RWSB Chapter 42

Last one tonight, good night! I’d like to do another triple release tomorrow but my mom needs help at work so I’ll see how things go. I’ve been counting and I owe you guys 3 more double releases from my sick week o/


You still want a kiss?

You’ve got quite some face! Seeing that he caried me home from so far away, this one will sacrifice himself for a bit, Shu Ning who had mentally prepared himself did not notice that the number of times he was compromising with him was increasing.

He gave him a smooch, and deliberately made it a heavy and loud one, I don’t believe that your face is thick enough for this.

Shu Heng’s whole body stiffened up and his muscles were tight, Shu Ning who was holding his neck could feel it and he felt quite proud, youngster, are you still going to take advantage of me after this? Feels bad right ╮(╯▽╰)╭ You reap what you sow, young man~

Shu Ning let go of him, and just as he wanted to get down something tightened around his waist, Shu Heng fell backwards and with a scream of “ah” he fell on top of his brother’s chest, his eye widened, and he was so shocked that the flow of oxygen to his brain stopped for a moment, he was downcast like an abyss, as if something was flowing between them, it was quite strange but the atmosphere was warm, but Shu Ning was a “homo” after all so he was uneasy and wanted to get up.

Shu Heng did not stop him, after sitting up Shu Ning became even more depressed, this was his waist!

Taking advantage of when the little one was in a daze, he once again stretched his hand out to pull him back down and hug him securely, his weight was very light, he had clearly been nurturing him very carefully. Shu Ning’s ears reddened, during his struggle Shu Heng accidentally touched his armpit and Shu Ning couldn’t resist giggling:”No no don’t~ Itchy~ Itchy~”

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow and lifted up the little one’s clothes, the two of his big hands were stuffed inside and scratched around lightly, the skin on his back was smooth, delicate, and quite supple, Shu Heng had already known early on what his skin felt like, he expanded the range of his touch lovingly. Generally pets enjoyed being scratched, he trusts that his brother would enjoy it too.

Shu Ning turned stiff in a moment, his eyes had stilled as well, he knew that Shu Heng was a straight man, he might’ve misunderstood him big time when he yelled about it being itchy earlier, but it still felt quite good. He didn’t want to lie on top of him, but suddenly while pressing his body down, he felt a hint of cleverness as if he had won one over him but also that he was being deeply spoiled by him.

How strange, he didn’t hate it.

“Brother……a bit lower, yes yes yes right there, keep at it~”

Shu Heng did not speak, he was serving the little one diligently, he’s too skinny, there’s not even an ounce of extra flesh, from top to bottom only his face and tummy could still be considered to be satisfactory, how should he improve this? A nutritionist can’t solve it, what about a Chinese doctor? After thinking about it a bit he gave up, he was still young they can take it slow, after all the path is already paved.

“Brother, does dad know about what happened yesterday?”

Only now did Shu Heng open his mouth to speak:”I don’t know.”

Shu Ning’s head landed weakly on top of Shu Heng’s chest and he closed his eyes, Shu Heng was unfathomable, he did not wish to be seen through by him. Listening to the strong sounds of his heartbeat put him at ease, Shu Ning had asked him that deliberately, after all he was already over thirty years old, the shrewdness that should be present at that age was present as it should. It seems that at age eighteen Shu Heng’s beast-like nature had already been revealed, the area of his territory was under his strong control.

He did not mention Shu Gao’s name because he did not want him to be suspicious, Shu Ning sighed, how many people in the house are actually his men? He could even seal off information, it should be time to start taking note, does Qin Yu Zhuo know? She will definitely take note of the servants and use them for herself. In his past life Shu Heng would know certain things as soon as he had done them, there was definitely a spy hidden within Qin Yu Zhuo’s aides.

It’s thrilling to fight against another master, but if you’re not careful you will lose everything.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s foundation is not up to par, there was nobody by her wide who was truly loyal to her, she could only use money as a temptation, which was how she led Shu Ning to become the biggest cannon fodder, if not why would she sacrifice her son to a pack of wolves?

That’s not right, only Shu Yao was her real child, my Shu Ning……she does not deserve to have him.

Shu Yao was a selfish person, he was best at assessing the situation, if he grows up to realize that his mother was nothing, he will definitely abandon her. Once he thought of Qin Yu Zhuo being abandoned by the blessed child she had personally raised and given her all to, she would definitely be sad, distraught, and agonized, even to the point of falling apart, for that Shu Ning would feel overjoyed, he really wanted to immediately witness that moment right now!

Shu Ning who was thinking about some stuff on his mind was in a peaceful mood, he did not expose himself at all, Shu Heng also had his eyes closed as he enjoyed this rare moment together, however, he was even better at getting in control, he felt that it was about time and he took his hands back, he hugged his arms around the little one’s waist and gave him a lift to help him sit, it took him no effort at all. Shu Ning was slightly surprised, my brother is amazing.

“It’s time to change your towel.”

Only now did Shu Ning put his focus on his leg, he felt quite ashamed, he mind had actually stayed on Shu Heng as soon as he woke up. Shu Heng skillfully undid the towel and changed it to a new one to continue the compress. But the little one was quite naughty after falling asleep, if the towel fell down it would affect the result as well as wet the blanket, so Shu Heng busied himself without complaining.

“The swelling has gone down!”

“Not completely, stay at home today and don’t go anywhere.”

So overbearing! Shu Ning did got get angry, his complacent eyes were extremely bright:”Brother~ I’m hurt!”

“Your leg is hurt, not your head.”

This is how things are if you try to talk to a smart person, ah……he still had to study, so be it then, knowledge is boundless~

Shu Heng himself had personally brought his breakfast up, Shu Ning was so surprised that his heart felt a bit uneasy, oh my god my god my god~ This is the scene of a lion turning into a big dog.

I guess so, I’m hurt after all, and it was in front of him too, Shu Heng had done so because he was such a responsible person.

After thinking it through, Shu Ning ate his porridge and side dishes peacefully, only a wagging tail was missing, Shu Heng was eating his rice at the side, every so often his sight would land on the little one’s body, he didn’t get a fever nor any other adverse reactions, he’s as lively as usual, he should be fine. Shu Heng sighed when Shu Ning wasn’t looking.

After the meal it was time for his medicine, it was Shu Heng who waited on him again. Shu Ning secretly said something in his heart, little Heng~ Serve the empress some apples, and sure enough Shu Heng passed over some grapes at the next moment, Shu Ning’s playfulness sprang up again and said another sentence in his heart, help the empress wipe his mouth, Shu Heng considerately stretched a hand over and swiped his thumb across his mouth, I guess that counts as a meager pass, Shu Ning rolled his eyes.

Little Heng~ The empress wants to eat strawberries~

Shu Heng was just about to leave when he noticed the little one’s gaze staring at the strawberries……And so he picked up the biggest and most beautiful one and sent it to the little one’s mouth, Shu Ning narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, and bit over with his mouth open wide, the strawberry swooped away, Shu Ning subconsciously opened his mouth to bite again, this time his movements were fast and fierce, even Shu Heng’s fingers were not spared.

At that time the both of them felt awkward.

Shu Ning felt that you shouldn’t give up even if you were fighting a losing battle, you were the one who started teasing me first, it’s your fault you got bitten, his tongue hooked onto the strawberry and snatched it away into his mouth and he ate in satisfaction.

Shu Heng’s body was extremely stiff, he sights were moved towards his finger which was still shone with dampness, there were semicircular bite marks on both his index finger and his thumb~

“I didn’t do it on purpose,”Shu Ning said weakly, he naturally wasn’t someone with no tact, his gaze was pitiful and grieving. in his heart Shu Heng was not unlike a god, but he actually teased him, so naturally he was prepared for everything, which is why Shu Ning went all out, but who knew he didn’t dodge at all and was bitten.

The bite marks were quite deep, but thankfully there was no blood.

Shu Ning did not have the mood to continue eating fruits anymore, brother did not move at all and his face was dark, Shu Ning hurried to save the situation, and he wasn’t disgusted with his own saliva either, his two short little hands went up to give it a rub, and his little face moved closer to blow on it, he should say pain pain fly away, Shu Ning was cheering incessantly in his heart, Go! Go, he was only thirteen at this moment, it’s fine to be childish, I can do this!

“Pain pain fly away~ blow blow blow~ pain pain fly away~”Fuck me, how can I see anyone anymore……Silent tribute for Shu Ning~

Shu Heng’s pupils had reduced to the width of a needle, his body faintly trembled and this internal temperature shot straight up, it caused his throat to dry up and he felt extremely disturbed, while his throat bobbed he felt like his face was getting hot, and it was hard to breathe, even his forehead was starting to sweat, what is going on? And a certain disobedient body part of his was standing straight towards the sky again, it was breaking in in full fury, the face of Shu Heng whose head was steaming up was getting redder and redder, his self-control which he had always highly regarded was once again paralyzed, the alarms in his head were all going off and he immediately stood up and ran went straight towards the bathroom like a meteor.

I need a shower, a cold shower……

Shu Ning stared with his big eyes, and simple-mindedly picked up a strawberry into his mouth, his face was filled with confusion~

While he was studying at noon, Shu Heng did not leave, Shu Ning would go over to see him occasionally, Shu Heng would sweep his gaze over with a grim face, warning him with a sullen look, Shu Ning could only shrink his neck, pack up his doubt, and study peacefully. During lunch time, Shu Heng diligently carried Shu Ning downstairs to the yard to eat, a picnic mat lined the grass under a tree, foodstuffs like sandwiches, drinks, snacks and the likes were placed on top, all in all it seemed to look very lavish.

“Brother?”He prepared it for me? What a good relationship.

“Do you like it?”

“I like it!”

Nobody would dislike it, and he thought he would have to pass this whole day in the house boringly. Shu Ning smiled dazzlingly, Shu Heng had already put him down gently. As thanks, Shu Ning picked up a sandwich and sent it to the side of Shu Heng’s mouth, Shu Heng’s eyes had gone soft for a moment and he opened his mouth to take a bite, and disregarded the sandwich that was still in front of his face.

Shu Ning was wondering, why isn’t he taking it? Has he eaten already? What should I do now? He already took a bite, if I left it aside and took up another piece instead, it was a bit too much no matter how you looked at it! And so he swallowed his saliva, and Shu Ning retracted his short little hands in ate the sandwich bite by bite, the taste was not bad.

Shu Heng’s mood was instantly pleased, he twisted off the cap of the thermos and passed it to Shu Ning.

Shu Ning who did not know about indirect kissing at all were inwardly thinking about how considerate his brother was, seeing that he didn’t move, he took up a piece of sushi and sent it over again, you can’t just eat half of a bite-sized sushi in a bite right ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Little brother was experienced now, while Shu Heng was eating, his mood was extremely complicated.

In the afternoon it’s time to study again, Shu Ning took the opportunity to solve some doubts he had in his heart:”Brother~ Don’t you need to go to the office today?”

Shu Heng who was holding Shu Ning was walking very steadily, his gaze landed coldly on the little one’s face:”You don’t like having me by your side?”

“That’s not it, brother……You specially stayed to accompany me?”That can’t be, definitely impossible!

Shu Heng did not continue speaking, he jolted the weight in his embrace, and Shu Ning gave a yell, he was so scared that subconsciously his hands hooked towards his brother’s neck tightly, and his little face was stuck to the handsome face, he dared not speak again.

The corner of Shu Heng’s lips perked up fleetingly.

After his afternoon class, Shu Ning had determined that Shu Heng was specially accompanying him, it was simply incredible. The towel on his ankle is green in colour, previously it seemed to be pink, how many times has it been changed? Shu Ning felt ashamed, clearly the one who got hurt was himself, but the diligent one was Shu Heng instead, having a brother to take care of him was a fine feeling, so when Shu Heng returned from the bathroom, Shu Ning smiled at him.

His heart jumped, Shu Heng cooled his face but his ears were red:”What’s wrong?”

“Nothing~”Shu Ning lowered his head to play with his phone, the smile in his eyebrows was even more apparent.

Shu Heng stretched a hand over and skillfully lifted up Shu Ning’s chin with a finger and stared at him carefully, he only rest assured after he was sure that everything was OK:”Eat some cake, don’t play for so long, it’s bad for your eyes, after a while let’s soak your feet.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning ducked away and escaped from Shu Heng’s finger, oh my, a mandarin flavoured cake:”Thank you brother.”

Shu Heng rubbed Shu Ning’s head like a pet, Shu Ning laughed as he dodged away, Shu Heng’s gaze darkened and his whole body pressed over to suppress him, he began to scratch at him, Shu Ning truly was no match for him at all as he cried for mercy, his face was red and his clothes were messy~


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