RWSB Chapter 32

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Oh my god!

What kind of situation is this?

Shu Ning was expressionless, his heart was bubbling like boiling water.

The big boss Qin Yu Zhi married early and had two kids, a son and a daughter, they were both older than Shu Ning.

And the second one is Qin Yu Lan, also married early with three kids, a son and two daughters, the youngest was younger than Shu Ning.

The first to enter is a youngster who looked to be about seventeen or eighteen, his bronzed skin looked quite handsome and his face had fine features, he was tall and slightly fit, he sported a refreshing crew cut with a schoolbag on his back, and a basketball in his hand, you could tell with one look that he was an athletic student. Although it was hidden well, a hint of impatience emerged from his brows from time to time, but still smooth.

The second to enter is a girl aged about fourteen or fifteen, sporting a well-fitting plaid skirt and a ponytail with her hand around her waist, she had average looks, and her eyes were exceptionally bright, she shared the scheming look of his second aunt.

The third is a little girl, about eleven or twelve, she wore her hair short, looking very refreshing, and she was quite pretty with her snow-white pale skin, she was observing Shu Ning curiously.

Shu Ning already knew what to expect, his big aunt’s family isn’t here, although he did not have much contact with them, he had memories of them from his past life, seeing the age and the looks of them they are probably his second aunt’s children.

Qin Yu Fu did not know how he should explain this to Shu Ning, and besides Shu Ning was a child who had just entered junior high, there’s no reason to drag him into anything. The honest man simply left to the kitchen, feeling quite helpless. Shu Ning raised and eyebrow and looked towards the foreman, the foreman was currently sitting atop the sofa with his brows constantly in a frown, and he was in an impetuous mood, seeing Shu Ning’s sharp eyes, his heart jumped.

“There’s no use looking at me, it’s Xiao Fu’s idea.”

Shu Ning casually sat on the floor:”What happened?”

The foreman took the last drag from his cigarette and crushed it in the ash tray, his eyebrows were wrinkled into a deep frown:”Your aunts have been making a ruckus for a long time now, even if Xiao Fu steels his heart and ignores them, they did not move at all. They’ve stopped the past two days and everything was going well, but who knew that your second uncle-in-law would actually be admitted to the hospital for a fracture, your second aunt had to go over to take care of him, and your uncle took the three kids back.”

“They met in the hospital?”

“Mm, he’s the only nice person in the family, they’re an entire family of wolves, how much better could these wolf brats be?”

The young man who had kept a sullen look on his face could finally stand it no more, he yelled at him with red eyes:”Who are you calling wolf brats? Watch your mouth!”

“Aiya, you’re still going to go on with that, where were you when your mother went to the construction site to cause chaos?”The foreman was a big and burly man after all with dark tanned skin, he was constantly managing the workers at the construction site, looking quite fierce, and he had a large voice when he yelled, it immediately terrified the young boy, but the foreman had no intentions to stop:”Do you know how your grandmother died?”

The second daughter lowered her head with her eyes wandering evasively, and the third daughter watched curiously, they seemed to be quite afraid of the foreman as well.

Shu Ning was not influenced at all, what a joke, living under Shu Heng’s shadow, even without aid he could train out an iron will:”Is his fracture serious?”

“From what I can see, I think he’ll be well in two months, he does a tender job of being a teacher sitting in the office.”The foreman wanted to use a lame argument, but the other party was a teacher, so he showed some respect in the end. There was a sacred area in the mind of the foreman who had dropped out of primary school that must not be tainted, his anger had weakened considerably:”Your second aunt says he’ll need three months, and the three of them can’t be left alone, so they’ll be staying here to play during the course of the summer vacation.”

“What’s with the injury on my uncle’s face?”Shu Ning was very concerned about it, it looked like someone had scratched him.

The foreman’s lips pursed for a moment, and his anger rose again:”What else if not for the fact that those two sisters were too talented at causing trouble, Xiao Fu went to work absent-mindedly and accidentally fell down.”

So that’s why……

At night he simply ate some vermicelli noodles, Qin Yu Fu arranged for the two girls to sleep in one room, the second sister pulled her little sister around to look, they liked the sunny master bedroom very much, it was big and beautiful, there was even an air conditioner! Staying in this house was as if they had became princesses, the second daughter’s eyes sparkled, she had said all her ideas out loud, and wouldn’t stop envying, saying she wanted to live here.

Qin Yu Fu’s room was that master bedroom, the biggest one, how could an adult like him compete with these two little girls, he was just about to agree but Shu Ning did not let him, a guest was a guest, it’s wrong for a turtledove to take over the nest of a magpie, and besides the intentions of the two to try to get a leg over him was obvious, Shu Heng would never let her have her way, she’s so young and she’s already such a parasite like her mother.

You want to be a princess?

This remark reminded Shu Ning of Qin Yu Zhuo, that one was already a fish who had jumped over the gates of a dragon, and yet it was still not enough, she still wanted to become a justifiable great empress, heh heh.

You need to understand! All of uncle’s valuables are in the master bedroom, who knows if the second aunt has instructed them to do anything? And besides, seeing the drooling looks of the girl there was nothing she needed to teach her, once the door is closed she could turn the entire room over, it should be time to install a safe here.

Tian Yang is the eldest son of the second aunt, he’s very sensible, hearing that the uncle wanted to go over to the first floor to stay, he took the initiative to enter and closed the door behind him, displaying his position, he had the personality of uncle-in-law. Although he had not seen him for over twenty years, Shu Ning still had some impression of the scholarly man, it was indeed a positive one.

The third daughter was only eleven, from the looks of it she was a tad taller than Shu Ning, with her head slightly tilted she looked quite innocent and cute:”Little brother, why are you talking about us?”

The second daughter pouted in displeasure:”Yeah, it’s rare for us to be able to visit.”

“Don’t talk about visiting once, even a hundred times is not okay, if you like to live in a villa, grow up and buy one yourself,”Shu Ning was not used to such behaviour.

But the second daughter puffed her chest out and lifted her chin instead, she denounced him righteously in a loud voice:”This house wasn’t even bought by uncle, it was given to him by auntie so why can’t we stay here?”

Here we go! Shu Ning really did not play these scheming games with them, she said it herself.

Originally the children had their holidays, they couldn’t live at home so they’ve come to poke their noise around, didn’t Shu Ning come over to stay with his uncle as well? It was natural! Moreover second uncle-in-law was admitted into the hospital, disasters can’t be avoided. But the worst of it was that his uncle worked during the day, so this “fake”child Shu Ning had to take care of the house, he had some money with him anyway, he wouldn’t be able to spend too much.

But there was a prerequisite, they had to be good children! And not these white eyed wolves with the ability to give people pink eye.

Qin Yu Fu’s face turned ugly at once, he can’t keep them. At first he thought it was the fault of the adults, you can’t blame the child, they were innocent……But he did not expect her to be the same as her mother. The two sisters kept saying that they also had a share of the villa, Qin Yu Fu brought Shu Ning up so he earned it, but if they took care of their little sister did that not count? Speaking of that, they had brought Qin Yu Fu up as well.

The foreman sat on the first floor and had heard everything, He slapped his leg and howled in laughter, even his stomach was starting to hurt. Qin Yu Fu lowered his head in inadequacy as he heard it, because the foreman had said it before, you were too kind, are you can only able to distinguish good from bad after you’ve been bullied by others? Honestly, how could I face my conscience if I don’t bully you!

Shu Ning’s room is the second biggest one, he put his stuff into his luggage and let the two “princesses” go wild.

This was deliberate, his uncle did not care to suffer a loss, but he liked Shu Ning the most, he’ll definitely be enraged if Shu Ning were to be wronged by other kids.

The night had passed relatively peacefully, the foreman slept on the sofa on the first floor while Qin Yu Fu slept in the master bedroom, the two brats were sleeping next door, the small innermost room was occupied by Shu Ning. After washing up Shu Ning took out his phone to send a text message, the few days he had been here were just like this, Shu Heng was aloof, so it wasn’t too realistic for him to be sending messages back and forth in the morning, so at night Shu Ning deliberately displayed his stickiness, saying how much he missed him, and felt uneasy if he weren’t there to comfort him.

This made Shu Heng extremely satisfied and at the same time it made him miss the little one even more.

At the office, Shu Heng would daydream every so often, thinking……of bringing him back, just endure for a bit, he’s already thirteen, he’s not a child anymore. But the resentment of wanting to snatch him back to his own bed to sleep together with him became even stronger, it almost seemed to turn into a pile of black clouds floating around his head, this made his originally ruthless aura become even stronger, even more terrifying, nobody dared to go close.

But actually Shu Ning was laughing while sending text messages, occasionally he would feel so pleased that he would roll around the bed, young man, you’re quite amusing, teasing his brother truly is a great thing in his life!

Early the next morning, Qin Yu Fu had prepared a table full of food again, Shu Ning walked down the stairs in an elegant demeanor and the two girls were already seated at the table and eating.

Tian Yang was sitting atop the sofa chatting with the foreman about basketball, occasionally he would spin the basketball on his finger, surprising the foreman. Uncle placed the soup at the center of the table, and waved over to Shu Ning with a smile:”Time to eat.”

Time to eat? Are you sure the meal can still be served? All the meat was consumed by the tornado. The two girls acted as if they had never eaten meat before, really?

“After eating, send them away,”While speaking, Qin Yu Fu passed over some chopsticks:”I’ve contacted their grandmother, I’ll be working in the mornings so there’s no way for me to take care of so many children.”

“Then why is he staying here?”The second daughter was indignant, she held a pig trotter on her left hand and sausages on her right.

“That’s right, you need to be fair,”The third daughter was being very obvious, she put down her food after taking only one bite, to put it plainly she was bad, this was deliberate.

Shu Ning had not spoken, but Qin Yu Fu had actually glared at them, he had gotten angry:”Can you be compared to him? This house was bought by his father! Ning Ning had already paid a month’s worth of meal expenses for his stay here, what about you?”

“Uncle!”The two girls spoke in unison.

“Can’t I talk about money? Big sister and second sister asks me for money every day, I’ve been working at the construction site since I was eighteen, today is my thirtieth year, I’ve given your family twelve years worth of my wages, Yang Yang got into a fight when he was in middle school and I had to pay three thousand, and I even had to borrow that!”

Tian Yang lowered his head, he was in his third year of middle school then, his family clearly had money, but his mother still specially went to the construction site to ask his uncle for money as per usual, talking about how it was easy for uncle to earn money, we can’t earn as much as him even after working till our backs hurt, and what’s more he is your senior, he should be spending some money. Tian Yang felt that this was not true, from that point on, he had become alienated from his biological mother.

He felt very regretful for not discussing with his father about his mother, this time when he returns, he should find a suitable time to have a good chat with his father, Tian Yang righted his posture, and stood up:”You girls go and wash your hands, take your bags down we’re going back.”

“We can’t!”The two spoke in unison once again.

“Are my words not enough for you?”As the older brother, he naturally had some deterring force.

The two girls felt extremely wronged, especially the youngest one, she had tears in her eyes as she looked at Shu Ning:”We want to live in the villa too, little brother, get your father to buy us one, mom said it, someone in the village saw your father before, he was really stylish, driving a sedan car, just a bit of money from him is enough for us to live a lifetime.”

“Why should he give you money?”Shu Ning did not know why, but he suddenly started to tease them casually.

“We’re a family.”

“My surname is Shu and yours is Tian.”

“But your mother and my mother are surnamed Qin!”

Shu Ning laughed, and lost interest:”How about this, you guys go home for today, then when you return tell your mom to go look for my mom, the both of them are a family so she’ll definitely agree.”

“Really?”The two girls were filled with happiness, starry-eyed and greedy.

Shu Ning was indeed the child of Qin Yu Zhuo, when the opportunity comes he’ll dig a pit for his mother with a plan!


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  1. Have fun now Ning Ning, the day will come when Shu Heng will tie you to the bed and he will be the one to enjoy you, I hope that day 😈😈😈 por and please put those hyenas in their place 😠😠😠
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    1. True. If not for the grandma, I would think the author is a misogynist. They write such horrible female characters. The only one I like is the fairy girl who was in love with Shu Heng for three years. But her role is so minor I don’t think she even has a name. Lol.
      AND Seriously!!! A sausage in one hand and a pig trotter in another? These girls scream “VILLAIN CANNON FODDER!!!” I think the author needs to learn about subtlety.
      Another thing I dislike is how the author paints female sexuality in a bad way. Yeap, the mom is a scheming fox, but hey, if she wanted to get with a lot of guys, who cares? The only bad thing about it is that she’s did it to land with a rich guy, and abandoning her kid once she realized that she won’t be an insta-millionaire. Plus, she’s a bad mother. Although those kinds of people do exist in reality, I just can’t believe that the reasons the author gave for her ill-treatment of Ning Ning are sufficient for such blatant (imho) display of hatred towards him. He’s supposed to be her husband’s long lost kid, right? I mean, would you act like a monster toward your cash cow? Anyway, I think her character is so poorly written. She’s too stupid to be a super villain. But maybe the author just wants to highlight her stupidity? I don’t know. Lol. I just wish they were more subtle about it? And not so cliche??? Ahaha!
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    1. There is that deceased grandmother… Does she count? And that girl Big Brother “dated” for a a really short while. And that school beauty. They were all minor characters, but still! Oh, and that nanny from a while back!


  10. What horrible little pest! At least the son, yang yang seems to be alright. It says he takes after his father, but I don’t know how good he can be, being married to such a horrible wife! Anywho, thanks for the chapter!


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