RWSB Chapter 38

“While……what?”Qin Yu Lan wanted to evade her gaze, but endured and maintained eye contact, feeling extremely guilty, she was afraid of being seen through:”No matter what happened in the past we are still sisters, You even cut my skirt when we were young, when did sister ever get mad at you then?”

“Have you thought of me as your sister while you were spreading those rumours? Have you ever thought of me as your sister when you destroyed my reputation? Have you ever once thought when you ran your mouth off that maybe your sister who had nowhere to go while carrying her baby would kill herself out of despair? Do you think you have the conscience to be asking me for money now?”

“Yu Yu Yu……Yu Zhuo~ What are you talking about?”Qin Yu Lan was so shocked her face had turned white and her words were slurring, is this true? Yu Lan was unyielding when she was young, suicide……oh heavens! Qin Yu Lan clenched her hands under the table, even her knuckles had turned white, she was very afraid, but she mustered out a smile:”Hey sis, is there a misunderstanding somewhere? What rumour? Sister doesn’t understand, you’re clear on how sister has been treating you since you were young, could it have been……big sister?”

“Big sister has always had a bad heart, really, she says whatever she wants, back then she only said too much because she was worried about you, she was worried about how you were going to get married if you’re pregnant but she didn’t use the right words, after that~ Didn’t mom give her a scolding? On the way back big sis was crying and all, she was quite regretful to know that you weren’t having the best life too.”

The plight of the sisters fell even deeper at this moment, Qin Yu Lan looked pitifully towards Qin Yu Zhuo:”What’s in the past is in the past, now that you’re living a good life your sister I am very happy for you.”

“……”Shameless, Qin Yu Zhuo narrowed her eyes:”Are you willing to do anything for money?”

“Yu Zhuo!”Qin Yu Lan’s voice was rough:”I’m also pulling at straws here.”

“How much are you borrowing?”

“Huh?”Qin Yu Lan was slightly surprised.

“I’m asking how much you want to borrow?”


“I can lend you the money for the surgery and his recovery, I won’t charge you interest.”

“That’s not it……Yu Zhuo, your sister’s financial strength is limited, I don’t have the ability to pay you back!”

Qin Yu Zhuo turned up her nose in contempt:”So what do you want? You want me to hand it over for free? Let’s not beat around the bush today, I have no status in the Shu family, and don’t you try to put any thoughts in Shu Ning’s head either, father-in-law has a problem with my upbringing, I’m not in charge of the family so I have no right to hand out anything to you.”

“Why do you have to say it that way?”Qin Yu Lan was getting unhappy:”If your father-in-law doesn’t like you then you’ve definitely done something wrong, the future is long, he will naturally see your good side if you give him proper respect.”

“He’s my dad, who else am I going to respect if not him?”Qin Yu Zhuo’s attitude had gotten considerably more firm, and she cut it straight to the point:”My time is limited, give me a number, and when are you going to pay me back? If we write a proper contract it will be easier for me to explain it when I return, if you can’t help me out with this then don’t force me.”

“Yu Zhuo, I’ve said all the good I can today, and it’s not like I don’t understand your ridicule, but you’re young, so I’m not going to pick a bone with you over that,”Qin Yu Lan leaned back as well and narrowed her eyes:”Since you’re going to set yourself clear with me today, I’ll stop trying to be cordial with you, and I’m going to set a few things straight as well, brother-in-law……is a good person, he gifted him the villa simply just as he said he would, if you’re going to be so stubborn about it then I’ll just have to look for him instead. For my man I am willing to kneel down if this won’t work out, who told me to have such a heartless little sister? It’s the only thing I can do.”

“You dare to?”

“What don’t I dare to do?”Qin Yu Lan scoffed, her features which could still be considered pretty turned very ugly:”My sister is so rich but forced me to the end of the road~ It’s no big deal for me to go over to your workplace and cry a bit, or maybe cry at my great brother-in-law’s door, since you’re going to be so ruthless with me don’t blame me for destroying your reputation, I know you have money and connections now, but a beggar can never be bankrupt, kill me if you can, but of course, I told many people before coming here today, you can kill off several.”

“Qin Yu Lan don’t you dare talk nonsense, my reputation can be ruined but if you dare to drag my husband into this, don’t blame me if I decide to perish together with you after my kid is born!”

Qin Yu Zhuo gnashed her teeth in agitation and warned her loudly, she spoke with such maliciousness that even her eyes were getting bloodshot. Qin Yu Lan who was speaking nonsense in her bravado was frightened pale to a sheet, she immediately snorted a laugh in fear, and changed the subject:”Hey, you’re still the lucky one, you’ve definitely got a lucky baby boy don’t you!”

Of course, Qin Yu Zhuo’s face eased up considerably as she touched her stomach.

Qin Yu Lan felt a bit weak on the knees, but she wasn’t willing to give up:”If you want to write it down then fine, you……lend me a hundred thousand and I’ll slowly pay it back to you, I definitely won’t make your husband’s family look down on you.”

She said she was going to borrow it, but she won’t be paying it back once she leaves, how foolish of Qin Yu Zhuo:”If I were to lend you this money today, I would be even worse in father-in-law’s eyes, that I’m indiscriminate and can’t stand up for myself, but fine, I can give you the hundred thousand immediately, there’s a law firm opposite of this building, go over and write an IOU.”

“Yu Zhuo!”

Qin Yu Zhuo simply stood up, Qin Yu Lan knew that she had already steeled her heart, she anxiously grabbed her sister’s arm, if it comes to this then she might as well look for her man instead, that fellow is surely going to be very kind, if he could give Xiao Fu a villa then he could buy me one too right? Qin Yu Lan hesitated for a moment and Qin Yu Zhuo had already shrugged her off and left.

While passing by room 203, a glimmer flickered past Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes.

In order to improve the relationship between the “in-laws”, Qin Yu Zhuo had already spent a lot of work on it, that’s right, today was a gamble, with Qin Yu Lan’s insatiable greed, she’ll surely be led around my noose, hell does she mean brother-in-law earns only a hundred fifty a month? You can trick other people but you can’t trick Qin Yu Zhuo who was an executive assistant.

The salaries of teachers in the countryside were even higher, the country gives them subsidies, houses, and health insurance, even the teachers in the city earned only four fifty, you really dare to cheat me huh Qin Yu Lan you fool.

But then again, there was still a bit of use to her.

At least she could prove that I’m extremely pitiful, filial, and noble, neither overbearing nor servile, even if I came from a humble upbringing I still had a backbone, and still had the determination to go through fire and water for my husband’s family.

From the time when Shu Ning had looked for Qin Yu Zhuo to talk about this matter, she had already begun to think about it, and pondered about it for a long time, she was playing out the scene endlessly in her mind to make sure her plan was seamless. She put up a languish act at home deliberately to show unease, and pretended to be skittish, before hurrying to cover it up, Shu Gao and Shu Cheng were sharp, and they attached great importance to the baby in her stomach, they would definitely send someone to follow her for twenty four hours to monitor her.

When someone on top sends someone over to watch over you they won’t see it as something wrong, even if you complained they would say that it was for your own good, Qin Yu Zhuo understood their mentality and naturally used it. With no surprise, when Qin Yu Lan is on the way home, something would probably happen to her. She was just a minor character, Qin Yu Zhuo was too lazy to get revenge, and it was for her appearances as well, what if one day someone investigated and found out that something had happened to Qin Yu Zhuo’s family, what would that tell them?

Just a while back a lady had an unwarranted accusation against her by her mother-in-law, blaming her for bringing calamity and all sorts of other things, and she drove her out overnight.

Qin Yu Lan ran headlong into it……this was God’s will.

While eating lunch, Shu Heng had given Shu Ning a call, checking……if he was being diligent o(╯□╰)o This child is watching him so closely.

Shu Ning deliberately let the ringing tone play for a moment, and received the call with a complicated feeling:”Brother~ Good afternoon.”

“How was it? Have you understood everything the tutor taught you?”

“I understood then.”

“And now you’ve forgotten?”

My god, do you know how to talk? After an awkward pause he replied:”How about we make a bet? You make the questions and I’ll answer, if I get them all right I get to have tomorrow off.”


After two minutes, Shu Ning was in a tragedy, fortunately Shu Heng didn’t add any rules, if not he’ll be in for it if he sets any punishments or anything.

“You can’t be complacent now, study well and I’ll give you a reward.”


“Be good~”

“Brother……What time are you coming back?”Shu Ning’s abilities to shift the topic has become more and more amazing, he rolled his eyes:”I want to eat cake, strawberry flavoured.”


“I want to eat one made personally by big brother!”


The call ended, Shu Ning fell to his bed and laughed out loud and nearly fell off the bed, he could imagine Shu Heng standing with a look of indifference in front of those cake counters frequented by young girls, and how in disorder he would be with his facial paralysis! It’s a shame that you can’t order it online right now, putting a face of 囧 to his wall, it will definitely be way funnier than those magazine covers with collectable value.

Teasing his brother and whatnot, those things are best left to being satisfied just using his imagination.

Great, he has to learn English in the afternoon……

It was hard to satisfy Shu Heng in just one summer vacation, but Shu Ning had a good foundation so he wasn’t worried at all, he can improve a lot once he gets serious, after all this was his second time learning, there were some words he tried very hard to memorize in the past that he didn’t know how to use, but now those words have finally soaked into his head. This was the first time the foreign teacher had met such a serious student, and he would praise him from time to time.

Shu Ning was extremely ashamed, I……I’m already a thirty some year old uncle →_→ Older than you.

It was supposed to end at three but Shu Ning got too focused, when he realized it, it was a bit over four o clock, he felt a bit regretful.

The teacher is a professional specially hired by Shu Heng with a high salary, he serves only Shu Ning, he wasn’t the type of tutor who taught many students. At night when he returned, the tutor who had already understood the strengths of Shu Ning still had to specially create a programme for him, and submit it to Shu Heng to look over. In the evening, a low-profile black limousine drove into the yard, Shu Heng had returned.

Shu Ning squatted by the windowsill and supported his chin, handsome, this young man is truly handsome, the only person who could make a black suit give off the feeling of an emperor’s robe was none other than him.

Damn, why is he looking over!

His heart beat chaotically for a moment, they said that you can’t talk behind other’s backs, how efficacious! Shu Ning waved his hands and curved the corner of his mouth, Shu Heng narrowed his black ink-like eyes, little brother had a very sweet smile with his bright eyes and white teeth, it made one unable to look away, he’s so happy that I’m back? Shu Ning’s thoughtless movements had pleased Shu Heng, and on this rare moment he even waved his hands before walking towards the living room.

First he had to go see Shu Gao, then play a round of chess while he’s there to calm his surging emotions, listening to the old man’s speech about studying for ten years, with Shu Heng’s calm temperament and Shu Gao who was highly concentrated when he played chess, an hour had passed quickly just like that, even Shu Ning had come over. While the little fellow was watching them he subconsciously pressed his lips together, Go! The whole board was filled with black and white pieces, my grandpa and brother really are very amazing, seems like he’s really gone easy on me when we played last time.

As Shu Gao put down a piece, Shu Heng sighed:”I’ve lost.”

“In this game you’ve tried to relieve the besieged by attacking the base of the besieger, it may have seemed to be effective but it ended up ineffective, you were too passive, it was one of the worst plans indeed, only by striving can you stand firm.”

“I understand.”

“So instead of just defending why don’t you try attacking?”

Shu Gao talked a bit more with Shu Heng, and played another round, this time it ended even sooner, like a god Shu Heng was defeated again, Shu Ning watched it keenly in pleasure, while laughing in his heart sadness had befallen him, Shu Gao looked towards him:”Come over, I’ll give you a handicap of a chariot, a horse, and a canon!”


If anyone doesn’t know, Go is a Chinese chess game popular in Japan, the goal is to capture your opponent’s pieces by cutting off their route, if they’re fully surrounded with no space in between, you can take their pieces off the board.

The pieces Shu Gao mentions are part of Chinese chess.

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