RWSB Chapter 34

Didn’t manage to put this up before I passed out last night so here it is now

Here is the song mentioned in this chapter, the lyrics goes something like get up, I want you to be able to see, that even in the biggest storms you have to fly with force.


Thump~ Thump~ Thump……

His heart was beating very fast, the more he thought about wanting to do something, the more he could not suppress it, how strange, his chest was feeling extremely hot, as if something was going to come out!

No good.

My self-control is getting worse and worse!

Shu Heng took a deep breath and picked up Shu Ning horizontally and let his little head rest on his shoulders, intimate with no gaps between them, as if this was the only way to reduce that feeling, following the flow of time, his intense emotions had finally calmed down, a subtle warmth lingered on the tip of his nose, the little one’s breaths were brushing across his collar, it felt quite itchy.

Shu Heng could not resist giving Shu Ning’s pale and unblemished little face a touch, it was very soft and tender, his hair was silky, just as he liked it.

When Shu Ning woke up, his body was resting on the rear seat with his head on Shu Heng’s thigh, and his head was sticking to his stomach……Oh god! It was so shocking his spirit had flown away, there was a suspicious wet stain on his brother’s deep coloured suit pants, could it be? o(╯□╰)o


I’ve already sat up, isn’t that quite obvious? Shu Ning felt extremely guilty as he gave an awkward laugh:”I slept very well, big brother……does your leg not hurt?”

“It’s numb.”

That’s not right, you’re so perfect that you’d never expose your weaknesses to anyone, Shu Ning’s heart was beating like drums, he simply stretched a hand out and tried to give it a few taps before looking up, Shu Heng’s eyes were narrowed and he doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood, it’s effective, then he’ll have to use this chance well. Shu Ning squatted down and gently tapped for several minutes, Shu Heng felt comfortable, but the little one should be tired by now right? And so instead of just feeling good about it he took the initiative and held his brother’s little hand to give it a rub.


“I’ll forgive you this time, don’t do it again.”

“……”Drooling and whatnot was too embarrassing, the little one in his heart was holding his face~

“What plans do you have for the holidays?”


“Let me hear it.”

He did not mind listening but Shu Ning did not want to tell him at all, plans? It sounds silly, those are things that elite students should be doing, it’s not in line with my pedigree!

“What’s wrong?”

You’re still going to ask? Shu Ning could not evade him, Shu Ning had ended up in the same situation as those girls from before:”Can I play?”

Shu Heng raised his eyebrows, an extremely rare expression. Shu Ning pinched his hands, his palms were slightly sweaty from his unease, an outstanding person would naturally admire other outstanding people, birds of a feather flock together. Shu Ning had worked hard in his past life, to the point where he slept only two hours a day for a period of time, He went to the office during the day and studied hard in the night, having a nosebleed was just a part of his daily routine, only after fainting three times did he lament it.

His qualifications were ordinary, his brainpower was ordinary, and his person was also ordinary, even wishing to turn bad was ordinary, there was no way for him to reach the peak.

In this life, Shu Ning only planned to be content if what he was able to get before he becomes an adult, if he could fawn over Shu Heng that would be the best, but if he didn’t manage to then he could go back to his hometown when he reaches adulthood to have a free and easy life, and to become a rich playboy, start an investment company, become a multimillionaire, and buy a few sports cars. To say he was unambitious was fine too, to waste his life away wasn’t so bad, his only wish is to live peacefully, he didn’t want to die a grieving death again.

Shu Heng had quickly noticed that the little one wasn’t in a good mood, his sharp eyes swept over him thoughtfully.

After coming back from his daze, Shu Ning realized that he had forgotten himself and immediately looked towards Shu Heng, Shu Heng was staring steadily at him as if he could see all of him, Shu Ning’s heart skipped a beat and his breathing was jumbled up.

“Since you have no plans, it will be fine if I arrange it for you.”


“Replacement classes.”

Replacement classes? /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ Let me cry for a bit first, the hell are you trying to replace, I even wanted to skip a grade, my grades aren’t too bad, he had already asked his teacher whether he could skip a grade and the teacher knew Shu Ning’s identity, so they immediately agreed, they even took the initiative to help him write an application, now he just had to wait for school to start and Shu Ning can enter his third year of middle school after passing an exam in the teaching department.

Green lights all the way, go go go, this is great, Shu Ning was pretending to be a dumb child in front of Shu Heng but he was over thirty after all so naturally he had plans, great god please don’t play around! o(╯□╰)o If you be good we can still be brothers!

Shu Ning was teary-eyed and fell into sadness in a moment, as though if Shu Hen dared to insist, he would dare to let his tears fall.

Shu Heng who was an exceptionally tough person had mysteriously felt a bit moved:”Be good, when I was about your age, I scored full marks in all my subjects, look……”He babbled on incessantly, and at the end he even brought up the Shu Ning’s sore point:”You only got 97 in English, you require replacement classes.”

Oh~ The brother in front of me must be a fake brother, Shu Heng would not talk as much.

“Are you listening to me?”

No good, big brother’s eyes are getting colder, I know you care about me and you want the best for me, but in my past life I’ve really tried, 97 is already a lot, really! Not everyone can become a genius just by studying hard, getting first place, first in the city, or the whole country and whatnot, even if Shu Ning had brought all the knowledge from the past life with him he could not achieve it.

Take his class monitor for example, he had gotten full marks in all the subjects back to back, he had a good head on him, he could answer any question you can throw at him immediately, and his English oral skills are amazing……

He rolled his eyes, he wouldn’t go for it even if he died of exhaustion, and besides there was no reason at all to compare, everyone had a different pursuit in life, hum hum.

Shu Ning turned his body and looked out the window with his lips pouted, child, this old man is not going to play with you any more, He controlled him more than the milky way was wide, why haven’t you flown yet?

Shu Heng made a move, he wanted to move him back, but Shu Ning was very reluctant and he grabbed onto the door handle, the veins on Shu Heng’s forehead has even popped out, he can deal with him no more, he simply stretched his hands out and forcefully hugged the little one by the waist and brought him over to his legs!

Shu Ning was dumbfounded:”What are you doing?”

“Let’s talk.”

“What’s there to talk about,”Straight man cancer.

“What are you thinking about?”

“……”thinking of your sister, he rolled his eyes in his heart.

“You don’t like studying?”Shu Heng saw that Shu Ning was very studious normally, why was he so opposed to this:”You don’t want to take replacement classes?”


“Give me a reason.”

Young man, not everything has a reason in this world, can I sing “Get Up”? This is an exploitation:”I was studious because I wanted to skip a grade.”


Sigh, they’re really going to start an argument:”Because I don’t like studying!”

Shu Heng’s eyes brightened up at the places Shu Ning could not see, my little brother is very special, he does things the opposite way, if you study hard you can skip a grade to reduce the time, Shu Heng suddenly felt like teasing him:”Then even more so you should be taking replacement classes, as long as I’m satisfied, when school starts I’ll let you enter your first year of high school.”

The bait is here, will the little one go for it?

He hasn’t even learned to walk properly and he’s already thinking of flying, Shu Heng was not someone who spoke nonsense, if Shu Ning could really do it, he was willing to make a move.

The person who had graduated university for many years was excited, Shu Ning stared with his big round eyes:”Really?”

“Mm,”Is it a catch? This was popular with kids, he looked forward to it. Speaking back to it, little brother was very adorable and cute, his eyes are truly beautiful, he wanted to kiss him again.

Happiness came too suddenly, and Shu Ning’s excited face blushed red, he immediately leapt over with a “muah” on Shu Heng’s face, it had been a long time since that last kiss that was like a dragonfly landing on top of water, he did not think that he would have such luck today, Shu Heng was frozen, his whole body was as stiff as a sculpture, Shu Ning laughed secretly, you’re stiff again aren’t you ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Who asked you to bully me earlier, you deserved it, seeing that Shu Heng had softened, Shu Ning lowered his head in an evil laughter, he deliberately hugged him around the neck and gave him another smooch, ha ha ha, he’s stiff again!

Young man, you’re so adorable, does your father know about this?

Shu Ning’s heart was radiant, but it was restless, he twisted around on top of Shu Heng’s body, and his little hands hugged around his waist with his eyes narrowed into a smile, it was an exceptional sight.

Shu Heng’s feelings had gotten more complicated, this foolish little person did not know that I was only looking for a topic to keep him here at all, he just wanted to hug him for a little while longer, but the little one kept touching something he shouldn’t have been touching. In that moment he liked it but his heart trembled, it was both happy and painful, as if ice and fire were mixed together, on the moment when his breath had started to speed up, Shu Heng decisively lifted the little one over to his side, and folded up his long and slender thighs, his hands were placed on top as well, covering the truth.

Shu Ning did not think that anything was wrong, he swallowed his saliva to ease his throat, he was still thinking about where he wanted to go for high school.

Living in a dormitory was the best, nobody could watch him……why didn’t his heart feel happy? He felt a bit reluctant to part with Shu Heng, he was different from my past life and treated me well, warm and considerate.

The two were thinking about their own separate matters as the car drove into the ancestral home, Shu Heng wanted to go over to “inspect” but actually that thing is still pointing towards the sky →_→

Shu Ning got off on his own and hurriedly waved at Shu Heng, then left to see his grandfather. Playing chess with Shu Gao was an extremely awkward matter, the old man didn’t go easy on a child, he won again and again, Shu Ning had gotten riled up from playing and kept on challenging him, making Shu Gao extremely happy.

It’s over, he was left with one single soldier again! My grandfather is really strong.

“Do you know why you lost?”

“If you were willing to line them up, then I have not lost unjustly.”

“This is chess~ It’s the same as being human, you have to take gradual steps forward, and plan ahead.”

“That is wise,”He had fallen into grandfather’s pit over and over unpredictably, Shu Ning had knocked his head on the wall like a headless fly until his head bled, he lost so bad that he had his underwear in a bunch _(:зゝ∠)_

Sun Lin poured two cups of tea and moved over to set them down:”Young Master Heng gave me a call earlier, he said~ Young Master Ning had yet to eat lunch.”

“That’s just right then, grandpa caught a big fish at noon, let’s have a taste at how fresh it is.”

When the fish was served, Shu Ning had a curious look on his face but his heart was gloomy, this truly is a very “big” fish, the size is at most two of my palms →_→

What kind of person was Shu Gao? To describe him as unfathomable would only be scratching at the surface, even if Shu Ning show it on his face, he could figure it out, with some humour in his eyes he spoke:”This is a wild crucian carp, about eighteen centimeters long, did you know? This is the first time I’ve caught such a big crucian carp, it should be at least 5 years old.”

Sun Lin had also laughed:”That’s right, this is a rare chance.”

Shu Ning understood in his heart, they were trying to give me a lecture, don’t look at how small this crucian carp is, among its kin it was already considered to be very big.

The crucian carp is rich in nutrients, and fish soup was even more appetizing, Shu Ning buoyantly finished the carp with the old man, leaving only the bones.

Shu Gao wiped his mouth and his eyes brightened up again:”No matter how big a fish is there will always come a time where they will all be eaten, don’t you think so?”

Shu Ning pretended to be confused as he opened his mouth:”Then we can start a farm.”

Shu Gao laughed out loud, it was time for his afternoon nap, Sun Lin returned after sending Shu Ning downstairs and Shu Gao was currently pruning flowers with superb skill:”What do you think?”

“He’s still young.”

“No matter how young he is he’s still my biological grandson.”

Sun Lin understood, and so he sighed, no matter how outstanding Young Master Heng was, he would be nothing in the old gramps’ heart, even if Shu Ning was young he was still, he was still important, but it’s a shame that he was note very astute, for him to give an irrelevant answer to a hint that was already so obvious, his qualifications are ordinary, if he had no talent then he we might as well just spoil him with this rich life for a lifetime:”We still have third young master! He will definitely be intelligent if we raise him well from early on.”

Shu Gao did not speak as he watered his flowers, and his fingers slid over the verdant leaves thoughtfully. The future little Shu Yao would become the only child to be born within the ancestral home, his identity is extraordinary and will be highly regarded, if he were to become as dazzling as Shu Heng he would have to be raised by his side since a young age.

Qin Yu Zhuo, you have deprived me the joy of raising a grandchild, I had to hesitate even when I wanted to touch Shu Ning, this sort of feeling, you should also have a taste, Shu Gao laughed with a melancholy complexion.

Sun Lin brought a warm towel over for the old man to clean his hands:”The date for pre-production is on early December……”

Shu Ning who had returned to his room heard the sounds of a car, he walked slowly down the stairs, no one else but Qin Yu Zhuo would be returning at this time, this elegant woman truly is glorious, bathing in the warm sunlight made her entire person seem refined. Big aunt was a stout woman with the mouth of a sailor, second aunt could still be considered pretty with an average body, if the two were to stand next to the beautiful and graceful Qin Yu Zhuo, nobody would believe that they were biological sisters.

Shu Ning suddenly thought of the dogfight, how interesting.

“Mom! I’m back,”Shu Ning walked forward with quick steps and a smile on his lips, just like a good child who missed his mother, when Qin Yu Zhuo was surprised by this joyful moment Shu Ning’s face deliberately turned sour:”I got into some trouble at uncle’s villa, big aunt and second aunt were trying to take over the villa!”

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