RWSB Chapter 39

Good night  ₍₍ ◟(∗ˊ ꒵ ˋ ∗)◞ ₎₎


Originally from hellitranslations. wordpress. com, if you see this anywhere else it’s stolen, follow my site for daily updates!

Really? What’s this got to do with me? Go kill him for a few more rounds instead!

Shu Ning appeared to be calm but in his heart he felt bitter. He never went with his wishes last time but he had allowed so much in front of Shu Heng now, it was too embarrassing. But Shu Ning understood, Shu Gao had no intentions of making him look bad or comparing them at all.

Shu Gao who was used to schemes had already noticed it:”What’s made you unhappy? Do the two of you play Go too?”

You’re thinking quite highly of me, Shu Ning simply spoke what was in his heart:”Grandp~ How is a chariot, a horse, and a canon going to count for anything?”

“Then another pawn?”


Shu Gao chuckled with a gaze filled with affection, he hesitated for a moment before pulling Shu Ning’s hand in his grasp and gave it a squeeze:”Tell me, grandpa will do my best to satisfy you!”

You asked for it:”Your brain~”→_→

Shu Gao:”……”

Shu Heng:”……”

The old steward Sun Lin cut off the branch of the flower with a “snap”o(╯□╰)o

As if a cold wind was blowing past, everything suddenly got quiet, as the steward Sun Lin would always try to calm the situation, his eyes brightened:”Chinese chess is a bit too difficult how about army chess instead?”

The aloof Shu Heng opened his mouth:”Gomoku is a bit easier.”

“……”Is my IQ being dissed collectively by everyone? If you’ve got the capability then let’s play animal chess~ And be childish for a bit, Shu Ning walked to the chess board:”Let’s play Chinese chess!”

Shu Gao set the board happily, Shu Heng didn’t move away, he spread his legs and hugged Shu Ning on the waist so they can sit together. Shu Ning’s ears blushed red, luckily he didn’t sit on top of his thighs, if not……that’ll be embarrassing, both grandpa and the steward was here, he’ll just take it as giving Shu Heng some face, to be able to see such brotherly love in such a family would definitely make the elders happy.

And as expected, Shu Gao chuckled and had Sun Lin prepare some snacks, and also to remember Shu Ning’s juice. Sun Lin promised readily, his face was beaming with a smile, and he hurried off to get busy.

There was a great disparity between their abilities, so it wasn’t hard to guess the results. Shu Gao was cool as a cucumber and Shu Ning lost three times in a row. Unwilling to accept the results, he unhappily challenged him once again, but Shu Gao did not go easy on him, right at this moment, Shu Heng who had been hugging him all this while had some movements, every time Shu Ning was about to make his move, he would secretly do some little tricks on the bottom, Shu Ning quietly put down the chariot, then picked up the cannon……

On the scenario where Shu Gao had once again given him a handicap of a chariot, a horse, a cannon, and a pawn, Shu Ning won the round, and was ecstatic.

Shu Heng lost to Shu Gao and Shu Gao lost to Shu Ning, although it was no fair since they were cheating, the baby felt wonderful in his heart.

Shu Gao knew what was happening secretly between the two fellows, and Shu Ning also knew he couldn’t conceal it, but nobody brought it up, they were teasing Shu Ning playfully while eating some pastries, and drinking juice, having a good time.

Dinner was made by Qin Yu Zhuo, she had received so much grief in the morning, but as per usual she still worked hard at night for the family.

Shu Cheng was very filial, the first thing he did when he returned was to look for his old man, at that time Shu Gao was polishing the chess pieces with Sun Lin and chatting about botany, they seemed to be planning to take care of the greenhouse now that summer was coming. Shu Cheng’s eyes showed a smile, before this his old man would never enjoy such leisures:”Dad, I’ve returned.”

“Mm, your wife’s abnormal behaviour has been thoroughly been investigated,”Shu Gao did not even lift his head.

Sun Lin invited Shu Cheng to sit down and served him a cup of tea, tirelessly he said:”The bodyguards followed her, the missus’ behaviour was caused by her sister trying to become dependent on her.”

“Dependent?”Shu Cheng’s tone was calm and he drank his tea.

“Yes, her second sister was harassing her, she wanted to use our Shu family’s missus as a bank, the master has already dealt with it, young master please do not worry,”As Sun Lin finished speaking, he took out a recording pen from a desk:”There was a recording, young master you can take it back to listen.”

“No need,”Shu Cheng trusted his family the most, he stood up:”Dad, let’s go down together to have dinner? Yu Zhuo made your favourite fish.”

“There are still some pieces left, you head down first.”

“Alright,”After Shu Cheng left, Sun Lin destroyed the recording.

Shu Gao took a sip of tea and narrowed his eyes:”We’ve already known each other for several decades, you can just say what you want to say.”

“I just don’t understand it.”

“Ah Sun Lin, the recording is too perfect, just like a TV drama, you need to know that it’s easy for someone to become impulsive when they forget themselves, but her performance was remarkable, especially that sentence where she said I’ll perish together with you after giving birth to my baby! It looked flawless from the front, but in fact it was deliberate, this is one of the loopholes.”

Sun Lin nodded:”So you specifically told me to take away the recording, based on young master’s style, he definitely won’t be suspicious of me.”

“Of course, I was too busy when I was young, my steward is even more like a father.”

That’s right, Sun Lin smiled with exceptional warmth:”When the young master was young he liked to stick around me the most, he wouldn’t let go even when night came, and he said he was afraid of ghosts, he’s exactly the same as Young Master Ning!”

“A father and his son would naturally share the same traits.”

On the other side, Shu Ning was as satisfied as a little kitten, he closed his eyes as he savoured the taste of the strawberry cake, very fragrant and sweet, Shu Heng went out personally to buy it, he didn’t even let his assistant take care of it, wonderful, he needs to nurture him into a slave in the future!!!

Actually even if Shu Ning did not mention it, Shu Heng would not have gotten anyone else to do it, only after driving past several streets did he manage to find a cake that suited Shu Heng’s tastes, in the future he should open up a bakery. Look~ He’s eating it so happily, lying in my arms, letting me touch his little stomach. He gave it another light rub.

His clothes were a bit unpleasant to look at……

“Brother, this one’s too small, I finished it in a few bites,”That was the only thing bad about it.

“Your three meals are important, cakes cannot replace your meal.”

“……”Who raised him to be so old-fashioned →_→

“Just paying lip service is not allowed.”

Eh Σ( ° △°|||)︴ Shu Ning looked backwards disappointingly, it’s a shame to the world if he didn’t become a quack, Shu Heng was very solemn, his gaze showed a profound gloom, Shu Ning could reply this way:”Got it.”

Is he feeling vexed? What a cute expression, a touch of complexity flickered past Shu Heng’s eyes as he lifted up a finger to wipe away the buttercream by Shu Ning’s mouth, this part was soft too, different from his tummy, he couldn’t explain it but it felt very limp and numb, even his waist loosened up. Shu Ning felt a bit 囧 as he hurried to get up and get some tissue to wipe the stains.

“It’s time, brother~Let’s go eat?”

“……”Shu Heng finally came back to his senses, but the buttercream on his finger was already gone, he was slightly regretful:”Let’s go.”

At the dinner table, Qin Yu Zhuo was still turning about the few people like before to fill up their bowls, her complexion was a bit paler than usual, she looked to be slightly out of it. Shu Gao ate fish while Shu Cheng was chatting with his eldest son, Shu Ning picked at his food……That’s not right! Qin Yu Zhuo pondered deeply in her heart, it wasn’t unreasonable to say that the matter that happened in the afternoon was quite serious, but could nothing really be stirred up at all?

I’ve been mentioning about suicide, Shu Ning, and my stomach!

That’s not right, Shu Gao and Shu Cheng were probably too shrewd, this was nothing at all in the eyes of those two, but their impression towards her will definitely improve a little, at the very least they won’t be making things hard for me. Qin Yu Zhuo cheered herself up, she felt that it would be best if they could get along harmonously, if not……she’ll try one last trick, whether I’m good or bad, Shu Gao you can take your pick.

After their meal it was time to have his medicine, Shu Ning held the warmed packet of Chinese medicine in his hands, two slender and pleasant fingers suddenly appeared around his nose, and lightly squeezed on it! Shu Ning blinked his eyes in wonder, what is this situation? ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“Go ahead and drink.”

Ah no, I don’t need to press my nose for this anymore! Resenting.

Shu Heng insisted as he watched him closely:”Go on.”

His righteous look made Shu Ning think of poison and his throat bobbed up and down inconspicuously, Shu Ning bravely died a martyr. A sweetness poured into his mouth, big brother gave me a candy again, the resentment in Shu Ning’s heart immediately dissipated. The two were sitting on top of the sofa, and Shu Heng snatched Shu Ning’s phone away:”Don’t play it anymore, I’ll help you review the contents you’ve learned during the day.”

Really?  ̄へ ̄

Shu Ning immediately scowled:”Brother~ Spare me!”

With a rumble, it was like something had blown up in his brain, Shu Heng only regained his senses after the little one said a few more sentences to him, only the word hug was particularly clear to him:”Alright then, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”

Shu Ning was overjoyed as he pounced into his big brother’s embrace.

Shu Heng flexed his arms and pulled the little on up to his legs, Shu Ning’s face was dark and he felt slightly uneasy, but a plan sprang to mind:”Brother~ Let’s play chess? I want to defeat grandpa.”

“Give up.”

“……”Well~ Damn……

“I won the national championship for the junior section.”

“I’m talking about Chinese chess.”

“I am also talking about Chinese chess.”

“Then why is grandpa playing with you, big brother?”Does this even make sense!

“To exercise my “thinking ability, temperament, and attitude, grandfather is well intentioned,”Shu Heng touched Shu Ning’s little head, he didn’t quite like the annoyed expression on the little one’s face, his gaze lightened up considerably:”You’re fine as you are, there’s no need for change.”

Are you going silly? Although he was praised, he was still unhappy, the fed up Shu Ning let his head sink, his soul had already flown away.

“You’re really very good,”Shu Heng did not know how to coax people, he tried to smooth his hand on the little one’s back, after giving his neck a squeeze he could clearly feel Shu Ning’s entire body stiffening for several seconds:”What’s wrong?”

“Brother~”I’m not a pet!

“Be good~”


Why is he still sulking? Shu Heng did not know what to do, his eyes brightened and he hesitated for a moment, he lowered his head and gave a light kiss like a dragonfly landing on water on the little one’s forehead. Every time the little fellow got excited he would do this, my kiss would probably make him happy as well right?

Shu Ning was shocked! Shu Heng lifted the little face up:”Will that do?”

“Y~ Yes!”

“I’ll teach you how to play Gomoku, there’s a one hundred percent chance of beating grandpa.”

Just like that, they played for more than an hour, Shu Ning won two rounds and was extremely pleased. It should be noted that he had never won in anything in his past life, ah that was one of the regrets in his life, but now he managed to do a turnaround! Shu Heng wasn’t such a perfect and flawless person after all, heh heh~

Shu Heng kept the chess set, a hint of a smile flickered in his eyes.

“Let’s bathe together?”

“I……don’t think that’s too proper,”Shu Ning had wanted to oppose him but after all he was too god damn tired last time, but this time was different, he wanted to see how well Shu Heng was developing on that area, he hoped it was small, but he hoped it was big too, Shu Ning’s heart tossed around in a simmer, who told his big brother to treat him so well, damn it _(:зゝ∠)_

Shu Ning returned to his room to get a set of pajamas, walking over with reluctance, he was secretly thinking who let you become such a busybody? Things are going downhill now isn’t it?

Curiosity killed the cat, he hoped that this time they really were going to bathe, and not getting his skin sloughed off.

Although Shu Ning was unwilling at heart, he still didn’t try to talk his way out of it, Shu Heng was a straight man, he didn’t know his sexual orientation, it’ll be fine.

Speaking of which did Shu Heng get married in his past life? If someone lived in prison then they wouldn’t know →_→

Big brother’s figure wasn’t present in the master bedroom, but the bathroom door was opened, Shu Heng was personally filling the tub, only at this moment did Shu Ning suddenly realize that Shu Heng seemed to really have taken Shu Ning to his heart as his precious little baby brother, if not how could such intimate things happen? At this moment the flavour, taste, and aroma were all present, isn’t this time to pop open a bottle of wine to celebrate?

“Water’s ready, take off your clothes in here, don’t catch a cold.”

Oh……He wasn’t like this in my past life, he was indifferent, arrogant, and wouldn’t bat an eye to anyone, the nice man in front of him is definitely a fake brother.

After waiting for a while, Shu Heng who did not receive the person he expected was slightly anxious as he looked towards the dazed little person:”Are you tired? Oh what am I going to do with you, come over, I’ll help you take it off.”

Originally from hellitranslations. wordpress. com, if you see this anywhere else it’s stolen, follow my site for daily updates!


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