RWSB Chapter 18

I suddenly just remembered I’m graduating early tomorrow……. It’s getting quite late so I’m not sure if I can finish the next chapter before I have to go pass out orz


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Push him away or put down the book?

Shu Heng who had always been very decisive had actually hesitated for a second, but Shu Ning had already clutched onto his waist, jumping up and down, extremely happy.

The strange feeling was back again, he wanted to escape it, but if he did he would not be happy, what is going on? This feeling had plagued Shu Heng for a long time, his sight fell gloomily on the little child’s face.

The problem……lies in him!

Shu Ning with his rosy cheeks looked up towards him, and his eyes got even bigger:”Brother~”

“Speak properly!”His whole body was numb!

Ah, he’s frozen again, how can I get him accustomed to me? In desperation Shu Ning could only quit while he was ahead, he short little hands let go, Shu Heng’s face looked gloomy, is he unhappy? The atmosphere was too stiff, this was not Shu Ning’s intention at all, and thus he quickly found something to talk about:”My results are out!”


Why is he staring at me like that, what is he trying to investigate? It’s scary okay? Shu Ning lowered his head and touched his face, it seems that before going to see his brother in the future, it’s safer to take a look at a mirror first.


“Oh,”Shu Ning’s spirits were lifted immediately, after all this time his examination results are way better than in his past life:”Third in class, eighteen in the whole year.”

“……”Shu Heng was speechless, you still have the pride to announce such results? Shu Ning’s head was lifted foolishly, his face looked eager to receive a compliment, Shu Heng had still lost in the end, he slightly spat out two words:”Not bad.”

“Of course, who do you think I am!”He regretted it as soon as he finished talking, taking exams with a bunch of little brats, he’s too full of himself_(:зゝ∠)_


“Brother, what book do you want to read?”Shu Ning wanted to accompany Shu Heng, but as soon as he saw the couch his eyebrows knitted together:”Mom and dad won’t be home at night, let’s eat together?”


“I’m going to go do my homework first, bye bye!”

Shu Ning left just like that, Shu Heng did not know how he should communicate with this enthusiastic little kid, he stood in place with a dark complexion, he managed to get a confirmation in his heart, when the little one is here he starts to feel really strange, but he didn’t hate it, but as soon as the little one left he would definitely feel lonely. Shu Heng is extremely wise, he could easily understand what Shu Ning was thinking of when he saw the look in his eyes, was he repulsed by the couch?

What kind of sofas do children like? Bunnies? Cats? Dogs? Or a big tiger?

Shu Ning is already thirteen, a first year middle schooler, he can’t be considered a child anymore, but why is he so small? He recalled what the doctor had told him, he suggested using supplements, but at that time Shu Heng had refused, he hated taking medicine the most, but now that he looked at it, for Shu Ning’s wellbeing, no matter how bitter the medicine he should give it a try. He took out his phone, and sent a text message.

Shu Ning was humming a song, he still had not known that his fate of “eating bitterness” every day and night had already come.

The balanced dinner is quite delicious, but it’s a shame that he has to eat it alone, it was too lonely. Shu Ning sent a text message to Shu Heng to ask whether he had eaten, and Shu Heng replied that he did, Shu Ning could only send over a pitiful picture, then enjoy his meal happily, he did not know that Shu Heng had stared at his phone for a whole minute.

Should we eat together in the future……doesn’t seem too bad.

Shu Ning carried fruits up the stairs and pushed open the door to the study, Shu Heng was reading books as per usual, it’s not easy being a straight A student, Shu Ning was so tired he was half dead when Qin Yu Zhuo had forced him to learn English, he was simply not cut out for studying.

“Brother, time for some fruits!”

“You come over,”Shu Heng put down his book, and mysteriously took out a packet of Chinese medicine, about the size of a fist, he tore a small opening into the packet, and inserted a straw:”Drink it.”

Shu Ning raised an eyebrow:”This…..

“Bodily supplements.”

“Borderly supplements?”

“Bodily, your body!”

Young man, do you have to be so serious, I came to send you fruits, but you give me this? Alright, Shu Ning had also felt that supplementing with Chinese medicine is a good idea, so as to avoid being only 1.69 meters tall in his previous life, he still had to crane his head up to look at Shu Heng while wearing shoes with heels, damn! He put down the fruit tray, opened his mouth, and gulped it all down!

Bitter, this isn’t an ordinary bitterness, Shu Ning’s mouth had already become a wavy line.

Shu Heng hesitated for a moment, and thought of the sweetness of grapes, for the first time he picked up a grape and sent it to Shu Ning’s mouth.

The taste in Shu Ning’s mouth was overflowing, he just so happened to need something to ease up the taste, and did not even think before opening his mouth to eat it, he cause he ate it too hurriedly, Shu Heng’s finger was stuffed inside his mouth as well, his teeth had even touched the skin on his finger……Shu Ning ate with a face full of satisfaction, but the suffering Shu Heng was frozen stiff, he was almost no different from a sculpture.

Oh! Big brother changed his sofa!

Too damn fast, a beige one, he did not even need to sit on it to know that it must be very soft, it was big and long, and pretty wide as well, three Shu Nings can lay on it!

However, the colour of this sofa does not really match the layout of the study, Shu Heng had done this for me! He was very happy momentarily, Shu Ning turned his head around, and spread his short little hands to pounce!

Shu Heng had just regained his focus, and subconsciously wanted to dodge, he had just taken one step back, and the little one had already hugged to his waist:”Thank you big brother! I like this sofa very much!”


Oh man, he replied? That’s a good sign, Shu Ning felt that the time to push his luck had come, he was still holding onto him, but loosened his arms so the other party wouldn’t feel too suffocated:”Let’s go try it out together, then we can eat fruits and look at books as well while we’re at it, okay?”




Shu Ning finally released him, and quickly ran over to the side of the big sofa to sit down, Shu Heng did not move, Shu Ning’s little hand patted on the seat next to him. Shu Heng had only taken a step, when Shu Ning made an ah sound, and asked Shu Heng to take the fruits over, Shu Heng went over step by step, looked down towards the table, and picked up the tray of fruits!

There was a smile on Shu Ning’s face, but actually he felt his heart beating inside, I’m instructing Shu Heng to work! There’s a great sense of accomplishment.

Shu Heng sat down, the sofa felt a bit uncomfortable to sit on because it was too soft, but Shu Ning was very satisfied, it’s fine if he likes it. The two enjoyed the fruits together, Shu Ning would feed Shu Heng every once in a while, Shu Heng did not eat, he was pleasantly reading an English book, as for how much he could understand only he knows.

It was not early anymore, and Shu Ning started to feel a bit tired, the screen of his phone started to get more and more blurry, he curled up on the sofa and fell asleep.

Shu Heng put down his book, and a person came out from the corner, if Shu Ning was awake, he would definitely be shocked.

“Young master,”he gave a respectful bow.

“Air conditioner remote.”


He adjusted the temperature of the room, then Shu Heng held a book in one hand, and his other hand……stretched towards the child’s little leggies~

Until Shu Heng finished reading his book at eleven o’clock, only then did he pick up Shu Ning and returned to his room to sleep, he had just pulled up the blanket, and the little one turned over, and slipped into his embrace, this time Shu Heng did not move away immediately, but instead he was sensing the strange feeling. He was always surrounded by all types of people, besides him all the boys had already had their cherries popped before the age of eighteen, and some were very experienced, they changed their girlfriends frequently.

The little brat in his embrace moved his head, and got into an even more comfortable position, his soft hair smoothed over Shu Heng’s neck, it felt very itchy, and very warm, this is……

It seems, that I should also find a girlfriend.

Shu Heng closed his eyes, and slept through this suffering. The next morning, Shu Heng had woken up very early, and went to the bathroom to shower, there was a slight disturbance, and when he came out the little one had already gone off. Shu Heng was slightly irritable, he did not even have his breakfast, and went off after taking a look at his grandfather.

Shu Ning had even wanted to greet him in the morning, it’s the weekend, he could interact more with Shu Heng, he didn’t think that he wouldn’t even be able to see his shadow for two days.

On Monday morning, the atmosphere in the third high school year was very tense, the college entrance examination was right around the corner, a certain someone who was sitting in the last row was instead silently looking outside. Shu Heng did not speak much, and had an aloof personality, no matter where he is, what he’s doing, he was always the focus of everyone’s attention. The teachers didn’t care about him, but in fact there was nothing they could do.

First place every year, he could choose whichever local or international big name universities he wanted.

School had ended, some went to the library, and the others went for evening studies, but the main point was that Shu Heng is the only marvel, he had picked up his stuff and left to go home.

While walking past a flower bed, a girl ran over to him, and stood in front of Shu Heng, she was hesitating, as if there was something she didn’t dare to say.

“Go! Go! Go get together! Get together!”Many encouragements came out from behind the trees, their shouts could pierce the heavens.

The girl took a deep breath, and stared at Shu Heng’s chest, she handed over a letter in a pink envelope:”My name is Yang Wei Wei, I, I……I’ve liked you for a long time, I……I like you!”The girl frowned in vexation, as if she was very dissatisfied with the stuttered words she had just said, it was quite cute, somewhat playful, there was a bit of hesitation in her and she did not dare to look at Shu Heng, sometimes she would raise her eyes, to sneak a peek at him.

“Get together! Get together! Get together!”

Perhaps they were done talking, she stuck her head out and shrunk back in, and the girl had let go instead, and waved towards the big tree, only then did the yelling stop.

Shu Heng’s gaze fell on the girl’s face:”We’ll try until before the examinations.”And he left.

The girl stood stupidly in place, several of her friends waited until Shu Heng had left far away, only then did they dare to come up to check on their friend, and comforted her, a chubby girl pouted her lips:”What, he doesn’t have to be so overbearing! It serves him right to not be able to find a girlfriend.”

Yang Wei Wei was immediately upset:”He didn’t reject me!”

The fat girl was astonished:”That’s not possible, he had even rejected the number one beauty, how could he like you?”

“He really didn’t reject me,”Yang Wei Wei loftily lifted her chin, feeling exceptionally proud:”He said we’ll try until the exam starts!”

Try dating? The girls were stupefied, and immediately squealed! This was too exciting.

When Shu Heng returned home he subconsciously looked around for that little child’s figure, Shu Ning was actually not at home? Was he at cram school? If he had only gotten third place then he really did require some tutoring.

Shu Ning was on duty today, so he came back a bit late, he washed up and changed his clothes then went to the study to look for Shu Heng, when his gaze swept across the room he noticed a pink envelope!!!

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Bodily supplements – 补身, Bu shen, supplement, body, Shu Ning asks if he meant 补肾 Bu shen, supplement, kidney, but I can’t find a pun for it so I just uhh chose a random word lol

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