around his brother’s waist and another hand holding watermelon, he just happened to hear his brother being scolded, his eyebrows quickly stood up and he bravely snatched the phone!

Chapter 7 of 7men!

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