RWSB Chapter 22

I hope you guys aren’t sick of daomu biji fansongs yet, xiao qu’er is another really good singer ❤ I tend to like male singers who can reach high notes well lol


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Shu Ning half-swayed slightly in a childish manner, the joy that he could not repress made his brows look even more proud, he deliberately stood by the chair after walking step by step to the back of the table.

You like to make eye contact don’t you?

Lift your head and look at me, let me have a taste of what it’s like to look down of people too!

Shu Ning planned it out pretty well, but Shu Heng did not follow his lead, the long arm stretched out……And the small person is captured! This development isn’t scientific! Shu Ning was momentarily dumbfounded, blinking his wide good-looking eyes.

“Is the medicine too bitter?”

He subconsciously nodded, Shu Ning’s mind was still blank, sitting on his brother’s lap or whatnot, he dared not even think about it, it was too terrifying.

“You’ve drank too less,”Shu Heng picked his phone up from the table, his tone was leisurely yet deep:”Add on another medicine, if you drink more and get used to it, it won’t be bitter anymore.”

Damn it!

He quickly shook his head, Shu Ning wanted to get down, Shu Heng managed to fix him in place with only one arm. After struggling for a while his wish was still not fulfilled, his forehead had also started to sweat, he was endlessly miserable. Shu Ning’s heart felt extremely complicated, but there were things in front of him that were more important right now:”That……brother……I was wrong! Actually the Chinese medicine wasn’t too hard to drink, if I squeeze my nose and endure for a while then it will pass,”What a joke, this medicine was already the most suitable one mixed by experts, there was no need at all for another one to be added!

Shu Ning was just a fake child, not even a real one, no matter how an originally thirty year old man acted this way it would still be quite awkward, he was just trying his best to make himself appear as childish as possible.


Shu Heng’s eyes began to stare straight at him again.

Facing such profound eyes that was as dark as an abyss, Shu Ning could not bear to play with him! Why don’t you go and find some peers to play the staring game with you, maybe you could still rub out a spark while you’re at it am I right?

Under his desperation, Shu Ning obediently leaned over, his little head rested on the shoulder that still could not be considered wide, the light fragrance entered his nose, there was a sense of security, there was no doubt, Shu Heng is strong, scary, but at the same time his steadiness was unequalled. if the things that had happened today happened to anyone else, they would all think they were being ridiculed, but Shu Ning knows, if he did not compromise with him, then he would have to face two packets of Chinese medicine tomorrow.

One word from an emperor from the ancient times carried much weight, in the modern times, Shu Heng was also such a person╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Heng picked up the date and looked through it carefully, three lines momentarily came down Shu Ning’s forehead, is he addicted to hugging now?

“Brother~ I want to eat fruits.”




“You should put me down, does your leg not hurt?”Look at how much I care about you! Shu Ning had his limits when he spoke, it does not incur anyone’s hate.

“This is the data for the second plot of land, it’s very important, the two villages beside it will into reconstruction immediately, I think it’s possible to……”He spoke endlessly.

This is the first time he had spoken so many words, Shu Ning felt a bit surprised, in his past life the most he had heard him talk was in the hospital, at that time Shu Ning was just about to die. The feeling in his heart was bittersweet, even the emotions in his eyes had gotten complicated, his gaze fell on the data and he looked through it seriously. Shu Heng was a genius when it came to business, he had already developed future plans for the two villages, and had even created a business proposal, he wanted to stretch his hands out, and take a piece of the pie!

To hold information is to control the flow.

Shu Ning had worked hard for many years when he entered the company in his past life, naturally he could understand all of this:”Can you take me out this weekend to take a look? I wish to buy a house with the red envelope grandpa gave me.”

“I can.”

That’s great, Shu Ning can finally start to earn money, because he had to go to school every day, he had no time to go out and trade stocks at all, much less do anything else, he was afraid that his brother would come calling as soon as he left for a bit……As for the internet he had an even lesser chance of using that, he was underage, and had no computer, Shu Heng’s computer was password protected. For someone who had never come in contact with a computer, if he were to mention it, he could only play some games, secretly trying to earn money on the net? Might as well take down that idea.

Currently he was being fed well, why take the risk?

Once midterms were over, he would naturally get his own computer, there was no hurry.

The landline rung, when Shu Heng took the call, he still did not forget to tighten the hold of his arms, preventing a certain child with bright eyes from escaping:”Dad?”

“I’ve read your business proposal, we can implement it, do you have reliable influence with the third-parties?”

Shu Cheng’s tone was serious, there was no changes in the emotions on Shu Heng’s face, instead ,Shu Ning who could hear everything held his breath, he wanted to know how his brother would reply.

“I do, don’t worry, they won’t be able to find out about our lead,”As Shu Heng’s words fell, the arm wrapped around Shu Ning’s waist like iron chains suddenly moved, his fingers scratched the little one’s chin as if he were teasing a cat, Shu Ning’s eyes instantly widened into circles, secretly thinking to himself what are you doing? You can’t flirt with me even if you’re in a good mood? He pouted his mouth, and did not speak.

Shu Cheng hummed in approval:”I trust you on this.”

The call had ended just like that, Shu Ning understood after rapidly pondering on it. Shu Heng’s relatives from his mother’s side had considerable strength, they were high-ranking officials in the city, if orders had come from the top to keep something confidential, then the Shu “relative family” had to make a move at the areas where the government needed to move, they explained about what it goes without saying, at that time they would not be able to make a convincing explanation to explain why the Mou family wanted to cooperate with them, who would believe?

“What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing……”Shu Ning lowered his head to reflect, I was told to make a speculation and I end up thinking of taking advantage, he buys the land and I’ll buy the houses, it was thoughtless, seems like he really isn’t cut out for business, he’ll change his mind tomorrow and say that he wanted to buy something else, children were fickle anyway. Comparing it this way, there was the difference of heaven and earth, Shu Heng was clearly only eighteen, I as a thirty some year old could still not compete with him, in the past life I lost badly, but fortunately big brother was merciful, he had never bullied me.

“You buy whatever you want to buy.”


Shu Heng’s gaze as deep, and he scratched the little one’s chin again, Shu Ning was enraged, he pushed Shu Heng’s chest with two hands, his face flushed red:”I want to go to the bathroom!”


Shu Ning ran off, seeing his attitude he reckons that he would not be coming back soon, Shu Heng’s keen gaze swept past the darkness:”Where’s the thing I wanted?”

“It’s been prepared.”

Shu Ning naturally did not actually want to relieve himself, he just couldn’t restrain his anger, he went back to his own room to sulk, after he had calmed down, his gaze was exceptionally bright, Qin Yu Zhuo’s matters could not be settled so simply, he had originally wanted to wait till she had successfully given birth before he made a move, he never thought that she would be so eager to charge through, she had just fallen down the stairs, and had nearly gotten a miscarriage, but she still hadn’t had enough, she would make her move every time a chance presented itself, she would stop at nothing.

A gloom that did not match what a thirteen year old should have shone in his eyes, Shu Ning curled the corner of his mouth, right now he could make use of the second plot of land, and let her suffer!

Only when it reached some time over nine o’clock, Shu Ning picked up his pillow and went to the study to look for Shu Heng while yawning, the cuteness of the look of the tears at the edge of his eyes need not be mentioned, or at least that was the case in Shu Heng’s vision.


Shu Ning stretched his neck out like a turtle, all the sleepy worms had been scared away.

There was a row of six or seven small pillow lined across the sofa, there were animal shapes in bright colours, there were cute bright round ones, adorable fruit shapes, and plain square pillows with no patterns in a faint warm colour……

What’s going on?

How could Shu Ning not understand, he had been lugging his pillow for the whole day to and fro, and so Shu Heng……his gaze looked towards the unfathomable look of the young man, he felt warm in his heart.

Qin Yu Zhuo had always given the best, the most fashionable, and the most luxurious to Shu Ning, she had never asked him what he wanted, and she was even more unhesitant when it came to using it, but Shu Heng observed him carefully, he was naturally extremely close with him.

Shu Heng beckoned in the distance, Shu Ning hesitated for a moment, wasn’t it just a hug? I’ll give it to you.

Why is Shu Heng not following the rules again, he picked up the small person, and put him on the table!!!

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Chapter has been edited slightly now that I’m more sober

Also the first chapter of How to Marry  Seven Men, How to Bail is now out, I’ll just call it 7Men for short

I’ll take a small nap then try to finish some more chapters of this

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  1. the big wolf *cough* big brother is already eating his tofu heh?

    Me: Shu Ning, fake child or not, your fate has been sealed!
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  2. Shu Ning baited and Shu Heng devoured hahahhaha~

    Wonder why he’s placed on the table? Shu Heng’s not thirsty enough to ehem molest him that way and it is too early.

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  3. Actually, if you think about it, Shu Heng turning weird is all Shu Ning’s fault. He’s the one that started all the hugging and sleeping together. Shu Heng is just taking it to it’s natural conclusion lol. ;DD Shu Ning’s tofu has already been gift-wrapped and delivered to Shu Heng! Just waiting for legality to kick in heh heh.

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  4. The huggy big bro finally appeared! (σ≧▽≦)σ
    Last life, Shu Heng never treated him badly even if Ning openly hated him. This life, forget hugging big bro’s golden thigh. Big bro will hug you instead (っ´▽(⊙▽⊙٥)

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  8. I feel like the way Shu Ning is treated is not like 13 years old. When I was 13 years old I was not that childish nor cutesy. He acts like like a 6 or 7 year old kid 😓😓


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