RWSB Chapter 33

Fevers last so long~~ I want to do triple chapters ┐(‘´ー`)┌


For her to worry so much about uncle’s villa matters……it was too unusual, normally people wouldn’t act like this!

What the hell is in that head of hers?

And what’s more they still had a blood bond, she should be hoping for him to live a better life instead! You’ve failed to exploit others, so now you’re laying a hand on the people around you, heh, shameless.

Your families all have too many children, to the point where you can’t raise them and now you need money, but your brother hasn’t even married yet! If not for Qin Yu Fu’s sudden aggression, Shu Ning would not have known that his uncle was already thirty years old. Qin Yu Zhuo had been spending her times tenderly like a twenty year old girl, Shu Ning really had not noticed, he felt slightly ashamed.

Didn’t I say they were beasts……The beast getting shot even when he’s down has truly suffered!

The smile on Shu Ning’s face had gotten even more radiant as he faced these two “blood suckers” who are about to come out of their cocoon:”Of course it’s true.”

The second daughter was very smart, she pouted her lips:”Just your words aren’t enough, we don’t even know where little aunt lives!”

“I’ll give you her address.”

Qin Yu Fu’s eyes flickered over to gaze at Shu Ning with a slight sense of surprise, but he did not poke his nose into his business. Actually what Ning Ning said was right, third sister is actually more talented than big sister and second sister, if they were to go, even if they didn’t die they would lose a layer of their skin……Speaking of which would they actually dare to look for third sister? Third brother-in-law was so dignified that I didn’t even dare to speak.

If they had really went, that wouldn’t be called shameless anymore, it was possession!

The sneer by the corner of Shu Ning’s lips were clear, but there was no need to conceal it, he wrote down the address and the third daughter immediately snatched it from his hands and put it into her pocket in relief, the second daughter was enraged, she gave a slap on her little sister’s back and snatched the paper away from her, only after putting it in her own pocket did she feel relieved. The price of avarice is death, there was nothing false about this idiom at all, Shu Ning watched them with relish, how interesting, they were fighting amongst each other, turns out they were not actually in this together!

Tian Yang had watched this all with his own eyes, what would someone in his first year of high school not understand? His face reddened in shame for his sisters, but secretly Shu Ning’s arrogance had depressed him as well, so you think you can do anything if you’re rich? But who could he blame? Shu Ning? If someone had come knocking on his door for money or to scam him, he himself would definitely throw hands with them.

Ah……There’s no wrong in being impoverished, Tian Yang had tenacity, he was too lazy to deal with this in the past but when he returns he has to stop his mother!

The two brats still wanted to eat, but they were pulled away by the determined Tian Yang to wash their hands, then they packed their bags.

Shu Ning looked towards his uncle:”Did you really meet them by chance at the hospital?”


“Then why were all three of them carrying their bags?”His uncle could not figure certain things out, but Shu Ning was willing to help him realize, once he gets suspicious, he would not fall into their trap as easily in the future.

“I do understand.”

Shu Ning:”……”

The foreman had come just in time, he sat down to eat:”Young Ning Ning~ Did you really think your uncle was a fool?”

Shu Ning blushed, undue concern makes one look bad!

No matter how high the fighting strength of the two girls are they could not ruin everything, for example, the soup is quite good, let us all eat rice with soup together. Qin Yu Fu felt miserable when he saw the mess on the table, they were all his hard earned money, he did not stop the two when they made a mess because he knew that this would be the last time. The foreman drove them back in his car, Tian Yang did not let Qin Yu Fu enter the car, he pulled him by the hand to the side and said some things before he left.

Shu Ning returned to the living room to watch TV, Qin Yu Fu made a questioning noise, his phone is missing……

It is hard to guard against a thief within a house, truly.

Just now Tian Yang had specially followed his sisters as they packed their stuff, Shu Ning understood his intentions but something ended up stolen after all, heh. Some menial habits are easy to change, but stealing……is hard to correct, once you’ve gotten used to reaping without sowing it would become a hard habit to stop, they would feel uncomfortable if they did not take anything away with them.

Those two girls were currently in a car anyway, there’s nowhere for them to run, everything can be settled just by giving the foreman a call and explaining the situation.

Qin Yu Fu felt very upset, he had already washed the plates and he sighed:”They are kids too just like you, but the difference is too much, what’s going to happen in the future?”

“What what’s going to happen? that is their life, their choices are up to them to decide, there is no need for you to be responsible,”Shu Ning went closer to uncle, and suddenly hugged him around the waist:”Just tell me.”


“About auntie-in-law!”


“Your face is red, red! Ha ha ha ha!”

“This child! You know everything don’t you,”Qin Yu Fu picked up a pillow and hit Shu Ning with it, it was neither light nor heavy, just playful.

Shu Ning groaned in mercy, the sound of his laughter spread out, this made the face of the person standing outside darken, he thought he lost his appetite and couldn’t sleep at night, but it turns out he was having so much fun.

Qin Yu Fu came out from the house to go to work, and a very good car was parked on the opposite side, he even blinked his eyes, the young man leaning on the car door looked over to him casually with a dignified and composed look, his gaze was intimidating, Qin Yu Fu subconsciously lowered his head in a fluster, the people living in this district weren’t simple, he could be the son of a rich family.

Shu Ning had just thought of going up the stairs when suddenly his phone rang, this was a custom set message tone that belonged to Shu Heng.

Thinking of me this early in the morning?

Shu Ning proudly opened the message to look, darn, what the hell do the two words “come out” mean?

He’s outside? He came? He didn’t even tell me? Taking action first and explaining later or whatnot, this is too cute, young man, are the days boring without your little brother? Ha ha ha ha, I’ll let you be aloof. Shu Ning pursed his lips proudly, but he still could not hide his joy, after giving himself a pinch he stepped outside with his short little legs to pick him up.

Shu Heng wore a black suit, his appearance was way too outstanding, making the passing vehicles slow to a stroll……


The little one’s gaze was sparkling like stars, the coolness of Shu Heng’s face dispersed and softened a bit:”Come over.”

Shu Ning was overjoyed but he still wanted to tease Shu Heng, he rushed directly over and leaped up, he spread his short little arms~ Pounce~

For the first time, Shu Heng had spread open his bosom with “peace of mind”, received him, and tightened his arms. This warmth, this smell, as well as the light touch, all of this belongs to me.

Shu Heng still did not know what this possessive feeling was, he lowered his head overbearingly and rested against the top of the little one’s head.

Shu Ning was extremely satisfied, the tip of his little nose wiggled, the special fragrance from this young man’s body made him feel extremely at ease, as if he would not be afraid even if the sky fell down.

“Are you not going to invite me in?”

So hoarse, did he catch a cold? Shu Ning subconsciously stretched his paw out to touch, the temperature of his forehead was normal:”Sure, I’m the only one in the house, brother, if you had come two minutes earlier you would’ve been able to meet uncle.”

Your uncle……I don’t like him.

Shu Heng felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart, he really wanted to hide away this heartless little fellow, unfortunately Shu Ning had let go, he still hasn’t hugged to his fill, they had clearly separated for so long……so long……resenting ̄へ ̄

The villa was not too big, but although it was small, it was well fitted, it looked very warm, and so Shu Heng was displeased yet again, he had decorated the house at the capital to look very warm as well and it was not too big, just enough for the two to live their lives. If Shu Ning had gotten used to this, would there still be a surprise? Shu Heng continued his resentment~

“Brother, drink some water!”

There was no tea nor coffee here, only milk, fruits, and the like, they were specially bought by Qin Yu Fu and hung there for Shu Ning to eat.

Shu Heng sat on the sofa with his thighs slender and straight, very stylish, Shu Ning obediently sat beside him:”You don’t have to be in the office today?”


Shu Ning had no interest in the office so he continued asking:”Will you be having lunch here?”

Shu Heng:”……”What do you mean? Are you trying to drive me out?

“I only know how to cook instant noodles, are you going back tonight? Do you want to stay here?”

“Instant noodles have no nutrition, return with me.”

Eh, did brother misunderstand? Shu Ning lifted the corners of his mouth, and quickly explained:”I didn’t eat instant noodles every day, just that you’re here and I don’t know how to cook, my uncle prepared some food in the morning so I can heat it up in the afternoon to eat.”

Then even more so we have to return, he was eating leftovers now, Shu Heng exuded a cold aura, and his complexion was gloomy, he was still most at ease when he could keep him under his eyes:”Leave a note.”

Great god! Have you misunderstood something o(╯□╰)o Shu Ning……

According to the flow of the argument Shu Ning’s final fate was to be taken away, really. he had never been shamed like this in his past life, young man! You can’t be so overbearing, even if I’m a minor I still have human rights ahhh /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Sitting in the car he had nothing to say, Shu Heng was silent as well, the relationship of the two had cooled to the freezing point.

When the car reached a crossroad, a motorcycle had suddenly run a red light, the driver immediately braked, causing the unprepared Shu Ning to fall forward, Shu Heng stretched out his long arms and pulled him into his embrace, hitting the front seat. The faces of the driver and the bodyguard paled, they asked if they were fine, but as if he did not hear anything, Shu Heng’s gaze was scanning the little one’s face.

Of course Shu Ning was fine, but……for big brother to come forward during the critical movement, such an action made him feel very moved, a sparkle emerged in Shu Ning’s gaze, with wet eyes he spoke:”Brother~”

This voice was soft, and low, and he had even dragged his words it sounded very, very sweet, Shu Heng’s body numbed and his gaze softened considerably:”What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, what about you?”

“If you’re fine then I would naturally be fine.”

“Let me see.”

Shu Heng had actually took off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves, Shu Ning was shocked, is this really Shu Heng? Could he have been swapped again? Where’s his aloofness and his dismissiveness? Is he giving me the green light? We really are family after all, life was too great with a brother to cover for him. His little hand touched the young man’s arm, it was stiff and very firm, way thicker than his own, how admirable!

“Yours will be like this when you grow up too.”

No it won’t, Shu Ning knew, just being able to grow a few centimeters taller would have him thanking the gods.

The motorbike driver ran away, Shu Heng did not have his driver investigate him, let this be a blessing for that daredevil, the both of them has reconciled.

The car moved at a fast pace, halfway through on their break, Shu Ning gave the foreman a call, the phone had been found, it was the little brat who took it, at that time she did not admit it, but the phone rang when they called it, after all she was young, if it was the second daughter she would not have exposed herself so easily. At this time the foreman was at the construction site with Qin Yu Fu next to him, learning that Shu Ning had suddenly left, he felt extremely worried, but relaxed after hearing that a family member had come to get him, they spoke about many things and chatted for more than ten minutes.

When he ended the call, Shu Ning’s heart suddenly jumped, it couldn’t be? He turned back to look and his brother was standing behind him as expected with an expressionless face.

You’re looking at me!

I’ve been staring at you.

Exuding tenderness and love……

Shu Heng had the ability to not blink, his eyelids did not even twitch at all, his gaze was dark, and deep as an abyss. Shu Ning was defeated after looking at him for a few seconds, he blinked his eyes and eased his dispirited mood:”Brother~”

His heart felt like it was being scratched by a little claw, very itchy, the melancholiness dispersed from his person:”Let’s go.”


To make Shu Heng wait, he reckons that in this life Shu Ning was the only one who had this honor, Shu Ning’s short little legs walked very slowly, so Shu Heng stopped every other step, he decided to just pull his light little hands, and slow down his steps. Of course Shu Heng had done this deliberately, Shu Ning did not notice, he even happily given his thanks, he wouldn’t know even if he had been sold, little brother is so foolish, he needs to keep an eye on him.

If Shu Ning knew how Shu Heng thought would he vomit blood

Staying by the side of this relieving person he can choose not to bring his brain, Shu Heng had the ability to make Shu Ning relax completely and expose his true feelings, and be at ease, Shu Heng did not let go even after entering the car, Shu Ning did not mention the relish in his heart either, showing brotherly love and respect is wonderful!

I give ten thousand likes~\\(≧▽≦)/~La la la

Shu Ning fell asleep on the boring trip, and Shu Heng had brought him into his embrace, suddenly an impulse struck his heart……really want to……kiss……


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