RWSB Chapter 45

It’s 4 AM and I want to eat dumplings…


“Oh?”Shu Heng looked over, the inside of the car was very dark and it blurred the face of the young man.

“Especially that pair of siblings, they kept standing near the sofa like potted plants, I hate that look on his face when he’s looking down on big brother, just like…… just like……”

“Like what?”

“Like he’s……hungry!”Shu Ning only wanted to remind him, not drag himself in as well.

“……”Shu Heng looked to the front and did not say anything.

“I don’t care, I just don’t like him, and that girl, clearly so many of her playmates came over to call her but she still won’t go and stared at me so curiously, even though there was nothing to talk about she would find a random topic as if I’m some kind of panda or something.”

“So what type of girl do you like?”

“I like one with a good personality, carefree, and lively,”Getting along with a girl like that is very comfortable, it didn’t make one feel unpleasant, and also carefree girls are very open with a “homo”, they’re willing to be friends with you and won’t ever scorn you.

“……”Shu Heng was gloomy and the temperature surrounding him had dropped considerably.

Shu Ning knew when to stop, he could feel that Shu Heng was getting unhappy but he didn’t say anything, he should be giving him some space to think about things, Shu Ning who did not know why Shu Heng was angry was still smug.

They’ve reached the ancestral home, Shu Heng picked Shu Ning up horizontally and rushed towards the house in big steps, the bodyguards hurriedly pushed the wheelchair to keep up as he saw this.

“Brother? Put me down, I’m tired.”

After some action from Shu Heng he really let go of him, then……he turned and left, he didn’t even look back.

Shu Ning was rather surprised as he sat on top of the wheelchair pushed by the bodyguard, his heart felt extremely uncomfortable and his chest was stuffy, as if something was stocking up and was about to burst but couldn’t, it’s all because of Shu Heng. What’s with big brother? Did I talk too much? Shu Ning recalled the conversation they had earlier, there weren’t any issues so what went wrong?

COuld it be because I asked him to let go? When we were going he was clearly……When we were going he didn’t want to wrinkle my suit so he was pushing me, so it wasn’t needed anymore when we returned.

He’s angry because of this? How mysterious, but that’s not right, who was Shu Heng? How could he be sulking cause of some little matters.

Shu Ning kept thinking but he couldn’t figure it out, even his hair was about to turn white soon, he let the bodyguard push himself directly to his brother’s room to report, Shu Heng was actually not here, is it time to bathe? He wasn’t in the study either, did Shu Heng not want to see me because he got angry? He sighed then took a deep breath, then sighed again, a god is a god after all, so hard to wait on them.

It was too tiring today, but if he returned to sleep in his room there was a chance that he wouldn’t be able to enter his brother’s room anymore after tomorrow, he hesitated again and again, while Shu Ning was rinsing his mouth he really wanted to take a bath, the servant was at the side, not as caring as big brother, when he was there for him in the past he didn’t know to cherish it, instead he was surprised and on occasion he would even get angry, but now those benefits were gone, it was quite uncomfortable if he got a servant to help him bathe as well. A homo was a homo, and he was also a bottom, he couldn’t just be simply touched by anyone, how vexing. He had just taken a step and a sharp pain faintly emerged in his ankle, forget it.

He laid down on the sofa in his brother’s study, let’s just take this as an apology, he felt lonely even with the servant accompanying him.

He should’ve been the one who was originally in charge of taking care of Shu Ning, this was the first time he had called him over so naturally he was diligent, Mrs.Shu gave him many instructions and even though he had the heart to learn he was powerless, but now this truly was a great chance, the chance to climb over the palace walls was just around the corner:”Second young master, if you can’t fall asleep I can sing you a song.”


A slow and leisurely song was sang back and forth, it was indeed effective, Shu Ning fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

Zhu Xing couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth, he’s just a child, is he falling to his side yet? Ha ha ha, Mrs.Shu had some wonderful thoughts about this, but listening to her talk he might as well manipulate the second young master for himself, if that was so then Shu clan this fatty piece of meat will have a bite for me.

Shu Heng went out to run in circles wearing a suit and leather shoes, it was quite a unique sight, his swirling anger that could turn over rivers and oceans finally calmed down a bit.

The fire came in such a rush that he did not expect it, and couldn’t prevent it.

What should I do?

He was getting more and more concerned about that little thing, he really wished to box him up, whatever he said about the girl, why did it make him feel so bothered? As the heir of a big family Shu Ning should find a smart woman who can help him out, after all Shu Ning’s talents had its limits, how much could I help him?

He’s grown up now, he would probably hate that I am better than him wouldn’t he? Would he hate my criticisms? Would he be suspicious of me?

Everyone had their eyes on him tonight, but how come Shu Ning only took notice of that pair of siblings.

Unhappy  ̄へ ̄ Unhappy~ Unhappy~

Just like that, Shu Heng ran for an hour and some before returning, Shu Ning hasn’t soaked his feet yet, damn him!

Actually Shu Ning hasn’t even taken a bath yet, Shu Heng walked into the room and noticed a person sitting on the floor, the man immediately got up:”Excuse me, young master.”

“Zhu Xing, you should know my rules.”

“I do, it was second young master who was afraid and asked me to watch over him.”

“Get out.”

“Yes,”What are you being pleased about? Sooner or later I will help the second young master cripple you, don’t forget, the current missus’ surname is Qin!

Zhu Xing was elated when he thought about his plans to see the dog eat dog scene, it will definitely be interesting if Qin Yu Zhuo butted heads with Shu Heng, he left the ancestral home and while walking to the dormitories he took out his phone to send a message, but who could’ve expected that a sharp pain rippled through the back of his neck and he did not know what happened after that.

Shu Heng stood still in front of the sofa and watched him, all his ideas before this were all overturned, and he even thought of letting go, but can he? He had only left for a moment and Shu Ning nearly got sold off to someone. Zhu Xing was a spy Qin Yu Zhuo managed to slip in by Shu Heng’s side with much effort, he was just a small character, he had no way of getting his hands on any important documents at all, he had left him around to avoid trouble so Qin Yu Zhuo wouldn’t have to stick them in one by one.

But if you were to see something you should not have seen, then you should have to know the consequences, Zhu Xing was a very mischievous person, there are other lines of work that better suits him, once he got in contact with it he won’t be able to clean his hands off of it for his entire life, He should be thanking Qin Yu Zhuo for giving him such foul days ahead of his life. Shu Heng was aloof, even his heart was cold, he took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to fill the tub before stripping the little one too.

If a body was being fiddled by somebody they would show reaction as long as it was not a corpse, he woke up in a daze, Shu Ning didn’t even want to open his eyes but a familiar scent wafted to his nose, it’s big brother:”You’re back~”

Shu Heng picked up Shu Ning and only after he was airborne did Shu Ning open his eyes in surprise:”What are you doing?”

“Sleeping before you even took a bath, you need a spanking!”

Uh o(╯□╰)o The sleepy Shu Ning twitched his mouth, then closed his eyes peacefully, if that’s how it has to be then alright, as long as he doesn’t nag me on anything else!

The person entered the water, it was quite warm, Shu Heng held Shu Ning properly with one hand and let the little one sit in his embrace, he washed him carefully with gentle movements, this gave Shu Ning a feeling of being taken care of and he subconsciously hugged his brother’s neck rubbed his handsome face:”Brother~”

Very adorable, so cute.

Shu Heng raised his eyebrows and Shu Ning actually gave his chin a kiss, very obedient and soft.

It really is very comfortable to bathe, Shu Ning fell asleep heartlessly, now that Shu Heng was getting that sort of reaction his movements sped up, in just a few minutes he took Shu Ning out from the water and wiped him dry, no need to wash his hair this time, it’s not that he didn’t want to, but…… It wasn’t very convenient right now. After this Shu Heng took a cold shower in the bathroom, when he returned to the side of the bed the little one had kicked away the blanket and everything was exposed.

What a silly look →_→

If I let go he will definitely be picked dry by other people, for Shu Heng the Shu clan was too small, but for Shu Ning it was too big, it was big enough to drown him.

Shu Heng did not wear his pajamas, he wiped himself dry before getting into bed and hugging the little one to his embrace, then covered them with a big blanket that was made for two, his gaze was exceptionally profound, this younger brother was so agreeable to him, he can’t just let him be swallowed up by someone else……never……

Shu Ning was sleeping very well, the summer days were hot and air conditioning in the room made him feel pretty cold, but the person by his side became more and more warm, he simply hugged him and petted him, then changed to a better position to make it more comfortable for him to sleep.

On this rare occasion Shu Heng smiled bitterly, he truly enjoyed it but felt bad as well, he wondered whether Xu Jin had a habit of sleeping while hugging his little brother too, The seniors of the Xu family were always going abroad and were very busy, they had businesses outside of the country as well, as the direct successor, Xu Jin should be taking care of the young like him as well right? Shu Heng’s line of sight fell steadily on top of the little one’s face, he kissed his forehead and hair, and touched the soft little ears, then fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Shu Ning felt a stuffy feeling in his chest and couldn’t move even if he wanted to, he opened his eyes reluctantly and his eyes were welcomed with the sight of his brother’s handsome face, right in front of his face? Damn! He was laying sideways and half pressing me down!!!

Shu Ning was going mad, his head was steaming and his face was flushed a deep red, what the hell is this??? Anyone would think we committed adultery if they saw this wouldn’t they? No matter how great a relationship the brothers had they still couldn’t sleep naked together right? But of course, Shu Ning believes that Shu Heng did not have any desires towards himself, in his past life his brother was a saint, he loved nobody, he reckoned that he was just too outstanding and his considerations of himself was too high, so he looked down on everybody.

Ahh my god! Shu Ning couldn’t think about it anymore, he was furious, going mad, he felt foolish and couldn’t figure out where he went wrong, he crawled around the bed anxiously to look for clothes and something tightened around his ankle, something actually caught him. Is brother awake? Was I caught red-handed? Shu Ning was stunned and didn’t dare to look at the expression of the young man.

No that’s not right, who was the one who created this awkward scene? It was Shu Heng:”Brother, why didn’t you put any clothes on me?”Howl righteously~

“Got lazy.”

Ah ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“What’s the matter with it?”Shu Heng sat up and curled up his long right leg, he raked at his hair idly and his hair hung down……Shu Ning didn’t dare to see any more, he felt like all the water in his body was boiling, and went soft instantly. Damn it, Shu Heng actually had such a sexy and sultry side of him, it’s just too hot.

The hazy eyes of the his which was less aggressive than usual and a bit more lazy was too charming.

Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and minded his eyes, he resisted it.

Shu Heng helped Shu Ning get dressed first, his movements were very skilled, but a certain someone actually had no doubts at all:”Does your leg hurt?”

So he asked, and he did not feel anything:”Nope, I think it’s better now.”

“Mm, the swollen has gone down completely,”He settled the clothes of the little one before Shu Heng got dressed as well, he should be going to work today so naturally he wore a neat suit, handsome.

Shu Ning’s eyes foolishly followed the figure of his brother, what jade tree against the wind, and elegant demeanor and what not weren’t suitable to describe Shu Heng, the pressure exerted from his body was too heavy and sharp like an emperor, it was only after graduation that he started to become more introverted. I want to take part in the process of his growth, heh heh heh~

“I’ll carry you?”

How would Shu Ning have the face for that:”Can’t we eat in the room?”There were no adults in the house anyway, oh~ accompany him downstairs.

Shu Heng evaluated him as slow-witted in his heart, his little brother was stupidly adorable:”I don’t know what I’m going to do with you,”He picked him up and left, in the future he will hug him if he wants to, no need to ask.

Just like that Shu Ning had lost his rights, he blinked his big eyes and obediently hooked his arms around big brother’s neck:”Your suit will get wrinkly, brother~”

“It’s just a short walk it’ll be fine.”

All the furniture in Shu Heng’s room was black, Shu Ning didn’t like it too much, during the day when Shu Ning was hanging around in his own room it was convenient to study and whatnot. Breakfast was already served in the room, it was the dumplings that Shu Ning mentioned previously, there were two of each flavour, extremely intimate:”Give it a try.”

Alright……But you have to put me down right?

Shu Heng sat down while holding Shu Ning, and diligently picked up the chopsticks, he picked up a dumpling then gave it a blow, after feeling that the temperature was fine he took a bite:”Tastes pretty good,”Then he sent the other half over to the little one’s mouth.


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