RWSB Chapter 53

So… apparently the next chapters are twice the length of the normal chapters, how should I deal with that? Do they count as double chapters? No?


The obedient, sensible, naive, and pure little brother in my arms was actually a little devil once he’s out?

How could those tricks be something a person with a pure heart could come up with?

It was clearly intentional, and after so many rounds the little guy still hasn’t been caught a single time, what does that tell people?

He’s very good at this……

Shu Heng was shrouded with darkness, the handsome was as exceptional as that of an emperor’s was frosted over, he was leaning back cozily on a sofa and drinking red wine as well, the same as the one Shu Ning was having. Shu Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously, very good, this is a fine Lafite of a good vintage.

If Shu Ning saw him he would definitely piss himself.

The room next door was getting heated up, the young masters had already had some alcohol during their meal so they weren’t very sober, but now that they were being played by Shu Ning in such a way, one by one their faces were flushed red and their neck were swollen, they were all hoping for Shu Ning to fall into the pit, later He Ran even jeered and said he wanted to spin the bottle, Shu Ning let him, but in the end it was still pointing towards someone else.

Tsk……everyone made a noise.

Actually only four left were able to sit down, Shu Ning was digging pits for people composedly, he really was quite the expert, heh heh.

He Ran got pitted once again, he swallowed his saliva and looked pitifully at Shu Ning, hoping he could go easy on him. As the queen of the day Shu Ning curled up his lips mischievously:”Zi Hui, draw on his face, make him look like a bastard.”

How could that do? You can have me do anything but you definitely can’t draw on my face, the glorious image of the Lord definitely must not be stained! Everyone had their own inverted scales that should not be touched against, Shu Ning had the memories of his past life so how could things not be easy when he’s playing him?

Shu Zi Hui was ecstatic, lil’ big bro are you helping me get revenge? She hurriedly took out an eyebrow pencil from her bag but He Ran’s face turned dark and he immediately took up the glass, raised his neck, and drank it.

Oh……I can’t take any more……He Ran passed out as soon as he sat down, it was quite silly.

Cai Jian’s face was scarlet with fury, he pointed a trembling finger at Shu Ning:”This won’t do, you haven’t drank any yet, one more. Let me turn it this time, this is too damn abnormal.”

He did turn the bottle, but Shu Ning clung his legs to the table, he had started his skullduggery.

Finally, other than Shu Ning everyone had fallen from battle, the beauties were fine, Shu Ning gracefully stood up and sat down again, as if he had also drank a bit too much:”I’m sorry beautiful ladies, originally I had planned to send you all home.”Pretend to be muddled~

“No need no need, we can go back on our own.”

“Yeah that’s right.”

“It’s the thought that counts!”

Shu Ning was gloomy:”They……”

“We’ll send them~”Each of them helped one up, and the ones who brought bodyguards will definitely be fine.

These young masters will be ruining a lot of good girls in the future with their family’s power, he’ll give these beauties a chance today and take their revenge if they have any need to. Oh? Shu Ning looked towards Shu Zi Hui, this fellow was also eager for trouble, what’s up? Is she thinking of turning back on what’s already happened? God, right now almost everyone was about the age of thirteen or fourteen, towards the relationships between a male and a female it was like a new world for them, exciting, curious, enjoyment, they’ll be blushing for half a day from just a kiss on the cheek, they definitely won’t take it too seriously:”Zi Hui, I’ll send you back.”

Slightly awkward, Shu Zi Hui gave him a courteous smile:”Brother, you don’t have to specially send me back since you’re drunk, He Ran didn’t bring any bodyguards so I want to send him back, my driver and bodyguards are waiting outside so don’t worry lil’ big bro~”

Lying with her eyes wide open, He Ran’s three bodyguards were also outside, she’s just bringing misfortune upon herself, Shu Ning was also too lazy to pop her bubble:”That’s fine as well, you should return early.”

Flowers bloomed in Shu Zi Hui’s heart, she supported He Ran and went out, after they left the room was empty, Shu Ning looked at the leftover cigarettes on the table, his gaze were hazy, best to stay away from cigarettes in this lifetime, just as he opened the door and took a step out, Shu Ning was dumbfounded, big brother was guarding the door with a cold face?

He must have seen wrong!

He blinked his eyes, big brother was still there……Am I dreaming? Shu Ning was stunned.

But Shu Heng did not hesitate to pick him up and put him on his shoulders, Shu Ning didn’t dare to resist him, his mouth twitched incessantly, and again, I’m done for, the eggs are going to be crushed now……

Until he was thrown into the car, only now did Shu Ning find a bit of his remaining IQ:”Brother, what’s up with you?”Hell are you angry about?

“How old are you this year?”

Thirty~ Shu Ning swallowed his saliva subconsciously:”Thirteen~”

“Are you of age yet?”

Oh damn, he’s scolding me! It’s not like I went clubbing or anything, it was just a private room in a restaurant, unhappy, Shu Ning pursed his lips.

“You reek of alcohol, you wanna die?”

His eyes shrunk for a moment, Shu Ning wasn’t a fool so he understand immediately, really Shu Heng? You were bothered about this, Shu Ning had a melancholy feeling:”Other people were drinking, the smell just got on my body!”He looked at him with his eyes wide, he had to win by sheer force! If not things would be bad if he were to catch him red-handed or whatnot, just let me die~ _(:зゝ∠)_

“You didn’t drink?”

“I didn’t.”Keep firm to the end!

“You didn’t?”

“I didn’t!”I have to hold on.

“You didn’t?”

“I didn’t.”I won’t admit it even if you beat me to death!

Shu Heng attacked his psyche furiously, after asking three more times he actually still dared to lie so righteously? Don’t you know that three times and you’re out? If that happened he can’t let it go anymore. Shu Heng leaned over directly and Shu Ning dodged backwards, he accidentally stumbled down and fell to the seat and fell into a gloomy sigh of misery, the car had already started and the center partition had already been pulled down, he had nowhere to run.

With a stretch of Shu Heng’s long legs, he straddled on top of Shu Ning, and with the speed of lightning he caught the two little paws with one hand and put them above Shu Ning’s head, with his other hand he gripped his chin, his handsome face pulled in close in a moment, the little one’s breath smelled heavily of alcohol, Shu Heng’s gaze was sharp and they were spilling over with a cold frost, his tone had also become dangerous:”Did you drink or not?”


Shu Ning widened his eyes in horror, Shu Heng was squeezing his mouth open, what is this? What is he trying to do? Even if he wanted to struggle he couldn’t move a single inch, just like a lamb waiting for slaughter.

Looking at the little one’s frightened eyes, Shu Heng had to let go, although he was angry he doted on his brother even more. Shu Ning who had received his freedom held his mouth, big brother was even riding on top of him, he was weak like an ant……This feeling wasn’t good……it really wasn’t.

“Do you know what you’ve done wrong now?”

“……”Shu Ning nodded shyly.

“How much did you drink?”

“A few small sips.”

This was the truth, Shu Heng took a deep breath and made his tone of voice sound nicer:”Do you still dare to do it again?”



“How did you find out?”You’re monitoring me.

Shu Heng sat up and looked at Shu Ning with an unfathomable look, but Shu Ning had his mouth half open from the beginning till the end with dazed eyes and he did not look towards him, he didn’t know why but Shu Heng who had always been too lazy to explain anything suddenly felt like if he did not say it, something might be lost:”It started from the milk incident, the service staff going in and out of your private room had been bribed, they told me everything.”


“Do you have any other questions?”

Shu Ning did not speak, he secretly thought to himself that he was too careless, he wanted to hug a golden thigh but he didn’t guard against him too well, but now he had just given it a thought and he had already dismissed the thought in cold sweat, there were so many people so how would he go about stuffing corks in all their mouths? Shu Ning was only bothered by Shu Heng’s attitude, why did he squeeze his mouth open?

In that moment, Shu Ning was truly frightened, he was afraid that Shu Heng would recklessly put his tongue……

Didn’t you say you didn’t drink? How can you explain the taste of alcohol in your mouth? Maybe he was just thinking too much, he was only messing up his thoughts because he was too concerned about it, only after he was exasperated would his heart turn into a mess, after all it was just because he was worried about him. Shu Ning was after all an adult, he would look at things in the long term, Shu Heng can give him endless benefits when he grows up, forgive him, forgive him immediately.

But……He really couldn’t do it……it feels bad, he was still being pressed down by him.

Shu Heng stretched a hand out and wrapped Shu Ning into his embrace with one hand soothing his back, he tried to traverse the little one’s hand down from his mouth, but Shu Ning wasn’t having it, he even closed his eyes.

He didn’t want to see his unfathomable look, pa……pa pa pa……

Shu Ning’s mind was blank, he immediately stared at his brother, what is Shu Heng doing?

Shu Heng was still angry, he started to spank his butt, you’re unrepentant and you still being defiant to me? If I wasn’t afraid of something happening to you would I immediately rush over to sit in the private room next door to wait for you to come out so we could go home together? Were you too used to it that you started to become rebellious? What did Xu Jin say? All kids lacked education, this time you drank alcohol, played truth or dare, and made other people kiss each other……And even ordered a beautiful girl to accompany you in singing, and in the end he was the only one standing.


Only now did Shu Ning raised himself, he was so anxious his eyes had turned red:”Brother!”

“I’m already being very light, when Xu Jin disciplines his brothers he even takes their pants off, do you want that?”

“……”Shu Ning was speechless, then his butt was beaten again, it was a bit painful, a bit numb, his whole face had turned red.

Shu Heng curled his lips, he smiled:”Do you still dare to do it again next time?”

“Not anymore.”

Shu Ning cried without tears and he stopped holding his mouth as well, he slanted his head over to rest on his brother’s shoulder with wet eyes, he can’t show his face to people anymore, he had been spanked on the butt by an eighteen year old, at first it was his dignity, followed by his moral integrity, and how what else did he have left? This path of hugging the thigh, has this been the wrong one since the very start?

The car entered the underground parking lot of a hotel, the bodyguards who had reached a step earlier had already booked a room, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning in as he held him, after he closed the door he stripped his clothes, he needed to be cleaned up and remove the smell of alcohol before they returned. Shu Ning had been tormented by Shu Heng so much that he hadn’t even an ounce of strength left, and not only that but his heart was also feeling very exhausted.

A large towel was spread over the bottom of the bath tub, Shu Heng sat inside together with the little one while holding him. over twenty minutes has already passed, the little one’s scent was even lower now, Shu Heng was very bothered about it, he held the little head in his two hands and observed him carefully, Shu Ning exchanged glances with him, and he could find a bit of worry, a bit of tenderness, and a bit of bewilderment within his eyes.

He understood why he was worried and bewildered, but am I blind to have seen the tenderness?

“Are you angry at me?”

“I wouldn’t dare,”Shu Ning swiveled away but he was once again caught by the chin again by Shu Heng, he could only lock eyes with him, Shu Ning sighed in his heart:”Brother, I’m already thirteen, it’s normal for me to go out and play with friends, who hasn’t been curious in their lives? Trying out some alcohol wasn’t anything either right? And besides what does it have anything to do with me what they ordered? Wasn’t it enough if I minded my own business?”

Drinking was one part of it, there was something else making Shu Heng even angrier, the bodyguard that was tailing him had sent over a stack of photos, one of them just happened to be the one where Shu Ning was sticking close to the pretty girl, tugging at each other, as well as pictures of him staring longingly at the beauty, it made Shu Heng feel as uncomfortable as if the rivers and oceans were overturned, he couldn’t control himself, he nearly rushed over there to take the little one back. But Shu Heng didn’t want to mention this matter, this matter that made him lose his cool, he had wanted to forget about it:”Ning Ning~”

Speak properly, why are you dragging your words? Shu Ning felt weak as he shivered, he was so surprised that he widened his big wet eyes, what’s with big brother?

“You’re still young, don’t be contaminated with bad habits, women……”Why can’t he continue on? He felt slightly agonized, what is wrong with me?”

“There won’t be a woman.”

“What do you mean by that?”Shu Heng cared very much about it, his heart quickly started to beat like drums, he hurriedly grasped Shu Ning’s shoulders and looked closely at him.

“A woman who could make me fall for her hasn’t been born yet, don’t worry, I won’t fall in love this early.”Even if she was born I wouldn’t love her, I only like men, the big doggy type~

Shu Heng was pleased, as soon as that happened he immediately lowered his head and landed a kiss on those tender little lips:”Such a good boy~”


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