RWSB Chapter 36

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if it weren’t for Shu Heng’s superb self-control, he would definitely be holding his chest due to the sudden quickening of his heartbeats, his face would turn red, he would have a hard time breathing, and his mind would become blank.

After standing for a moment did the expressionless Shu Heng finally found his soul.

He turned his body and walked to the bookcase to return the book……but the book unexpectedly fell to the ground, Shu Ning who was staring at him immediately stood up, Shu Heng calmly picked it up and put it back properly before straightening his back and leaving, he returned back to his own room to have a cold shower to cool down his feverish head!

Something’s not right, it’s getting more and more wrong.

Shu Ning had also paused for a good while, what’s wrong with big brother today? Such a perfect him would also make a mistake? Thumbs up, no matter how perfect a man is there would still be space to nitpick, he had just been concealing his shortcomings, heh heh heh, Shu Ning felt exhilarated in a moment, flowers were blooming and he had achieved mental equilibrium.

He continued to play with his phone, the big little bean moved his mouth quickly and ate all the food following the swaying ghosts.

Shu Heng returned after half an hour, he had changed into an exceptionally dark suit of pajamas, he looked more aloof now and less easy to get close to.

Wasn’t it just a book he dropped?

I won’t laugh at you, young man, don’t give yourself so much pressure, snicker~

Shu Heng walked to the front of Shu Ning with a straight posture with an exceptionally sharp and unblinking gaze, carrying a hint of mystery. His gaze had given Shu Ning goosebumps, he felt that the aura wasn’t right, he seems to have gotten angry, Shu Ning who did not know what he had done wrong faintly trembled and sat down obediently while on guard, he lowered his head and fidgeted while his eyes tried to evade him.

“Didn’t you want a hug?”

“……”( ⊙ o ⊙ )Ah!

“Come on, what am I going to do with you.”

Shu Heng spread his arms as he finished speaking, Shu Ning held his breath and carefully lifted his head to look at him, Shu Heng was expressionless as per usual, his pupil was filled with ruthlessness. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva and went forward to hug Shu Heng on the waist, it was clear that he was trying to please him. What’s wrong with the great god today? So strange, his whole body was surrounded by a cold air.

His hair was being touched again, the movements were very gentle and would even flit towards his ear from time to time.

Shu Ning trembled, it felt slightly itchy, his ears are his weak point, he would get the unbearable feeling of wanting to evade if he were touched there. It felt like Shu Heng had OCD, he couldn’t touch freely, Shu Ning’s face had reddened up, under desperation, so be it, he undid the buttons of Shu Heng’s pajamas and hid himself inside, their skin touched, feels very warm, he could hear his deep heartbeats.

Shu Heng’s whole body froze and his pupils widened, the stunned look flashed past his face, as his heartbeat quickened he firmly let go of the little person in his hold, he resisted the tremors of his hands and buttoned his pajama shirt back up, his attitude was extremely calm as he strode off to the table to sit down and read a book with style, this required great perseverance, and he achieved it.

Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief, this damn child, if you want a hug you can just say so, what’re you emitting cold air for? You’ve made this one’s heart jump in fright, how many of my cells did you think died?

A person who has died once cares deeply for their life, it was not possible for him to contend with Shu Heng like in his past life, he was unpredictable and would always bring peace during a time of chaos……At the end of the day it was based on strength and not luck. It felt like there were many pairs of mysterious eyes on his back, no matter what kind of opponent they were nobody could contend with him.

And Shu Ning had always vaguely felt that he hadn’t been paying attention at all……Damn bastard, I want to bite him!

I was too fierce earlier, was the little one frightened? Shu Heng did not even flip the pages on his book as he reflected on it, Shu Ning did not play with his phone either, the two were on guard against each other for a while and the time passed rapidly, Shu Heng felt that it was time to sleep and was strangely anticipating it very much, his throat was parched and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

Brother’s walking over, Shu Ning was stiff for a moment, what is he trying to do?

He really was frightened, Shu Heng felt lacking in skill, as a brother he should be caring for his younger brother instead:”Tired?”

Which eye of yours saw me getting tired? Shu Ning was too lazy to contradict the young man and did not wish to speak, he had simply nodded his head.

With a turn of his body, oh shit, he hugged me!

Shu Ning widened his big beautiful eyes and his heart was beating like drums, Shu Heng was calm and collected and his voice carried a hint of hoarseness:”If you’re tired just sleep, I’m here.”

Ah, his heart felt sour, he felt as aggrieved as a ball building up momentum. With a simple I’m here, he really made Shu Ning feel very moved, in his past life nobody had offered to shelter him from the storm, he had always been rushing to the front and getting himself hurt. Qin Yu Zhuo’s honeyed words had pushed him into hell……Shu Ning who had been pursing his lips suddenly felt like crying.

This uncle had no right to cry, men should not cry so easily.

“What’s wrong?”

“I feel bad……”He ended up saying it, if brother really was willing to become his knight in shining armor then it would really make him feel at ease. Shu Ning did not want to miss out on having such a good big brother, a family was supposed to be close:”Brother~”


Shu Heng tightened his arms, the person in his embrace was very light, but as he took root in his heart he became as heavy as Mount Tai.

Shu Heng’s room was the same as usual with no changes at all, everything was placed where it was, one could see how much of a principled person he was. Shu Ning was lightly put on top of the blanket by Shu Heng with his head resting on the pillow, when Shu Heng was about to let go, Shu Ning hurriedly hugged his brother’s neck with the same grieved look in his gaze, he stuck up his pink little mouth:”In the future……”

“I know.”

One did not speak out his complaints, and the other did not apologize, but strangely the atmosphere amongst them was warm.

“Not letting go?”

“Mm,”He’ll hold on to him for a life time, ah this is a golden thigh, my shiny golden thigh~ Drool~

Shu Heng smiled, truly, the corner of his mouth curled up, looking exceptionally handsome. Shu Ning was dazed, he thought he had seen wrong but he did not dare to blink his eyes in case it really was a dream.

“Go ahead and sleep, I’ll hold you.”

Shu Heng followed the position of the little one and fell to his side, face to face, he rightened the sleeping posture of the little one to prevent his arm going numb, and his palms found their way behind as he patted the little person on the back. Shu Ning felt very nice and warm, in a moment he had gotten unbearably drowsy, since they’ve gone to this point, Shu Ning was still shamelessly thinking of buttering up to him, he lifted his small little head and gave him a smooch:”Big brother~ Good night~”

“Good night,”My little precious.

Shu Ning closed his eyes and smiled contentedly, leaning against Shu Heng’s firm shoulders he nestled in, and took in the familiar smell, then fell asleep peacefully.

Want to kiss him……

The unsuppressible feeling that made him short of breath came up again, Shu Heng’s gaze darkened as he pursed his lips and swallowed his saliva……No good, I still want to kiss, then……just for a little bit?

Shu Heng held his breath and slowly inched closer, after it felt like ten thousand years had passed, he finally closed in to the little one’s face!

It could be that his breath had brushed past his eyelashes, Shu Ning stretched a hand out to rub his eyes and his little mouth moved slightly, and he turned his body.

Shu Heng who was facing the back of his head……

For a whole night he tossed around in bed, as soon as the sun came up Shu Heng got up to go for a jog, and changed the fiery feeling in his heart to energy, round and around. The ancestral home was very large, other than the area lived in by the main occupants, a bit farther was the living quarters for the staff, greenhouses, and so on, after passing a small forest you would come to a two meter high wall.

The design of the wall was very beautiful, Shu Heng walked to an area with a little door painted on it, and pushed it open, it was actually a real door!

The area behind the door was actually part of the ancestral home as well, Shu Heng had his own villa, and the insides were renovated into an office, the entrance was separated from the ancestral home as if the two were separate households.

He used to go to school every day and came home in the evening, he had businesses both within and outside of the country, how did he work? The secret lays inside.

Shu Heng wanted to design a building by himself but Shu Gao and Shu Cheng did not let him, they were afraid it might be dangerous, the fact that he was abducted back then left a deep and painful impression on the two people in the Shu family with power. Speaking back to it, the two could be said to think and plan ahead, one’s views could be overshadowed by a wall, at least Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Ning wouldn’t know.

Three o clock had already passed when Shu Ning woke up, both Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Cheng weren’t around and he was too lazy to go downstairs to eat, the maid pushed a food cart over and knocked on the door, Shu Ning was still wearing his pajamas in a shabby look, way different compared to his cautiousness in his past life that was similar to walking on thin ice, he’ll live however the world changes.

Shu Heng received a message, he put down whatever he was working on and rushed over.

Shu Ning was still drinking soup when his brother pushed the door open and entered, his forehead was laced with sweat and he was wearing a white track suit, looking extremely refreshed.

“Morning big brother~”

It’s not early anymore, Shu Heng did not pop his bubble:”I’ll take a shower first, wait for me to eat.”

“Okay~”Shu Ning was holding the spoon, the delicious aroma flew to his nose, the distance to his mouth was only two centimetres, big brother how could you have the heart to have me put it down? Before Shu Heng’s figure disappeared into the bathroom, Shu Ning grinned and was just about to drink……

“Put it down.”

Damn, he was so scared his heart fell out, he turned his head over and the splashing sounds of water came from the bathroom.

He actually managed to guess what I was thinking? How depressing, Shu Ning who felt caught darkened his face and put down the soup spoon, I won’t drink it then, humph. The maid returned again, Shu Heng’s breakfast had a big difference compared to Shu Ning’s, the amount was larger too.

Shu Heng had been taking a battle shower, and came out in ten minutes, he was only covered with a big towel, Shu Ning felt depressed again, this is my room alright? If you want to shower go straight out the door and turn right thank you.


However, this young man had developed quite well, handsome, tall, narrow waist and broad shoulders, long slender legs, especially the eight packs on his abdomen, Shu Ning felt flustered as water droplets dripped down his body, time to eat, looking at a handsome man won’t make you full, how resenting, I haven’t grown up yet, in the future I must definitely find a top grade warm top, well-endowed but won’t sleep around, won’t betray me, and keep me in his palms, just like his brother right now.

“Do you have something against that spoon?”

Uh, Shu Ning took out the “innocent” soup spoon from his mouth, it really wasn’t on purpose, it was just an accident……

“Has it gone cold?”Shu Heng stretched a hand out to touch Shu Ning’s bowl, it was warm and just right:”It’s cool, let’s eat mine.”

Shu Ning did not suspect anything and did not touch his own bowl because his mind was already in a mess, his eyes blinked rapidly. What is going on? Sharing a bowl? Did I hear him wrong? Must be, he suddenly felt a bit of regret as his gaze moved about to try to find a small plate.

Shu Heng was a doer not a thinker, he had already pushed his own bowl of rice to the center, he wasn’t splitting half with you, he was sharing the bowl with you!

Shu Ning held his breath, he felt a bit excited, in his past life Shu Heng had never done this with anyone else, ha ha ha, actually it was fine if you just asked the maid to send another bowl over, Shu Ning deliberately kept quiet, and even changed the topic, Shu Heng was also deliberately staying quiet, a bite for you, and a bite for me, after all this was the first time, they didn’t have a tacit understanding, every so often their hands or chopsticks will clash together.

Everytime that happened, Shu Heng would subconsciously look towards Shu Ning, Shu Ning would also turn his head to look at him and give him a little smile, then continue eating.

The exceptionally warm sunlight was shining upon the two of them, even their shadows overlapped.

It was past nine o clock, the butler send a message over to ask about the tutor, Shu Heng replied with one word, wait.

“Brother~ Are you going to work?”

“Mm, are you done eating? Take another two bites.”

“I’m full,”Shu Ning patted his stomach in a carefree manner.

Shu Heng’s gaze darkened, he moved his hand over to touch his little brother’s tummy in a natural manner, Shu Ning’s body stiffened for a moment and loosened up, Shu Heng was pleased as he rubbed it a few more times:”You’re too skinny, take another two bites, be good~”


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