RWSB Chapter 21

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Stop joking!

Putting medicine on that kind of place……Are you kidding my father, uh, dad is nice, let’s just say kid my mother, kid my mother for ten thousand years or something, this is too much!

However! Shu Ning who had decided never to bow his head frowned, because Shu Heng was standing still by the bedside, with a face full of gloom, as if he were waiting for him to go back on his own.


Shu Heng was displeased, the air surrounding him was even colder now, as if a tornado had flown by, causing Shu Ning’s feet to feel cold, and the coldness had passed through his entire body.

I won’t yield!

The struggle has begun, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes, he became even more intimidating, and his gaze was sharp like a knife.

Shu Ning……

As the tip of Shu Heng’s brow moved, a pressure that could almost shake the earth rushed over, as if he were the last remaining blade of grass, Shu Ning pursed his lips and obediently rolled over in a proper laying position, his little face buried into the blanket, he kept telling himself that this was just part of the routine, it was just a ploy, how could a big man like me be afraid of a young lad right? Right now Shu Heng was only eighteen, he’s still wet behind the ears!

In school, all the students would surround me, called me top student, asked me to teach them English, and even discussed the direction of the examinations with me. While Shu Ning thought of these, not only was he unable to strike a balance, he had even started to feel that as life goes on his wits were starting to slow, ah……Could I really have become a child once more following my return to my younger days?

Life is just like a play, you will lose as soon as you enter it……

But Shu Heng did not understand what Shu Ning was thinking about, he focused on unscrewing the cap of the ointment, his fingers with profound joints were inserted into it, and dug out some of the transparent paste, and gently smeared it on the bruised skin. It felt cool and comfortable, Shu Ning slowly regained his focus, he blinked his widened eyes, and turned to look over.

Shu Heng had his head lowered, there was no sign of any evil intent in his sights, nor any ridicule, there was just a faint gloom……as his fingers were tracing circles.

I’ve overreacted, this is nothing actually╮(╯▽╰)╭

“Still hurts?”

“Not anymore,”Shu Ning felt a bit awkward:”Brother……you’re not going to ask?”

Shu Heng withdrew his fingers with a slight reluctance, and pulled up the blanket once more:”You already know of her intentions?”

This is a very good question, clever, and contains many meanings, once Shu Ning gives him a superficial answer, or deliberately brush over it, he would incur a grudge with Shu Heng for the rest of his life.

Shu Ning paid great importance to it, with a serious gaze he spoke:”The milk was her work, she said……”

Shu Heng suddenly hugged Shu Ning, with great force, he felt strangled to the point where even his bones were hurting, Shu Ning thought he was happy, and wanted to make an effort to convey his wishes, as soon as his little mind started to ponder, the back of his head was pressed down by his big hand, he could only obediently rest his head on big brother’s shoulder, Shu Ning hesitated for a moment, lifted his little hands, and tightly hugged him back!

But he did not know that this was the first time Shu Heng had lost control of his emotions, he did not want anyone to see, his gaze was deep like an abyss.

“Brother?”Are you done yet? It hurts~

Shu Heng had already stabilized his emotions, and his face suddenly flushed red:”Stay in the room to recuperate, you’re not allowed to go anywhere.”


Shu Ning had not finished his “okay”, when his whole person was stuffed into the blanket, this was too violent! Damn me~ Shu Ning moved his hands and feet together to dig himself out, he was like a helpless and pitiful cub, with a confused gaze, but the figure of Shu Heng was no longer present in the room.

Why was he blushing? Because his nether regions had extended its greetings, he got a reaction while applying the ointment, when he got agitated earlier, he had forgotten it, but luckily the little one did not notice. A thirteen year old boy knows a lot, Shu Heng gladly brought the medicine box back to his room, and let his mind wander as he took a cold shower. A mother and child had a natural bond that was exceptionally intimate, how could Shu Ning be closer with me?


Such a big event had happened not long after Sun Hao Ran had taken over the reins, he felt extremely worried, and he had been waiting downstairs until Shu Heng appeared once more.

“Young master.”

Shu Heng was expressionless, he calmly walked over to the sofa and sat down indifferently.

Sun Hao Ran who had been following along turned his body around:”There are no anomalies in the surveillance feed, and all the people at the scene have been questioned, nothing was found. At that time Qin Yu Zhuo was standing with Shu Ning, with half a body’s width in between them, when the incident happened Shu Ning sat on his side, and Qin Yu Zhuo had fallen down, it is hard to determine whether or not this was deliberate.”

Even the surveillance system was not omnipotent, if it were blocked, the fake would become even more realistic, Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Ning did not in fact know of the existence of the hidden surveillance cameras, she had good luck, Shu Heng was drinking the coffee brought over by the maid, he narrowed his eyes, showing a dignified temperament even if he was not angry.

A layer of sweat plastered over Sun Hao Ran’s forehead, as Shu Heng’s subordinate, he could not even handle such a menial matter properly, it was truly vexing, his tone held its usual respectfulness:”Young master, she has no good intentions, I am afraid this matter will not be settled so simply.”

Shu Heng lifted his hand slightly, and Sun Hao Ran retreated a few steps and left. For Shu Heng, all of Qin Yu Zhuo’s planning made no sense to him at all, even the property of the Shu clan had no place in his heart. Only the things Shu Ning wants to say, Shu Heng had already known, yet refused to listen, he needs to think. Shu Ning’s unfinished words, meant that Qin Yu Zhuo did in fact use him to frame Shu Heng.

The river of Shu Heng’s heart was overflowing, he felt extremely moved, whether Shu Ning was sincere or not, Shu Heng would never easily trust a person, moreover he would not let a person get as close to him as this.

Shu Ning……Shu Ning……Shu Ning……

In the hospital, Qin Yu Zhuo’s child was saved, and she had fallen asleep, and the doctor even said that the baby was a boy, and was developing normally.

Shu Gao had been very angry, and had a displeased look, he sat on the bench and was puffing an air of coldness, nobody dared to persuade him, much less go near him, a group of head doctors accompanied nearby. When he heard the doctor say that she was fine, Shu Gao’s face had looked a bit better, as soon as he heard that it was a boy, his eyes brightened up, that’s good, although in Yu Zhuo was not up to par, but she had brought him two big grandsons, that will have to count as a pass.

As soon as the old man was happy, the surroundings seemed to have bloomed with flowers.

But the happiest one was definitely Shu Cheng, his complexion became rosy, the chairman who was always calm, had actually rubbed his hands together, with extreme joy:”Dad, your body is not well, you should return first, I’ll stay here to accompany her.”

Shu Gao pierced his lips, he actually did not object, and left together with the old steward. In the car, the old steward wanted to speak but stopped himself, Shu Gao sighed:”I understand what you want to say, Qin Yu Zhuo is not a virtuous person, let’s see how things go.”

The steward felt worried:”We need to remind the master.”

“Remind?”Shu Gao snorted, and rolled his eyes:”She’s already bewitched him, and he even talked to me about what, freedom to love, he’s already getting on in years and he still believes in this, ah he’s getting muddle-headed~”

“If they could really become a good pair, then we might as well just let it be, but the matter today was clearly a ploy, the master……”

“Don’t worry, he won’t suspect little Heng even if he dies, Qin Yu Zhuo is playing with fire,”Shu Gao leaned back, his gaze became even more intriguing:”The one I’m more worried about is Ning Ning.”

Shu Ning did not get to grow up by his side, if he harbours bad intentions, following the same character as Qin Yu Zhuo, then we can not allow that.

The steward had his own considerations, and had to declare:”Old brother, this child is already very pitiful, and was even born to such a scheming mother, instead of making him choose, or make a mistake and be led astray by others, it’s better to teach him personally, lest you regret it.”

Shu Gao did not speak, the corners of his mouth faintly curved, he had actually fallen behind from others, it really is daunting. Yet Shu Heng, had Shu Ning in his sights since a long time ago.

It truly is bittersweet, if he was his biological grandson how great would that be.

Shu Ning was reading in his room, only during noon was he notified to go over to the fourth floor to eat, grandpa seemed happy, only when they asked, did he reveal the good news of his third grandson.

Third……third grandson! I kind of want to scold somebody→_→

Shu Ning appeared to be very happy, and had even picked some dishes for his grandpa, Shu Gao had also asked about his exams, Shu Ning had already thought of a plan, he coaxed the old man to the point where he laughed continuously. The steward was right, you could tell with one look that Shu Ning was a good child, obedient and wise, a good student, and a pure heart, they should be protecting him instead, the tip of Shu Gao’s brows had softened.

When Shu Ning walked past the study on the second floor, he mysteriously felt some sense of resentment, and hurriedly turned back to check.

The expressionless Shu Heng gazed steadily at him.

What happened? What did I do now?

Shu Ning felt as if he was stuck in a knot, in the morning he had been murdered by his gaze, and now he was staring daggers at him again, it’s hard to even clear things up. This young sir still has some temper, Shu Ning held back the pressure, turned around, and went over!

The sound of footsteps came from behind, Shu Ning had an impulse to run away, his arm was grabbed, and his body was forced to turn over, his chin was even lifted with one finger……

The moment when his sight had collided with that cold gaze, Shu Ning subconsciously turned his eyes to the right, and stared elsewhere.

“Look at me.”

I don’t dare to! Shu Ning could feel his heart, liver, and lungs hurting.

“What happened?”

You still have the face to ask? It’s all because of you, since they did not understand, it was no use anymore if Shu Ning were to make a fuss:”I’m sleepy, I want to sleep.”


He breathed a sigh of relief, Shu Ning who wanted to walk back with sass did not hold back, and skittered away, Shu Heng stood in place and pondered, actually he had been waiting for the little one to return and eat with him all along. Then in two days Qin Yu Zhuo had returned, Shu Heng and Shu Ning’s relationship did not ease up either, they made zero contact, at night everyone ate together, Shu Cheng happily announced Shu Yao’s matters, he was not even born and a name was already decided, how incredible.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s cheeks blushed, her worth was skyrocketing, and she was finally worthy of her title.

Shu Gao was in a good mood, he looked left and right, and faintly opened his mouth:”We’re only missing a girl now,”his gaze fell on Qin Yu Zhuo.

She immediately nodded, and grinned shyly:”I will work hard.”

Shu Ning ate his food with his head lowered, he watched on the sidelines, there was such a good show, when she had rolled down the stairs before, that had actually not been mentioned, it must be that Qin Yu Zhuo did not dare to cause any trouble. She would definitely observe Shu Cheng’s expression, if Shu Cheng was half suspecting, then she would try to push through, if Shu Cheng was convinced, she would follow along, and obtain a good reputation.

After their meal, Shu Cheng helped Qin Yu Zhuo up to the third floor, Shu Gao did not protest.

Shu Ning was like a big-tailed wolf, following from afar, and as expected, Shu Cheng held Qin Yu Zhuo’s hand, his gaze full of pity, Qin Yu Zhuo had clearly known that Shu Ning had followed them, but pretended that she did not notice:”Seeing Shu Heng’s calm demeanor, I can tell that he definitely did not do it on purpose, he had only pushed my arm a little bit at that time, it was an accident, you better not go and ask him, in case a misunderstanding happens.”

“I know.”

Qin Yu Zhuo was clearly relieved:”Although I treat him sincerely, but he is an adult after all, he has his own thoughts, after a while he will go to the capital to study, and I can take it easy too.”

To tell the truth, Shu Cheng did not suspect him:”It’s been hard on you.”Shu Heng is such a good child, but it’s just that he is too cold, most people can’t stand it at all, much less a humble lady such as Qin Yu Zhuo, he thought that she really was well-intentioned.

“For this family……”Qin Yu Zhuo acted as if she had just noticed Shu Ning, she pinched the man, and changed the subject:”Xiao Ning is about to take his exams too.”

Shu Cheng was farsighted, his gaze became even gentler:”Mm, if he gets a good grade, what should we award him with?”

“I want a computer,”Shu Ning spoke in a low voice, he was too lazy to deal with Qin Yu Zhuo:”I’m going to go back and brush my teeth now!”

When Shu Cheng took out his wallet, Shu Ning who was displaying the look of a shy child had already run off. At the place where the man could not see, Qin Yu Zhuo’s gaze was exceptionally pleased, not only can those words please a man, she could stir up Shu Ning’s hatred for Shu Heng as well, two birds with one stone.

But she did not know that Shu Ning had already seen through everything, and was sharing brotherly love and respect with Shu Heng.

Shu Heng flipped through the data, the work for second plot of land has already started, everything is going smoothly, Shu Ning directly went in with a tray of fruits, he had quite a thick face, who knows who started the cold war anyway→_→

He truly is a tall and cool male idol, not even sparing me a glance, heh, Shu Ning had a secret move, if something unexpected happens he can still act cute!

“Brother, Chinese medicine is very bitter, can I not drink it?”

Shu Heng fell for it, he put down the data and looked over, and waved towards Shu Ning~

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