RWSB Chapter 37

Gufeng song because I don’t listen to love songs lol orz I don’t know what to put


Alright then young master~ ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Shu Ning raised an eyebrow and stuffed in another two bites of tofu and drank the water passed over to his mouth by Shu Heng, he really could eat no more.

“Study at home obediently, I’ll see you in the evening.”

“Mm, have a safe trip brother.”

Why aren’t you going? Shu Ning watched Shu Heng as he wiped his mouth, and why is he staring at me after that? Like a wolf staring at his prey wondering which part he should bite into first! Shu Ning felt very puzzled but did not show it on his face, until Shu Heng hugged him at the waist, put him in place to prevent him from escaping, then……lowered his head……he felt a warmth of his forehead, he was kissed!!?

Shu Ning’s heart was beating madly when he got hugged, it felt very weird, the kiss was just a little tap, he told himself not to think of nonsense in his heart, I’ve also kissed him before! He was just returning the favour. And so the big brother who was rushing to get to work exposed a dazzling smile, he obediently waved his short little hand~

Shu Heng turned around to leave in satisfaction, he had finally gotten his wish, it was just as wonderful as he imagined it would be, very comfortable.

And the flesh around his stomach was very soft as well, the texture is not bad, he recalled that one time the little one rubbed his tummy because of indigestion, Shu Heng felt that if Shu Ning were to have any stomach discomfort in the future, he could do it for him.

Only after waiting for over half an hour did the tutor finally meet the little young master, Shu Ning had also wondered, brother had always hated tardiness the most but now he actually made an exception for me ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

For the sake of getting into high school year 1, he’ll study harder.

Qin Yu Zhuo had gone over to deal with some troubles, it was just as Shu Ning said, second sister had a mind to come over to complain about being impoverished. At first only the ol’ number two was the only person who knew about it, but she did not have as many plans as big old, and she was afraid of getting caught up in trouble if she were to go, after thinking about it she decided that there were quite a lot of benefits if she went up to look for her, and she was well-known too, there was nothing good to come from dragging the elder one as well.

Her husband was in the hospital and the three of her kids were in school, especially how well the eldest was studying, in the first year of high school the places that required money were quite a lot, and in the current society you would end up spending money for a lot of things, the days are too bitter to bear, and her younger sister was wealthy, helping out a bit was something she should be doing right? Qin Yu Lan who was calculating in her heart deliberately got on the bus wearing faded clothes and did not use any makeup.

When the third daughter took the phone she had already jotted down all the numbers in a book, after calling the numbers one by one she successfully got on the line with her sister, they made an appointment to meet at a private room in a restaurant at C city

After four hours, Qin Yu Lan found the magnificent restaurant, the security guards at the door stretched out their hands, extremely hesitant:”Aunty, employees enter from the back door.”


“What do you mean huh? Don’t stand around here interrupting my work, go through the back door, the back door don’t you understand?”The security guard spoke in fluent Mandarin, he stuck his thumb out and gestured behind him, his tone was impatient but he wasn’t being impolite yet.

“I came here to eat!”Qin Yu lan had never encountered such a situation before, she peeked over the security’s burly body towards the door. The distance was only three meters, the double doors looked extremely luxurious, two tall refreshing looking young ladies were standing to each side, they had sweet smiles and would greet the guests anytime one walked past in a bow, they were truly too polite.

Her sister said to discuss here, how lavish, that means that she’s been mixing in well, Qin Yu Lan was overjoyed and her complexion had gotten rosier than before.

“Hey hey hey, what are you looking inside for? Do you know how much a meal costs inside?”

“My little sister invited me to eat, move over, if not I’ll be looking for your manager.”

The security guard snorted, he was still going easy on her earlier, but now his contempt was clear:”Your sister invited you here to eat? Aren’t you afraid of your tongue falling off with a lie like that? Looking for my manager? Don’t you know how busy our manager is? Let me tell it to you straight, I’ve seen many poor-looking people like you, go away, even if you’re looking to eat you’ve got to check where you’re at.”

“You……that’s too much!”

“Go away go go go, if not I’m calling the cops.”

After taking a deep breath, the man had a tall stature and looked very mighty, Qin Yu Lan was quite afraid but she had come here to eat righteously, the security guard looking down on her as if she’s a dog made her feel extremely wronged, the gazes of the passersby felt even more like she was getting her limbs cut off, it made her look very bad:”Private room number 104, go and confirm it.”

He laughed loudly:”Hey clodhopper, you do you even know what 104 means?”


“We don’t have any private rooms on this floor, 104? Did you come from far away? If you’re here to cry about your poorness to some rich people then go to the right, the police station over there has a little room they can lend to you, you get free food everyday, and you even get a pair of bracelets,”The security guard laughed as he said that, he pulled up his sleeves with a bad look in his eyes:”Are you going or not?”

Qin Yu Lan was still thinking that Qin Yu Zhuo would give her some extra money due to the fact that her husband was in the hospital, how could she go just like that?

The frustrations of her greed made her forget about her fear, I just don’t believe it, who would dare to hit a girl in broad daylight? Thinking about that, Qin Yu Lan let it go and tried to talk it out with him agitatedly.

Within the private rooms on the second floor, Qin Yu Zhuo was sitting on the soft sofa and watched the drama happening through the window with a cup of coffee in her hands, the corners of her lips faintly curled up in a modest fashion, she looked very dignified with her body covered low-key in branded goods, it made her look even more beautiful and refined.

They could not look in from the outside, Qin Yu Zhuo deliberately told her the wrong room number, she set this up just to make Qin Yu Lan look bad, to let her understand the gap between them. Humans should know shame, it was her own fault to get trampled on because she coveted that which does not belong to her, the security guard pushed down the confused Qin Yu Lan, and she cried loudly on the floor.

Sneer, Qin Yu Zhuo put down her coffee, she did not drink it, she just wanted to smell the aroma.

This is luxury, Qin Yu Lan would never get to enjoy this in her whole life even after she dies.

Half an hour had passed, Qin Yu Zhuo called a waiter over, the girl bowed:”What can I help you with?”

“Invite that pitiful woman in, I’ll buy her a meal.”

The staff naturally knew who Qin Yu Zhuo was, and admired her generosity in their hearts, Mrs. Shu has a big heart, no wonder she could marry into wealth, this ease and grandeur is not something that anyone could learn:”Very well, please wait a moment.”

After a few minutes, Qin Yu Lan reached the private room in a fluster, 204! It was actually 204, I’ve actually heard the number wrong, ah, Qin Yu Lan was extremely regretful at heart, how could she not have heard it right, it was too embarrassing. The waitress was about to push the door but Qin Yu Lan who came for a selfish reason did not let her:”I’ll do it myself, you can do your own work.”

“This is my job,”The lady was all smiles, she was very polite.

She truly is a big city person, she had a very good attitude. Qin Yu Lan misunderstood, the waitress was just wary about her, after all the valued guest inside was alone, it’s better to be careful! But Qin Yu Lan stopped her again:”Wait here for a bit.”She subconsciously touched her hair and smoothed it, then after taking a deep breath to press down the fire inside, she let the waitress open the door.

The brightness in the room was very soft, decorated with upscale decor, and they even displayed fresh flowers!

This is third sister?

Qin Yu Lan narrowed her eyes, she couldn’t recognize her anymore, Qin Yu Zhuo’s luscious hair shone with a healthy glow, her skin was pale as snow, and she wore a beautiful dress, one could tell that the necklace around her neck was worth a lot in a glance. She struck it rich! No wonder she liked that man for so long, turns out he had money, how cheap, she even gave birth to that bastard.

“It’s been hard on you,”Qin Yu Zhuo waved her hand, the waitress had already determined that the two knew each other, so she lowered her head and left at ease.

Qin Yu Lan sat down openly and gave table a touch:”People in the city sure know how to enjoy themselves, putting glass on top of stone and you’re not afraid that the plate would be too hot and shatter it.”

Qin Yu Zhuo grinned and said nothing.

Qin Yu Lan turned her eyes around, it’s time for business:”Hey sis, I didn’t get to explain things on the phone, your brother-in-law……is hospitalized, his bone was fractured, the doctor said the injury is too serious, even if he recuperated in the future it would still just be half cured, even walking would be strenuous.”

“So what should we do?”Qin Yu Zhuo had a face of indifference, she seemed to have just been asking casually.

Qin Yu Lan who was feeling quite excited leaned her body slightly forward:”Surgery!”

“That would require a lot of money wouldn’t it?”

“……Mm, not only that, he would need a lot of money to recover post op, our family isn’t too well off, your brother-in-law only……only gets a hundred and five for a month, and he still has three kids to raise, the eldest just entered high school……”Babble babble, she talked incessantly about how she was so pitiful she couldn’t live on anymore, after that she even wiped her tears away and her nose had gotten red.

Qin Yu Zhuo was smiling, the more they wanted to act, the more splendid her smile would become, how refreshing, I’m relieved to hear that you’re not living well:”The costs of staying in the hospital nowadays is very high right?”

“Wasn’t that so.”

“Did you sell your house and land yet?”

“What are you joking about? Where are my kids and I going to live?”Qin Yu Lan stretched her hand out and pulled her sister.

Qin Yu Zhuo leaned backwards and crossed her arms over her chest in a cozy mood:”Your family is so poor and you have to pay for the schooling of three kids, how are you going to get money if you don’t sell your house?”

Aren’t you rich? Qin Yu Lan couldn’t keep up the smile on her face anymore.

Qin Yu Zhuo raised her right hand and looked at her nails:”Is the hundred and five brother-in-law gets less? As far as I know it’s quite normal to be earning that much in the countryside, a hundred and five wasn’t bad at all, if you think that’s less, you should go out and find work, your children are your benefactors of your past life, if you don’t work hard, how are they going to live?”

“I can’t leave my kids at home, and I’m planting some vegetables in the yard, cultivating a few acres of land, my body’s getting worse by the year where am I going to find a job!”

“It’s better to sell your house then, didn’t you sell mom’s house too when she was in the hospital? You’ve all been doing your bests, you were very filial.”

Qin Yu Lan’s face was red hot, she didn’t want to get caught in this topic, she only wanted money:”Yu Zhuo, sis will tell it to you straight, if your brother-in-law doesn’t get surgery he will become a cripple.”

With a chuckle, Qin Yu Zhuo looked towards Qin Yu Lan:”It’s even better if he’s crippled, he was only getting a meager salary anyway, he can’t pass his days proper, if you’re lucky you can leave him, look at how well I’m doing, isn’t it fine if you just marry another good man?”

“You!”Qin Yu Lan would not have ever expected that Qin Yu Zhuo would actually advise her to get a divorce? Who the hell gets divorced in the countryside? Didn’t they all live happily for the rest of their lives? There was a couple who got divorced in the next village, people from several villages across the lands laughed at them, peh, no wonder Qin Yu Zhuo could become a whore, she was a sleaze after all.

“What’s wrong? Too attached to him? Your family’s not at the end of the rope yet so why would you come asking me for money? And anyway do you think we’ve got a good relationship? We haven’t been in contact for over ten years and you still have the face for this.”

“What are you being so estranged? Blood is thicker than water, you’re my sister no matter where you go,”Qin Yu Lan saw the unhurried look in her sister’s eyes and suddenly felt her hair rise:”Sister, now that things are looking up for you and you’re passing your days with flourish, if you can give your sister a hand then just give me a hand alright?”

“A hand? How do you want me to do that?”

Qin Yu Lan held her breath, feeling extremely displeased in her heart as she gave her a currying smile:”Can’t you help your sister out with the cost of the surgery and for his recovery? If your brother-in-law is crippled your sister’s future happiness would be destroyed.”

“What does your life getting destroyed have anything to do with me? Qin Yu Zhuo lifted her chin up high, like a big and heavy hat, is it a crime if I don’t help out? Who can you blame for not working hard yourself? Fresh animosity was added to the old grudges, Qin Yu Zhuo’s gaze had a penetrating eeriness:”Have you forgotten about what happened while I was caring for my pregnancy at home?”


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    [Qin Yu Lan raised her right hand and looked at her nails:”Is the hundred and five brother-in-law gets less?”]
    [Within the private rooms on the second floor, Qin Yu Lan was sitting on the soft sofa and]
    [Half an hour had passed, Qin Yu Lan called a waiter over, the girl bowed:”What can I help you with?”]
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    1. They’re at a VIP club built just to milk money out of the rich, this is a capitalist business for people to pamper themselves over and over, paying for something small isn’t worth their time and they have no lack of big customers who would go there to spend big money all the time, they would also not enjoy seeing an unkempt woman in a high class club where everyone is dressed for the occasion.
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