RWSB Chapter 40

\o/ Are we gonna focus on Shu Ning and Shu Heng yet, can we rename this to rebirth of the wolfish mother face slapper


Shu Ning’s pupils contracted abruptly, he quickly stopped him:”No no, there’s no need.”

Shu Heng watched him quietly.

Shu Ning knew that his reaction was too much, he simply acted out a look of being shy as he bashfully dragged his feet over, especially the last little piece, only stripping it off for a long time did it leave his body, Shu Ning was like a cooked shrimp and submerged himself at once into the bathtub, as he entered the water, the pair of big glistening eyes were exceptionally bright.

Shu Heng gulped, his throat bobbed up and down many times and his gaze was particularly deep, after being looked at for a few moments Shu Ning felt as if he were being sucked in and his mind was in chaos.

A man does not prepare as meticulously during their bath as a woman does, sprinkling some flower petals and doing all sort of fancy things to make their skin more tenderly pale and dewy. Which is why Shu Ning was dumbfounded now, so what if he’s hidden into the water? It was transparent _(:зゝ∠)_ So he decided to squeeze in a considerable amount of body wash to create a layer of bubbles on top of the water.

It’s done, Shu Ning felt at ease now but he didn’t know that Shu Heng had been watching all of this unblinkingly.

Shu Heng got into the water and with a splash a considerable amount of water gushed out, only now did realize, damn, I forgot about him, when did he take off his clothes? Can I scold him for being shameless?

Calling for help! I want the potion of regret ahhh, today I’ll be 囧 for a big one.

When Shu Heng took up the bath sponge Shu Ning shook his head faintly, that can’t be, right? In the end the good never came, but the bad came knocking.

“Thank you for last time, how about big brother wash you this time around?”

Shu Ning pressed his lips together:”No no no, I can do it myself, I’m……I’m already thirteen, if you help me wash up I’ll be laughed at by my classmates.”

“Laughed at? Since you’ve washed me wasn’t that even more embarrassing? It’s alright, don’t be silly.”

Who’s being silly? Shu Ning moved backwards, pushing Shu Heng’s chest and arm, but this young man’s strength is quite strong and he ignore it, washy~ washy~ washy……

Shu Ning wanted to cry but no tears flowed, he was being fiddled here~ and there, Shu Heng was inexperienced so he forgot to wash him off after scrubbing him, Shu Ning who was endlessly tossed back and forth was in a real mess, he immediately turned to him:”This part is already washed!”

“Has it?”How tender, I want to give it another rub~

“It has!”Shu Ning glared at him, he was furious and his vigor was surpassing the rainbow in the sky, even his voice had heightened a bit, not like a child at all, especially the sharp and aggressive look flickering in his eyes like a wolf!

This was the first time Shu Ning had exposed his true self in front of Shu Heng, but Shu Heng took it wrongly, he thought he was angry because he was too tired, so his attitude lightened up:”Alright.”

Shu Ning who had entered battle mode fiercely slammed his palm into the water, the water didn’t hurt but he got weak instead.

Shu Heng was anguished, the little one slouched his head down, as expected he immediately sped up his movements, his normally pale skin was now laced with a hint of pink, it was pleasing to the eye, especially including the hazy look of the little one’s eyes, and his dewy eyelashes were even more eye-catching.

He hurriedly wrapped him with a towel and carried him over to the bed then covered him with a blanket, Shu Ning resigned to his fate and didn’t move. By the time Shu Heng brought his pajamas over from the sofa he had already fallen asleep.

I guess……He doesn’t need these anymore……

Shu Ning slept till morning and stretched his body, after rubbing his eyes he looked to his side, Shu Heng has already left, off to the office maybe? He sat up and touched the edge of his clothes, Shu Heng had probably helped him with it, how nice of him, he sighed, is he getting used to me or am I getting more and more used to him?

There are two sides to everything, as long as they’re developing towards a healthy path then that’s fine, Shu Ning did not think too deeply about it.

After finishing his breakfast and his medicine, Shu Ning started to learn, he was remarkably hardworking and focused, Shu Gao would come over to take a look every so often, he narrowed his eyes happily, Shu Ning wasn’t very talented but he was diligent, he still needs some training with his temperament but he could be used. Sun Lin carried a hat and walked away following behind Shu Gao, many flowers in the garden had bloomed again, the wilted flowers needed to be pruned.

Just like Qin Yu Zhuo, only with some pressure can you get her to be content with her lot.

Recently infectious diseases in livestock has started to spring up again, many pigs and cows were done for, all the farms next to the second plot of land were affected, if she had accepted what the country offered her from the start why would she have to throw the helve after the hatchet? She’s greedily waiting for the prices to hike up while going with the flow, foolish woman.

At this moment Qin Yu Zhuo was indeed in a bad position, don’t even mention that the farms were done for, she still suffered a big loss, even if she forked out all the houses she bought previously she wouldn’t be able to fill up this big hole, the workers were all waiting for their wages, so Qin Yu Zhuo could only be distraught, Shu Cheng himself has already noticed it and helped her settle this huge mess, and even intercepted the media and made it a minor incident.

To a man this was nothing, this little trouble was just a failed investment.

Shu Ning had just returned to his room after having his lunch when the sound of a car came from outside, he walked over and leaned towards the window to look, ah, Shu Cheng is back after bringing Qin Yu Zhuo to her prenatal exam, her complexion was white as a sheet and her smiling face looked even worse than a crying one, she’s definitely not feeling great isn’t she? So much of her private money has sunk like skipping stones, does your flesh hurt? Hang in there Qin Yu Zhuo, be careful of affecting your baby.

That’s right, this was all deliberately planned out by Shu Ning to sabotage her, him who had already known the general trend of things only needed to use that to his advantage, then he can give the grandiose her a chance for misfortune.

Right at this moment, Qin Yu Zhuo’s phone rang, as she took it out to take a look, her pupils abruptly shrunk for a moment, it was actually Qin Yu Lan? She still dares to contact me? Shu Cheng just so happened to look over and Qin Yu Zhuo directly ended the call:”Wrong number.”

Shu Cheng gave her a warm smile:”No need to rack your nerves, go and take a nap.”

Qin Yu Lan put down the phone, she wanted to beg for help from her sister to buy a house in the city, even a small run down house was fine! It’s fine as long as nobody recognizes her, she’s about to go mad.

These few days had been very chaotic……

Qin Yu Lan had been hiding out in her house at the countryside, she was agitated and uneasy, she lied that she was busy and didn’t go to the hospital, besides her husband had only hurt one leg, he had no issues going to the toilet or whatever, he could eat and dress himself pretty well and didn’t need anyone to wait on him.

Someone knocked on the door again, Qin Yu Lan hid in her house and didn’t dare to go over.

Everything happened when she returned from C city to the countryside, she wanted to pick up some clothes before going to the hospital but she didn’t think that when the car drove to a deserted area, she would meet a group of robbers. At that time several men had their faces covered with a knife in their hands, they gestured towards them and brusquely told everybody to take out everything they have that is of value.

Qin Yu Lan with three kids would rather tear her money in half, how would she be willing to hand it over?

They were unprepared so they hurriedly hid their money inside their pants, the robbers took their bags one by one, and kept telling them to be quick, when it came to Qin Yu Lan’s turn, she only took out two bucks, the robbers made a reckless move and on the spot the faces under the masks had turned livid, with a swing of their hands they landed a slap on her:”Take your money out, all of it.”

Qin Yu Lan was extremely afraid, how could she have been in such a situation before? She cried and forced herself to stay calm, and besides the clothes she wore today weren’t great anyway, she was most fit on pretending to be poor:”This brother, my husband is in the hospital, and I have three kids in my house waiting for their school fees to be paid, I went to the city to borrow money from a relative but unexpectedly……ahh I was humiliated instead……”Before she even finished talking about being humiliated another two slaps landed on her face.

The man was extremely fierce:”You damned bitch, are you going to hand it over yourself or do you want me to look for it myself?”

“Big~ Big brother I really have no money.”

The man who was collecting money behind him shouted loudly:”What nonsense are you speaking with her? Hurry up.”

The aggressive man walked towards someone else and Qin Yu Lan’s heart was beating like drums, she was wild with joy as she hurriedly lowered her head and covered her face with her hands as if she were wiping her tears.

Everyone in the car were being plundered and they were filled with complaints, those who said there were poor were given a beating.

At first it wasn’t like this, they all gave them their money honestly, it seemed to have started from when that cheap woman started crying about being poor, Qin Yu Lan was picked up by the man from before and given a few kicks, she cried out repeatedly, with her as an example who else would dare to act up?

But her tragedy doesn’t end here, the man had started to search her body, every time Qin Yu Lan resisted, she would be given a harsh beating, her clothes were in disorder and clothes that were washed sparkling white could not resist it, Qin Yu Lan was filled with shame, during her violent struggle the man gave her another harsh slap, and with that Qin Yu Lan’s sight darkened and she fell to the ground, she couldn’t even feel the robbers pulling down her pants……The money she had tried to hide had been found.

The man laughed wickedly:”This damn woman’s quite fierce huh? She would’ve been fine if she just handed it out earlier.”While speaking he touched around again and found another hundred or so.

Right at this moment several people rushed over and yelled at them don’t move, it was the police! For the robbers to go up against the police they were minced up in moments, cuffed, and shoved into the car.

As for the stuff they stole, while the police were wrestling with the robbers, the owners hurriedly went forward to take it back.

Only Qin Yu Lan was too late when she regained her senses, all her stuff was gone but she didn’t dare to make a noise, earlier she had nearly been stripped clean, her nose was bruised and her face was swollen, she was very ashamed, at this moment she truly started to cry. A few from the same village saw the scene and tried to comfort her and sighed.

How could any woman be able to deal with this? Fortunately the robbers did not do much to her, however……her reputation was pretty much done for.


The knocks on the door stopped and Qin Yu Lan relaxed her breath, rumours had already begun to spread, the neighbours who seemed to be rather good normally actually said she got played by someone behind her back, and they even described it vividly as if they had seen it with their own eyes, the ones who came forward were the same as well, then……what about everyone else she was close with?

Her head started to hurt again, Qin Yu Lan’s face was ashen with distraught and she had cried herself into a woman of tears.

She had never been suspicious about Qin Yu Zhuo, those robbers had been tried in court, if it really was her doing she would definitely be implicated. Now, she only hoped that the rumours wouldn’t reach her husband or her children, if not……Qin Yu Lan did not dare to think about it, she has already been starving for a day and the sounds of knocking came again, Qin Yu Lan held her ears and her whole body was trembling.

On the other hand, Shu Ning had been working hard these few days, Shu Heng had noticed all of it, before the little one even mentioned it he brought a cake back again.

The sunlight in the evening was just about the same as in the afternoon, only around eight o clock did the sun start to set, the sound of a car could be heard and Shu Ning immediately looked down while squatting at the balcony, Every time Shu Heng lifted his head over to look at him, the little one would wave his hands with a happy smile on his face, he enjoyed it.

Shu Heng’s heart felt very warm, there was a dense feeling, as if it can’t be dispersed.

Unlike Shu Cheng, Shu Heng did not go to see Shu Gao everyday, he pushed open the door to the little one’s room with the cake in his hand. Shu Ning had already gotten used to it, Shu Heng did not have a habit of knocking before entering, he was impervious and never blushed or felt embarrassed.

Whereas Shu Ning would occasionally feel embarrassed! Just like right now, he was leisurely squatting and playing with his phone, he had been earning big in stocks and his mood was great, so he forgave Shu Heng this arrogant daredevil.

“Brother~ You’re home.”

“Mm,”Every time he heard this, Shu Heng would feel like the exhaustion he had accumulated during the day would all fly away, could this be what those men who loved going home felt? Shu Heng did not think much of it, he lifted his arm and lightly swayed it:”Your reward.”

Oh shit, you can’t shake the cake!

Shu Ning hurriedly went over to save it, who knew that Shu Heng’s playfulness would suddenly spring up, with a turn of his leg the cake moved away from the little one’s eyes, Shu Ning was still chasing after it childishly, he pouted his mouth, he slanted his head and wondered what is this young man trying to do!

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Chapter 5

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    1. Hmmm yes… Still 13, what is the legal age in this story? 16/17/18? Aaah… Still a long time…
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