RWSB Chapter 31


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God, how should I proceed now?

Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart was overflowing, she was so angry her face was red, he’s truly more trouble than good, he would’ve been fine if he had been staying next to me, but it’s not a good idea to lose her temper in public:”Your stomach hurts? It’ll pass after enduring for a bit, today is an important day, all the big shots in C city are gathered here, you need to show your worth, burn yourself into their memories, this is an important step for your grand plans in the future sweetheart! It’s not that mother does not care about you, be good, mother will hold onto you.”

“Okay……”Shu Ning gritted his teeth, and frowned, looking as if he was really feeling uncomfortable.

Qin Yu Zhuo helped Shu Ning up, but Shu Ning sat back down as soon as he stood up, his lips had turned pale, only now did Qin Yu Zhuo realize that something was indeed very off with her son, what to do? Leave early? That won’t do, even a loser must not lose their pride. A thought crossed Qin Yu Zhuo’s mind, right now Shu Ning’s status in the family was even higher than her own, that old man quite fancies him, if they can’t stay, then they’ll leave with a bang!

“Sweetie, sit here and don’t go anywhere, I’ll go fetch your father over to take a look at you!”

As expected, she’s using me to strive for favour, Shu Ning had an idea:”No, don’t, he’s already got everyone’s attention due to the land matters, I can’t let him be bothered with more people talking about him because of me.”


“I’m fine, He Ran will come looking for me in a bit, we’ll lose some where the sun rises, and gain where the sun sets, we shouldn’t miss this chance,”Shu Ning smiled reluctantly:”And besides, Shu Heng is here, I can’t leave.”

That’s right, if we left, Shu Cheng will definitely leave Shu Heng here to mix with the people, Qin Yu Zhuo would never let him take such a chance, and what’s more it was worth it since he could get closer to He Ran as well. Qin Yu Zhuo gave Shu Ning a look with some concern, after all he was her son:”Alright then, if you’ve noticed my efforts then that means I had not done it in vain, if you really can’t take it anymore, send a waiter over to inform me, alright?”


“Good, your body belongs to yourself, you have to cherish it no matter what,”Qin Yu Zhuo gave Shu Ning’s hand a squeeze, and sighed:”It’s going to be rough for your dad to deal with all this alone, I should be going over to entertain them.”


“It’s just for an hour more, endure!”


Qin Yu Zhuo left after comforting Shu Ning with a warm smile was plastered on her face, she had a kind behaviour that did not lack in generosity as she chatted congenially with those other rich ladies. The ladies with keen eyes had their gaze on Qin Yu Zhuo’s stomach, this skirt did not seem much like a tight fitting one but it was a bit……bulging? Unless……

The straightforward ladies asked:”Madam Shu, are you…?”

Qin Yu Zhuo gave them a shy smile, and casually touched her stomach, her eyes brightened up radiantly:”I’m four months in.”

“Oh heavens!”


“What good fortune, I should try to rub some off too!”


Many rich ladies sent her their blessings, it did not matter whether they were being genuine, it made Qin Yu Zhuo very happy. Shu Yao, do you hear that? My lucky child, you truly are your mother’s baby, with you here, your mother’s status will be firm, nobody can shake me off, when you’re born, your mother, father, and grandfather will treat you well like they’d treat their ancestors, and hold a grand celebration for you, at that time, who dares to look down on me?

They were both her sons, but Shu Ning was way too lacking, ah……

At the balcony, Shu Ning looked up silently at the moonlight , Shu Heng had walked over out of nowhere, and his hands were pressed on the railings, trapping the person between his arms.

A familiar scent, a familiar atmosphere, a familiar bearing.

Shu Ning leaned back, and the warmth passed over to his body through their clothes, it was very warm, the relaxing sense of security swept over him, his exhaustion dissipated, and he started to feel quite sleepy.

So that’s why, Shu Ning understood.

The two did not speak, Shu Ning watched the intoxicating moonlight in a trance, Shu Heng watched Shu Ning’s intoxication.

Actually, before his brother came over, he was thinking about Qin Yu Zhuo, her speech was perfect, she truly seemed like a mother who cared for her son, it was the same in his past life as well, if not what need is there for Shu Ning to devote himself to her? He did not even raise an eyebrow after going to prison, he was willing to give his all, and present his all to his mother, even if it was his own life.

But……the one who took his life should not have been her, and it couldn’t have been.

In this life, no matter what Qin Yu Zhuo said, Shu Ning felt that it was hilarious, she was too calculative, and her affection was laced with conspiracy, but it’s fine. If she did not get impregnated with Shu Yao, and didn’t get into a relationship with Shu Cheng, she would never have turned back to look for Shu Ning, you have to look to the bottom of things, Qin Yu Zhuo is already a broken person, she can’t be saved.

It’s soon to be July, the temperature at night was comfortable, not too cold nor too hot, the passing breeze brought a slight coolness.

The tranquility that people talk about, would probably be just like this.

Shu Heng who was enjoying this intimate moment received a text message from Shu Cheng, he only just realized that only half an hour had passed from looking at the time, his unpleasant gaze darkened:”It’s time to go.”


“Does your stomach still hurt?”

“It was just an excuse, I don’t want to stay with mom, and I don’t like this sort of event either, it’s too messy.”

If something had really happened, Shu Heng wouldn’t just stand here calmly as Shu Ning’s pillow:”Are you tired? Should I carry you back?”

Big brother was very gentle tonight, Shu Ning craned his head up to look at him, and Shu Heng just so happened to lower his head to look at him, his chin landed on his forehead, his back was stuck tightly to his chest, not even a gap can be found between them.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng’s gaze was filled with tenderness.

Shu Ning blinked, big brother is cool as usual, seems like he’s seen wrongly:”It’s nothing, let’s go.”

Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning along, little brother’s hand~how small, how light, so soft as if it was boneless, it made him feel very satisfied. But it was a shame that Shu Ning had let go as soon as they stepped into the hall, he put some distance between them, and did not even meet his eyes, as if he did not want anyone to know of their close relationship, Shu Heng did not care about this in the past, but now it bothered him, inwardly he felt very displeased.

Shu Cheng could not find his children( ⊙ o ⊙ )Qin Yu Zhuo could not find them either, they separated and sent out text messages to them, Shu Ning appeared first, then Shu Cheng came into sight half a step later.

Towards the eldest son, Shu Cheng had never once worried, he pulled Shu Ning’s little hand and comforted him, Qin Yu Zhuo had told him about his discomfort earlier, Shu Cheng was pleased with Qin Yu Zhuo’s sensibility, and at the same time he was even more moved by his younger child’s sensibility, he truly felt very worried, he needs to treat him better, and spend more time with him.

Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely proud, she heard that Shu Heng would never act spoiled since he was young, and now Shu Ning was only feeling slightly uncomfortable, but Shu Cheng could already bear it no more.

Wonderful, everything is under control.

The couple surrounded Shu Ning with Shu Heng following behind them, while leaving they said their farewells to many presidents and big shots, and so the day ends here.

In the car, Qin Yu Zhuo once again kept quiet sensibly with a faint smile on her lips, Shu Cheng was talking to Shu Ning, and Shu Heng was constantly looking outside the window. When they returned to the ancestral home, the doctor was already waiting, there were no issues with Shu Ning, he had only eaten too much.

Qin Yu Zhuo……

Shu Cheng sighed in relief, he could finally relax, he went up to the fourth floor to tell the old man about the He clan matters, then after returning to the study on the third floor, he called Shu Heng over to chat for quite a while.

It should be about time for Qin Yu Zhuo to rest, she knew her place and didn’t go over to the study to peek at them so she sent someone to bring some fruits over instead.

Shu Ning could not stand staying up any longer, it’s too late, he took a bath and changed into his pajamas, while yawning, he pushed open the door to the study, nobody’s here? Where’s he gone off to? He wasn’t in the bedroom either, he’s probably gone to see his old man, too sleepy too sleepy, Shu Ning who was too lazy to move could only return to the study in order to not reveal himself, and laid down on the sofa by himself.

Shu Heng returned quite quickly, the little one had already fallen asleep, his body was plunged into the sofa just like……a piece of chocolate.

He lifted up his sleeves, the bite marks were barely visible now, he felt a slight sense of pity. He picked Shu Ning up and returned to the room, he put some distance between us just because of Qin Yu Zhuo, should he deal with her?

Shu Heng did not do so, just like how Shu Gao occasionally endures Qin Yu Zhuo, it was all because she was the mother of Shu Ning and Shu Yao.

Shu Yao, would he be as cute as Shu Ning? Probably about the same, they’re both his step father’s children.

The warmth of his embrace made Shu Heng narrow his eyes in comfort, he lifted up the sharp little chin with his finger, and dazed at the face that could still be considered delicate, his other hand subconsciously traced the little one’s back and habitually gave a pinch every so often, why was it so hard to fatten him up? Shu Heng brushed Shu Ning’s hair, it was very soft, very fragrant.

Even if Shu Yao were the same as Shu Ning, even if they were completely the same, he could never replace him.

Shu Ning had broken into Shu Heng’s world at an appropriate time, this kind of fate could not be duplicated, Shu Heng was clear of it, and he had no interests in taking care of a baby either. He tightened his hold, the two were fitted together perfectly, the strange feeling spread all over his chest, filling it up, as if it was going to flow out, Shu Heng took a deep breath, and enjoyed it thoughtfully.

After five days, Shu Cheng and Qin Yu Zhuo brought Shu Ning over to visit Qin Yu Fu.

The honest man had already prepared a table full of dishes early on, it looked very fragrant, Shu Ning was filled with happiness, these were all his favourites, uncle is great.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s complexion was a bit unrecognisable, these were all countryside dishes, the entire place was filled with the smell, it’s unbefitting of this villa.

Shu Cheng was very knowledgeable, he cared about his appearances while doing business, but he cared more for regards when it came to family, the group reached at eleven thirty, For these eight dishes, Qin Yu Zhuo had gotten up probably before the sun had even started to rise. Shu Ning’s smile reached up to his eyes, he pushed Qin Yu Fu over to the sofa and sat down, then Shu Ning circled around to his back to give him an attentive massage.

Qin Yu Zhuo who was sitting across from them was feeling even more down, your dad’s sitting right there, and you’re giving your uncle a massage?

Are you stupid

Shu Cheng was drinking the water poured for him by Qin Yu Zhuo, his heart secretly filled with envy, Shu Ning had never acted this way in front of him before, that unguarded smile is truly great, it was splendid, after the massage Shu Ning had even hugged his arms around Qin Yu Fu’s neck and didn’t let go, this truly made Shu Cheng feel very envious, but the man who did not show any hint of anger was enigmatic after all, nobody had noticed it.

During the feast, Shu Ning’s movements were graceful, he slowly and gracefully”ate a lot”, Qin Yu Fu did not move his chopsticks very much, he did not dare to talk to his brother-in-law, nor was he willing to speak with his sister, the him who was naturally cowardly watched Shu Ning as he ate some mushrooms happily, just like a little squirrel, he unconsciously stretched a hand out to give the back of Shu Ning’s head a rub.

How glaring! Shu Cheng once again envied him, the couple left after the meal, they couldn’t do anything about it, Qin Yu Fu could not let it go at all, they couldn’t even try to spark up a conversation, Qin Yu Zhuo scolded him in her heart, it was too embarrassing.

Shu Ning walked around the second floor, there were three rooms, a big one, two small ones, and two bathrooms, there was a living room and a bathroom in the first floor, as well as a room and a kitchen, the place was not too shabby, flowers were planted in the yard, and the parking space was empty, uncle should be getting his driver’s license soon. Qin Yu Fu finished washing up the plates, and went upstairs to look for Shu Ning:”Your dad treats you pretty well, I’m relieved.”

To be able to see him once every three days for a quick chat was considered to be quite good, it was a stark contrast compared to his previous life, Shu Ning was very satisfied:”Uncle, everything’s fine here, but something’s missing.”

“What’s missing?”

“It’s missing an auntie!”

Qin Yu Fu’s face reddened, a glitter flashed past his gaze:”Don’t……don’t talk nonsense.”

Oh! Something’s happening, Shu Ning nudged closer with a grin:”There’s no use hiding it, uncle, give me an honest confession!”

“I-I-I’ll go cut some fruits.”

He ran, it seems he really does have someone in mind, he reckons it was probably someone introduced to him at work, without big aunt and second aunt the two leeches, Qin Yu Fu’s days will naturally start to flourish.

He had originally planned to leave after staying for a week, but who knew that his uncle kept on subtly asking about when he would return home, this made Shu Ning feel very uncertain, could he be hiding something from me?

On the third morning, Shu Ning did not notice any problems, he couldn’t resist any more, and gave the foreman a call, and it turns out some people at work had mentioned about Qin Yu Fu back home, and it landed in the two sisters’ ears, and they started up another fuss.

He already got the chance to live in a villa, how could he bear turn a cold shoulder to them who were living hard lives? That was too lacking in conscience wasn’t it?

Shu Ning had no words……

On that night, Qin Yu Fu came home really late, and there was even a scratch on his face, looking at it made Shu Ning burn with anger, the foreman stepped in with a cigarette in his mouth:”Fucking hell, those two shameless whores, they’re inhumane.”

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, as if he had seen something inconceivable, why has Qin Yu Zhi and Qin Yu Lan’s three kids followed over?

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