RWSB Chapter 20

I ran out of Lun Sang so it’s Daomu Biji now LOL Original song is elegy by Hirai Ken, the original sounds more melancholy if y’all are into that

I came home really late so the double chapter will be postponed for the day ;_; but I’ll try my best to do a triple release tomorrow!


A light suddenly came from outside, a car had arrived, if it wasn’t Shu Cheng then it was Shu Gao. Only then did Qin Yu Zhuo magnanimously let Shu Ning leave. The women came together to discuss some details, they must be sure to let Shu Ning attract the attention of the masses!

Shu Cheng entered through the door with Shu Gao, Shu Ning happened to bump into them, and obediently went over to greet them, As soon as Shu Gao saw his grandson, his eyes had lit up:”It’s so late now and you’re still up! You should head on to bed.”

“I’m gonna drink some warm milk before I go to sleep,”Shu Cheng approved, he and Shu Heng were both the same in that they cared a lot about the matter with Shu Ning’s health.

Shu Ning shrugged in his heart, and after watching them go up the stairs did he return to getting his milk, he went on to the study first while yawning, Shu Heng was reading as per usual:”Brother, time to sleep.”

“I’ll sleep after finishing this,”……How could I fall asleep if I don’t want to? I’m unwilling.

What to do if he doesn’t return to the room? Shu Ning scratched his head, he could only skitter over to lay down on the sofa and play with his phone, not even a moment had passed when he fell asleep, Shu Heng put the little one in the innermost position on the sofa, and he lifted up his long leg, and sat down on the outer edge, he covered the little one with a blanket, Shu Ning turned around, and hugged Shu Heng’s big and long legs, he was sleeping very pleasantly.

Shu Heng who had been in a bad mood had his mood turned from a moody day to sunshine, his wish was finally fulfilled, he traced his hand along the little one’s face, there was a bit of meat here now.

On the next morning, Shu Ning was the only person atop the big black bed, he swished his arm over, the place next to him was cold, for Shu Heng to sleep so late and wake so early is he going to die early?╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Ning was only willing to wake up after ruffling and tugging at his hair, his heart dropped when he saw the clock, the time of retribution had come so fast, even his heart was shocked, he speedily ran to his room to change his clothes and wash up, he’s going to be late!

Shu Heng had a habit of jogging, just that Shu Ning had come recently, so he had slacked off, Qin Yu Zhuo had found the rules, and after counting the time she went up to the second floor, she saw Shu Ning come out from his own room, and happily lifted the edges of his mouth:”Look at you, you don’t have a hint of the look of a young master from a noble family at all, no arrogance or temper, you can only assure your victory if you act indifferently do you understand?”

“Mm, I’m hungry.”

Naturally this move was unsuitable to be used against Qin Yu Zhuo, if things were happening abnormally something strange must be taking place, Shu Ning used tried to feel her out with his words, see if Qin Yu Zhuo has any intentions.

And as expected, Qin Yu Zhuo helped Shu Ning smooth out his collar even more gently, and tidied up his hair, Shu Cheng had already sat down, watching the scene made him feel quite cozy, Shu Gao had just sat down, his attitude towards Qin Yu Zhuo had eased up a little. By coincidence, Shu Heng had come back, a towel was hung around his neck, and he wore a snow-white set of sportswear, he appeared even more tall, handsome, and less cold than usual.

“Are you confident for your college entrance examination?”Shu Gao drank his morning tea, he had asked a question, but his shrewd eyes were filled with pride and confidence.

“Rest assured grandpa, I have full confidence,”Shu Heng nodded towards the two seniors, and walked up the stairs.

Earlier, Qin Yu Zhuo did not move, and she did not let Shu Ning go downstairs to eat either, now that Shu Heng had come, even more so Shu Ning should not go downstairs, she took a step back, and put a safe distance between them. But he had still miscalculated the degree of this woman’s ruthlessness, Qin Yu Zhuo seized Shu Ning’s shoulder, and dragged him down forcefully, how would Shu Ning still not understand, fall down, and frame Shu Heng.

Shu Gao is already old, so the stairs were lined with non-slip mats, and the handrails were all treated, even if you fell down you wouldn’t break your arms and legs or get brain paralysis and whatnot. Shu Ning had played around in his last life, and naturally knows that he would only hurt for a few days then he would be fine, at most he would get bruised, and the sight of him falling would scare a few people, but in reality there were no problems with his internal organs.

They’ve made contact!

Qin Yu Zhuo observed Shu Gao and Shu Cheng, seeing that they were not paying attention to her side, she immediately made a move:”Shu Heng what are you doing?”

Shu Ning had already made preparations, as soon as the hand had touched his back, he immediately leaned his body over and held onto the handrails, and sat slanting on top of the stairs, Qin Yu Zhuo had used excessive force, the her who was wearing flat shoes lost her balance and rolled down with a shriek, Shu Heng stood over to the side, and avoided the free-falling object, he expressionlessly watched Qin Yu Zhuo roll down, and laid awkwardly on the floor.


Shu Ning did not need to call out to him, Shu Heng had already went over to check on him, the little one was unscathed, but his face was pale:”Go to the hospital and get checked.”

“No need!”

Don’t like it?”A house call is also the same.”

Shu Ning hurriedly stopped Shu Heng who was trying to take out his phone, his expression looked a bit awkward:”I’m just……”


Shu Ning was even more embarrassed, he leaned over to Shu Heng’s ear, and lightly breathed:”Only my butt hurts a bit.”

He had still gotten hurt, Shu Heng knitted his brows in displeasure, his ears were flushed slightly red, the strange

feeling spread a numbness across his entire body, he just simply picked up Shu Ning with his long arms and walked up the stairs. Shu Ning was completely dumbfounded, princess carry? His whole body was frozen stiff, and his eyes widened into circles! What a shocking anomaly! He was just about to open his mouth, when Shu Heng looked down at him with gloomy eyes as if he had foreseen it.

Fine……I am a child right now/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

The person below was a pile of mess, Qin Yu Zhuo was in unbearable pain, she held her stomach, cold sweat filled her face and her complexion had turned white as a sheet of paper, her gaze that was staring at Shu Heng as he left was extremely vicious, but she could barely open her mouth, all of her words were suppressed in her throat, she could only groan as soon as she opened her mouth, she was very worried, oh heavens, my child, nothing will happen to my hopes and dreams! It definitely won’t happen.

Only at this time did tears run down Qin Yu Zhuo’s face, she shivered in fear, her whole body felt cold.

Shu Gao had an extremely unpleasant face, he held his chest:”How did this suddenly happen? Which one of you had seen it?”A group of servants did not even dare to take a bigger breath, and even more so they did not dare to make a sound.

Shu Cheng had already held Qin Yu Zhuo, feeling extremely worried:”How do you feel? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

How was Qin Yu Zhuo willing to let such a good opportunity pass, she had already fallen down anyway:”I……I…..don’t blame……I……don’t blame the children……”

At the moment when she had fallen down she had yelled “Shu Heng what are you doing” loudly, she believed that if anyone was observant, they could piece things together, and make some guesses.

A group of people flocked to Qin Yu Zhuo to protect her and left, even Shu Gao who could not understand her had followed along, it was clear how much he paid attention to the child. The new steward immediately investigated the reason and the staircase where the accident occurred, right now there were three parties involved, the rest are on the second floor, he had finished watching the surveillance footage then stood by at the first floor, waiting for Shu Heng to appear before he gave his report.

Shu Ning who was in the room on the second floor was completely stupefied, he had actually taken a day off from school for such a matter as meager as a fart!

Shu Heng was too……fussy about trivial things.

He held him and brought him up the stairs, put him down, and pulled off his trousers, his movements were extremely dextrous, and finished his actions all in one breath, as Shu Ning watched the sight his head was cleared into a complete blank, why does it feel like he’s quite used to doing such things? Why why why?

“Brother! No need no need no need!”

“It’s bruised!”

囧, Shu Ning laid on the bed, his back was pressed down with one hand by Shu Heng, he had no way to get up at all, he could only struggle to pull up his trousers, his head was filled with black lines, he was so rushed his face was flushed red, looking back made things even more awkward, two piles of snow-white mounds……So embarassing! What can I do this young man’s strength is too great, he was not his opponent at all, he could only cry without tears:”Um that, brother, I’m fine can you let me go?”

Shu Heng did not reply, he pulled a black blanket over to cover the child’s waist, then turned around and left.

Many questions floated across Shu Ning’s head, as many as snowflakes, should he become a shrimp or a toad, can you give me a happy end.

Shu Heng brought over a medicine box!


What does he want to do? As a “homosexual” Shu Ning could not afford to be hurt, suddenly he did not know what else to do, and he leaped out of bed while hugging the blanket, and went backwards……


I believe the author may have typo-ed because I think instead of Qin Yu Zhuo not letting Shu Ning eat she was trying to drag him down instead

fixed most of the issues I could think of, will rehaul the entire series when I can, maybe when the series is done.

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