RWSB Chapter 44

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The one who got face slapped was called Shu Zi Xuan, he was one of the most famous rich princes in C city, nobody dared to look down on him.

Why was he a prince?

Shu Zi Xuan had style, ability, and his smile was exceptionally amiable, he himself was incredibly handsome too, like a jade tree facing the wind, he flaunted a tall figure and his demeanor was filled with a noble aura, when Shi Ning had seen such a splendid person in his past life, his eye brightened up and he felt that Shu Zi Xuan was as dazzling as an angel, he was actually stunned for a moment before regaining his sense, it was rather embarrassing and his face was blushing as well. Shu Zi Xuan gave him a generous smile, he was a good person who was hard to come by.

Shu Ning did not want to admit that if Shu Zi Xuan wasn’t the eldest brother of the second house, maybe……he would’ve had a crush on him.


But of course, there’s no way Shu Zi Xuan can compare to Shu Heng.

One is a flying dragon in the sky proudly looking over the masses, it was profane to even lay your eyes on him, when the golden dragon lands on our world, I and the other mortals can only kneel in reverence.

The other is a smiling tiger on the ground, poised and leading a group of a hundred beasts, when the right time comes its wish is to take down the flying dragon in the sky!

Shu Heng was perfect with no flaws, he was as high up as the gods, this caused Shu Ning’s heart to not have been moved even though he could see him every day, don’t even mention if the two of them were blood related.

After all, even a “homo” had moral integrity.

He said he was blocking him! The surrounding atmosphere changed completely, some were there for a good show, and the others were just there to ride the fence, and some even laughed out directly, all kinds of gazes were present, Shu Zi Xuan had no way of stepping down the stage, he should get back at him in rage, but in fact his amiable smile remained, he even squatted down and slightly looked up towards Shu Ning.

“What happened to your legs?”

Sprained, under normal circumstances he would definitely reply him as so, after all the other party was showing his concern in such a warm voice and attitude, who wouldn’t mind that?

“I don’t know you.”Shu Ning went the opposite direction, he slanted his head sideways unhappily:”Can you please move away first?”

“Alright~”Shu Zi Xuan dragged his reply and gave him a pampering smile, he got up and made way for him with exceptional temperament, not a single hint of anger was present on him. And he did not speak much either, in case Shu Ning disgraces him again.

Shu Heng did not even look at Shu Zi Xuan and he was already pushing the wheelchair towards the main seat, the sofa here is the largest, softest, and the most luxurious one, Usually only Shu Heng could sit here but today SHu Heng went up to support Shu Ning, he helped him settle down first, he truly was flattered but he had to hide it and pretend to be ignorant.

The position that he craved for in his past life, just like this……he had sat on it without a care in the world, he should be happy but he did not feel anything, after all his frame of mind was different now.

Shu Heng had also sat down, many people came over to flatter him and send their greetings, Shu Heng only gave them a nod, and would say a few words every so often, Shu Ning paid close attention and felt quite ashamed, the ones who had received his attention were actually all talents, and some would even come to hold an important post in the future and gave their lives to Shu Heng, they showed outstanding characteristics as well as honesty and they showed great promise.

Ah……Even his ability to judge people were better than his _(:зゝ∠)_

He had just picked up a glass when something tightened around his wrist, he was caught by his brother, Shu Heng’s gaze was filled with gloom, but it seemed that Shu Ning did not know where he had gone wrong, like a little bunny.

“This is my wine glass.”

Shu Ning who wanted to secretly steal a sip was forced to put it down, but he did not get mad:”I almost drank it.”

Shu Heng personally selected a glass of fruit juice, brought it to his lips, and took a sip, then he put it down and called over well-postured man in a suit, he instructed him to bring over a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Shu Ning knew who that person was, he’s Shu Heng’s bodyguard, could there be poison in the juice? That’s impossible, so he asked him in a quiet voice:”What’s wrong with it?”

“Too sweet.”

Sweet? I like it:”Brother~ That’s mango juice, I want it.”

“It contained too many additives and it’s unsuitable for you, not to mention it’s late now, it’s going to affect your sleep.”

Really? Shu Ning lived under the oppression of Shu Heng all year long, the area underneath his shadow was too wide, he felt like he was omnipotent, so he just accepted it without much thought, and why don’t you take a look at where we are! How could I drink bottled juice outside that costs two yuan a bottle? The basic salary of the current day wasn’t high so juice is cheap and quite pure, in a few years a bottle will rise to over ten bucks a bottle, and the amount of additives will be even higher, the taste will be better too. If too much of it was consumed, it definitely would not benefit a child.

But that doesn’t mean you can deprive me of my rights to drink right? It’s no big deal to drink a bit less. Under the eyes of the masses Shu Ning was very obedient and well behaved, Shu Heng did not speak much so Shu Ning also sat quietly and watched the drama unfold, for example here was Shu Zi Xuan standing by the side this whole time and never walked away, and there was even a little girl standing by his side, it was Shu Zi Hui.

She was a year younger than Shu Ning and was extremely curious:”Big brother, who is he?”

“His name is Shu Ning, he is the second young master from the main family, your lil’ big brother.”

“Little brother!”Shu Zi Hui was very pure and naive, her big eyes fluttered, extremely alert and pretty:”Lil’ big brother is sitting on a wheelchair, is his leg hurt?”

He really wanted to give her a warm smile but right now she had the same deceptive look as her brothers. The other young ladies did not open their mouths, they remained cautious, only she had the courage to do so, using her good points she wanted to leave a good impression in Shu Ning’s mind, but for her to have such a mentality at that age was quite impressive.

The memories in his past life were quite profound, there was no way he would forgive her, Shu Ning started to get unhappy:”Who’s your big brother, don’t call me randomly!”

“……”The girl was stunned, it was a bit hard to keep her sweet and prideful smile, she pouted her little mouth grievingly:”Lil’ big brother~”

“No don’t, you look like you’re about eighteen or nineteen, I’m only thirteen, I can’t afford to be called that,”After he finished speaking Shu Ning even stuck out his tongue cutely, recently he had been acting cute and pretended to be childish to curry favour with Shu Heng, he had already gotten used to it, and now he was acting however he pleased, and baited her even harder, he immediately moved his head over to look at Shu Heng and linked his arms around his:”Brother~ These people are acting like they know me, I don’t even know them, so strange.”

Shu Heng gave Shu Ning’s little face a pinch:”The hardworking person definitely has their intentions.”

The young masters surrounding them all had a normal expression without a hint of change, but the same can’t be said for their minds. Everyone was used to Shu Heng hitting the nail on the head, he was too proud and decisive, the pair of deep black eyes were sharp and savage as if it could see through people, he would reprimand people directly if he saw something he didn’t like, he had never given anyone face.

As if……he was the senior, and everyone naturally listened to him and didn’t dare to speak carelessly.

Shu Ning was slightly ashamed as he heard him, and felt slightly uncomfortable, I am one of those people with intentions, ah……

Shu Zi Xuan kept his smile as per usual, his imposing grace was not reduced at all, seeing that his sister’s complexion was about to collapse he immediately held her in his embrace and comforted her:”You can’t be so presumptuous even if you like the big brother, this is his first time here so it’s inevitable, if you want to play with him then you should go stretch your legs out since the summer vacation started.”

“Mm!”Shu Zi Hui was filled with smiles again, only now did the little sisters who were close to her feel relieved. However the looks they gave Shu Ning was not too friendly, he felt that he was a prickly person and hard to get along with, and he scorned people arrogantly, even big brother Xu was name dropped, much less us? Alright, it’s better not to stand around here.

Amongst the lassies only the ones around twenty in age stayed and chatted with everyone, some of the younger ones without any plans stayed further away and grouped into several groups and they were all smiling gently, cute and lively. Shu Ning was already drinking his fruit juice feebly, he wasn’t too happy, Shu Heng was quite concerned about it but he just didn’t show it on his face.

When a plate of pastries were brought in front of them Shu Ning blinked, then smiled, big brother is still the most caring one, he actually knew my preferences.

At night he did not eat much at home, Shu Ning had a small mouth so he only took a few bites, Shu Heng was very worried about whether the little one would get hungry, so as soon as he saw him stop eating after just a few bites he immediately selected several nice looking and delicious foods and had them sent to his side, he had just sprained his leg not long ago and it was still swollen so it was unsuitable for him to move around or exert force, as long as Shu Ning’s eyes would pause on the food from afar for several seconds, Shu Heng would instruct his bodyguards and confidants to bring some over.

They were all smart people, they understood immediately and served Shu Ning like their master.

Shu Ning was looking at the strawberries from far away and he thought of the strawberry cake his brother had bought especially for him and his mouth curved up. They were once again brought in front of him, Shu Ning presented the buddha with borrowed flowers, he picked up a strawberry and brought it to Shu Heng’s mouth, he seemed to not have eaten anything so Shu Ning had a reaction, for him to be so negligent was not good:”Brother~ You didn’t eat much for dinner, how about some snacks?”

“You’ve learned to care about people?”

“With big brother as a model, even a fool would be enlightened.”

“It’s good that you know, don’t let down my goodwill.”

“Then big brother…..don’t let down my kindness either!”

Brotherly love, everyone was watching the scene but as for how many people would believe it, it was hard to say, Shu Kai’s favourite is currying favour with Shu Heng, but today Shu Heng had exceeded everyone’s expectations and gave everyone a surprise, was this…… on purpose? Or adulation? Shu Ning did not seem to be scheming anything, he was simple with a one-track mind, he even dared to make Shu Zi Xuan look bad.

If that was the case, as soon as Shu Ning put down his guard, they’re afraid that he will be immediately gutted by Shu Heng!

A big number of people thought it was adulation, he’ll be done for if he was raised to become useless, he would save his breath on killing him and prevent dirtying his hands too, if in the future the relationship between his and his dad were to be exposed, Shu Cheng was unpredictable with strong artifices, the ones who dare to offend him were history now, and there was still Shu Gao who was even more horrifying, he smile was clearly very warm but it made people’s hair rise.

The main family had always been filled with godly people, all of them were wise people and every generation seemed to be stronger and stronger, only Shu Ning was like a stray chicken in a group of phoenixes……could this be Shu Heng’s plan?

If he treated him well and made others think that he was his Achilles heel, and used Shu Ning as bait, those with ambition naturally would not be able to stand the temptation, he could pick them off one by one and he could even make Shu Gao and Shu Cheng give up on him!

How great, he didn’t have to do anything and Shu Ning had already walked to the dead end by himself.

For a moment all kinds of speculations were present but there were no movements, they wouldn’t be late even if they looked for a while longer.

With Shu Zi Xuan as the example, the ones who bothered Shu Ning were very less, and the ones who would bother Shu Heng were even more rare, all of them were young masters with status, and now here is the second oldest Shu Hao successfully sitting on the little sofa across from them, he was already twenty seven years old but he still called Shu Heng brother Shu, this “brother” was just a sign of respect to show that he approves of his position.

But some of the other older ones were depressed, they smiled on the surface but not beneath it, they all waited for Shu Heng to call them brother and would usually call him with a simple “you”, because the other families weren’t like this, it’s like they’re a triad now, but Shu Heng kept his eyes on top and he simply did not care about the complicated thoughts of these people. Shu Hao was a good and just person, when Shu Heng was young Shu Hao would bring him out to play quite frequently, he had even rode on his neck around the zoo. The slow-witted ones would get curious and ask, Shu Ning simply replied himself in case his brother just stays silent awkwardly, Shu Hao is a pretty good person, he’s upright and for the sake of harmony within the family he had even looked for Shu Ning to talk about things, he hoped that he wouldn’t continue fixating himself on Shu Heng.

After sitting for an hour, Shu Heng helped Shu Ning up and it was time to leave.

The playful young masters and ladies were immediately overjoyed, the high-voltage battery is finally going to leave. Every year Shu Heng would be just like this, he would show his face, say a few words, greet the people he was familiar with, and leave. He had stayed for the longest time today, it was because Shu Heng was very keen on satisfying Shu Ning’s desires, but it’s getting late now and his brother should be sleeping.

Everyone came to send them off like a great flood.

After they got in the car did Shu Ning laughed out to Shu Heng to remind him:”Those people are really fake.”

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