RWSB Chapter 43

Good night!


The two of them had a lot of fun, but from the start Shu Heng had only been using one hand to deal with the naughty little boy, his other hand holding down Shu Ning’s slender little legs firmly to prevent the possibility of a second injury.

“Spare me brother spare me ha ha ha~”

Shu Heng turned his body over to have the little one laying on top of himself, he inserted one hand into his clothes and scratched his back lightly.

Shu Ning’s breathing was thrown into disorder, his chest heaved up and down and a red glow burned through his entire body starting from his ears, his eyes were watery and pitiful, it was pleasant to see, Shu Heng did not close his eyes at this moment, he was admiring the exceptional scenery, he secretly wondered would other people’s little brothers be so cute? Probably, if not when Xu Jin suggested that his little brother wanted the family property, why else would he be willing to go out to do business by himself?

As one would expect, little brothers were soft-bodied creatures, small and fun to play with, Shu Ning rested peacefully on his chest, even if he started to sweat he still had a pleasant smell.

It’s time to let go, if I scratch him more he’ll get used to it and it won’t be unusual anymore, Shu Heng was best at restraining himself, but he didn’t want to let go:”What do you want to eat at night?”

When food was mentioned, the foodie was immediately in high spirits:”Shui jiao!”


“Shui~ Jiao~”Great god, for you to actually mishear it as sleeping, you truly are a fine piece of work, Shu Ning suddenly thought of a joke he heard in prison during the course of his past life, he immediately told it to Shu Heng:”There was a foreigner whose Chinese is not good, when he went to the restaurant to eat the waitress asked him sir what would you like to have? And he asked very nervously how much does a bowl of sleeping costs, the waitress gave him a big slap on the spot! Ha ha ha, don’t you think it’s funny?”

“The moral of this story tells you how important it is to pronounce your words properly.”

“……”Shu Ning’s face darkened.

Shu Heng took back his hands and Shu Ning got up to eat, occasionally his lips would twitch and his face showed a look of melancholy. Only until Shu Heng picked him up to go soak his feet did the relationship between the two ease up.

At night when their meals were sent to the room and Shu Heng picked up his chopsticks, Shu Ning subconsciously tugged at his brother’s hand abashedly:”Are we not going to the gathering?”

“We’re not going anymore.”

Oh gosh, did he do this for me? Shu Ning felt very moved in his heart, big brother treats me too well, it was simply unimaginable, as he picked up his chopsticks, the corners of Shu Ning’s eyes became dewy, to miss such an important gathering as he pleased, he truly had the makings of a big brother, it was too touching, Shu Ning whose heart filled with emotion naturally did not understand what Shu Heng was thinking.

He was not biological child of the Shu family, so he did not have any thoughts towards the Shu clan, he participated in the hosting of the gathering every year just to give his stepfather some support, only by showing his abilities clearly to those sub families would they have any expectations, only then would they know to sheathe their swords. If the main family was not strong and did not show their imposingness, there could only be endless troubles looming in the future.

Shu Ning had hurt his leg, compared to the gathering naturally the son of his stepfather was more important, the adults of the house weren’t present so Shu Heng definitely could not leave.

Shu Ning took a few deep breaths before calming down, only when his intelligence returned did he sense anything wrong:”Brother, weren’t you the one in charge of hosting the gathering for the Shu clan? Unless dad came back early?”The gathering will not be cancelled, and even more so there would not be any seniors present, Shu Ning had mentioned this because he did not want to expose the extent of what he knew.

“It is being hosted by Shu Zi Xuan of the second house.”

What? Why is it him? God, Shu Ning was so shocked he nearly dropped his jaw on the floor.

In his past life the things he competed with Shu Heng for were too many, including their status in the company, the youth gathering, the division of power within the family, and this second house was the strongest out of all the other households.

Shu Yu is the younger brother of Shu Gao.

Shu Yu’s wife died young so he only had one child called Shu Ling Yun, his wife was called Gu Ya, the couple had two sons under their name and a daughter.

The eldest was called Shu Zi Xuan, he was ambitious and also favoured by god, he was very amazing, he had wholeheartedly wished to get rid of Shu Heng and take over himself, but Shu Heng was too powerful, in confusion of what to do he joined hands with Shu Ning, but he still lost.

The second was an illegitimate child called Shu Zi Xun, this Xun was a name specially given to him by Gu Ya with very obvious intentions, he was obedient but he would still be turned a blind eye to, thus it was not considered embarrassing for Gu Ya to accept this illegitimate child.

The third daughter was called Shu Zi Hui, beautiful but naughty, she liked to mix around with Shu Ning the most, at first she would still bashfully say that if not for your brother, I would become your wife. Shu Ning was gay but he was greatly moved so he kept this little sister in his heart, he pampered her very much, while dealing with Shu Heng the little girl had also given him many ideas.

Now that he thought about it, she was the same type of woman as Qin Yu Zhuo, at that time he would accidentally bump into her again and again, could that have been intentional?

Whether it was Shu Zi Xuan or Shu Zi Hui, they all tried to get close to Shu Ning for a reason, they wanted to use him to take down Shu Heng and replace themselves as the main family, at that time Shu Ning knew the consequences, but he also wanted to fight against Shu Heng, so naturally they grouped together. However Shu Zi Xun truly was a genuinely good person, even though he was shouldered out he still maintained his conscience, he was cautious, conscientious, and would never hurt anyone.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng noticed the little one’s gloomy look, he seemed to be afraid.

“Brother……You have to go participate, it has to be hosted by you, if you were replaced because of me, I……I can’t stand it!”He wasn’t a child after all, so even if he kept repeating I’ll show you some tears to cheer himself on he couldn’t do it, unlucky, he couldn’t drop the chain at the crucial moment, Shu Heng seemed unmoved, and Shu Ning was very anxious like an ant in a hot pot:”Brother, take me out to see the world!”

“You wish to go?”

“Mm, I’ve never attended a gathering before, my family was poor, I never even got to go to a school gathering, after graduating I practically never saw my old classmates ever again.”

The little one spoke with grief, Shu Heng could feel his chest getting stuffy with empathy:”Then let’s go.”


“For your formal dress I……”

“I have it I have it, last time when mom wanted me to stand out at the He clan’s cocktail party, she asked people to make five sets for me!”

Cutting me off again, this is a bad habit, it needs to be fixed. Qin Yu Zhuo did make a lot of clothes, they were all in the little one’s room, while his bodyguards gave their reported they have mentioned about the style of the clothes as well, Shu Heng had an impression of it, those clothes were too fancy, it does not suit his aesthetics, he lifted the little one’s chin unhappily.

The chatterbox Shu Ning stopped on his tracks!

“Take a few more bites, if not you’ll be hungry while we’re on the road.”


How exciting, all his internal organs were trembling, wait for me Shu Zi Xuan, I was played in circles by you in my past life, but let’s have another go this time damn it.

Shu Heng left for a bit and immediately returned to accompany Shu Ning as he ate, his eyes were incomparably dark as he looked towards the tender legs that had not been soaking for long, pale and small, and his toes were even more full and pleasant to the eyes, he had touched them before, the feeling on his hands was pretty good. Shu Ning opened his mouth and wanted to tell him that he was fine don’t you worry, but for brothers to thank each other like this felt very distant instead, and thus he stretched out his tender little hands and grabbed hold of Shu Heng’s little thumb and swayed them.

Shu Heng’s sharp gaze immediately softened when he looked towards the little one.

He finished eating, Shu Heng carefully wiped the little one’s mouth with a towel and carried Shu Ning to the bed, this little fellow subconsciously spread his arms and hugged around his neck, Shu Heng faintly trembled for a bit, then went back to normal.

Two sets of formal clothing had already been prepared outside, one was as black as the night sky, and the other was white as a prince.

The black set looked very seductive, handsome! You could tell it was out of the ordinary even if it was simply hanging there, the cutting was concise and the lines were smooth, the dark markings on the collar made it seem quite mysterious. After Shu Heng changed into his suit, Shu Ning could not move his eyes away anymore, he was even more handsome now! Not a single detail was overlooked, he had the grandeur of a dark emperor.

Shu Heng went forth to help Shu Ning change his clothes, he lifted his hands when asked, and he would do whatever if it was needed, Shu Ning is such a good child. This set of clothes was definitely prepared in advance, big brother is so thoughtful. Shu Ning was so happy that he immediately picked up his tie……Damn, the him at this point of life did not know how to fix his own tie yet.

But Shu Heng knelt down on one knee and moved the little one’s hands to fiddle with the tie, a magical feeling flowed between the two of them.

The tie is done, Shu Heng kneaded the little hand in his palm:”Do you remember the steps?”

Shu Ning nodded stupidly and did not regain his senses. The bodyguards pushed a wheelchair, Shu Heng put Shu Ning on top, and covered him with a blanket.

“Brother~ Will people laugh at me if I look like this?”

“You’re the second young master of the Shu clan, they wouldn’t dare.”

That’s fine then, whatever the case Shu Ning did not feel embarrassed. Shu Heng was pushing him the whole way and they took the elevator down, only after they entered the Rolls-Royce did Shu Ning’s heart steady down. They reached the Shu clan’s clubhouse, it was brilliantly lit inside, the place was resplendent and the beautiful crystal chandeliers were huge and gorgeous, they made the various talents inside look even more outstanding.

Naturally when the various young masters and mistresses of the Shu clan came they would bring their confidants, if not they would not require such a grand venue.

The upper limits of each family was different, if you were looking in terms of ability, the elites they brought weren’t just discount lightbulbs, each of them spoke a common language, shining their talents. The young masters were sitting and chatting together, it was a tacit understanding that they were secretly sizing each other up. And now the second house had their time to shine, for them to actually get the chance to host!

An hour had passed, the ones who tried to provoke him were many, especially the Shu kai who had just arrived with a sarcastic face full of smiles:”Oh? Why are you sitting on the main seat today?”

You already know and you’re still going to ask, Shu Zi Xuan was a very shrewd person, he maintained his usual elegant countenance without a hint of anger, and passed him a smile as kind as a spring breeze:”Brother Kai you’re here? Come sit, brother will give you a toast.”

“Where’s Brother Heng?”

“He has something else to attend to.”

“Even if he’s not coming it’s not your turn yet is it? Following the ranking it should be the second eldest Shu Hao instead!”

“You’re talking about age, if the main house can’t come then naturally it’s up to the second house, not to mention this was a gathering only among us brothers, I’m just here to make the opening speech, why should it bother you?”

“That’s an understatement, it seems brother Xuan really does not mind, if that’s so how about you let me take over instead?”

“You?”Shu Zi Xuan laughed, and raised his cup to give a slight gesture.

At this moment, a commotion started up outside, it seems there was an uproar, isn’t this a face slapping? Shu Zi Xuan stayed cool, someone had already gone over to check for him.

The first confidant sent out by Shu Zi Xuan returned after only going halfway, his face seemed rather unnatural:”Young master, it’s Shu Heng.”

I thought he couldn’t come?

To be able to replace him was only a dream for Shu Zi Xuan, and now he had woken up from it, his face turned sour for a moment before he got up immediately to greet him.

Shu Heng is from the main family, a bunch of people followed behind him, there were bodyguards and confidants, as well as……someone he had only seen in photos, Shu Ning. Shu Heng was pushing a wheelchair, and on top of the wheelchair sat a smiling young boy dressed in a white suit.

It’s Shu Ning?

It’s actually Shu Ning?

This is incredible, why is Shu Heng pushing him personally? The little child brought in through the back door by his stepmother, shouldn’t he be eradicated early on? Unless he wanted to wait until he got older before fighting for the family property with him?

In a moment, the atmosphere surrounding everyone had turned rather strange, they were speculating incessantly, and naturally there were some who disdained him too, they thought that the stepmother was strong, and Shu Heng could only protect himself by currying favour with his younger brother, obscene. But on the other hand, what exactly does the fanciful attitude of this generally aloof person who did not pay attention to anyone mean?

Shu Zi Xuan had already reached before them, just plastered a smile on his face and was ready to speak.

Shu Ning made a light “eh?” sound, his expression seemed to show that he was in a predicament:”Excuse me brother, you are blocking my way!”


软体动物 – Mollusc, soft bodied creature, they’re flexible and you can knead and fling em around :^) pls do not fling ur little brothers around.

Shui jiao水饺 – dumpling, Shui jiao睡觉 – sleep

Xun means to tame 驯


Chapter 6 of 7men is out!

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