RWSB Chapter 19

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There were several pale red cherry blossoms on the pink envelope, the meaning of it is self-evident.

You go Shu Heng!

You’re eighteen! Puberty has come! He’s learned about dating now, although Shu Ning had attacked his study for so long, but in Shu Heng’s world a pink envelope had never appeared before this, it means that the one who sent the letter is not so simple!

Could she be Shu Heng’s first love!


Being raised in a noble family and in such a proper way, Shu Heng had finally reached the age of falling in love, while I’m still drinking milk, oh no, it is Chinese medicine~

Ah, I am a man who likes other men, this point must definitely not be exposed in front of Shu Heng, firstly it will be a bad influence on children, and secondly he needs to leave some seedlings for the ol’ Shu family!

Shu Ning touched his chin, although he wanted to butter up to Shu Heng, but without even making a sound he had left for two days, speaking of it Shu Ning was still quite upset about this, and now he was running over impatiently to accompany him, is he making things worse? In Shu Heng’s heart, I will slowly start to lose my position, this runs opposite from his original idea.

He returned to his room, and waited for him to look for him instead, if he doesn’t come, then he’ll find another chance to go over to act cute, this childish face has taken quite a fair bit of advantage from others indeed, an old uncle who was more than thirty years old inside going to school was still quite full of vigour and style. And so Shu Ning turned his body, moved over a step, and ran off!

When Shu Heng reached his study, the bodyguard standing in the dark reported the situation to him in a whisper, the little one had seen the letter and left unhappily, why? Could there be something wrong with this letter? The bodyguard has checked it, Shu Heng picked it up and ripped it open, the contents were quite simple, he skimmed through it quickly, the letters tells about how much the young girl loves him, how she had fallen in love at first sight, and admired on the second sight, the college entrance examination was soon and they would have to separate, so she mustered up the courage to confess and whatnot, copious letter measured to about a thousand words or so, and the paper had quite a pleasant fragrance.

However, the light smell on Shu Ning’s body is still more pleasant to smell, delicate, natural, he was like a soft little ball.

Shu Ning leaned on the headboard, and was studying a geometry textbook, he grabbed a shrimp with his other hand and stuffed it in his mouth……The door opened, Shu Heng walked in with a straight posture, Shu Ning paused for a moment, he did not expect to that he would be here so soon, an inexplicable joy flooded his heart, the small little mouth pouted, and he unconsciously peeked over at him in the corner of his eye, he exuded a small bit of haughtiness.

Shu Heng overbearingly took the textbook from Shu Ning’s hands and flipped through it, and simply said:”Ask me if you don’t understand.”

“Brother……there’s only two more weeks before the college entrance examination……”Are you not nervous, worried, or perturbed? You can tell me young man, a bit of psychological balance won’t kill me/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“It’s no trouble,”Shu Heng had noted Shu Ning’s complicated expression in his eye, he was being concerned, it felt comfortable. But Shu Heng’s gaze had still darkened, little brother was very conscious about the letter? Could it be……jealousy? Was he afraid I’d ignore him if I found a girlfriend? Adults are busy, to be home for two or three days every week was already considered to be quite decent, this child had been crawling into his bed every night, after changing to a new environment it was very natural to be worried and afraid, Shu Heng had an aloof personality, but that does not mean that he did not understand what other people were thinking.

Shu Ning was a bit helpless, Shu Heng stood by his bedside, and still had some intention to sit down, and not leave, and he did not have any intention of putting down the textbook, how many intentions does he have?

Such an awkward silence……it felt like there was a cold wind blowing some ice fragments all around, Shu Ning was defeated.

“Actually, I have a few questions I don’t understand, big brother do you have time right now?”

“I do.”

He sat down, and Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief, there was a movable little table by the side of his bed, and under the desk was some pens and paper, the two were leaning very close to each other, and once they got serious, the time passed in a flash, until he started to sweat, and only then did Shu Ning realized that his leg was plastered to Shu Heng’s leg. Shu Heng does not get close to anyone, everyone knew this, so does this right now count as passing?

“You’re distracted.”

“Brother, I’m hungry.”

Shu Heng subconsciously reached out his hand, and he quickly regained his focus when he touched the edge of his clothes, Shu Ning was currently tidying up his table and did not notice the lecherous hand.

Qin Yu Zhuo wanted to eat Mala soup, so she drove out to get it herself, the two brothers ate next to each other during dinner, every once in a while Shu Ning will sneak a peek at Shu Heng, he thought about if he were to fill his bowl, would he eat it or avoid it?

He would probably avoid it, he doesn’t like people touching his things.

Shu Heng’s gaze swept over, danger! Shu Ning hurriedly lowered his head to eat, his heart beat quickly like a thief feeling guilty, he secretly pondered who is the real child here? It seems like the twenty over years of oppression in his past life, has formed a trauma in his heart!_(:зゝ∠)_

Thirty minutes after the meal, Shu Ning drank his Chinese medicine, it was so bitter that even his tongue wanted to cry.

He hugged his pillow and entered the study, Shu Heng was reading as per usual, he truly is a good child, let me give you three little red poppies, huh? Why was the love letter rolled into a ball and thrown into the trash can?

Unless it’s not his first love?

He suddenly thought of the male idols in idol dramas, generally receiving several dozens of love letters every day is not an issue. Actually Shu Ning had overspeculated, Shu Heng was so cautious, naturally it was deliberate→_→

Shu Ning secretly observed Shu Heng’s appearance, he really was handsome, and throughout a whole 360 degrees turn he had no bad angles, perfect. He glanced at his forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, there were no flaws, just the word handsome was not enough to describe him, most people were killed by his pressure, not many dared to take note of his face value.

“What are you looking at?”

Uh, Shu Ning quickly pretended to be obedient, he sat on the sofa, and propped himself up with the pillow behind his waist all in one go, and shook his little legs.

Shu Heng stood up, moved past the majestic log table over to the sofa and sat down, he casually rubbed Shu Ning’s hair. So soft, gentle, and shining with a healthy luster, the moment his hair smoothed past the cracks of his fingers, even his heart had softened.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and wanted to throw a tantrum, a man’s head should not be touched, but do brothers have to be so intimate? And besides the feeling was not too shabby, Shu Ning bravely toppled his body over to his side, and leaned on him, because of the difference in their heights, his head can rest on Shu Heng’s shoulder, without any sense of violation.

Heh heh heh, his whole body’s stiff!

Shu Ning was secretly joyed, feels good to pressure Shu Heng instead:”What University is big brother aiming for?”

“A University.”

That’s not right! In his past life he had clearly gone overseas for two years, and took back two or more degrees, coming back resplendently, then he officially entered the company, he dramatically cut off quite a few department heads, making Qin Yu Zhuo so angry she was about to explode, too much zeal spoils everything, this forced Shu Ning to graduate early to enter the company and compete for resources.

Thinking about these matters, they were all painful!

“What’s wrong?”

“You……don’t want to go out to see the world?”

Shu Heng lowered his head, his gaze was exceptionally profound:”You want to separate?”

“No……”Shu Ning felt strange, what does Shu Heng mean? Besides, A university is not in C city, it was in the capital, it’s full of mysteries there, speaking about it, it does seem to relate to me, he has to ask, if he doesn’t ask then he’ll feel perturbed:”What does big brother have planned?”A University’s school of finance is pretty strong, could it be due to that?

Shu Ning’s eyes are truly beautiful, it glittered with a shimmer of light, he glanced unblinkingly, and their distance was close, he could clearly see every single curl on his eyelashes, Shu Heng’s gaze was serene yet dangerous, his gaze was steady, but this made Shu Ning’s hair rise instead, he subconsciously lowered his head, silently gloomy, a gentle sensation could be felt on the top of his head, he had been touched again.

Shu Heng’s thoughts were simple, console him a bit, little brother is not happy……”I’ll tell you in the future.”

“……”For the first time, Shu Ning was speechless! He suffered a complete defeat.

Qin Yu Zhuo was currently shopping, and met a few rich mistresses chatting, the status of their families were all less than the Shu clan’s, she greeted them respectfully but with a hint of sarcasm, this made the Qin Yu Zhuo who had been displeased for a whole day very happy, and she even bought two bags, and a skirt. When she walked past a mens’ store, Qin Yu Zhuo had even deliberately bought a wallet.

The design was suitable for young people, these women understood, and quickly praised her virtuosity, for waiting wholeheartedly on her husband’s child from his ex-wife.

Qin Yu Zhuo had finished hearing them talk, and only then was she willing to speak:”This is for my own son, he’s thirteen now.”

Thirteen!!!Is he really Shu Cheng’s illegitimate son? She had birthed him before the ex-wife even died! Isn’t this a face slapping? But now the home wrecker was properly married in, the illegitimate son was also justified. The eight principles of the rich are strong, they could do whatever they want, these women were embarrassed, and quickly changed the subject, one by one they got more sociable, and talked about things relevant to them.

Her goal had been achieved, Qin Yu Zhuo’s smile was exceptionally bright, Shu Heng, let me see how you’re going to mess about now.

The He clan’s cocktail party was right around the corner, just the right chance to take Shu Ning out for a round, face slapping under the gazes of the public was even better, Shu Heng, for a favoured child such as you, you’ll have become the best stepping stone, how inspirational!

Ha ha ha……

After Qin Yu Zhuo returned home, she took a shower, and deliberately called Shu Ning to come down, at that time Shu Ning was so tired he could barely open his eyes, his little head could not even move from the pillow, exceptionally cute and adorable, he looked as if he could fall asleep immediately, Shu Heng had already prepared the remote for the air conditioner and the blanket, but in the end, it was all for naught.

Shu Ning rubbed his eyes, and went down to the first floor, Shu Heng was unhappy, his whole face had turned black, why is he so angry? He did not think much of it.

Qin Yu Zhuo was full of energy, wearing a sundress, and was talking to several women in business suits, after Shu Ning came in, he had sobered up a lot, those women came up to greet him, and professionally measured his body.

Shu Ning naturally recognized these people, these were Qin Yu Zhuo’s confidants from outside, what is she planning?

“I plan to take you out to see the world, and the He clan’s cocktail party is just right,”Qin Yu Zhuo sighed, and she looked lonely:”On the surface your grandfather seems to like you, but the truth is that he has no intentions of publicizing your identity, what use is there if you’re in the family register? There are many names in the family register. Ning Ning, you have to listen to me, no matter what your mother does it’s all for your own good do you understand?”

A distraction? There must be a deeper meaning.

Smells like a conspiracy, in his past life this cocktail party had happened as well, to put it simply it was a gathering of the elite, a hodgepodge of the high society. Shu Ning was very stupid in those years, and went out valiantly, and what was the result? It goes without saying, he lost face and ended up in a fluster, can he outdo Shu Heng? Obviously not.

No matter where Shu Heng stood, even if he stood in the corner he could still garner everyone’s attention, everyone was gathered around him, and he stood out amongst all the others, he was exceptionally eye-catching.

Shu Ning was undoubtedly the loser compared to him, he was even mocked by the group of classmates he brought.

Qin Yu Zhuo had given him a few big slaps across the face as soon as they returned, and asked him if it hurts, remember this feeling, this was all Shu Heng’s fault.

Now that he thought about it it really did hurt, it hurt like a bloody mess, Shu Ning lowered his head, and his hate for Qin Yu Zhuo had deepened even more. Qin Yu Zhuo frowned deeply, for such a cowardly mouse to go the cocktail party, could he really shine? What should be done? What has to be done for it to be foolproof? A flash of evil swept past her eyes, as long as Shu Heng doesn’t go……

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Lecherous hand – 咸猪手 Xian Zhu Shou, i read this and it felt really funny so I thought I’d share, Chinese people refer to lecherous people who like to be touchy as “salty pig hands” and to take advantage of someone was “eating tofu”😂

let me give you three little red poppies – 给你三朵小红花, apparently they give good kids little poppies in China? I’m a Cantonese person living outside of China so this is wild to me.

Eight principles – Bagua, Taoist fundamental principles of reality, I’m not a full Taoist so I’m not too clear about this subject.


By the way I’ve been accepted by the Isohungry Translations team and I’ll be translating How to Marry Seven Men, How to Bail under the title of Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do!(I think) Maybe starting next week? I’d love to do daily updates but it’ll probably be three chapters a week. I’ll put in a link whenever the first chapter’s up

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