RWSB Chapter 17

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Knock knock knock……

Divided by the door, stood two people.

Shu Heng clutched his chest, the strange feeling felt was overflowing, what the hell is going on?

Don’t want to see him.

That kiss, Shu Heng was very concerned about it, even if it was just a peck on his cheek.

Knock knock knock……the door finally opened, Shu Ning looked up, the worry was obvious in his eyes.

“Big brother what’s wrong?”Spit it out young man, I’ve come to console you, this generous chest of your greatness is open for you!

Shu Heng was expressionless:”Taking my phone.”


Shu Heng turned and went downstairs, his figure was very aloof, he did not even turn around. Shu Ning stood on his tracks in a daze, like a fool, a big word of “fuck” flashed past in his heart.

Today is Friday, tomorrow is a holiday! In his hands is the red envelope with one million given to him by his grandpa, it’s time to think about how to spend it, continue buying houses? The villages next to the second plot of land is not bad, it’s worth a try, but it’s too bad that he did not have time to go, if he gets found out he’s done for! Shu Ning needs to plan this out, he can’t be exposed.

Because both Shu Gao and Shu Cheng were present, Shu Heng was also seated on his chair, Shu Ning had come the latest, everyone was waiting for him.

“There’s your favourite red braised pork today, Ning Ning quickly come and sit down!”Shu Gao waved over to him, seeing his precious grandson both his eyes were formed into a smile.

Shu Heng raised his brows for a moment, but nobody noticed it.

Shu Ning was originally happy, but after taking a glance at Qin Yu Zhuo, he immediately followed the formalities and greeted all his seniors, the small butt sat still without moving. Shu Gao was immediately displeased, he picked up a piece of red braised pork with his chopsticks and put it in his grandson’s bowl:”Eat more, and grow bigger! Learn more from your dad, and less from your mom.”

Heh, he nearly laughed out loud, grandpa really does not give his mom face, Qin Yu Zhuo’s face must be really funny at this moment, Shu Ning was not interested to see, his stomach was very empty right now, but to eat such oily foods first thing in the morning, will this digest? Shu Ning could only press down the thought in his heart, and picked up all the food his grandpa sent over all according to the receipt.

In the car, retribution came, his stomach felt unwell, Shu Ning furrowed his brows, he stuck his hands into his clothes and gave it a gentle rub, it still felt uncomfortable.

Right at this moment, the car slowly stopped at the roadside, and Shu Heng got on.

“Brother? You’re not going to school today?”

Shu Heng stared at Shu Ning’s unsightly complexion, he clearly did not want to eat that much, why did he force himself? He lifted up Shu Ning’s clothes, good, both his short little hands are inside, his belly was slightly bulging. Shu Heng was displeased as usual, his expression was dark, even the surrounding temperature had dropped, both the driver and the bodyguard in front were looking straight ahead, like invisible people.

Shu Ning had also noticed that the atmosphere was wrong, he was very lost and at the same time he held his breath, a bit scared.


What’s this? Shu Ning received it and took a look, it’s soup? The little man’s head filled with question marks and he lifted up his head to look over, the wet eyes blinked, looking lost, too cute.

Shu Heng’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, his voice was low:”For Digestion.”

Aiya, many thanks, Shu Ning was very touched, a dazzling light shined in his pupils, he wanted to pounce over for a hug but he was holding soup.

Shu Heng noticed that Shu Ning seemed to be in a fluster, as if he wanted to put down the soup, and do something to him……And so he subconsciously turned and left the car!

Shu Ning……( ⊙ o ⊙ )Ah!

Shu Heng who had already returned to his own car was unhappy, as if he’s suddenly lost something? What did he lose?  ̄へ ̄There seems to be some regret, if he can’t figure it out then it’s best to not think about it.

He narrowed his eyes, and took a small sip of soup, with his two hands holding the thermos Shu Ning felt a lot more comfortable, and his stomach had stopped hurting, how cheap, he had been rubbing for so long with no results, but a bit of soup had bought it over, heh heh. However, to be able to drink the soup given to him by Shu Heng, what joy! Continue to keep it up, coexist peacefully!

On another side, Qin Yu Zhuo sat on the sofa with tears running down her face silently, her shoulder shook constantly, and her nose was red, a pile of tissue papers were laying inside the beautiful little trash can, she had clearly been crying for a long while. Shu Cheng had already walked to his car, feeling very worried, and so he came back to take a look at his wife, he did not think that he would see such a distressing scene.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Cheng strode over to the sofa side with big steps like a shooting star and sat down, the long arm stretched over to pull his wife to him, with a thumb he gently wiped away the crystal-like tears:”Okay okay, as soon as I’m free I’ll take you out to relieve your heart, it’s just one development case, don’t mind it too much, we’ll wait till your baby’s out and pass his first month, then you can go to work if you want to, then we can take on a few big collaboration cases, and let dad notice your good points alright?”

You clearly know my wishes, but why won’t you grant them? Could Shu Heng really be all that good? Are his wishes so many more times more important than mine? Unwilling, Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely unwilling, but she could not speak out about it, the time for it will come:”My husband, I don’t care about the He clan’s development zone, Xiao Heng has grown up, it’s time for him to get some experience, For him to have his own outlook I’m very happy……I’m crying because my mother she……she……is very pitiful,”She cried.

Mother-in-law? What happened? Shu Cheng’s eyebrows immediately twisted into knots!

Qin Yu Zhuo had never talked about her family before this, first it was embarrassing, and second she wanted to cut off their relationship, in case her relatives come knocking for money and what not, too annoying. And she didn’t let Shu Ning mention it either, just in case. But Shu Gao did not seem to care about Shu Ning’s past, he even took a slight pity to him, this made Qin Yu Zhuo see an alternate light.

Shu Cheng is powerful, there was nothing to complain about, a marriage from a forced alliance will undoubtedly be a failure, at this point he did not care much for his family status now, Qin Yu Zhuo calculated in her heart, and felt that a pitiful and gentle woman would definitely be able to rouse his protective desire. Using a grieving tone, she explained what happened but only mentioned parts that was beneficial to her.

“How dare they, that is too deceitful!”

Shu Cheng had always been very filial, so hearing these things naturally made him angry, he tightly hugged Qin Yu Zhuo to comfort her, and took out his phone to give his assistant a call, he won’t be going to work today, he’ll go with Qin Yu Zhuo to the countryside, and try to solve his brother-in-law’s problems on the way, and give Qin Yu Zhuo his support, then buy a cemetery plot for his mother-in-law, to show his regards.

At noon, while Shu Ning was eating at the canteen with his classmates, he received a call from his uncle, his tone was slightly disorderly, as if he was shocked.

A storm bringer such as Shu Cheng, was not angry, his temperament was quite natural, the uncle who had never seen the world suddenly felt shocked.

The canteen was quite noisy, Shu Ning as the person who started all this naturally knew what happened, he quickly ran out:”Uncle, give the phone to my dad!”

“Oh, okay!”The honest man was truly honest, he was very nervous when he passed the phone over, seeing Shu Cheng stretch his arms out, Qin Yu Fu nearly dropped the phone, the foreman by his side rolled his eyes, is this really needed? Fine, what sort of man is his third sister’s wife anyway, even the construction site’s CEO has come over!

Speaking back to it, the CEO……is so young!

Shu Ning heard Shu Cheng’s gentle voice, and suddenly wanted to laugh, is plan sprang up:”Dad! Uncle is really good to me, and now he could only be forced to stay at the construction site, I can’t bear it, can you buy him a house? Just take it as repaying him for raising me okay?”

Shu Cheng who was full of parental love was extremely happy:”Alright, as you wish! Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?”

Such happiness! Sir! This is a great name! Ha ha ha! Shu Ning enjoyed his self-appreciation for a moment, then felt that his face was starting to blush:”No……nothing else.”

What a shy child, Shu Cheng’s gaze was very gentle:”Is there anything you want to eat? Daddy will take it home tonight.”

“Mm……”He nearly said the name of his favourite cake shop, damn it, it still hasn’t opened yet, he nearly exposed himself, it’s better to keep it safe, be cautious, a cold sweat covered Shu Ning’s forehead:”Cake!”

That’s how it’s done, this fits in with his identity and growth experience.

“……”Shu Cheng felt uncomfortable for a moment, but his voice as still gentle:”Alright!”

The other kids from noble families all want things that are precious and extravagant, or limited editions, but my baby only wants cake, how humble, he had even said it so cautiously, can Shu Cheng not be moved? Right now he had really, put Shu Ning into his heart. What’s so good about the cakes you could find anywhere? Naturally the best one is a homemade one!

At the side Qin Yu Zhuo was smiling and talking to the construction site’s boss, yet the side of her eye was paying attention to Shu Cheng.

After ending the call, Shu Cheng and the stranger shook hands, and introduced themselves, they spoke their formalities then he took Qin Yu Zhuo and left.

The extended limited edition Bentley ran smoothly, Shu Cheng held Qin Yu Zhuo’s hand:”Don’t feel too sad, those two have received the punishment they were due, you should be pleased instead.”

“Thank you my dear,”Qin Yu Zhuo sweetly and helplessly leaned into the man’s embrace, how warm.

“Oh that’s right, your brother has no place to stay, I plan to buy a villa for him, I don’t understand this place well, when we’re back have special assistant Sun take a look.”

Qin Yu Zhuo sneered, she almost couldn’t hold herself back:”Let him take a look? How can that do? I can deal with my younger brother’s matters, dad……”she did not continue her words.

Shu Cheng was wise, he did not even need to think to know what Qin Yu Zhuo was trying to say, he was quite dissatisfied:”Then I’ll leave it to you.”

“Mm, hubby you’re the best!”

This time Qin Yu Zhuo could only pay for it out of her own pockets, she didn’t dare to use Shu Cheng’s money to buy her brother a villa, if the old man were to find out, he wouldn’t hesitate to bury her! Her scalp tingled as she thought about it, even her heart, liver, and lung was hurting. The self-respecting Qin Yu Zhuo felt that Shu Cheng was a bit distracted, so she immediately let out some grieving tears.

Shu Cheng sighed:”Alright alright, don’t be sad anymore, you can’t bring a dead person back to life, you can only mourn!”

“I’d never went to see my mother all those years, she went in such a hurry, I didn’t even get to take one last look at her wuuwuuwuu……”

“This isn’t your fault, you just wanted to stay by my side, it’s those two women who are evil, announcing everywhere that you’ve given birth before marriage, making you too embarrassed to return home, it’s my fault, don’t you cry, good girl, if you cry too much you won’t be pretty any more,”Shu Cheng blabbed on to appease his wife, feeling exceptionally remorseful.

At noon the two went out to have some French cuisine, and returned in the afternoon to the ancestral home to bake a cake, Qin Yu Zhuo tried to force a smile, she could only accompany her husband in acting crazy.

When Shu Ning returned home, the living room was quiet, there was not even a single maid in sight, how strange. Shu Ning went up to the second floor, when he reached his room he noticed a beautiful box on his table, as soon as he opened and saw the contents he smiled so hard he stumbled back a bit, this is a good cake……very special, it’s a Shu Cheng branded cake, the sides were a bit pasty, and the butter cream was not spreaded very evenly, three big strawberries were placed in the center! On the card was a note that read”I have some matters to settle so I’ll be leaving first, dad.”

“Like it?”

Oh mother, that scared me to death! Is he a ghost why does he not make any noise! Shu Ning resisted the urge to pat his chest:”Brother, you’re back?”

Isn’t that a bunch of nonsense? Shu Heng’s gaze fell on the cake, Shu Ning had a spiritual understanding, so he wants to eat! He immediately dug out a small piece with a spoon and handed it over:”Ah!”

The expressionless Shu Heng actually frowned, but he opened his mouth to receive it, although it was very fast, but Shu Ning still caught it!

“Ah?”Shu Ning blinked, Shu Heng turned and left, what does this mean? How mysterious! Oh oh oh……is he afraid I’ll get poisoned?

In a moment, Shu Ning’s expression turned complicated, his heart felt bittersweet! He quickly gobbled up the cake and rushed over to Shu Heng’s room, why is nobody here, where did he go? Shu Ning did not give up, and ran towards his study. The tall figure had just picked up a book, he looked over as he heard the noise.

Shu Heng’s eyes shrank, little brother has already stretched out his short little hands and pounced over!

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When they mentioned trash can i thought they were talking about qin yu zhuo

Also I just realized calling eachother husband and wife sounds really strange, I’ll change it to dear or hubby or something


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  7. Thanks for the chapter! It’s so sweet how Ning Ning is creating bonds between the members of the Shu family, his uncle, and himself, while setting up his mother for aggravation. It’s also a bit sad when he compares the warmth and acceptance he is getting now to his previous life when he allowed his mother to manipulate him.

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