RWSB Chapter 35


Can we have the cute scenes yet (´・ω・`) also was this song posted yet? I can’t remember lol…


Qin Yu Zhuo continued to smile:”Really?”

You’ve played a good show, but I won’t let you have your way:”Ah, it’s hard to say, big aunt has been making a ruckus at the construction site every day, making uncle’s life hard, second brother-in-law is in the hospital due to a fracture and second aunt had thrown all her three kids to uncle……uncle is in so much misery and the address of the villa was also leaked, mom~ You know as well how kind and honest a person uncle is, he wouldn’t dare to live there any more, I want to ask dad to return the villa, he wasn’t born with the luck to enjoy the good.”

Ofcourse he wasn’t lucky enough for that, why did you have me, Qin Yu Zhuo, buy a house for him?

But this wasn’t the main point, although the villa was painful for her, she couldn’t not pay attention if this was going to be spreaded to Shu Cheng:”Xiao Fu’s tends to keep things to himself, and he worked at a construction site in a remote part of F city, how could they find out about it from the countryside?”

“A coworker said it when he returned to his hometown, one passed over to ten, and ten passed over to hundreds.”

That’s right, in the village everyone knew each other, there was nothing you could hide, this gave Qin Yu Zhuo a serious headache, and a nauseous feeling started to flip around in her stomach again, her rosy complexion become more and more pale:”You just returned, you must be tired after sitting in the car for several hours right? Go lie around upstairs for a while, at night mom will personally make you some delicious food.”

Sounds very caring and warm……Do you even know what I like to eat?

Shu Ning smiled happily, he knew Qin Yu Zhuo couldn’t stand still any longer:”Uncle’s matters needs to be settled soon, second aunt’s two daughters had secrely turned the villa upside down, and when they left they even nicked his phone, they have an insatiable greed, I’m worried that I won’t be able to sleep at night, how should we act……if they found dad?”

Qin Yu Zhuo felt defeated as her complexion turned pale:”……”I want to throw up~

“Uncle says they won’t come looking for you, but I doubt it, a person’s poor situation can always attribute to their own faults, once they get used to obtaining benefits without work, why would they give up on a mountain of treasures?”

Her mood was bad, and it was detrimental to her efforts of raising her child, if this was any other time naturally Qin Yu Zhuo would not think of it as anything, but being pregnant was different, she got irritated easily, she felt tired, lethargic, loss of appetite, nauseous, and so on, these sorts of reactions tormented her very badly. Qin Yu Zhuo bent over slightly and covered her mouth:”I just had lunch and I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, don’t you worry about this, mom will take care of it, go rest quickly, your complexion doesn’t look too good.”

Shu Ning knew what was going on and he didn’t want to hear any jarrins noises either, so he turned and left.

The nauseatic feeling was strong, Qin Yu Zhuo who could no longer open her mouth watched as the small figure dissappeared from her view at the stairwell before rushing to the bathroom……and threw up loudly.

Shu Ning had always appeared to be very harmless and Qin Yu Zhuo had never suspected him, her eyes glowed in a sinister red, she couldn’t wait to tear apart those two were useless yet held on to people by the legs. On those years she had actually been holing up at home to take care of her unborn baby, all her grievances had been covered by the tender look of a mother’s eyes.

Who knew that those two women would unexpectedly end up fishing with no bait, and came over to mooch off of her and also humiliated Qin Yu Zhuo, calling her unworthy and worthed more dead.

Mother had gotten into a huge argument with the both of them, but not only did the two of them refuse to see their faults, they had even gone around spreading news after leaving about their sister getting dumped by her man in the city and was living a simple life pregnant at home taking care of her baby. Rumours were the most hurtful, nobody ever hears the good but the bad spreads over a thousand miles, in only two weeks her mother had no way to show her face outside anymore.


Because the rumours were truly hard to listen to, all kinds of things were said, saying that she slept with a paramour, that did not go to the city to study but to become a call girl instead, and became a mistress, and others were even more incredible, saying that she had been raped, and she was born to not be able to get an abortion and could only hide out at home. Just like that a young girl’s reputation was done for.

Qin Yu Zhuo would even hear her mother’s crying when she woke up in the middle of the night. In desperation, she could only leave to avoid people back-biting her mother. But being a single mother was too hard, and she was afraid of being found out as well, Qin Yu Zhuo could only cover her eyes and leave her baby at the country side to spare herself from later troubles. At just the right time Qin Yu Fu who had been working outside returned, he was so stupid that he was sure to watch over his sister’s child like his own.

Now that she thought about it, that helpless pain still lingered in her heart, Qin Yu Zhuo closed her eyes and recalled the loving gaze of her mother, and felt extremely regretful! Truly, extremely regretful, she had not been filial nor did she care for her when she was sick in bed, but if she could turn back time, Qin Yu Zhuo knew that she will still choose to stay by Shu Cheng’s side to wait for an opportunity.

She has had enough of that sort of old life, she had to advance in life, and let her future generations enjoy a wealthy life, even if she had to suffer and be tired, she would still be willing.

Mom, I’m sorry, Qin Yu Zhuo was splayed next to the toilet seat as she cried, this was the first time she had vented her emotions.

Shu Heng reached the ancestral home by the evening, at that time Shu Ning was fiddling with the computer, he had rebought all the stocks during the afternoon and now his pocket was cleaner than his face, but he felt good, a man can’t be without a job. He set a password, safety must be prioritized, what should be hidden should be hidden, and what should be displayed should be displayed, he was just thirteen right now so he should download more games to cover up.

Shu Heng stood silently behind him with his brows slightly raised, he was quite displeased, what happened to the replacement classes they talked about? Would he have the time to study if he downloaded so many games? The tutor had already been found for him anyway, he can’t choose to not study.

A warm breeze brushed against his neck and Shu Ning groaned subconsciously, he turned around to look over uncertainly, Shu Heng was leaning really close to him, he could even clearly see every strand of his long lashes:”Brother~ You’re back.”

“Mm, having fun?”

Um o(╯□╰)o Shu Ning……

“Your learning will be held up.”

“I know!”

Children were like that, they get impatient after nagging them for a bit, Shu Heng suddenly felt very happy, he lifted his hand and moved it to the top of his head while facing Shu Ning’s widening eyes, and rubbed it, he deliberately turned it into the shape of a bird’s nest, Shu Heng was expressionless but he felt pleased in his heart, no matter how naughty a child is I can still set them straight:”Be good~”

“Brother!”Shu Ning had a hidden bitterness in his heart, can we have a more normal way of touching? Don’t you know that it’s really scary this way /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“Replacement classes start tomorrow at nine, I will hand you the course schedule tonight, you don’t have an email address yet do you? Let me teach you.”


Shu Heng stretched his long arms over and picked up the little one skillfully and put him on his lap, he moved the mouse with one hand and held him steadily on the chest with the other with focused eyes, as if there was nothing between him and the computer.

Shu Ning……Am I a damn doll? Am I? Am I???

Shu Ning had only returned from his daze after his body had been stiff for a good while, he felt defeated with no complaints, email address……He had one in his past life, the password was still kept in his mind unforgettably. But now he probably wouldn’t be able to apply using that password anymore, but that was nothing to feel regretful about, it just felt a bit chaotic all of a sudden, he turned back to look at big brother’s handsome face that was unusually focused and his mind was considerably more at peace, they say that a man looked very handsome while they were doing their work seriously, it was indeed so.

Shu Heng’s appearance was outstanding and classy, his black irides were extremely deep, impressive, and his gaze was sharp.

Shu Heng’s heartbeat began to speed up, the little one wasn’t taking note of what I was doing but was staring at my face instead, why? How cute, besides Shu Heng was confident that it was not due to there being something on his face, restlessly he moved his hand from his waist to his back and slid his hand upwards, he rubbed the soft strands of hair and pressed forward.

Shu Ning rested involuntarily on his brother’s collar, the big hand on the back of his head had no intentions to withdraw, it moved a little every so often, just like……touching a pet!!!  ̄へ ̄

In a moment Shu Ning was enraged, his hands strained to push against Shu Heng’s chest, his face was flushed red!

“What’s wrong?”



You’re asking me with such a cool expression yet your hand was fondling my fur, peh, I meant hair! Ugh o(╯□╰)o

It was very easy to apply for an email address and it was already done, and so both of Shu Heng’s hands were used to hold the struggling Shu Ning, one hand on his waist and one steadying his legs, his movements were as natural as flowing water, not even a bit of heat was ignited, but it made Shu Ning seem quite useless instead, he had no strength to fight back at all. Shu Heng stared at the little brat with a bright and piercing gaze, what is he fussing about?

“I’m not small anymore,”Brotherly love and respect is enough, I don’t want hugs!

“You don’t like being close with me?”

“That’s not it,”God, he better not misunderstand or I’ll have wasted all my previous efforts, Shu Ning’s rampaging gaze quickly became pitiful, it became very innocent:”I like big brother.”


Oh? He’s stiff? All the muscles in his body became tight! His eyes widened into circles momentarily, is this shock? Ha ha, I finally understand, it turns out that young man you are lacking in love? How pitiful, come, let this uncle give you a hug, Shu Ning left his grudge behind, perhaps these self-caused situations came about because he grew to be so small, in two years it was impossible even if he wanted to be hugged by him.

If they could be close, then just let them be close, Shu Ning spread his hands and hugged Shu Heng’s neck, he became stiff again, this sort of surprised reaction was exceptionally clear, he conveniently please a certain someone’s glass heart as well.

While they were having dinner at night, Qin Yu Zhuo really did make a lot of food, every dish was full of flavour and aroma, teasing one’s appetite, you could tell that she had been practicing a lot before marrying into a wealthy family. Shu Ning had never suspected that the dishes looked good but tasted bad, he had enjoyed it pretty well in his past life, he sat down and waited for the seniors to arrive.

Shu Gao appeared together with Shu Cheng, Shu Ning hurried to get up and greet them, and even thanked his old man for buying him a computer, it was the newest model and even a limited edition version.

Following their appearance was Shu Heng, he took a glance at Shu Ning but did not interact with him, Qin Yu Zhuo personally set the table, and with a sweet smile she called dad~ dad~ dad~ solicitously.

Shu Gao did not even look at Qin Yu Zhuo, his gaze landed on Shu Ning instead:”How’s your little uncle doing?”

“Very well, thank you grandpa for your concern.”

“Mm, eat more, they’re all good dishes.”

Shu Ning smiled but groaned in his heart, Qin Yu Zhuo’s efforts were considered wasted, but Qin Yu Zhuo thickened her skin and pretended to not notice what the other person was implying, she immediately thanked him shyly. Shu Cheng enjoyed Qin Yu Zhuo’s cooking very much, while eating he felt distressed, she was carrying a baby over four months, this has truly been hard on her.

Nothing he could do about it, dad didn’t like her, even if Shu Cheng had an opinion he endured it, peace was more important.

Shu Ning was chewing on his food but his mind had flown away, it’s been a long time since he’s slept together with his brother, would he miss me? I think he will, if not he wouldn’t have specially come over eagerly to see me, the pleased Shu Ning had eyes full of smiles, Shu Gao, Shu Cheng, and Shu Heng were “victims” who thought Shu Ning was happy because of the food and their moods were lifted too, Qin Yu Zhuo lowered her head as she ate, she felt so depressed she wanted to puke again.

This won’t do, the doctor said she will have habitual vomitting, at that time even if the effects of her pregnancy had passed, she would still lose her appetite. Shu Yao was too important, he couldn’t be malnourished, even if it was disgusting just eat it anyway, Qin Yu Zhuo’s face was supposed to be pale as a sheet but she was smart, she had applied some blush in advance, she used a natural and harmless one, it won’t affect her baby.

After dinner came Chinese medicine, desserts, and fruits, not one was missing, he has returned to the life of a rich young master once again, Shu Ning laid on the sofa in the study and played games on his phone, but Shu Heng had passed over a literary masterpiece. So thick? You could kill someone with this →_→

“Can I not read this? Replacement classes starts tomorrow.”

“To cultivate sentiment.”

“……”I don’t need to be sentimental~ Just moral integrity was enough.

“Be good~”


“There’s no use in acting cute.”

“Then……how about a hug?”Your favourite, Shu Ning blinked his eyes, he did not know how cute he currently looked!


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  1. Ning ning, you are going to look back at these moments once your tofu is eaten and puke blood at how you missed all these signs….don’t worry, big sister will be here to hand you some kleenex >.<

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